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Chapter 1- The Boy Who Lived

A young boy of ten with round glasses sat outside under the bright sun, tending to his beautiful garden. His Uncle had left for work while his Aunt was inside preparing lunch. His cousin, Dudley, had gone out to get more seeds and a bag of fertilizer for the garden. The back door opened and a tall woman poked her head out,

"Harry dear, time for lunch. Dudley just arrived with the gardening supplies." She said with a smile as Dudley came around the house with a smile on his face.

"Harry, the store didn't have the regular fertilizer we usually buy but they assured me that this one is just as good but cheaper." He said as he placed the bag by the shed.

Harry sat up and wiped his sweaty forehead with his sleeve and smiled back.

"Well, we'll see if it's as good as they say it is, won't we?" he replied with a childish laugh. By this time, Petunia had be standing by the open door and chuckled as her son and nephew laughed.

"Well, since Dudley has been carrying that smelly bag and you Harry are sweating, you both go up to your rooms and wash up before I let you have lunch. I won't have you smelling my kitchen." She said and both boys nodded. They went into the house and went upstairs to their rooms to wash up.

Contrary to belief, the Dursleys weren't as spiteful as people thought they were. When Harry had come into their lives, they hated the fact that the boy had lost his parents at a very young age and that he would never get to be with them. So they made it their goal to make sure that the child would grow up with a loving family even if his parents weren't around. Just before Dudley and Harry finished washing up, a knock on the door made Petunia wonder who it was. She opened the door to find Piers Polkiss standing there with a smile on his face and a wrapped plate of what looked like pudding to Petunia.

"Good noon, Mrs. Dursley, my mum made pudding and told me to come over to give Dudley, Harry, and you some." He said as he gave her the plate.

She invited him in as her son and nephew came down.

"Hey Pier." Both boys said simultaneously. The other boy waved at the two,

"I brought pudding." He said and quickly the other two followed Petunia to the kitchen.

"Really? Mum can we have pudding please?" Dudley asked as he turned from his friend to his mother.

"Not until you have had your lunch. Have you eaten lunch yet, Piers?" she asked softly which earned her a shaking head.

"Well, I shall prepare another plate for you then. You two have a seat while Piers washes his hands." She instructed and the boys did as they were told.

Lunchtime was spent talking about the delicious chicken and egg sandwiches, the fresh milk, and the pudding. After the meal, Piers looked out the back door and saw that the garden had been taken care of again.

"Your garden is blooming beautifully, Mrs. Dursley. " he complimented. Petunia shook her head and smiled,

"It's all thanks to Harry and Dudley's efforts. They have miraculous green thumbs in the family. Even Vernon thought that they both have been buying flowers instead of growing them." She said and laughed. The boy looked at his two friends who puffed their chest with pride.

"You two really make a great team. Be it gardening, building, or leading." He told them and got thanks in return. The three boys asked if they could go to the park and play for the afternoon. Petunia agreed as long as they were home by four. They nodded and quickly got their bikes out the garaged and went to the park.

The afternoon had gone by so fast that it was nearly four. The boys decided to go home and were just in time to see Vernon drive up the drive way.

"Welcome home, Uncle Vernon." Harry greeted as he parked his bike.

"Yeah, welcome home dad." Dudley greeted as well as he placed his bike next to Harry. The big man smiled at them,

"Thank you boys. How was your day?" he asked them as Harry opened the door and held it for his cousin and Uncle to enter. "Well, we gardened the morning away, then had lunch. Piers brought pudding. Then we went to the park and played." Dudley told his dad. Vernon chuckled,

"Gardening again? I swear if you boys make that place anymore beautiful, I might have to fence it up just in case someone comes and plans to steal all those flowers you both grow." He teased them and the boys laughed.

Petunia came out of the kitchen and gave her husband a kiss,

"Welcome home dear. Boys, run up and wash. I want you both to help me prepare dinner while Vernon gets some rest before dinner." She said and both boys left. She watched as her boys disappeared up the stairs before pulling her husband into the living room with a worried look.

"What's wrong Pet?" Vernon asked with worry.

"Vernon, we have three weeks before Harry's eleventh birthday. Remember when I told you about Lily and the day she got her letter to that school she went to?" she asked her husband and he nodded.

"Well, it came when she turned eleven. I am sure that Harry will receive a letter as well. And I fear that if we let him go, he might get into the same harm that Lily and James had. Harry's the only thing I have left of my sister. I wasn't able to apologize to her for all the things I had done so I made up for it with Harry. I don't know what I'll do if I lose him too." She said with a tear falling from her eyes.

Vernon pulled his wife into a tight embrace, sighing deep as he now felt worried like his wife for his nephew.

"I know what you mean, Pet. But there is nothing we can really do. Remember that journal Severus left you just after Harry come to us?" it was his turn to ask his wife. She looked up and nodded. They had kept the journal safely hidden from Harry and Dudley.

"I think it's time we bring it out and tell him. He has the right to know and prepare him for what he might be facing." He told his wife with a serious look which meant that they were going to do just what he said.

