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Shine Luxer, 17, D1F

It was time! Today was the start of my greatness, my legend. I would imprint my mark on all of Panem and that all started with the reaping. After five years of waiting I could finally go into the games; when I was twelve I wanted to go, my name was even drawn out of the bowl and I was exited but then some kid had the nerve to volunteer for me. When I complained about it after wards to my instructor he laughed in my face. "Wait a little bit, your time will come." And now it has, I could finally go into the games and bring pride to the district. Me and my axe would have fun in that arena that's for sure.

I smile as I look myself in the mirror, my long hair that goes to my shoulders, it's jet black and beautiful. I finish washing my face and brushing my teeth. I'm ready that's for sure. I have the looks, the skill and the drive. I'll win, the teacher even said that he wanted me to volunteer this year and I sure as hell wasn't going to pass him up. I will volunteer and make my mark, I leave the house and walk, on my way to the reaping. I'm wearing my best clothes. A light pink dress that goes up to my knees, my favorite red ribbon and a pearl necklace that will be my district token. This was going to be a day to remember, for all of Panem to remember. The day another victor is chosen.

Gloss Miller, 18, D1M

Okay so it's that time. That time to choose another tribute. Oh man I don't know why I'm doing this, it's just because my whole family and some of my friends are pressuring me to do it. I don't want to really, just because I can beat a few dummies with a sword or a kendo stick they think I'm going to be the next victor to bring pride to the district. I didn't even want to be a career! I just wanted to be a normal kid who could laze around all day, not be the kind of kid to go around cutting people up in an arena, sure it looks cool but I'd rather be watching than doing to be honest. "Come on Gloss, today is a big day for you." My sister says to me with a smile as she continues brushing my hair, she really wants me to win because she wasn't a career.

You see there used to be more of us, three, my sister had a twin, however that twin died last year in the games, she was so close. She came third but then the her own District partner stabbed her in the back, his name is Lupin or something. He stabbed her in the back and left her to die, and the worst part is that he ended up winning so now he will have to be my mentor, the whole idea makes me cringe but hey, got to do it right?

When my sister finishes doing my hair we then leave the house, walk out the door and proceed to the reaping, I line up with all the other eighteen year olds. Now is the time to be brave, maybe someone will volunteer before me right? "Alright District 1, now is the time to pick one boy and one girl to represent District 1 in the one hundred and twenty fourth annual Hunger games!" He says with a smile. He's wearing a stupid suit that sparkles in the sunlight and shades."Alright, ladies first!" He says with a grin.

He reaches into the reaping bowl and takes out the first name "Lovemore Lagross!" He calls out, before she can even walk up to the stage another girl leaps out and calls out "I volunteer!" The escort simply nods, this happens every year so it's not really surprising, we're used to this kind of stuff now. The girl looks pretty damn scary, she's pretty tall, taller than me by at least half a foot. She goes up to the microphone with an aura of confidence and yells. "My name is Shine Luxer and I'm your next victor!"

Oh great, another arrogant one. He then digs into the boys bowl and takes out a slip, before he can even read it out I yell out, "I volunteer!" And raise my hand. I leave the line and walk towards the stage, my fists clenched so hard they are white. "Oh, another volunteer, how surprising." Our escort says sarcastically. "Name?" He asks me. I don't smile, in fact I actually stutter, I don't know why but I stutter out my words. "M-my name i-is Gloss Miller..." I say, I definitely sound dull. Oh well.

Shine Luxer, 17, D1F

Eww, this guy is my district partner? Why did he volunteer? He looks so... 's stuttering all over the place and his legs are even shaking. I think I've seen him in career training once or twice but that's it. I mean, what can he actually even do? The escort commands us to shake hands, it's a symbol of unity. I extend my hand and he grabs it with a pretty shaky hand, wow, what an absolute wimp. He's not going to make me look good; he's going to make me look like a loser. I swear he won't make it into the careers.

The peacekeepers then lead us into the justice building, away from our district, but don't worry District one, I'll be coming back. I promise.