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Chapter 11- Picnics and Plans

The days had gone by without Harry noticing. He had been recalling his talk with the Dark Lord and their bargain. He knew that the man would keep his end of the bargain. However, the next Harry had to worry about were Dumbledore, Granger, the Weasleys minus Percy, the twins, and the two eldest. Harry wasn't sure about the Head of the Weasley clan but it was better to be safe than sorry. Neither the twins nor Percy had spoken about their father so there was no way Harry could be sure that he had their father's allegiance against his own wife, youngest son, youngest daughter, and Dumbledore.

Harry found himself in the library with Draco, Blaise, and Theo one sunny morning. The other three were doing homework while he stared out the window, not really sure what he was thinking.

"-arry… Harry!" someone called out.

Harry snapped out of his trance and turned to see Blake standing a few feet away from him and his friends trying their best not to laugh.

"Did you need something Blake?" Harry asked, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Yes, I wanted to ask you something. But since we have been trying to call your name for the last five minutes, I want to ask first if you were alright." The older boy asked.

Harry nodded and smiled at him.

"I am well. Thank you for asking. Is there something you need?" Harry asked him as he closed his book and turned to face the Hufflepuff Knight who began to fidget on the spot he was standing on.

"Well… I was wondering… Would you like to… have a picnic with me or something?" he asked in a low volume that it was almost impossible to hear.

Harry blushed as his mind managed to decipher what Blake had just asked of him.

"I… I would love too." Harry answered, trying to get rid of the blush that was on his face.

Blake smiled and took a deep breath.

"Great… I'll uhm… pick you up by three later?"

"I'll be at the Meeting room then." Was all Harry said before Blake nodded and left.

When the Hufflepuff had gone, Draco, Blaise, and Theo moved to sit with Harry who was still blushing.

"Someone's going on a date…" Theo teased singingly while the other two snickered.

"Hush you. It's not a date. Blake just wanted a picnic." Harry defended.

"A picnic with just the two of you." Draco pointed out.

"Yeah, it's a date." Blaise added and the three snickered when Harry groaned.

He went back to doing his homework and when lunch rolled by, he was escorted to the Great Hall and was greeted by a few people as they entered. Harry greeted back as he made his way to their house table and ate a light lunch.

He had double History of Magic which meant that when three o'clock rolled by, he'd be at the meeting room waiting for Blake to pick him up for their da—picnic. Harry nearly slapped himself for almost saying that he was going on a date. But he felt light… as if he was walking on the clouds when Blake had asked him.

True that he and Blake had started roughly but then things went well after. Blake apologized and gave him the gift of a hundred butterflies that same evening.

Harry attended his class but barely heard anything since his mind was thinking about Blake and why he had asked him out on a picnic. Were his friends right that it was going to be just him and Blake? Was it really a date? What do people do on a date? Was he even qualified to date? He was only eleven and Blake was sixteen. What could Blake see in him?

He wasn't tall. In fact, he was the shortest in his year. He didn't have an impressive body like Blaise or Theo who looked like then were exercising. He actually looked like a petit girl and would pass off as a girl if he had long hair. He sighed and tried to think about something else.

His mind wandered and he remembered what he was thinking earlier: the Weasley Head of House. From what Harry knew, Arthur Weasley worked at the Ministry for Misuse of Muggle Artifacts. He was a member of the 'Light' and seemed to be in good terms with the Headbastard.

So, the man's future was a bit foggy, in Harry's opinion.

The time flew by and Harry found himself walking towards the meeting room with his friends behind him, snickering and trying not to tease him so much.

Harry's face went Gryffindor red when he saw Blake standing by the door, with a picnic basket by his feet.

The other boys nudged Harry to go on and that they'd see him later. Draco, Blaise, and Theo took his things and walked pass by Blake who smiled at them with confusion.

"Ready to go?" Blake asked as he turned to look at Harry who was rubbing his arm and nodded with a shy smile.

Blake led them to the shore of the Lake and transfigured a small napkin into a yellow and black sheet for them to sit on. He placed the basket down and began to take out the food he brought.

"I didn't really know what you like so I brought a variety of desserts and a few sandwiches. I do, however, know that you like pumpkin juice and made sure that we have it for our picnic." Blake said as he showed Harry the thermos he had packed.

Harry smiled shyly and thanked him for the thought.