She sighed and knew her husband was right. The boys came back down and quickly both adults smiled to hide their worry.

"We're done, mum." Dudley announced as Harry got down the last step and stood next to his cousin. She nodded and led the boys to the kitchen and they began to prepare dinner. Having the two-man team in the kitchen made everything faster and more fun. Piers was right when he had said that Dudley and Harry made a great team. Not only did they have green thumbs, they could even cook a family meal together.

Dudley called his dad to the dining area when the meal was ready and they ate happily. Vernon had told them about his day at work and how he was a bit frustrated with his co-workers who were lazy as sloths. The boys and Petunia laughed as he gave them a fake hurt look. When dinner was over and the dishes were cleared, Petunia went to their bedroom and took the journal from the hidden drawer of her dresser and went back downstairs. Vernon had called Harry and Dudley to the living room and had them sit on the sofa. Both boys looked at each other with raised brows. What could the adults have to tell them with their serious look?

When Petunia arrived, the room was covered with tension.

"Harry, you know that your birthday is in three weeks, right?" she asked and Harry nodded.

"You see, there is something that we didn't tell you while you were growing up. Something about you, you're parents, what you and they were, and what really happened to them." Petunia said with a shaky voice. Vernon held a comforting hand on his wife. By this time, Harry was listening closely. His Aunt and Uncle never really spoke of his parents and if they did, a sad look would be seen on their faces.

"Don't worry Aunt Petunia. I know that you both must have great reason why you didn't tell me." He said with a smile on his face that made the two adults smile. Dudley nodded in agreement.

"You are such a sweet boy, Harry. Very well, I shall begin on the day that my sister Lily got a special letter after she turned eleven. It was a letter that accepted her into a very special school for very special and gifted children. Along with a childhood friend of hers, they both attended this school and grew up learning things that you can't learn here." She said and swallowed.

"After a while, Lily and her best friend got into a fight which caused them to part ways and paving the way for her to meet your father. James had fallen in love with Lily the moment he saw and did everything to make her happy. In the end, they got together and after school, decided to have a life together." Petunia's hand slowly became cold and she looked worried.

"However, during those times, it was very dangerous because there was a war going on and it was only getting worse. During this time, Lily and James got married and had you. Oh you were everything to them; I have no doubt of that. However, because of the Headmaster of the school, a spy for the enemy had heard something and reported it to his master. The master acted on the report and went after two families that had fit the description of the report. A family called the Longbottoms were taken and tortured. The master went to Lily and James and killed them and planned to kill you. But something magical happened. Lily protected you with everything she had and the master was destroyed, leaving you alive with nothing but that scar on your forehead as the proof that you had survived." She continued.

Harry was shocked to hear the story but waited for his Aunt to continue.

"Harry, your mother was a witch and James was a wizard. Since you are their child, you must be a wizard as well. You can do magic and do things no normal human can." Vernon spoke up this time. The boy looked like he could faint or fall over so Dudley held his cousin carefully. He already knew this when he turned nine. His parents had told him first to make sure that they could protect their nephew better. Dudley did not envy his cousin but felt more protective since he knew that there was an evil lord after his cousin's head.

"I… I'm a what?" Harry asked in between deep breaths. Petunia sighed worried,

"You're a wizard, sweetheart. And we are sure that on your eleventh birthday, a letter from Hogwarts will arrive as well just like it did with Lily." She said and showed his the journal.

"This is from Severus Snape, Lily's best friend. He came to us with this and asked us to give this to you before your letter comes. You have to know a few things before enter that world and face a new part of your life that your Uncle Vernon and I can't protect you entirely." She said as she gave him the journal.

Harry nodded and took the journal and opened it to the first page. A piece of old paper fell out and Harry leaned to pick it up.

Dear Harry,

Since you are reading this, it must mean that you are nearing your eleventh birthday. You're Hogwarts letter will be arriving soon as well which would mark the day you will be returning to the wizarding world. To start, my name is Severus Tobias Snape. I am the current Potion's Master of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and a friend of your mother. I must first apologize and ask for your forgiveness. It was I who had given the Dark Lord the report about a prophecy which resulted to your parent's early grave and you being orphaned. If I had known back then that it was them the prophecy meant, I would not have reported it. I will understand that you will probably be angry and hate me but back then I was young and scared.

I did, however asked for your parent's protection from the Headmaster of the School I was working for. He promised me that he would protect them but in the end, Lily and James still perished, leaving you parentless. The Dark Lord had explained to me that he tried to spare your parents but they fought back so he had no choice but to kill them. It was a war that needed to be fought for freedom and equality. Albus Dumbledore, the current Headmaster of Hogwarts is not as Light as the wizarding world thinks he is. He is manipulative and vicious behind the grandfather persona he shows everyone.

