Just my imagination at work. Sort of an alternate season 3 Story featuring time travel and what if? scenarios. Reviews are love, and suggestions are welcomed! I aim to please :-)

Remarkable Circumstances

The room erupted into a burst of green light. The war council dove to the ground as confusion and screams echoed through the air. The Prince had instinctively taken hold of his wife and shielded her from harm under the round wooden table. He kept his eyes tightly shut, trying to remain calm while feeling afraid for his true love and their unborn daughter. Only one minute ago, he was discussing plans to protect his family from a curse, a plan that gave him faith; faith that one day they will finally get their real happy ending. Suddenly, a sinking feeling landed in the pit of his stomach.

'This can't be the curse' he thought, 'not yet, not now…it's too soon'

For a second he allowed himself to feel the dread; the horrible sensation that all was lost and evil had won.

"Charming" he heard his wife whisper. The strength her voice gave him, he could never describe in words. He opened his eyes and looked at her fearful expression as they both sat, huddled together under the table.

"It's ok" he said quickly, brushing her face softly, and then reaching down to gently caress her stomach.

"She's fine" said Snow assuredly, grabbing her husband's hand and placing it flat against her stomach.

Charming felt a small jolt against his hand and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Snow giggled nervously "not too happy I imagine, about being woken from her nap though"

Charming laughed and gave Snow a soft kiss on her forehead.

Suddenly worried whispers erupted from the room around him. The blue fairy appeared above him looking very nervous.

"My Prince , you must see this"

Charming nodded and got up slowly. Once he found his footing he gently helped Snow to her feet.

The first thing he did was survey the room, making sure everyone was ok. They all seemed to be fine, physically. They all, however, had the same curious expression on their faces as they looked towards the centre of the room. This was where the green blast had originated. There was no longer any green light, however. The floor was cracked, with bits of plaster and rubble taking the place of once brilliant yellow stone. The most startling thing however, was what lay at the centre of the rubble.

Two individuals, one man, one woman, sprawled out amongst the wreckage and seemingly unconscious. They were both dressed in odd attire. The man had brown hair, he was roughly shaven, and wore a dark black jacket with a grey-blue scarf. The woman was also dressed in dark attire, unlike the man though, she had long golden locks.

"Who are they?" gasped Red as she moved towards them

"What are they? More like it" snapped Grumpy as he grabbed Red's arm and pulled her back. Red rolled her eyes.

"They're obviously human" she concluded, taking her arm back.

Charming moved slowly around the table, Snow following closely behind. They both wanted to get a closer look.

"This is not good" said the Blue fairy looking at the two figures highly concerned.

"What is it Blue?" asked Snow

The blue fairy looked at Snow worriedly, "I cannot say…but I must leave. I need to consult with the council" she said quickly. Before anyone could respond she flew away from sight.

Charming crossed his arms and scoffed "we are the council" he muttered under his breath. Red grinned at Granny who didn't look as amused.

Suddenly everyone turned their attention back to the individuals lying on the ground.

"Are they even alive?" wondered Snow

Charming turned to Doc and gave him a slight nod.

Doc made his way slowly towards the man and woman.

"Take your time Doc, it's not like we have better things to do" Grumpy complained.

Doc shot Grumpy a stern look, then proceeded to approach the man on the ground. He was just about the check his pulse when suddenly the man's eyes flew open.

Doc jumped back, startled. Charming took out his sword and Grumpy readied his axe. Red's eyes glowed brilliant red. They all advanced, Charming motioning Snow to get back.

"I'm so over this, it's not funny anymore" said the mysterious man, half laughing, and half whimpering in pain as he turned and sat up slowly. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. Mary Margaret, David, Ruby, Granny, Leroy and a bunch of other people the man didn't know stood in front of him, looking unlike themselves, weapons at the ready.

"Ok…." He said, eyebrow raised "I know why I'm here, but how'd you…."

