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Chapter 6- The Knights of the Jaded Citadel

For someone so young, Harry Potter had managed to establish a system that connected him to the students of Hogwarts. Each house had chosen their representatives that would speak to their year mates so that the prefects could concentrate on keeping the peace within their houses as well as with others. Harry had noticed that the seventh years were not as affected with the system as the other year levels were.

"As Head Boy and Head Girl, Nicol and I are already their voice for our entire year. The system does not affect us at all since we are leaving the school when the year ends which means that whatever rules that may rise, it will no longer apply to us since we are concentrating on more important things like deciding what we want to do after leaving Hogwarts." Ade explained.

Harry thought about it and wanted to find a way around the rule. Because if Harry had some seventh years on his side, he'd be able to establish more connections since they will be leaving the castle soon. Before Harry could think any deeper, the representatives came with the prefects. He had representatives from third to fifth years. The second years were dealt with by the prefects for some reason.

"I just noticed that we haven't selected sixth years yet." The older ones looked at each other before looking at Harry.

"Minister, the reason for this is because we all have decided who the sixth year representatives will be." Spoke Dash Michaels, the fourth year representative of Gryffindor.

"Who?" Harry asked, wondering why they looked a little bit unsettled.

The Head Girl took pity on everyone and sighed.

"Harry, I think they all mean that the sixth year representatives should be the Knightly Four." This confused Harry.

"Knightly Four? Who are they? And strange name too." He said. The fourth years looked a little worried.

"You see, Minister… The Knightly Four are quadruplets. Brothers. They got into each house when they were first years. However, they have their own fame that even we pure-bloods do not dare fight. They are the four sons of Lord Aviano Dimitris Knightly and Lady Elona Claire Knightly nee Livington." Athena Sloane, fourth year Ravenclaw began.

"They come from a very old yet still very respected family that had remained neutral during the last war. They had donated to hospitals, the war orphans of the last war and are very well known in the social circuit. However, their four sons had gained more than just their own reputations." She paused, hoping someone else would continue. It was Shannon Mills of Gryffindor that took pity on the Ravenclaw.

"Blain of Ravenclaw, Blaze of Gryffindor, Blake of Hufflepuff, and Blade of Slytherin. These four gentlemen have been aloft and do not conform to the system of Hogwarts. They have done things that they shouldn't yet they are never caught simply because they are very good at what they do. It seems that these four tend to bend rules that suit their needs and will use anyone and everything they can to achieve their goals. I cannot speak for the others but Blaze Knightly is one who is noted to be the careless yet adventurous one of the bunch. He is a good strategist and an excellent flyer. If only he joined the house team, things would be a bit more difficult for the other houses to win against us." Shannon explained as he sighed in frustration.

"Blade Knightly is the cunning and the ruthless leader of them. There was no doubt why he was placed in Slytherin. He is noted to handle his brothers well with one look, even the obnoxious Blaze. Blade is as smart as Blaine if not more. However, the difference is Blade is smart when it comes to manipulating people to do what he wants them to do. And he never takes no for an answer. If he needs to use his charm, he'd do so. He will do just about anything just to win." Kierron Firestone, fifth year of Slytherin spoke with a tone that meant that Harry had to be more careful when in the presence of Blade. But this did not faze the young Prime Minister at all. To be honest, he looked more interested in them.

William Landon of Hufflepuff fourth year sighed and spoke next,

"Blake Knightly of Hufflepuff house is charming, sweet, caring, and very understanding. However, I have seen him a twice without his smile and his gentle aura. He maybe in Hufflepuff yet that guy is as cunning as Blade and as smart as Blaine. He is careful, calculating, and very much cautious underneath his smiles and kind façade." Troy Matthews fifth year of Hufflepuff nodded in agreement.

"Will is right. Blake is like a gentle breeze at the beginning. But beneath the gentleness lies the real Blake Knightly that can cause typhoons when angered or left unwatched." He added with a graved tone.

"And finally, Blaine Knightly of Ravenclaw: intelligent, a narcissist, and a perfectionist. He never does anything that he won't benefit from and when he does, it is him that gets more out of the favor than the one asking him. Blaine is usually seen with the company of his brothers and rarely with others unless there is something he needs from them. His intelligence is superior to more of the seventh years and his labeled as the master of tongues. He can learn a new language under a week and is capable of insulting someone to the point that the victim doesn't even know that he is being insulted. And Blaine learns new languages without the help of magic. That is how smart he is." Arianna Walker, fifth year of Ravenclaw finished. Athena and Austin Andrews, a third year nodded in agreement.