It was him who forced me to spy for the Dark and the Light, leaving me fearful for my own life and the lives of Lily. I loved your mother despite everything that had happened between us I only wished that I was able to ask for her forgiveness but I was then told that she had then forgiven me but it was I who was too guilty to speak to her. The Dark Lord, despite how his plans had gone, only wanted equality for all the wizards, witches, and non-human magical beings in our world. It is Dumbledore who has created the evil image of the Dark Lord which made everything worse than it already was.

I am still spying for the Dark Lord and he knows that Dumbledore thinks that I am spying for him. I would never let him use me again after he failed to protect Lily and James and sent your godfather to prison for being a 'traitor'. Even if I didn't like James and his circle of friends, your godfather was innocent but was sent to prison with no trial. I have been devoting time to look for the real traitor and find a way to make up for all the things that I have done wrong. I hope that you will understand what I have done to survive and live to see another day.

This journal contains everything you need to know about the events that had happened and clues that I might not have seen. I look forward to seeing you again soon and hope that you will speak to me when that day comes.


Severus T. Snape

Harry finished reading and looked lost in deep thought.

Petunia stood up and hugged her nephew,

"Go up to bed and get some rest. You can read that tomorrow. I know that everything we have said is a bit unbelievable but believe us when we say that everything is real: magic, the wizarding world, Dark and Light lords and magical wars. When the time comes, Severus will be able to explain everything to you more carefully." She told him. Harry looked up at her and saw in her eyes that she was telling the truth. He nodded and hugged her back before standing up. Dudley helped his cousin up the stairs to make sure he didn't fall and hurt himself. The boys bid the adults good night and disappeared up the stairs.

Petunia and Vernon were a bit glad that they had done what they did and knew that they did well. They're nephew had the right to know everything and they had raised Harry with love, understanding, and confidence that if he wanted to succeed, he will if he wanted it.

Both turned off the lights and went to their own bedroom to rest and hope that tomorrow was going to be better.

The next day came faster than any of them wanted. Breakfast was quiet as Vernon and Petunia arrived in the dining room with the two boys preparing breakfast. Both knew that they were to sit down and wait until the boys were finish. The meal began but was relieving since there was no longer any tension in the air.

"Uncle Vernon. Aunt Petunia… I want to thank you for the honesty last night." Harry spoke, breaking the silence that had engulfed them.

"I know what you did was hard and that it was painful for you two to have recalled it." He finished and smiled at them. Both adults smiled back and were glad that their nephew was taking everything maturely. They could see it in his eyes that he had been crying silently during the night but was glad that he was alright now.

Just when breakfast was over, a knock on the back door made everyone wonder who it was. Normally, visitors would use the front door. This one didn't. However, it seemed that the adults knew it was and quickly opened the door. A tall man in black robes was standing outside and had been invited inside. Both boys looked at him from the washing area.

"Dudley, Harry, this is Severus Snape. Severus, these are Dudley and Harry." Petunia introduced him to the boys and she pointed who was who. Harry's eyes widen in shock and gasped.

"Y-you're Severus Tobias Snape?" Harry asked with a shaky voice. The man knew that the boy had read the letter and nodded.

Vernon cleared his throat,

"Dudley, why don't you lead Mr. Snape to the sitting room with Harry while your mother prepares tea. I need to leave for work now." He said and everyone nodded in agreement. Dudley grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him to the sitting room with the visitor following them. It was strange that the Dursleys were being civil to him and Harry when he was told by Dumbledore that his spy said that the boy was being mistreated.

"Mr. Dursley, I suggest you call in sick since I came here with important news and a report that concerns you as well has Mr. Potter." Severus said as Vernon turned to look at him for a few moments then nodded.

He went to the hallway and called his office that he wasn't going to come in because he wasn't feeling all too well. Then Petunia came to the sitting room with five cups of tea and sat on the sofa with her husband while the boys sat by their feet.

"First of all, I must tell you that your neighbor, Arabella Figg is a spy for Dumbledore. She had told him that you have not been treating Mr. Potter well and that he is being abused." He informed them which made the family gasp in shock. What? Them abusing their nephew?

"Aunt Petunia, it must that time when she saw me doing the garden work while Dudley was playing at Piers then you left the house to bring Mrs. Polkiss that casserole you had made. She must not have known that you left lunch for me before leaving." Harry explained which made Dudley nod,

"Yeah, must be that time."

"And since I barely go out, she thinks I'm being trap in the house and doing the house chores." Harry said in deep thought. However, how come the old lady doesn't see him go out with Dudley and Piers when he does go out? Does she really watch him closely or only when she wants to? They looked back at their guest,

"Now that that particular report is cleared, I must ask you if Mr. Potter has been informed of what he ought to know." Vernon and Petunia nodded,

"Well, Mr. Potter, is there anything you wish to know or clarify with me regarding what your relatives have told you?" he asked straight at the boy who looked like he was still in deep thought.

Harry looked up at Severus with his emerald eyes which reminded the older man of Lily.

"I wanted to know why Dumbledore had Trelawney be interviewed at that pub you mentioned in your journal. What kind of Headmaster and educator would do such a thing?" Harry asked seriously. Severus was surprised at this. He had not really thought about that and now a boy of ten had pointed it out to him.