Harry took a chicken sandwich and began to ask Blake about what it was like to have three other people who looked like him and how he felt that each of them were in every house.

"When we were younger, it was frustrating that no one could tell us apart. Not even our parents. It was also annoying to be mistaken for someone else, especially when Blaze does something and one of us gets blamed for it first before he gets punished when they find the real Blaze." He said with a sigh.

"Blaine has always been the bookworm. No one could mistake him when we visit someone else's home and he walks off and finds the library and reads. Blade is the… leader, for the lack of a better term. Only he can make Blaze behave and take Blaine away from the library to actually participate on an activity. Blade never had any problems with me. I loved having fun with others. However, the only time Blade pinches the bridge of his nose is when I enter a greenhouse. He knows that it'll be a while until I leave the greenhouse on my own will." Harry laughed.

"I can imagine that." Harry said.

"It's not that hard to do anyway." Blake replied and laughed along with Harry.

"Blaze, was always the adventurer. He'd enjoy exploring forests, nature parks… anywhere new really. He doesn't mind getting cuts when his off on his explorations. He'd returned with a bag full of junk that he calls treasure and would put them in his treasure room and made sure that they were well kept and clean to be admired by others who enter. I must admit that some of his treasures are indeed treasures. I don't know how or where he gets them but if it gets him to be out of my greenhouse then by all means, he can be on his adventures as long as he wants."

Harry laughed harder this time, clutching his stomach.

Blake tried to look hurt but he couldn't. Harry's laughter was contagious.

When both stopped laughing, they went back to eating and Harry told Blake about his relatives. About how much they love him and how much they cared for him despite knowing what he was.

"Well, I, for one, am glad that they love and care for you. You are very special and not because you had rid the world of the Dark Lord when you were one. You're special on your own right. You make people laugh and feel better no matter the situation. You are cunning and sly and can be more terrifying that Blade. And that right there is saying a lot." He told Harry who giggled.

"Well, thank you. You are special as well. Everyone is. Even having three others who have the same face, I can tell you four apart. Without having to think hard, Blade has that aura around him that demands attention. When he enters a room, he calls forth eyes to look at him and him alone. Blaine is the quiet one. But when he speaks, I would know immediately who is who. He'd pick my brain out any day and that right there is a dead giveaway. Blaze… how do I put Blaze into words? His smile is infectious. None of you smile as much as he does. Without saying anything, he'd be Blaze just standing up and smiling." Harry said with a smug tone that showed how much he could tell them apart in such a short time.

"And me?" Blake asked.

"You… You are warm. I like being near you especially in the greenhouse. The way you look at the plants as if they are humans and demand that they be taken care off just as carefully as a human should. I like hearing you talk about your greenhouse and your brothers. Without knowing it, you have that look on your face that you are proud to have them as your brothers, different personalities and all. " Harry said with a warm smile that made Blake blush deep red.

They talked about The Tribunal, about Harry's Slytherin cortège, and about Dumbledore.

"That man will get what he deserves. I will be there when he crumbles to the ground and I will enjoy every moment of it." Harry said seriously and Blake nodded.

"Everyone will be right behind you. The members of your cortège and the Tribunal. My brothers and I will be there as well. We are you Knights and we will do everything to make sure that you get retribution for what that man and his so-called Light group did to you." Blake said as he held Harry's hand who smiled at him thankfully.

They're picnic was cut short when the twins appeared with the Head Boy and Girl.

"We're sorry to have to disturb your relaxation, Prime Minister." Ade began but Harry shook his head.

"Don't worry about it. Is something wrong?" Harry asked.

"Our esteemed Headmaster is looking for you. It seems that it is of great importance since Professor Snape is with him as well." Nicol explained.

It took a few minutes for Harry to think of any reason Dumbledore would want to see him but then he smirked. He had a feeling that it had something to do with his guardianship and that he had just found out that he no longer is the magical guardian of the famed Boy-Who-Lived.

"Very well then. Blake, shall we continue our picnic some other time? My afternoon suddenly just got busy." Harry said with an apologetic smile.

"It's alright, Harry. We can have a picnic whenever you want." Blake said as he waved the food back into the basket with his wand and the cloth returned to being a small napkin.

They all made their way back to the castle and Harry was not at all surprised that Dumbledore was waiting for him by the entrance hall with Severus behind him.