Suddenly Neal stopped talking and his eyes darted to Mary Margaret's very pregnant stomach. He then quickly turned and looked at the unconscious blonde, lying next to him "No, no, no" he mumbled in shock.

"Who are you?" demanded Charming loudly. The man ignored him.

"Arghhh….Not happening" whispered the man, rubbing his face in the hope that he would wake up from some kind of crazy dream. He removed his hand from his face and adjusted his eyes. Nope, not a dream.

"I will not ask you again" yelled Charming, placing his sword at the Man's throat.

The man suddenly became very aware that this was a situation he was going to have to deal with.

"Well" he said quickly "you have no idea how difficult that question is to answer". Neal smiled nervously at the Prince, who had a very sharp and very real sword placed firmly against his throat.

"Your Name!" demanded Charming

"Neal Cassidy" smiled the man, extending his arm "Nice to…ah…meet you"

Charming eyed his gesture suspiciously, but did not take his hand "and the girl?" said Charming nodding in her direction.

Neal turned and looked at her. She looked so peaceful. Neal knew that look would not last long when she awoke. "well this is Em…" he searched his thoughts quickly "Em….Emilah!"

Charming raised his eyebrow and looked back at Snow. Snow shrugged, she had never met an Emilah before.

Neal wanted to kick himself 'Emilah?...really?'

"Yeah…" he said unconvincingly "she's from a very distant" he motioned his arm to the other side of the room "distant land".

"Neal Cassidy?" questioned Charming.

"Even more distant…and also not so distant" smiled Neal.

Everyone looked at each other, extremely confused by this strange individual who had literally fallen into their lap.

"How did you come to be here" asked Snow softly, approaching the man who was still half-laying awkwardly on the floor. There was something non-menacing about him, she could see it in his eyes. Neal jumped up suddenly startling Charming. Charming motioned his sword to Neal's chest.

"Easy" said Neal raising his arms "Look, I'm not going to hurt anyone. This is just one big accident, ok"

"What do you mean?" asked Snow

Neal looked taken aback by the question. He really didn't know what he meant. He had no idea how he was even here. Last thing he remembered was Emma and him, hovering above a portal in Story Brooke and now….now he wasn't even in the right time, let alone place.

"Well" he mumbled "we fell through a portal and landed here, so….yeah that's all I got"

Neal was very conscious of the fact that Emma was still out of it and he was worried about saying too much. 'Time-travel' he thought 'that's the kind of magic, one definitely does not want to mess with'

"You're bleeding" said Red, picking up the smell.

Neal looked down at his abdomen. Luckily the bullet had just grazed him. At the time, he had thought it was much worse.

"Fiancé, kind of shot me" he murmured annoyed, still reeling from the Tamara revelation.

"Your Fiancé shot you with an arrow?" asked Charming incredulously, starring at Emma on the floor.

Neal looked at Emma, then back at Charming "Oh…no, no, no. Not her, she's not my Fiancé…well, I don't have a Fiancé anymore…. and ahhh yeah! it was an arrow…sort of"

"You really are not from around here are you?" said Charming, utterly bewildered by the strangeness of this man.

Neal gasped, rubbing his head and holding his stomach "I am so out of this world" he murmured uneasily looking around the room.

Suddenly a soft murmuring came from the floor behind Neal. Everyone turned to look at the young woman stir.

Neal, bent down to Emma's side and gently stroked her cheek as she opened her eyes,

"Hey" he said smiling softly. She smiled back at him, remembering their all too recent, declaration of love. She knew he had intended to fall away without her but the floor had given way, and both had fallen through the portal.

"Hey" she whispered, smiling back "you're alive" she said, relieved as she brushed her hand across his torso.

"Flesh wound" he scoffed. She laughed, tears of relief filling her eyes.

Suddenly he looked at her nervously. She noticed.

"Where are we now?" she asked, not sure if she really wanted an answer.

"Emma…sweetie" he said quietly, so no one else would hear her name

"Don't freak out"