"I cannot be sure why he did such a thing and I cannot also answer why he decided that he interview that fake Seer at such a place. I trust that you know that I consider Trelawney a fraud if you read my journal." He answered.

"Yes, after a few minutes of crying, I stayed up a little and read your journal. It was nearly three in the morning when I finished and I remember everything you wrote in it. Tell me, what do I need to be careful of as I receive the acceptance letter and who else should I be wary of aside from the Headmaster?" he asked directly knowing that it was better to know who he had to avoid from the start than head there blind and unequipped. Again, Severus wondered how the Dursley had raised Harry. When he first saw the child, he looked meek, shy, and easily shocked. But the child he was facing now was serious, cautious, and radiated anger.

"I am asking you now so that when I do meet them, I can be ready. If I can fake sincerity towards them, I can pretty much fake everything else." He said which earned him a pat from his Uncle.

"That's my nephew." Vernon said with pride. Dudley laughed at his cousin and turned to the guest,

"You must know that Harry can be very charming when he wants too. And when he deems the situation warranting the charm to be used." Severus was stunned to the knowledge he was given. Harry was not only been taken well cared off, he was being taught well on how to approach situations and problems. Without a doubt that Harry would be either sorted into Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

"It's good to hear that you have been taught well. From what I know, Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts will be the one to bring your letter and take you to Diagon Alley to purchase your things. No need to worry about how you will be paying them. Everything has been arranged that you will be given your key to the school fund vault your parents have left you."

"Aside from Hagrid, be careful of the Weasley boy your age. His name is Ronald Weasley and next year, his sister Ginevra Weasley. I have learned that Dumbledore has been preparing them to welcome you to the wizarding world to gain your trust and relay on them blindly. Also be wary of a muggleborn by the name of Hermione Granger. She has been hired by Dumbledore as well to be your 'friend'. You have nothing to fear from the Weasley twins yet I suggest that you find a way to gain their alliance since they have not been informed of the deed their parents are doing nor what their younger siblings have been told to do. The eldest William Weasley or better known as Bill is a curse breaker and is working at Egypt. He is a spy like me for the Dark Lord. Charles Weasley or Charlie as he likes to be called is neutral but will side with you more likely when he finds out what Dumbledore has been doing. Percy is neutral and doesn't wish to be part of anything." Severus told them.

"How do you know what they are thinking? The twins, Percy, and Charlie. Surely they haven't spoken to you about their side on this so-called war that seems to be still going on." Harry asked. Petunia was so glad for her nephew. They had raised him and Dudley to be careful and cautious when it came to strangers and unknown situations.

"I must say that I impressed Mr. Potter. There is such a thing called Legilimency. It allows one to see into another's mind and see their thoughts. The stronger the one looking, the more they can see other people's thoughts without being caught." He answered the boy who nodded in acceptance to the answer that was given.

"Alright then, Professor Snape. I shall have to call you that since you shall be my Professor when the school term starts. I must thank you for the help you have given me. And consider yourself forgiven for what you have done in the past. I'm sure both my parents will agree with me. You have done so much for me as of right now and if it weren't for you, Dumbledore might have manipulated me the moment I step into Hogwarts." He said as he stood up and extended his hand towards Severus. The other stood up and took the boy's hand and shook it.

"You're welcome, Mr. Potter. It's the least I can do for you as a way to atone for my sins against them." He informed the boy.

"Call me Harry, Professor. You have gained my trust. But I warn you now, betray that trust and you shall find yourself losing more than you can imagine." Harry said with a serious tone. Vernon and Petunia nodded. They have indeed taught their nephew well to take care of himself.

"I understand, Harry. And I thank you for that trust. Rest assured that I shall not betray you at all. I also wish to inform you that I have requested help from a friend of mine in regards to your vaults. It seems that Dumbledore has been paying the Weasleys using your vault. Lucius Malfoy has requested papers from the Ministry to have you emancipated or if you wish to be placed under someone else's guardianship to stop the Headmaster from accessing your vaults again."

Vernon looked livid while Petunia looked sickened. How could Dumbledore do such a thing? Dudley had his hands curled into fists with anger. Harry on the other hand had a cold expression on his face which gave Severus a shiver run up his back.

"It seems that I owe you more gratitude than I thought. You have gone beyond what you ought to do and did something to help me. I wish to meet Mr. Malfoy before my letter arrives if that is possible. However, I remember that he is also a Death Eater. Does he know that he is helping the very person that had caused his master to disappear?" Harry asked coolly, trying to calm his relatives down.

"Yes, he knows that he is helping you and it is possible that you may be able to speak with him. If you allow me to use your fireplace, I call fire call him and have him come right away." Severus said.

"If it isn't of any inconvenience to him then he may come." Vernon answered for his nephew. He was still trying to calm down from what he had just learned about Dumbledore.