"Good afternoon, Headmaster. I do hope that whatever it is you need of me is of great importance. I was actually occupied with something else before I was summoned because of you." Harry said as emotionally as he could.

Dumbledore smiled sadly at him.

"I'm sorry to have called you then, my boy. But it really is of importance. We shall discuss it in my office." He said as he turned and Harry followed the man with Severus beside him, smirking back at the boy who was smirking at him as well.

When they reached the office, Harry and Severus took a seat in front of Dumbledore's table while Dumbledore took his seat behind his table, facing them.

"Harry, I had just received a letter from Gringotts that informed me that you had named Severus your magical guardian. Can you please explain it to me? Did you know that I was you guardian when you lost your parents?"

Harry kept his temper in check and smiled politely.

"I was indeed informed that you were my magical guardian sir. However, I asked around what a magical guardian is and frankly, I didn't want to bother you with such a trivial matter as my school troubles and such. I asked Professor Snape if he would be my magical guardian since he is also my Head of House and I see and speak with him often. He was amiable and I wrote to Gringotts and told them to free you of the burden of being my magical guardian. Surely a man like you should not have to worry about one student alone when he has to worry about a castle of students and staffs along with hundreds of paintings and elves at your service." Harry said as politely as he had practiced.

Severus was so proud of his little snake. Every word was spoken as if it weren't rehearsed and thought off before they were spoken to the traitor in front of him.

"Besides, I was asking Professor Snape what I need to do to have a mastery in potions like him. He said that I need to keep having O's in potions and at least five O's during my OWL's and another five O's during my NEWT's and that my final Potion's grade should not be lower than an A. Since I would be with him most of the time to keep up with my Potion's and help me train to get the same mastery as him, it was only acceptable that I ask him to be my magical guardian." Harry added as he turned and smiled at Severus who nodded and smiled back.

Dumbledore didn't know what to do or say. If he tried to make the boy change his mind, it would make the two Slytherins think that he was up to something and he didn't need any more problems that moment.

"Well, it seems that you have your plans set out for you then. Well, I am glad that you explained it to me, my boy. I was a bit worried that you didn't know what magical guardians do and what their role entails. I assure you that you can trust Severus and that he will be an excellent guardian for you." Dumbledore said with a fake cheery tone that both Slytherins knew was a mask to keep his anger from showing.

"Is that all, Headmaster?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Harry. That is all. Gringotts matters are very important and your safety is our utmost priority as well as the safety of the rest of the students and teachers. Have a good afternoon my boy." Dumbledore bid them and both nodded in acknowledgement.

When they were out the office and had gone down the stairs and headed to the Potion's Master's office, Harry looked like he wanted to rip someone's head off. Severus ushered Harry into his office and offered him honey tea with a few drops of Calming Draught, which Harry thanked him for.

"I can't believe that man! He ruined my picnic with Blake just to ask me why I named you my magical guardian. I know it was an important matter but to take me away from my free period is just… ugh." Harry ranted and took a sip of his tea.

Instantly, he could feel the effects of the draught work and he slumped down on his seat.

"I am sorry to make you go through it. I did tell him that the matter could wait until after dinner but he refused and said that it was really important. I think that if you didn't mention that you wanted a mastery in potions, he'd try to make you change your mind and make him your guardian again. Which makes me ask, did you really mean what you said when you wanted a mastery in potions?" Severus asked as he took a sip of his own tea.

Harry nodded.

"I did mean it. I was meaning to ask you if you would help me. But because of the Tribunal, the attacks, and classes, I barely remembered and found the moment to come and ask you." Harry explained.

"Well, I would be honored to assist you in your plan to gain the same mastery as me. I will not insult your intelligence by asking how you knew about the requirements but I will ask who you asked to know them, if you indeed asked someone." Severus asked again and Harry blushed lightly.

"I actually did ask around. But I asked Blaine of Ravenclaw mostly and the Head Boy and Girl. Three of them were very informative and everything they said were useful." Harry told Severus who nodded in approval.

Then Severus smirked behind his cup.

"So, how was your date with your Hufflepuff Knight before it got cut shortly by Dumbledore?" Harry groaned.

"Oh Severus. Not you too. How did you even know about—Draco." Harry said with a deadpan.

Severus nodded and took another sip of his tea.

"Your date?"

"It wasn't a date. It was just a picnic between friends." Harry defended, fighting off the blush that threatened to appear.