Harry had leaned back on his seat, his arms crossed across his chest, and a smirk across his face.

"Well, I thank everyone for sharing what they know about them. However, I can single-handedly bring Blaine Knightly down a peg or two. If he loves to learn new languages, he is going to be facing someone who knows a language that he won't be able to learn no matter how much he wants too." Harry said with a confident tone. His uncle would be so proud of him. They had thought him to use everything to his advantage and to never underestimate his opponents.

Dudley had taught him to think thoroughly before he comes to a final decision in regards to his situation. And Petunia had taught him to always smile no matter what situation he was in. And Harry already had mastered his smile. A smile that even scares Lucius and Draco. And thanks to Severus, Harry had perfected it.

"As for Blaze, I can put his adventurous side to the test. And I'm sure Professor Snape will allow me if I ask him. Blake can simply be out-charmed. Draco Malfoy and a few others know a skill I have and have seen it for themselves. And as for Blade…" Harry smiles sweetly,

"Blade will be facing a more cunning opponent than his siblings." He finished. This made everyone shiver in both excitement and fright. They didn't know if they were to feel sorry for the brothers or feel excited that someone can finally bring them down a few pegs.

The meeting ended and as they left the meeting room, everyone found Draco, Blaise, Theodore, Greg, and Vince waiting outside. They bowed and looked straight at Harry,

"Is something wrong, Draco?" Harry asked him with a raised brow.

"My lord, we have word from the twins of Gryffindor that they had overheard their brother speak with the beaver mud-" Draco had not finished the word when Harry slapped him.

"How many times do I have to say it for you to remember, Mr. Malfoy?" Harry asked with a serious tone. Draco bit his tongue to make him not yell from the pain he was feeling. He knew Harry had told them to never use the "M" word when there were non-Slytherins present.

"My apologies, my lord. I meant muggleborn. The twins had informed Theo, Vince, and Greg that both were planning to speak to Dumbledore about you and their concern that you have other plans for the Student system that might not bode well for the Headmaster's own plans." Draco finished properly.

The Slytherins narrowed their eyes and turned to the others,

"Explain to them what Draco meant and make sure that they understand it and not get anything wrong." Harry commanded which the Slytherins nodded and ushered the representatives, prefects, and the Head Boy and Girl back into the meeting room to explain a few things. Harry then turned back to Draco and sighed as he caressed the blond prince's face.

"I'm sorry for hitting you Draco." He said as he placed a chaste kiss on Draco's face. Harry had done that to everyone in Slytherin after he punishes them for whatever they had done wrong.

Draco shook his head and smiled,

"Please do not apologize, my lord. It was right that I was punished for my mistake." Draco said which made the others smile as well. It was amazing that Draco was able to change so much in a very short time. Blaise, Theo, Vince, and Greg knew him for a very long time and were stunned when they had met the blond again after he had met Harry Potter and had become more respectful and more careful with his words. He slipped occasionally but it was normal since he had been used to it. But Draco never used it as an excused. He would make himself remember that he was not to be that person he once was.

"Very well, time for us to speak with the twins and see what they can do for their brother and the annoying know-it-all muggleborn traitor." Harry said with venom laced in every word. They nodded and followed Harry towards the Great Hall. He had a smile back on his face as he passed many students who were heading somewhere and simply stopped to greet him hello. When they entered the Great Hall, students were sitting in tables that weren't their own. It was pleasing to see the unity that was spreading throughout the whole castle.

Unknown to Harry, he had been watched by four pairs of eyes as he made his way to the Weasley twins of Gryffindor House.

"If one were to judge his actions, it would seem believable that he only aims to achieve inter-house unity." Blake spoke as he took a bite from the strawberry in Blaze's fingers. His brother chuckled as he finished the other half of the strawberry.

"But it is clear to see that he has more in mind than just that, am I right?" Blaze asked as he turned to Blaine and Blade. Both nodded and watched Harry carefully as he spoke to the twins with a sweet smile on his face. Blake had to pout, "That innocent looking little kitty cat looks so adorable. Like you want to hold him close and never let him go."