Dudley took the screen from the fire place and watched with his family as their guest took out a thin stick from his pocket and shot balls of fire into the dry wood. Then Severus took out some green power from his pocket and through it on the fire which then he called out,

"Lucius Malfoy, Malfoy Manor." The fire turned green and after a moment, a head of another man appeared. Vernon, Petunia, Dudley, and Harry were watching in fascination as Severus conversed with the other man, Lucius Malfoy.

"Lucius, Ha-Mr. Potter wished to meet with you at this very moment if you are available." He informed his friend.

"I am. Stand aside and I shall floo in." Lucius answered.

Harry had read in Severus' journal that there were blood wards 'supposedly' around his house. It seems that the wards on work if someone had any intentions to harm him physically or with magic since there was no one else coming. When Lucius arrived, Harry studied the other man with long blond hair that had an aristocrat air about him and clothes that showed that he was from a well off family. Petunia had stood up and went to fetch another cup of tea for the added guest.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Mr. Malfoy. I suggest that if you have any ill intentions towards me, you hold it off. There are wards around this house and will most probably inform the Headmaster that a person with a dark mark had entered the house. I wish not to see him just yet or you and the Professor being drag away by those Aurors." Harry said as he ushered the Malfoy head to a seat next to Severus.

Petunia came back and gave the cup of tea to Lucius who took it with gratitude.

"It's an honor to have been called and be at peace. I have no intentions to harm you. If I did, I would not have helped you at all. When Severus had told me what he had learned, I had immediately set out to acquire the necessary papers for your emancipation. However, may I give you legal counsel?" he asked. Harry nodded,

"I suggest you not yet go for emancipation yet but for a change of guardianship. I suggest you find someone who you can trust and have him as your legal guardian until you reach seventeen. He or she can be in charge of your vaults and will only touch them when you say so." Harry turned to his Uncle who knew more about such things.

"Mr. Malfoy has a point, Harry. Since we can't be your guardians over there, you must find someone else. However it will be a bit hard since you know so few of them there." He pointed out. Petunia had to agree. Harry bit his lower lip and his mind began to turn. After a moment of silence, Harry looked up at Severus.

"Professor, would you say yes if I ask you to be my guardian in the wizarding world? It will not be instant but a month or two after the term starts. With the help of Mr. Malfoy, I'm sure we can pull it off. Who is running Gringotts anyway? Can we request to meet the one who manages the vaults?" Harry asked. Watching crime movies gave him enough knowledge but he knew he needed help.

Lucius was stunned and turned to look at his friend who was just as shocked as he was. The boy in front of him was smart not to mention cunning and sly. Lucius made a bet with himself that the boy would be sorted to Slytherin hands down.

"Well, the goblins managed the bank. And from what I have gathered, a goblin named Fannoch has sided with Dumbledore and allowed him to have free reign with your vaults. Since it's still morning, we can visit Gringotts and have the goblin replaced and have an agreement with the bank. The Potters are one of the oldest family in the wizarding and it would be bad for the bank to be shamed for such act of siding with a criminal to steal from an esteemed patron of the bank." He told them as he gave shuffled a few papers around.

Harry turned once again to his Uncle,

"I suggest you do go today Harry. Better settle this now than wait. It might only get worse and would be too late to cut the deceit." He suggested. Harry trusted his Uncle's advice. He turned to look at Severus,

"Professor, you have yet to answer my inquiry." Severus snapped out of his stupor, "I would be honor to be your guardian Harry." He answered. Harry turned to Lucius,

"I ask you call me Harry, Mr. Malfoy. You both have my trust and I hope that you will guide me. I trust you because I can feel that if you will not betray me. Rest assured that when your master returns, I shall request an audience with him. I wish not to be part of this war. If what Professor Snape wrote in the journal is true, then the Dark Lord has views that ought to be pushed through but with a different approach. However, judging from what I have read and my own hypothesis, your current government is not being handled by a competent man. Add the manipulations of the Headmaster, your world is something to not be desired." He stated articulately.

Lucius and Severus were staring at Harry as if the boy had grown another head. Who would have thought that a ten year old could think the way the one in front of them did? Lucius' own son, Draco doesn't even act half the way Harry was let alone think. He had to be honest to himself, he had spoiled his son and because of that he had to make sure that his son not cross the boy less he hear his son being at the receiving end of a very nasty hex or curse.

"Very well, Harry. If you are sure than it is Severus you wish to be your guardian, write his name here and sign here. When we reach the bank, we shall find the head goblin, Ragnok and request for a private meeting. You need to be charmed to look not like yourself less we want to be caught." Lucius told them.

Harry stod up and Severus took out his wand and waved it over Harry. Harry's hair began to grow longer and his skin became whiter. His clothes turned into robes and a fringe hid his scar well.

"Wow Harry. I better take a picture of you. You look nothing like you normal do." Dudley said with a teasing tone. Harry blushed as his Uncle and Aunt chuckled lightly. It still shocked the two Death Eater that the famed Boy-Who-Lived was actually loved and cared for. Dudley came back and took a picture of Harry and gave the camera to his mother so she could take a picture of them together.

