Chapter 1

Mystic Falls: 5 Miles Ahead

There was the sign that lead to my new home. I mentally sighed as I continued to drive. My name is Amelia Iris Foster; I'm 17 years old and most recently an orphan. My parents were in a horrible car accident last month, both had died on impact. Now I was moving from the glorious town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the small boring town of Mystic Falls, Virginia to live with my grandparents. I had nothing against my grandparents, infact I'm very much close to them, it's just that I hate to live in such a small boring town; nothing ever exciting goes on there.

I reached Mystic Falls about four in the afternoon. It was just the same as it was last year when I had visited my grandparents. I was thankful that my grandparents lived near the shopping area of Mystic Falls; at least I would have something to do. I shut my car off as soon as I pulled in front of my grandparents three story house. I quickly got out of the car and got my luggage from the back. Then I heard the front door opening, I turned around and saw my grandmother running towards me.

"I'm so glad you got here safe" she said pulling me into a big hug.

"Thanks Grandma" I said hugging her back.

Grandma put her hands on my shoulders and studied me.

"How you been Amelia" she asked looking a little worried.

I gave her a smile and said "I've been doing good, it's been getting better each day, trust me.

"Well lets go on inside and get you settled, your grandpa is inside dying to see you" she said while helping getting some of my luggage.

When we got inside grandma lead me to the living room where grandpa was probably sitting on his chair and watching the baseball game.

"Amelia" grandpa shouted with excitement and came over to hug me.

"Hey gramps" I said smiling while hugging him back.

"Look at you more beautiful than ever, I'm so glad you'll be living with us" he said continuing to hug me.

"Okay Jimmy, we'll celebrate later, I'm sure Amelia would like to get settled into her new room" Grandma said leading me upstairs.

Grandma led me all to the third floor of the house and to the room at the end of the hall. I was surprised at the bedroom, because it was decorated just like I was planning on it. The bed was a full queen size with black sheets and a blanket with butterfly's colored black and white. The floors were wooden with some mats on the ground. The desk she had gotten for me was huge with a lot of space for my books and all that. All over the walls there were butterflies and flowers.

"Wow grandma this is amazing, you didn't have to do this, I could have done it" I said admiring the room.

"It was no trouble darling, I wanted to do something special to make you feel welcome" she said.

After a few moments of silence grandma said something that surprised me.

"You know this used to be your mother's old room" she said.

"Really" I said turning to her surprised.

Grandma nodded and said "Yea she always wanted the room on the third floor, for privacy, I figured you would like your privacy as well."

"I love it even more now that I know that" I said imagining my mom in this very room.

I couldn't help remember all the times my mother and I spent together. I remember my first date and helped me go out dress shopping for the occasion, or the time that I was in the hospital for appendix, she was with me every minute.

"I miss her so much" I said out loud.

Grandma seeing my sadness came and hugged me very tight.

"I miss her too sweetheart, but your mother wouldn't want us to continue grieving, she would want us to move on with our lives" grandma said trying to comfort me.

"I know she would" I replied back.

"Well then I'll leave you alone to get settled in, I'll call you when supper is ready" Grandma said before leaving the room.

I just stood around looking at my new room, thinking that there's no going back now, this is my new home from now on. I looked at the mirror at the corner and realized how truly exhausted I am. My brown hair was sort of messy, but not too much, but under my olive green eyes there were dark circles under them. I wanted to take a nap, but I want to get all my unpacking done before anything else.

After I got all my unpacking done, I was about to go take a nap, but then my grandma came up to tell me it was time for dinner. I mentally groaned, but got myself off the bed and headed downstairs.

Grandma had made my favorite dinner, which was chicken parmesan with garlic bread and salad. I was so hungry, driving from Pennsylvania to Virginia was a long ride and I only stopped a few times for food because I wanted to get here quicker.

"So have you settled in ok Amelia" Grandpa asked.

I nodded and said "Yea I got everything all unpacked and put away finally"

"I almost forgot to tell you, we finally got you enrolled in eleventh grade over at Mystic Falls High school, you start on Monday" grandma said before taking another bite of her food

Great a whole new school, where I have to make new friends. I love my grandparents to death, but I wish they would've moved to Philadelphia to take care of me so I wouldn't have to leave any of my friends behind.

"Don't you worry Amelia I'm confident you'll make friends fast" grandpa said noticing my worried expression.

"Thanks Gramps I'm sure I will too" I said really hoping that would be true

After supper was over I took a quick shower and decided to go to bed early. It was Friday, which meant I had 2 more days until I start school. I was really nervous, I've always hated change. I was a fool to think that everything will always stay the same; my parent's death had defiantly changed that view. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye good or bad.