"I have seen him once before with a few girls from Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, fourth year girls to be exact. They had asked him what it was like to be raised in the muggle world and I had seen the look on his face that threw his smile out the window." Blaze said as he crossed his arms.

The other turned to him,

"What do you mean?" Blaine asked.

"If seems that the Boy-Who-Live was not being treated as well as Dumbledore says. Though he had not said anything aside from being kept away from his parents world, he had told the girls that he had not even known how his parents died and why. It seems that his relatives kept it from him and from the thin frame, it looks like his not being fed well enough." Blaze said. Blaine and Blade snapped their necks to see Harry.

"He even flinched when one of the girls hugged him. I do not know if he has been harmed by those foul creatures but then again, we know nothing of him." Blaze added and sighed. Blaine knew enough of the human anatomy and psychology to understand what his brother was telling them. Harry Potter has had not a pleasing childhood.

Suddenly, Harry sneezed and rubbed his nose. Blaise offered a tissue which Harry took with a smile,

"Thank you Blaise. I wonder who's talking about me?" he asked unconsciously. The Slytherins raised a brow and the twins smirked,

"Muggle expression. When one sneezes, it means someone is talking about them." The twins said together. It still made Draco gape every time they did it. Harry raised a brow at the twins,

"Our father works at the Ministry's Department of Misused Muggle Artifacts. He loves everything that has to do with muggles. He finds them very fascinating. How they managed to cope up without magic." Fred explained. Draco smiled,

"Well, muggles do have ways that are different from ours. Harry took me to the movies once and it was amazing. They had popcorn, hamburgers, soda, and television with tiny people inside it." Draco said with a happy tone.

The Slytherins were trying to get used to the fact that Draco had known Harry a month before they did and had experience things the muggle way. Draco had written to them about his summer and they could tell through his letters how excited the blond boy was. They were a bit jealous at first but Harry promised that Harry would show them around the muggle world during the summer break. Draco had mentioned to them about Harry and Dudley's garden which they wanted to see for themselves. They wanted to meet Harry's family as well. They were so excited with their plans that they kept praying that the term would end soon.

While Fred was explaining, George had noticed the Knightly Four had been watching Harry and he smiled to himself.

"My lord, if it pleases you, the Knightly Four has been watching you more closely of the late." George informed him and Harry had taught them to never look at those who were looking at them to play if off as if they didn't know at all.

"It pleases me indeed, Master Weasley. I shall leave the most 'unfortunate accident' of your younger brother and the muggleborn to your hands. I know you shan't disappoint me." He said with a smile and the twins smiled back after nodding. The Slytherins then left the Great Hall to head back to the dungeons and speak with their Head of House. It seems that Harry already had something up his sleeve.

When they reached the Potion's lab, fourth year Ravenclaws and Gryffindors were just leaving. Harry greeted them with a smile which they all returned back and left.

"We'll wait outside to make sure no one comes in." Theo said and Harry went in alone. Severus turned to see who it was and was about to curse the unwelcomed guest when he saw it was Harry. He sighed and lowered his wand,

"I hope that you weren't going to curse me, Professor." Harry said with a jesting aura about him. Severus chuckled as he rolled his eyes,

"You know I would never do so. However if you were not you, I might have. What brings you here?" he asked.

"Well, I came here to ask your permission for a few tasks I am going to be doing myself." Harry said which made Severus stop what he was doing all together.

"You will be doing some tasks on your own? May I know what they are?" Severus asked, a bit worried. He didn't want any harm to come to the boy as he had made a vow to keep him safe no matter what.

"Do not worry, Professor. It is nothing to fear. I merely want deal with the Knightly Four myself. It seems that they had been watching me closely as of late. I merely want to secure a benefiting deal with them for future use. Who knows, they might be able to help us on bringing a certain Headmaster down." Harry said with a mischievous smile which made Severus sigh in frustration. He knew that nothing he said would make Harry change his mind. Vernon, Petunia, Dudley, Lucius, and Draco had told him that. Even Narcissa agreed.

"Since I already know that nothing I say will make you change your mind, I just want you to be careful." Severus resigned himself to say.

Harry smiled wider and nodded,

"Of course I'll be careful. I always am. You know that Sev!" the boy said enthusiastically. The name made the Potion's master groan.

"Must you call me by that awful name?" he asked.