"Will you be back by lunch?" she asked Severus who turned to Lucius.

"Yes, if everything goes well, which I know they will, we shall be back by lunch." He told her.

"Very well then. I shall prepare lunch your for all." She turned to fixed the robe on her nephew,

"Be safe dear." She said and kissed his forehead. He smiled at her and nodded.

"I will, Aunt Petunia." He answered and Severus pulled up the hood on the robe Harry was wearing and took more power from his pocket and held Harry's hand,

"Diagon Alley." With a huff of smoke, they were gone. Lucius followed them and the living room was suddenly quiet.

"Well, I shall head to the supermarket to buy ingredients. Dudley, would you like to come with me?" she asked her son who nodded and went up to get his jacket. Vernon reassured his wife that their nephew was in good hands.

When they arrived at Diagon Alley, Severus and Lucius made sure that Harry was as covered as he could get. They got to the bank safely and Lucius quickly requested for Ragnok. They were led to the third floor where the Head Goblin's office was located. They entered and Ragnok stood up to welcome his guests.

"Mr. Malfoy and guests. Please come in and have a seat. What can I do for you today?" he asked the wizards.

"Good day, Master Ragnok. We came to inform you of an ill deed done to one of the oldest patrons of this bank." Lucius informed the goblin who looked shocked to death.

"And to whom is it that you claim the bank has done wrong?"

"To Mr. Harry James Potter, Master Ragnok." Severus said and cancelled the charms he had on Harry, showing the goblin the scar on the boy's forehead.

"Dear Merlin, Mr. Potter. My deepest and most gravest apology. I know not such a thing being done to you. Is there anything I can do to aid you to put a stop to the ill treatment? Be warned that whoever it is that has done you wrong will not be looked over and will receive what he is due to receive." Ragnok said with all seriousness.

"Thank you, Master Ragnok. Mr. Malfoy has informed me that a goblin named Fannoch is managing my accounts at the moment. I wish to inform you that the said goblin is working with one Albus Dumbledore, allowing him to steal from me and paying a few people who I know not. I want to put a stop to this whistle early. And I want to name Professor Severus Tobias Snape as my guardian until I am able to handle my own accounts. Yet what we ask of you will not happen instantly. I ask that we file the papers needed now yet have them all working in two months after the term starts. That way, the Headmaster would not be as suspicious with me or Severus." Harry explained which impressed the goblin.

"For such a young man, you Lord Potter are not as clueless and blinded as normal children are. Very well, I shall assist you anyway I can. However, I must ask you to perform a blood test to make sure that you indeed are Mr. Harry James Potter." The goblin informed Harry who nodded.

"I would have questioned you if you took us without question, Master Ragnok." The boy replied. A blank parchment appeared on the tabled in front of Harry,

"A single drop of your blood will suffice." Ragnok added. Severus transfigured a strand of his hair into a needle and pricked Harry's pointing finger, allowing a drop of blood to fall into the parchment. A second later, Harry's name appeared and the Head Goblin nodded.

"You are indeed Master Potter and rest assured that the bank shall offer you compensation for what one of our staff has done."

Harry turned to Lucius for help,

"Mr. Potter shall accept your offer and wishes that your gold will continue to flow."

"And may his magic flow as well. If you want I can find a new goblin to handle your account and your account alone. It seems that Master Potters account includes the Blacks as well. All in all, Master Potter has an estimate of twelve vaults to his name and four of them from the Blacks, six from the Potters, one from Gryffindor, and one from Slytherin." This shocked Lucius.

"How can Harry own a vault from Slytherin?" Ragnok took the parchment he had used for Harry's blood test and drew a rune on the surface with his sharp fingernail. Harry's name stretched out and a family tree began to appear.

After a few minutes, Ragnok showed them that Lily Potter nee Evan had descended from the Slytherin line as James Potter had descended from the Gryffindor line.

"Well, that is something I'm sure Lily didn't know herself." Severus said as he took deep breaths. Lucius chuckled and shook his head,

"I knew that Evans wasn't a regular Gryffindor. She had Slytherin written all over her yet she was still placed in Gryffindor. Well, now we know this will make this move faster, am I correct Master Ragnok?" Lucius spoke with an amused tone. The goblin nodded,

"Yes. Not only that, Fannoch and his hoard shall be dealt with the most unbearable punishment for having done Master Potter, descendant of the Potter line, heir to the Black family, the Gryffindor and Slytherin, wrong." Lucius had given Ragnok the papers Harry had signed and requested Harry to drop his blood again to finalize the papers. The boy nodded and did as he was asked.

A knock on the door made Harry look away and wonder who it was. A goblin came in and bowed to the wizards and his boss.

