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'I've told you guys again and again! You can't just go strolling around unprotected, ARE YOU TRYING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED!' Thierry Decourdres yelled, for once losing his cool guy façade as he thought about how many types of horrors could have happened to one of his close friends.

Kristi Martins sat, motionless, as she waited for Thierry to finish his little speech. Kristi had never realised how restricted her new life was before Thierry started ranting but then again- maybe Thierry's madness was contagious!

Morgead walked into the room, breaking the tension while carefully balancing a fully laden tray in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. 'Whooaa! Hey, leave some chocs for me!' he exclaimed as he was ambushed by all the other Daybreakers who sat sprawled about various parts of the room with their soulmates.

'Hey Morgy' Ash taunted playfully, ignoring the death glare he was receiving from his friend, 'Maybe next time you could wear a cute little French maid's costume, eh?' Mare and Jez rolled their eyes as they diverted their soulmates.

'You have to admit Blackthorn, she has you whipped' Quinn grinned but quickly turned it into a grimace as Rashel elbowed him expertly in the ribs.

'Talking about whipped, doesn't anyone care that one of our top agents could have gotten herself killed today? Thierry supplied, trying to get the rowdy group to focus on the problem at hand.

'Really?' Morgead inquired, quickly flitting a sideways glance at his soulmate, trying to gage how much trouble she'd gotten herself into this time. 'Who?'

'Kristi Martins of course! Haven't any of you been listening?' Thierry demanded, finally losing his temper and storming out the room, head in hands. Grimacing, Hannah took over, apologising for his behaviour. 'Thierry's just concerned because you went out without telling anyone yesterday and could have gotten really hurt.or worse.'

'What! Don't give me that look Thea; you know perfectly well that I spent all yesterday with you!' Kristi yelled as the Daybreakers pinned her with looks of reproach. 'If you ask me, Lord Thierry has completely lost it!'

'You're right you know.' Thea started uncertainly but rushed into speech when she caught the anguished look on Hannah's face, 'I.err.about spending the afternoon with me, I mean. Kristi and I spent all yesterday going through spells and stuff, there's no way she could've gone anywhere without me knowing.'

Thierry, who had been leaning against the doorpost unnoticed, snorted elegantly and walked- no waltzed into the room, once more in charge. 'I'm sure you believe that Thea but maybe this may change your mind.' And with that the made vampire nodded to a witch that lurked in the shadows of the entrance.

The room began to gradually fill with a pale blue mist that seemed to seep in from the walls themselves and slowly snaked towards the front of the room in smoky tendrils. The tendrils gathered in what vaguely resembled a smoke ring, the hole in the middle becoming darker until it almost resembled some sort of spooky cinema screen.

Noticing that for once his audience was silent, Thierry took advantage and began to explain. 'One of our people witnessed this and since it's a mental image, it can't be altered or changed.' Thierry began, his voice low as if not to disturb his listeners from their enchanted silence.

The 'screen' began to fill with swirling colours until an image appeared, a bit distorted at first. The Daybreakers sat silently as they watch people stroll in and out of a café, no one interesting and nothing exciting. They watch as a werewolf entered the café and slumped down heavily into a seat, muttering something to his vampire companion. The vampire frowned as he surveyed his friend and suddenly dropped a kiss on the other guy's forehead. Unknowingly, each Daybreaker cringed, all knew they should look away but none could resist staring at this unlikely couple. *Maybe they're related * Poppy sent out. (AN= I know it may sound it now but I can assure I've got nothing against gays etc. Just wait and see! cackles manically at thought of future events)

As they watched, a young woman walked into the café and sat opposite the 'wolf and his boyfriend. The young woman was undeniably beautiful but that wasn't what made their eyes pop out and jaws hit the floor.

The young woman, teenager really, was the splitting image of Kristi (more or less). Both girls had long tumultuous waves of jet-black hair except this stranger's had streaks of gold and red interwoven into her hair, giving the effect of flames. The dazed group glanced back and forth between image and reality, checking similarities and striking off differences.

Kristi herself sat frozen, almost ceasing to breathe as she watched her mirror image greet the two men and start a conversation. What was being said went straight over her head but somehow it didn't matter. She already knew. She watched as the other girl's enormous purple eyes glittered with a rainbow of emotions, the colours in her eyes shifting from the lightest Lilac to the deepest Violet with every slight change, luscious raven black eyelashes framing her eyes. Kristi already knew because she herself saw the exact same picture when she looked into the mirror.

'Shit!' Unable to take it any longer, Kristi wearily rose to her feet, stumbling out the room as if Death itself were after her. Mumbling apologies, she barged past Thierry only to plough straight into her concerned soulmate, Jon Masters, who had felt her pain, even driving up the mansion's long drive. 'What's wrong?' he asked but all she could do was shake her head.

After a brief pause she grabbed his hand and continued on out the door.

'Where do you think you're going?' Thierry bellowed as both soulmates climbed into Jon's sports car.

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