"It could be worse… I could have called you Sevvy." Harry said cheekily. Severus' eyes widen in shock,

"Heaven forbid, no. Sev is fine then." He said again before sighing, in frustration this time. Harry turned and giggled as he left the lab which made his friends wonder why he was so happy. He had told them when they were heading to their common room which made the boys laugh as well.

"Only you, my lord, can pull of something like that, and walk away unharmed." Vince said in between laughs. The others nodded as they tried to regain their composure.

When they got inside, everyone was busying talking about something. The other prefects of the other houses, along with the representatives were there. Harry turned serious and turned to the Slytherins to leave the common room for a little while. The Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, and the Head Boy and Girl saw the snakes bow and leave to their rooms while some left the dungeons directly. The other houses were in awe of the common room and how they treated the Prime Minister. It was beyond what they had imagined. Harry took a seat and everyone else followed.

"Since you are here, I expect that you have been told of what the Headmaster had done to me, Longbottom's family, and to everyone else." They all nodded.

"If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. But I must ask you to make an Unbreakable Vow to never speak of what you have found out to anyone else that isn't here and to those who are not Slytherins." Harry said seriously which the others quickly nodded and made their vows.

"To be honest, it is quite unbelievable to know that Dumbledore is capable of such things. However… I know that you would never lie to us since it is about your life and being kept hidden from who you really are is like being ashamed of that person itself." Labib Kostas, third year Hufflepuff announced as he fisted his hands. The others nodded. Madison Spellman fourth year Slytherin sighed,

"Well, now that you know, we hope that you would keep up the pretense when in the presence of the Headmaster and the staff. But you may come to Professor Snape when you need help. He knows everything and if you tell him that you know what we do, he will help you when he can. He has to keep up his cold façade as we do when in the face of the public." She told them. They understood what she meant. They all did.

"I must also warn you to never look at the Headmasters eyes directly if you are not a skilled occlumens." Harry warned them. They knew what Occlumency was and how it happens.

"I have been warned by two people who I trust with my life that the Headmaster is a skilled Legimens and has been having a bad habit of looking into people's minds without permission. Either you learn how to shield your minds or have protective charms, avoid his eyes as much as you can. If he talks to anyone of you, look at the bridge of his nose instead. Keep your nervousness in check and do not show it. It is the first sign that you know something which will make him want to know what it is." Harry added.

He cared for them not only because he was using them but he cared for them as a person. They have feeling just like him and he didn't want them to go through the same manipulations the Headmaster had done to him. They didn't deserve it.

"I will make sure than none of you will be hurt. I will see to it that none of you will go through what I have in the hands of the Lights leader." Harry spat as he narrowed his eyes to the flames that were dancing in the fireplace. The others couldn't help but smile as they heard what the young boy did. It almost made them forget that Harry was a first year and that it should be them that should be protecting him. Maybe the Light side isn't as light as they had thought it was.

And the Slytherins had told them what they really thought. Though some on them were a bit skeptical about the views, they didn't shun the option and kept an opened mind. All thanks to Harry James Potter, The Boy-Who-Live-To-Be-Sorted-Into-Slytherin.

A week had passed and Harry had everything ready for his first task: Blaine Knightly of Ravenclaw. Harry was in the library and had asked Madam Prince if he could bring a pet inside. Though the madam was a bit skeptical, Harry had promised to keep the snake within him at all times and make sure not to lose it. She smiled and nodded. Harry had heard from Kierron and Arianna that Blaine was in the library. Harry saw the boy using the area near the very end of the library opposite of the exit, alone and buried in books. He took the area on the right side and brought Vince's pet snake out.

#Are you alright, Emily. I am sorry to have to take you out from your nap.# Harry told her in parseltongue. The snake shook her head,

#It's fine, Master Harry. Master Vince hasn't brought me ought of the bedroom in a while now. And It's a nice change of pace when the company I am with can speak with me.# she said politely which made Harry smile. Emily was polite and well-mannered for a snake.

She curled up on the table near the lamp that Harry had turned on to keep her warm. Harry took out his books and began his homework.

#Can you tell me again why you asked for my company, Master Harry? Not that I do mind.# she said with a snake-like smile. Harry turned to her,

#Well, the boy on the other side is someone I want to impress to be an alley when the day comes for the Dark Lord to rise again. Not that I would join him, but I want Dumbledore to pay for all the crimes he had done to those he had used and hurt.# he told her which made her nod in understanding.