"You called for me sir?" the goblin asked. "

Yes, Griphook. This is Master Harry Potter. From now on, you will be dealing with his vaults and his vaults alone. Be warned that what you hear and learn now will not be spoken again to other." Ragnok informed and Griphook nodded. The Head Goblin informed Griphook of Fannoch's treachery and who Harry James Potter is and where he had hailed from. To say the least, the goblin would have fainted if it were possible. Harry turned to him and looked serious yet not intimidating,

"I trust that you will not betray my trust, Griphook. Rest assured that you will be well compensated and any extra task you shall be asked to accomplished shall be rewarded accordingly." The boy said sincerely and the goblin nodded.

After a few more clarification, they ended their visit; Severus placed the charms back on Harry and left the bank.

"We still have an hour before we need to head back; do you wish to see Diagon Alley a little? There might be something you wish to purchase. You may borrow from me for now if you will not accept it as a gift." Lucius said as Harry was about to protest. The boy nodded and Severus led them to the shops. Lucius, in the short time he had known the boy had grown to like and respect him.

Harry pointed at the book store and they entered. Severus and Lucius pointed to him the books that he was going to need for school and Harry asked if he could buy them now. Even if he had to buy them again, Harry could just leave at home the schoolbooks he would be buying now and just take the new ones. Dudley loved to read as well and learning was something he and his cousin enjoyed doing. Even if Dudley would not be able to perform magic, reading them and helping Harry during the summer would prove beneficial for them all to survive Dumbledore's manipulations and schemes.

Aside from the schoolbooks, Harry bought a few others which Severus raised a brow when he spied potion's books in the basket Harry was carrying. Lucius was silently glad that Harry had taken a few ancient runes books and made a promise to himself to help the boy if Harry asked. After twenty minutes, Lucius paid for the books and shrunk them before giving them to Severus. Next stop was a cake shop which Harry wanted to buy a cake for his family as thanks for everything they had done for him. Harry also bought cupcakes and sweets, knowing that Dudley would love them and his Aunt would reprimand him for giving his cousin said sweets.

After getting everything, they were back to Privet Drive through the back and were in time for lunch to be placed on the table. Harry gave the box of cake to his Aunt who took it with a smile on her face. Harry sneak the sweets to his cousin who was caught by his Uncle but simply smiled and looked away. Severus enlarged the table to fit them all while Lucius returned to the books to their original size.

Lunch was spent talking about the trip to the bank and Harry's family was glad that Harry had found help with the bank and that they would be on his side. Harry told Dudley that he would be leaving some of the books he had bought at home which made Dudley smile. Dudley enjoyed reading since Harry showed him all the things he could learn. And when Dudley attends Smeltings, he and Harry would keep in contact through Vernon and Petunia. Everything seemed alright and at peace. But they all knew better than to feel complacent. They knew not how far Dumbledore's reach went.

After lunch, Lucius and Severus bid them good bye and wished Harry all the luck Merlin could give him. Dudley suggested that he and Harry garden the afternoon away to calm them and Vernon was going to lawn the backyard to watch the boys. Petunia smiled and promised to make them a sweet afternoon treat. The rosebush had now become a hedge and both boys were proud of their work. Each hedge was of different color which made it more beautiful. They had yellow, white, and pink rose hedges. In front of the house, they had grown four red rose bushes which the other neighbors had complimented on, except Arabella Figg who now they knew was a spy for Dumbledore.

The weeks flew by and the Dursley threw a small birthday for Harry. They invited Piers and his mother, Severus and Lucius who brought his wife and son along. Piers and his mother had arrived late which was convenient because Lucius had informed Harry that they would arrive by floo. Harry and Dudley had read the books and had gotten a good grasp of the wizarding ways, traditions, and education. The boys had told Vernon and Petunia who listened fondly at them whilst they shared what they had learned from the books. By four o'clock, the fire roared and Lucius arrived with his family. Severus, who was having tea with Petunia at the garden, had already arrived half an hour earlier. Vernon had gone out to buy a few more things without Harry know that Vernon actually went out to fetch the birthday cake Petunia had ordered and the gift Vernon decided to give his nephew.

Harry received Lucius and his family while Dudley informed his mother and Severus that Lucius had arrived.

"Welcome Lucius, Mrs. Malfoy, Young Mr. Malfoy." Harry greeted with a smile. Lucius placed a hand on Harry's head and messed the boy's hair. Lucius had gotten to know Harry and Dudley and had helped them with Ancient Runes and the theory of Charms and Transfiguration. Also, Lucius had informed his wife and Draco of the transaction he had with Harry with the boy's permission.

"Happy Birthday, Harry. I want you to meet my wife, Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and our son, Draco Lucius Malfoy. Cissa, Draco this is Harry James Potter." He introduced his family to Harry.

"Welcome to our home. You have a very beautiful wife, Lucius. And your son is a splitting copy of yourself." Harry complimented with a smile as he took their cloaks and leading them to the garden.

"My husband was right about you, young Mr. Potter. You indeed are a charmer." Narcissa said as she chuckled softly. Harry introduced his Aunt and cousin to Narcissa and Draco. The other boy had yet to recover from shock. Draco had thought his father was joking when he had told them earlier that day that they were invited to Harry Potter's eleventh birthday party. Severus chuckled at Draco's shocked expression and ushered Narcissa to a seat facing Petunia. Both women began to talk about the garden and women things. Severus and Lucius took a good number of steps away from the women and had a talk of their own.

