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Only on rare occasions does the blonde leave his own desk in the room next door, so every time he is summoned to his superiors office he can't help but look around. A room so big that, for one man, it seemed ridiculous. The heavy desk was still placed the far end in front of the two incredibly large bay windows each with their own curtains, which may very well be velvet, but he never thought to check. Behind him, closer to the door, were two couches facing each other with a small coffee table separating them. It would have been better if they were seated there. The couches were well padded and incredibly comfortable, better then the wooden monstrosity he was currently seated on. He looked over to his superior, who was clearly talking to himself as he looked over some paperwork that was placed in front of him. His desk now clutter and folder free. It made a change from the sight that always greeted Ed when he came to deliver his reports of various assignments - well most of that was his fault. His eyes drifted to the sides of the room, he's got an extra bookcase. It wasn't exactly full, with some sort of ornament being used as a book end. The room in general smelt like wood polish with a hint of citrus. It wasn't the best combination but it was at least an indication the place was cleaned regularly.
He fidgeted more in his chair. Why couldn't he just sit on one of the couches? He used to before, spreading his arms out along the back rest and even at times propping his feet up on the coffee table.
At least these days he wasn't having Mustang constantly nagging at him concerning the paper work, the collateral that used to just mysteriously happen whenever he was sent on an assignment. It had been over two years since the last one. After the promised day he kept a low profile after losing his Alchemy, but it was worth it, for his brother. Instead he was given a post in the Intelligence sector working closely with Falman and, like him, remained in the offices of Roy Mustang.
Of course after catering for two bodies for his entire military life, with his brother's soul trapped in a suit of armour, his body finally caught up with his age. Now much taller, although still not as tall as General Mustang by a couple of inches, he said goodbye to all the short jokes that were made on his behalf. Of course that didn't stop some people from trying their luck. He began to fondly remember what happened to the last guy who tried it...


His eyes snapped back to the man opposite him, who instead of turning pages had rested his chin in his interlinked hands with his elbows propped on the surface. The dark orbs glared back at him. He was waiting for a response.

"What?" Well that clearly indicated he wasn't paying attention to the brief.

Mustang exhaled loudly with an irritated sigh. "Fullmetal this is a very important mission, the lives of all Amestrians rely on the outcome of this."

Ed had kept his state title, he was offered other names when he was re-assigned, but felt a need to keep it. It was how everyone knew him after all. Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, twenty years old, Hero of the people, Hero of Amestris.

Roy sighed as he repeated himself. "Intelligence have found a small group of rebels plotting to destroy this country.."

"So I have to capture them, no problem.." Ed interrupted. He may have matured in years, but his cockiness was still as strong as ever.

"It's not that easy Edward.." Hawkeye speaks out from behind him. "..it's been stated that if one of their men is captured they will retalliate with severe consequences. We can't put the civilians lives at risk more than what they already are."

"So why don't we just assault their hideout then? You said it yourself that it is only a small group of rebels."

"By the time we have pinpointed their location they have already moved on without a trace."

Ed looked back to Mustang "So that's what the undercover part is about?"

Roy slowly rose from his seat and proceeded to look out the window. "You'll be working with me on this assignment Fullmetal, I need you to be in disguise. The leader of this group is a regular in a well-known bar, which I happen to frequently visit, so me being there won't be an issue. The Führer recommends any military personnel to avoid this certain establishment since it is overwhelmed with criminals."

Riza suddenly interrupts "Which makes you look like a criminal yourself, no matter how much I persuade you not to go there. People there would think you're corrupt."

"Even better for the situation, thank you Major. But Edward, I need you to be undercover, just you walking in as your are would cause uproar. So me and Major Hawkeye talked of several scenarios which might work. We decided on one...I'm not brilliantly keen on the idea, but it does seem to be our our only option."

The blonde scratched the side of his head "Okay, so what do I need to do?"

"You need to be dressed as a woman."

Ed's eyes widened as the images came thick and fast in his head. six inch stilettos, stockings, a tight thigh slit skirt, tight blouse and make up. If he was younger he'd understand why he was chosen, but he had changed so much since then. The image of him in women's clothes were just awful, even a very badly dressed drag queen could do a better job than him.

"No way in hell. Get Hawkeye to do it, she can pull it off no problem."

"Hawkeye would be noticed in seconds, you've kept under the radar ever since you lost your alchemy."

"You make it sound like I misplaced it down the back of the couch..." He mumbled.

"Most people think that you've left the military and gone back to Resembool. With a bit of alteration you'd be unrecognisable. Yet we don't know how long this mission will take. We've been excused from any other assignments until this one is complete. The major will help you with your disguise."

"So let's just say that I was willing to do this, what is the point of disguising myself as a woman?"