#We have heard of the Headmaster and even the snakes outside the castle do not like him. If you like, I can gather them and speak with them. You need more alleys. And we snakes take care of our hatchlings.# she told him. Harry laughed as she called him a hatchling.

He had heard the chair move from the other side and perfectly hid his grin.

#If you could, I would love that very much, Emily. One can never have too many alleys. It's one more species or race to keep safe when everything ends.# Harry explained as he stroked her head and went back to his homework.

#Oh yes! I nearly forgot! I would like to thank you for helping Master Vince and even Master Gregory to do better in their lessons. Since they were younger, everyone thought that they would never be any good since they are not as quick when it came to academics.# Emily said which made Harry smile and nod. Emily was smart and strangely more human during a conversation than a regular human.

Blaine was busy doing his Transfiguration homework when he heard someone occupying the other table on his right side. He hoped that they wouldn't make noise since he really needed to finish his work as soon as he could. But then he heard that only one chair was moved which relieved him. However, after a few more minutes, he heard hissing.


Either than one person was whispering to himself or whispering charms for practice. But as he listened even more, it seemed different. Whispering he could understand but it seemed that the other table was having a conversation with someone else. Blaine stood up as discreetly as he could and took a peak on the other table. He was shock to see Harry Potter alone in the library. But what caught Blaine's attention was the snake in front of the boy. The snake was hissing. And it seemed that the boy was hissing back!

#Master Harry, the boy you spoke off is peaking.# she said teasingly.

#Don't look at him. Pretend that you don't see him and that you are only looking at me.# he told her with a smile.

#Very well, I shall only have eyes for you, Master Harry.# the way she said it made Harry blush. She was teasing him and he couldn't help but chuckle.

Blaine was astounded as he listened quietly to the hissing conversation. He had not noticed that he was feeling a bit uncomfortable since the hissing sounded so… oh what was the word?



Blaine knew whispering was something used for teasing but hissing? That was something totally different. He was caught up in his thoughts that he had not noticed Harry looking at him with a smile.

"You know, if you keep that look on your face, I might actually fall for you. But I'm sure you wouldn't go for one as young as myself." Harry teased which made Blaine snap out of his thoughts and blush when his mind caught up with what Harry had said.

"I am sorry. I couldn't help but overhear the hissing. May I ask you something?" he asked as he moved into Harry's area. The boy nodded,

"That hissing you did. Were you having an actual conversation with the snake?" he asked with his eyes shining.

Harry couldn't help but giggle behind his hand,

"Yes, I was having a conversation with Emily. That is the snake's name. She understands English as well, just so you know. She was merely thanking me for bringing her out the dorm room since her owner, my roommate, had not done so in a while." Harry answered with a charming smile.

"S-so… You can speak to snakes? You're a p-p.." he stuttered in awe. Harry just had to giggle again which made Blaine blush redder.

"Yes once again. I am a parseltongue. Speaker of the snake language. A language that is as rare as Mermish and Gobbledegook." He told the blushing older boy. Blaine's eyes widen in excitement. He just heard someone speak a dead language. He had heard of parseltongue but there were no known speakers of it since Salazar Slytherin and the Dark Lord. Now, in front of him, Harry Potter had spoken the language.

"D-do you m-mind if I sit here with you?" Blaine asked, totally forgetting who he was talking to and what he had talked about with his brothers. Harry smiled and nodded which made Blaine levitate his things and the books over to Harry's side.

#It seems that you managed to complete your task faster than expected, Master Harry.# she said smiling on her own way. Harry nodded at her,

#And I have you to thank for the quick respond, Emily.# he told her. If snakes could blush, Emily knew she would have blushed crimson. Harry had discreetly cast a silencing charm and a notice-me-not. Blaine had not noticed at all since he was too engrossed with the thought of hearing Harry speak to the snake.

It was just the next moment that Blaine noticed a very disturbing problem that was growing inside his pants. He blushed as he looked away and discreetly pushed a hand down to keep the problem down. Harry raised a brow and titled his head to the side,

"Is something wrong?" he asked politely and he carefully laced his words with charm as well. Blaine had to blush again because Harry had actually noticed.