"A picnic between two people. Yes, it isn't a date at all." Severus pointed out sarcastically yet with a smile which made Harry groan once again.

When dinner came around, Harry and Snape came into the Great Hall and separated by the door. Harry walked to his House table while Severus went to the Head table. Draco and the others asked about what had happened and Harry told them that he would be explaining it to them later in the meeting room with the Tribunal members and the members of his cortège together.

The boys nodded and went to devour their evening meal with poise and grace befitting the great house of Salazar Slytherin.

When dinner was over, the members of the two groups were already informed of the meeting and were in the meeting room when Harry arrived. Ade and Nicol were looking at Harry as if asking 'what the bloody hell happened'?

Harry didn't look like he had a good afternoon, which he didn't since his picnic was cut short by Dumbledore.

When the young Prime Minister sat down, everyone waited for him to speak. He really didn't look so pleased and they wondered what had happened.

"My apologies for taking everyone's time this evening." He began.

"Though I did not plan to go through one of my plans involving one Gryffindor first year, I was pushed to go through it thanks to a certain Headmaster who thought it was amusing to meddle in matters that did not concern him. With that being said, the plan I am about to explain to everyone tonight will, without a doubt, appear to be underhanded and despicable. However, since it involves a pawn of the enemy, I hope that you all will understand why I plan to do." It took a few moments before the members nodded.

"As you all know, a certain Gryffindor by the name of Hermione Jean Granger had proposed that she be friends with me even if the youngest Weasley will end up hating her. No doubt that she must have spoken to the Headmaster the moment she returned with me from the Lake. So, I plan to use everything I can so that she falls prey to my plans. She is a girl. From what I noticed, the other lioness' in her year do not welcome her even before the first week of class had begun. Either she doesn't fit in or she thinks she is better than everyone else."

"She is still a girl, no matter what she does. She has emotions that can be of used." Harry paused.

"You plan to make her fall for you, is that correct?" asked Athena seriously and got a nod.

"Though I do not like the idea of playing with a girl's emotions, Ms. Granger is on an entirely different bracket than most girls. She has sided with the man who tends to use me and get me killed for his 'greater good'. That is unacceptable." Harry told them.

The girls smirked.

"Do you know anything about girls, Prime Minister?" asked Adrianna.

Harry looked at her for a long moment and sighed.

"I must admit, I do not have a clue when it came to the female species. Which is why I need all your help." Harry admitted.

The girls giggled and approved.

"Very well then, we will be teaching you all you need to know about girls." Penelope shared.

"What we like and do not like." Emma added.

"And what you should do and do not do when you are with a girl." Arianna joined.

The men fidgeted as well as Harry. The girls looked dangerous and it seemed that he was in for a very long lesson with the female members.

"I'll try and get information on what the beaver likes and dislikes. That will help us in making progress faster than normal." Isabella said and the girls nodded.

Nicol, Isabella, Emma, Penelope, Adrianna, Athena, Arianna, Shannon, Madison, Brianna, Cirilli, and Heather began planning what they would be teaching Harry, who was surrounded by the males.

"Harry, whatever you learn from them, please… I am begging you, do not share it with us." Percy begged in behalf of the other who nodded in agreement.

Harry raised a brow.

"Oh come on… You make it sound like I'm walking to my death. It can't be that bad." He told them and they said that they pray that he remained sane after the lesson he will be having with the girls.

The males instantly left the room and stayed outside, not wanting to be around when Harry had his time with the girls who seemed more excited than anything else.

And when the lessons began, Harry had a feeling that he was going to be eating his own words and that he was really walking to his doom.

An hour and a half later, the door opened and a pale Harry Potter came out.

He looked like a Dementor had sucked out his soul and a vampire had drank from him. He was so pale and so out of it that the boys shuddered in fear, wondering what the girls told him.

Blade carried Harry back to their common room with the rest of the Slytherins behind him. Harry was lighter and felt a bit colder than normal.

When they arrived at their common room, Blade carried Harry directly to his dorm room and placed him on his bed, hoping the boy would fall asleep. Kierrion had to give Blade one of his Dreamless Sleep draughts and administer a tablespoon to Harry so that the boy could sleep.

It didn't take too long and everyone watched as Harry's eyes began to close and fall into deep sleep. Everyone then went back to their own rooms and get a good night's rest, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a busy day for everyone. Especially for Harry.

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