Dudley excused himself to fetch Piers and Mrs. Polkiss who had a surprise for Harry. Only Harry didn't know that his Uncle, his Aunt, his cousin, Piers, and Piers' mother had something up their sleeves. Harry approached Draco who was staring at the rose hedge.

"Hi." He said with a smile that made the blond boy jump back and look at him. Then Draco blush in embarrassment.

"Hi. I would like to introduce myself again, I'm Draco Lucius Malfoy. Thank you for inviting us to your birthday celebration." He said as he stretched out his hand to Harry who shook it.

"Nice meeting you. You can call me Harry. And you're welcome. I had been curious about you since the day Lucius spoke of you. You should have heard the compliments your father said. He is very proud of you and very glad that you are his son." Harry said as he let go of the hand.

Draco had been told to avoid talking about Harry's parents unless Harry spoke of them first.

"Call me Draco. To be honest, I thought my father was joking when he told us that you had invited us for your party. I never expected to meet you before the school term starts let alone know that you and my father and godfather are rather close." He said as he began to smile.

"Yes well, I owe them both my eternal gratitude for what they have done for me. I am guessing that your father has informed you of the dealing he has with me and about Dumbledore and the Weasley boy and girl and their parents." Harry asked and Draco nodded.

"Father had spoken of it with your permission and I must say how glad I am that you were able to find out before you entered the wizarding world. I can't even imagine how terrifying it might be to have been in your shoes."

Harry and Draco spoke until Dudley returned with the other two guests. Harry had told Draco that only Dudley knows about what they were and that Piers was a good friend of theirs. Draco had grown to like Dudley and Piers and they talked about chess which led to Piers challenging Draco. The blond boy knew that the muggle chess set didn't move nor speak but he was still confident. Dudley and Harry watched the two other boys play a single match that lasted for nearly an hour and had to end with a draw because Vernon had arrived with the cake.

The birthday boy was surprised and shed a tear at the effort his family had done for him. They sang Harry a happy birthday and had a cheerful lunch. The men made sure to be as far away from the women as they possibly could, not wanted to catch their attention less they be ordered to serve them.

The boys were left to their own as well and just had fun. Dudley challenged Piers to a game while Draco complimented Harry on the garden. Lucius had mentioned once that Harry and Dudley loved gardening and when Draco saw the roses, he was just in awe. A boy his age had created such a beautiful garden along with his cousin. And the said boy had a grave problem hanging over his head since he was born yet he was still able to nurture such beauty despite it all.

Lucky enough that Piers and his mother were inside the house, Harry and Draco along with the three older men saw an owl flying down towards them with a letter by his talons. Lucius used his cane for the owl to perch and Severus took the letter and gave it to Harry. Inside were the list of things he needed for school and the letter of acceptance. The owl had taken the treat Draco gave it and flew away. Harry folded the letter and asked them to forget about it for the day. The agreed and everything went back to normal.

Petunia and Mrs. Polkiss prepared dinner while Dudley, Harry, and Piers set the long table ready for the meal. Again, dinner began and everyone was enjoying the company. Vernon turned to his wife who nodded discreetly with a smile. Vernon stood up and went back into the house and came back out with a wrapped gift. Harry's eyes widen once again, speech leaving his lips.

"Harry Birthday Harry my boy." Vernon said as he placed the gift on his nephew's lap. It was not big but it resembled the photo albums they had kept in the sitting room shelves. When Harry opened the wrapped item, he found a photo album that was filled with old photos of Lily, Petunia, and Harry's grandparents.

He couldn't help but cry as he saw how his mother looked when she was younger. He quickly wiped his tears away and gave him Aunt and Uncle a hug.

"Always remember that we love you, Harry. We'll always be here for you." Petunia said as she kissed her nephew's forehead. Vernon messed Harry's head which made the boy laugh. Dudley and Piers bought Harry a gardening tool kit which Harry hugged the boys in thanks. Severus had given him a Junior Potions Master kit after learning Harry had excelled in Potions with Ancient Runes, Defense, and Transfiguration (theory) next. Harry hugged him and thanked him for the books.

Lucius and his family gave him two things. First were five books on Ancient Runes, Advance Transfiguration, Advance Charms, Astronomy, and Dark Arts: Offense and Defense. And the second was a ring which confused Harry at first.

"It's a portkey Harry. When you feel threaten or just want to get away from everything, touch the stone and say 'Malfoy Manor'. It will take you directly to our home where Narcissa is always around." Lucius explained.

Harry didn't know what to say. He just gave the man a hug as well and thanked Narcissa and Draco. When the night was getting late, Piers and his mother left first. Then a few minutes later, Lucius and his family bid them goodbye and left using the floo and Severus apparated to his own home. Harry thanked his family once again for the wonderful day and they all went to rest. None of them thought that the next day was going to be the start of their long acting show with Dumbledore's people.

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