"N-nothing is wrong. My stomach is just feeling a bit unsettled." Blaine lied. Harry knew better. Though he was young, he wasn't as innocent as he looked. Dudley and Harry had known about sex when they were ten. Vernon and Petunia had given them "The Talk" which made the boys swear to forget the moment they left the living room.

They almost forgot about it until Piers had stolen one of his older brother's adult magazine and showed Harry and Dudley. To say the least, Harry and Dudley had spoken to Piers for three days as punishment. Harry secretly learned all about sex and the differences. He even learned about male-male sex as well as all female pair sex. And when he thought that he wouldn't be needing the information this early, Blaine proved Harry wrong.

"Are you sure? You don't look very good. I have a vial of Pepper Up if you want." He said with concern which made Blaine shake his head again. Harry perfectly hid the urge to laugh out loud and tease the older boy. Then Harry remembered,

"Oh my, where are my manners. I have yet to introduce myself. I'm Harry Potter. First year of Slytherin house." He said with a charming smile and extended his hand towards Blaine. Harry made sure to use his left hand so that Blaine would use his right, the very hand that the boy was using to suppress his problem. Blaine was smiled and quickly shook Harry's hand and discreetly pressed back down.

"My name is Blaine Knightly, sixth year Ravenclaw. I have heard of you, Mr. Potter. Youngest Prime Minister of Hogwarts. Usually it's a third or fourth year. Never a first year. But then again, after the change you have brought to the school, it is not a surprise. Congratulations by the way." He said as he let go of his problem. It had died which was just perfect.

It was his turned to charm the little boy and know anything he could. Harry instantly knew that Blaine was preparing to make his move. He was welcoming it.

"Well, I am pleased that the sixth years think that I have done something good. I wish I could say that I have heard of you as well, but I would be lying." He said innocently and giggled. The sound coming from Harry was making Blaine a bit uncomfortable again. What was with the child that he was suddenly feeling so… hot? He shook it off, trying to pretend that he was fine.

"It's alright, Mr. Potter. I do not expect that you would know me. For one so young to have been given the task of taking the students concerns and worries in his shoulder is enough to keep one occupied since the number of students is greater than one usually sees in their common room." Blaine said intellectually. He had begun his move.

Harry blushed perfectly,

"Please call me Harry. Saying Mr. Potter makes me think I'm getting into trouble." Blaine masked his smirk with a smile which made Harry laugh inwardly.

#Don't tell me that he thinks that you're falling for his flawed acting skills? Master Gregory can do better than that.# she criticize which made Harry giggle even more. Harry turned to Emily,

#Well, we shall have to make him think that in order to make him realize that it is he who has fallen into our trap.# Harry told her which just made Blaine's cerulean blue eyes turn a shade darker.


How convenient.

Though Harry was a certified virgin, he knew the ways of teasing and how to make others fall for him. He had learned a lot and he was now going to be using them.

Harry turned to Blaine who looked away from the snake and back to Harry. His heart started to beat faster when Harry's innocent smile turned into something he had not seen on a child before: a smile of mischief. A darker type of mischief that should not be nurtured further less one of them fall victim to the others charms.

"Are you sure you're alright, Blaine?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Because it seems that you are not as good as you say you are. I am very observant when in company of others and I have noticed a few things about you since you joined me and Emily." He told the older boy who began to feel nervous.

For Merlin's sake! He was older than the Slytherin but he was the one getting nervous. How frightful!

"I –" Blaine could not speak more since Harry had stood up and moved closer to him.

"Is it that you are turned on by parseltongue?" Harry teased innocently yet it pained Blaine because the tone was innocent yet the smirk was nowhere near innocent. Harry placed a hand on the older boy's face and smiled sweetly and leaned closer to his ear,

#If you only knew my plans for you and your brothers, you might not have been as confident to face me on your own.# Harry hissed in his ear which made Blaine freeze on his seat. How was the boy doing it? Controlling him so well that Blaine lost all his years of knowledge and experience in the face of a first year. Harry placed a chaste kiss on Blaine's cheek and moved away.

He waved all his things back to his bag and lifted Emily to his neck,

"I shall see you around, Blaine. I have disturbed your studying. My apologies." Harry said and left, cancelling the spells he had placed as he left the area. Blaine was still in shock even after Harry had left.

The boy had teased him.

Seduced him even. Then he left Blaine with nothing but a chaste kiss on the cheek.

