Author's Notes: MakoHaru, with Haru as a yandere! First time writing something with a yandere, so sorry if it ain't the best. :/ 1300ish words and... Yeah. Enjoy! :D

-Think Faster-

Makoto was taking deep breathes, trying to calm himself , trying to not feel too scared, but this whole situation was odd, foreign to him. It isn't every day you're blindfolded, tied up and locked away by your best friend. No one ever expects their best friend to do that!

Makoto gulped, recalling the events earlier that day. It started if innocently enough, same old routine as usual. It was when they began to walk home by themselves when the trouble began. Haru had stopped Makoto from walking to ask him a question.

"Hmm? Is something wrong, Haru-chan?" Makoto asked, tipping his head to one side.

Haru gazed at Makoto, his eyes shining, like he was presented with all the water in the world. "Makoto, I... I love you!"

Makoto stared at Haru, who had rosy cheeks and clenched fists, sweating as he trembled, waiting for Makoto's answer.

Makoto was in shock, his best friend... Loved him? Love? More than a best friend...? "Ha-Haru... I... I..." Makoto trailed off, unable to string up words. "I don't know what to say. I'm speechless... I..."

"Just say yes." Haru said, "say yes and love me back." His voice had taken a dark and menacing turn and did not fail to send a shiver into Makoto's body. Haru sounded angry... Like he wouldn't like 'no' for an answer. Makoto gulped, trying to remain composed.

"Haru-chan, you're coming at me with a lot and I don't know how to react to such a thing... I... I... This is..." Makoto slowly took a few steps back as Haru's eyes grew bleak. "Can you please... Please... Can I have some time to think this over?"

Haru blinked, a brief flash of fury entering his eyes. He blinked, and his eyes were calm like the sea once more. He gave Makoto a small nod and a faint, crooked smile. "Yeah... Some time to think..."

"Thank you Haru-chan." Makoto grinned softly. Haru sighed and walked to Makoto's side as they continued their trek home, the silence awkward and tense. The whole time, Makoto was just replaying everything in his head. Haru loved him? Was he mad? Did Makoto love Haru back? There were so many questions, so much to wonder about, that he barely noticed that they were at Haru's house already.

"Makoto..." Haru murmured softly, his back to Makoto. "Have you thought about it?"

"Oh." Makoto said, "Sorry Haru-chan, it's just such a big thing to consider... I think I need more time." He bowed his head in apology.

"Ah." Haru hummed, "I see." Makoto began to look up from his bow and saw something aimed directly at his forehead. Makoto had no time to yelp in shock because he was already on the ground, barely conscious. He blinked, hazily looking up.

Haru's cold blue eyes gazed back at him. He had an odd smile on his face as he caressed Makoto's cheek and purred softly, "Don't worry, I'll make sure you have plenty of time to think."

Flash forward back to a captive Makoto, who was almost on the verge of having a panic attack. He had never expected Haru to just so easily knock him out like that, to hold him hostage just to see if he would be his boyfriend! He'd call Haru insane, but he couldn't bring himself to think of Haru that way. He always saw Haru as the strange boy who loves water, not the strange boy who had some sort of obsession with him! He just couldn't believe Haru was a bad guy, he was his best friend since childhood! Why? Why? Why...?

Makoto heard a soft creaking noise, followed by something getting shut. He stiffened, awaiting something big to happen. He slowed, hesitantly, called out the name. "Ha-Haru? Is that you?"

A gentle touch was on his cheeks. The hand lingered for a moment, making Makoto twitch nervously. The touch was warm, sticky, like... glue? Soft fingers brushed his cheek before leaving. "Haru?" Makoto repeated, his voice quiet, timid.

He sniffed, just noticing the smell of cooked fish. Makoto knew the smell all too well. Mackerel. Of course. There was another smell hanging in the air, something familiar, but he couldn't quite remember... What was it?

He heard the clinking of silverware, another person breathing next to him, his own unsteady heart beat. Makoto whimpered, hating the blindfold that obscured his vision. The darkness scared him, almost as much as the ocean.

"Makoto." Haru's voice was barely audible, "Eat." A cold metal touched his lip. Makoto pressed his lips together, unsure. "It's mackerel. Eat it." Haru commanded, his voice growing louder and rough. Without another hesitation, Makoto opened his mouth and allowed Haru to feed him. He took a few more bites before he finally shook his head, shyly mumbling he was full. He heard more clinks from the silverware and a sigh escaping from Haru.

"So, Makoto, have you decided on your answer yet?" Haru asked, a trace of hope in his voice. Makoto winced, he hadn't. How would Haru react? Would he be mad? Sad? Something worse? Makoto gulped, putting his head down.

"Makoto, answer me." Haru growled, letting Makoto know how mad he was. Haru never really growled like that before, especially towards Makoto. It made his skin grow cold with fear, like he was dipped into the ocean in a windy night.

"Haru... You're scaring me..." Makoto mumbled, "Please Haru, at least take the blindfold off so I can see you."

There was silence for a moment except for the sound of Makoto's occasional nervous breathing. Haru let out another sigh before he heard him shift, his fingers gripping the fabric and gently lifting off of Makoto's eyes.

The moment he did, Makoto had wished he was back in the dark, because this felt much, much worse.

Haru stared back at him, ice-cold eyes as he tried to smile reassuringly. But that did not avert Makoto's attention form the crimson splatters in his face. The blood stains on his school uniform, his un-groomed hair, that horrible smell emanating from him... Makoto had to gag so he wouldn't throw up. He shook, staring once more at Haru with wide, questioning eyes. He felt like the taste of blood had enter his mouth, the smell was that strong. Haru, in comfort, tried to hold Makoto's tied-up hand for romance, but his hand felt warm, sticky... With blood. Makoto was in tears, the fear gnawing at him. "Ha-Haru?" He squeaked out, "Wha... What...?"

"I did it for us, so we could live together, happy." Haru said, his voice persistent, "I thought of you, Makoto."

Tears had begun to well in Makoto's eyes. "Who? Whose blood...?" Makoto asked quietly.

Haru looked away, his eyes narrowed. "Makoto, don't hate me, all right? I did this for us-"

"Whose blood is it?"

"-I did this for you, for our happiness-"

"Is it anyone from the swim club?!"

"-it shouldn't matter what I've done or whose blood because-"

"-my family! Please, Haru, don't tell me... "

"-I love you, Makoto. That's all that matters!"

"No!" Makoto yelled, making Haru flinch, "I need to know, whose blood is that?!" He demanded.

Haru stared at Makoto, surprised by the outburst. Makoto panted, desperate for an answer before the ache in his chest made him explode.

Haru grimaced at Makoto before giving him a tight slap across the face.

Makoto gasped, fresh pain and a red mark on his cheek as his eyes began to drip with tears. "Haru..." Makoto rasped.

It took Haru a few seconds before he suddenly grabbed Makoto and held him close, whispering his apologies, how it'll be okay and that he would take care of him from now on.

Makoto just cried, unsure of anything anymore.