Roy paused for a moment and looked back from the window towards the man sitting in front of his desk. "You'll be disguised as my fiancée and secretary, that you being with one of the highest ranked military officers would get you access to top-secret information. This group is ruthless and wants to take down the chain of command as soon as possible. If this goes according to plan they will no doubt contact you. I wouldn't ask you to do this if I didn't trust you Edward. "

Ed just sat there looking at the floor, he would be putting his life on the line once again for Mustang, for the citizens of Amestris. All he had done the past two years were help with information gathering. As much as he wanted to go out and inspect areas like he used to, he knew if he ran into trouble he didn't have alchemy to help him. Sure, he knew hand to hand combat, but that would only get him so far. But going undercover would be a thrill, the danger aspect of his job that was with every trip, he missed the adrenaline rush. He needed the excitement he got when he was looking for the Philosophers stone with his brother, but could he do that...dressed as a woman? There was only one way to find out at the end of the day.

"Well...I guess it'll make a change from being in the office all the time...and to see if you still got it Mustang, it's not like you've been on a mission for a while."

Roy was surprised how easy it was for Ed's acceptance. "Well at least I'm not doing as much paperwork as I used to, since you're not out destroying everything."

"As much as I don't like the idea of disguising in that way, if it's to save this country I'll do it." Ed's determination was clear to see, he did miss the thrill of dangerous assignments. "Just...don't tell Al and Winry about this..."

"Us three will be the only ones who know of this plan as to not endanger you." He walked over to his coat pocket and pulled out a bunch of keys, giving them to his assisstant. "Everything you need is already waiting at my house. Hawkeye, make sure everything is prepared for tonight, I'll meet you at home when my work here is done."


"General, we are nearly ready, go get yourself changed." Riza's voice echoed through the halls from the back room.

Roy had only just walked in through the door and hung his coat on the peg. He sighed as he slowly climbed up the stairs he at least wanted to take a little rest before they headed out to the bar. He was also curious as to what Edward looked like dressed as a woman, but knew if he didn't get a move on his Major wouldn't hesitate to make him look down the barrel of her gun. Opening his wardrobe choosing a dark grey suit, ignoring the darker waistcoat and black tie. There was no need to dress smartly leaving the top two buttons of his shirt undone, it was a look the women couldn't resist. But as from now until the end of the assignment he'd have to be a one woman man, something unheard of when it came to the name Roy Mustang, and that woman was a male subordinate. He walked back downstairs to the back room door, knocking gently awaiting instruction to enter. Receiving no answer he remembered that he was in his house, why did he have to ask permission to enter his own room? Quietly opening the door he saw Riza behind Ed holding his arms to help keep his balance.

"Come on Edward, just like I taught you.."

"How do you women do this? It's impossible! Can't I just wear flat shoes? I'm bound to be taller than the bastard wearing these, it'll look too weird!"

Roy quietly closed the door and leaned against the wall. He couldn't properly see Ed, but it was amusing enough just to listen to him complain again. It was one of the blonde's traits he did miss now and again.

"I suppose you're right, let me go and get them.." She turned round to see Roy looking as handsome as ever. "Sir, you can sit down, we are almost done."

She walked out the room leaving the Flame Alchemist staring at the back of a now brunette facing away towards the far end wall. "Turn around Fullmetal, let's see what you look like."

He hesitantly turned round as commanded with a slight embarrassed blush across his face, to Mustang's astonishment he looked like a completely different person. The once blonde hair was a dark brown, the center parting and bangs were gone, instead a side parting with his fringe swept to one side of his face covering his left eye. Those eyes..the once golden orbs had now changed blue.
There were hints of make up, but not a lot at all. Complete with a pastel blue blouse and black pants, his broad shoulders were disguised well under the black jacket. If he didn't know that the person in front of him was Ed, he'd probably be hitting on him right now.

"Wig, contacts, padded.." Pointing to his chest." He nervously smiled towards the man, who was wide-eyed and with his mouth open in shock. Even the blonde was surprised with his new look, he couldn't even recognise himself.

Hawkeye walks back in with a pair of flats for him "General, please put your eyes back in your head and close your mouth, you're drooling.." She handed the shoes to Ed. "..but from your reaction I guess the disguise is suitable?"

He coughed, suddenly snapping to his senses "It is acceptable, thank you major.." She smirked towards Ed, this was the reaction she'd expected to get from him, after all she had just created Roy Mustang's ideal woman. Feminine, but oozed authority. So much more different then the ones who fell down at his feet and happily let him have his one night of passion.

They all sat down going through the last details required for the mission.


He was once again snapped out of his trance, still in disbelief that it was really Edward Elric in front of him. "Yes, sorry Lieutenant.."

"Your fiancee needs a name."

"Well, um...I guess Edwina?"

The others looked at him in disbelief, so much for his help.

"General the idea of a new name is that it doesn't sound like the original, you'll blow Ed's cover and the operation, your lives will be at risk, not to mention the whole country." She sighed as she turned back to Ed "How about Elizabeth?" Well it was a name Roy seemed to like, it was also the codename he used for her so it wouldn't be that hard to forget.

"It'll do, I'm no good with names" Ed nervously smiled as he looked up to the clock, it was getting to mid evening. Two years of waiting had finally paid off, he was going on an assignment. He just had to remember to walk with his back straight, no slouching and no hands in pockets, and no raising his voice. He didn't even realise that Roy had already gone to retrieve his coat and returned with the fabric draped over his arm. His own coat was placed on his shoulders by the only true female in the house as he rose from his seat to be escorted by his now 'fiancée' to the awaiting car.