He groaned as he regain back his momentum and dropped his head on the table. He had a feeling that he should not tell his brothers. It would be embarrassing and Blaze would tease him to no end for sure.

As Harry left the library, he smiled to himself. One down, three to go. He went back to the dungeons to leave his things and head to the Great Hall for dinner. He knew that the next few days was going to be exciting.

The next day, Harry had borrowed the twin's special map that showed all the passages at Hogwarts, even the hidden ones. There were about five hidden passages that lead out the castle which made Harry smirk. The third through seventh years were having their Hogsmeade weekend which made Harry smirk happily. He had told Draco and the others that he was going to be going out and meet up with his second task.

Draco and Blaise rolled their eyes while Theo, Vince, and Greg laughed. Harry grabbed his robe since the weather was a bit chilly that afternoon. He took the secret passage by Sephton the Clever which led him to the basement of the Apothecary in Hogsmeade. He hissed a scourgify on himself to get rid of the dust, webs, and dirt that had clung to him as he made his way out the castle.

Severus was a no longer surprised to have seen Harry come out from the basement of the apothecary.

"Please me a bit more careful, Mr. Potter." He said as he cast a glamour on Harry. Then he showed Harry what he looked like.

"I should have thought of placing a glamour before coming out. Thank you Professor." Harry said and nodded at his sighing Professor and leaving the shop. The owner of the store nearly laughed as he saw the Hogwarts' Potion Master frustrated and worried for the first time in a very long time. Harry smiled to himself as he walked around the small town and was glad that he brought money with him. He went to the first shop that he saw, a candy shop.

Honeydukes was packed with students and Harry smiled to himself as he blended with the crowd. He went down the aisle and decided to buy a Deluxe box set of everything the store had. That way, he would know what he liked and didn't like. He bought six boxes and shrunk them into his pocket.

He looked around hoping to see Blaze yet the boy in question had yet to show himself. He went to the bookstore instead and buy a few books that would catch his eye. He ran into a few girls who giggled as he passed them by. He paid them no attention since he had other things in mind. He found books on Legilimency and Occlumency, Metamorphosis, and How to Know If Have an Animagus form. He paid for his purchases and left the shop just to run straight into Blaze Knightly. Harry fell on his bum and his books on the ground.

"Ow." Harry spoke in a whisper, not to draw any more attention to himself. Blaze quickly turned to the other boy and quickly went to him,

"Godric! I'm so sorry! Here, let me help you up." Blaze took hold of Harry's arm and pulled him up. He froze when he felt a surge of magic run through his whole body which made him drop Harry again.

"Ow! Seriously?" Harry hissed which made Blaze blush Gryffindor red. "Here—" he tried but Harry stopped him.

"No, I'd rather get up myself less you decide to drop me again." He said as he dusted himself.

Harry sighed and bent down to pick up his books but Blaze was about to do the same which ended them banging their heads together. This cause both to fall back on their bums.

"Ooowww! What is it with you clumsy Gryffindors? I come out from a bookstore and have already fallen twice! Now you just gave me a headache." He complained as he tried to shake off the pain. Blaze couldn't help but feel more embarrassed. He was all clumsy and actually dropped someone which normally didn't happen. It wouldn't have happened if he didn't have that magic wave run through him.

"I am really sorry. I don't know why I dropped you. Please, let me get your books." He said and quickly grab the three books and gave them to Harry. Harry took them and shrunk them into his pocket.

"I shall thank you for getting my books. However, I must advice you to watch where you are going. You came out of nowhere as I came out. I know it's rude but you're like a walking magnet for accidents. Please watch where you are going." He said as he walked away.

He smirked to himself as he went to other shops, knowing that he would be running into the lion later on. Harry ended up buying a few quills, parchment for homework, special parchments for letters, colored ink as well as black ink. He had nearly used up the ones he had with him. He sighed to himself as he admitted that he tended to write a lot. It was a bit sad to be going around the town alone. He wished his friends were with him. He couldn't find the Weasley Twins and surely he didn't want to find Percy or the other prefects. They might not condone what he did so he sighed as he explored the town just a little bit more.

Harry went to the edge of the town, overlooking the Shrieking Shack that was rumored to be haunted. He wanted to laugh. Haunted? If it were haunted, ghosts should be about, encircling the place. He wondered where the rumor even began. He was leaning a little bit further into the railing when he heard someone from behind shout,

"NO! DON'T!" then he felt arms wrap around his waist and pulled back which caused him and whoever it was to fall into the ground. Harry yelped and groaned as he felt the pain from falling enter his mind.

"What in Merlin's—you again?!" Harry began and yelled as he saw it was Blaze Knightly again.

"You?! What were you thinking? Why do you plan to commit suicide?! In Hogsmeade of all places!" he said as he grab Harry's shoulders to shake him gently.

The younger boy's eyes widen for a moment then he laughed hard. Blaze wondered what was so funny to make the other boy laugh so hard that tears were falling from his eyes.

"Y-you thought t-that I was g-going to kill myself?" Harry asked as he regained his poise and pushed Blaze aside to stand up. "You Gryffindors do tend to jump to conclusions. For you added knowledge, I didn't plan to kill myself at all. I was just leaning a bit further to see the view better. I planned to walk back to the castle alive and I one piece. However, I did not imagine that I would gain multiple injuries while visiting Hogsmeade today." Harry informed him which made Blaze blush.

"I said I was sorry." The lion mumbled to himself. Harry smirked,

"What was that? I didn't quite get that." He said.

"I said I was sorry. There. Happy?" Blaze said after taking a deep breath. He felt that he was red as a tomato. Who was this boy and how was he making him this flustered?

"I'm Blaze Knightly, Sixth Year. Gryffindor." he introduced himself as he stood up.

"I know you're from Gryffindor. I've seen you around. I'm James. I won't tell you which year I am in. But I'm not a seventh year. I won't tell you which house I am in but I am not from Gryffindor." he said with a smirk. Blaze looked at him,

"Well, that's not fair. I told you who I am." Blaze said.

"Well, you told me nothing of yourself. I know who you are, from which house, and what year. Everyone knows. Who wouldn't have heard of the Knightly Four? You're the adventurous one and obviously bring the name of your house wherever you go. Brash, jumps to conclusions, and has a people-saving thing." He teased.

No matter how Blaze wanted to deny it, it was impossible. Everything 'James' said was true. He did have a people saving thing. He was usually brash and would rather do-now-ask-later. He just sighed and blushed harder and rubbed the back side of his neck.

"Besides, you bumped me, dropped me, butt heads with me, then pulled me to the ground thinking that I would do something so foolish as to kill myself which gave me more pain added to the ones I already had earlier… Yeah, I think it's fair that you know my name alone." He said as he changed his smirk to a smile.

"However, I can tell that you want to make up for the incidents you've caused. Am I right?" he asked which Blaze nodded as an answer.

"Very well, if you can help me pick out a cake to bring back to my friends at the castle, then I might just forgive you and share a few more things about me. Deal?" Harry said as he stretched out his hand.

Blaze didn't think twice and agreed.

Harry smiled at him which made Blaze blush and then both went back to town and to the bakeshop. Blaze treated him to tea and bought cupcakes for himself. Harry smiled as he saw that Blaze chose colors of all the houses which probably meant that he was going to share it with his brothers. Harry looked around and saw two perfect cakes. One was a moist chocolate cake with white chocolate icing and black chocolate sprinkles and shavings and the other was a mocha flavored cake with mocha filling and icing too.

"You should watch with that sweet craze you have. You're going to rot your teeth." Blaze joked as he moved beside Harry who was paying for the cakes. Harry smiled cheekily at him,

"Well, I'll just have Madam Pomfrey pull them out and drink Skele-Grow. She said it works fast and can be taken with a numbing potion." Blaze made a face that looked like he was grossed out.

"Do you have any idea how disgusting that thing taste like? Seriously James, if I didn't know any better, you might a Gryffindor somewhere there." He teased. Harry laughed at him which made Blaze blush pink and felt a growing pain in his pants. He thought of something else to get rid of the thing and was glad that the other did not notice. Too bad that Harry did notice.

"Ready to head back now? I'm sure you want to know more than just my name right?" he teased as he exited the shop first. Blaze smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I would like to know more about a person named James who I have caused multiple injuries today." He joked back.

"Well, just so you know, you are forgiven." Harry told him and he made his way back to the castle. They passed the wards and led Blaze through the entrance hall and was heading to the where the stairs and the dungeons intersect.

Blaze watched as 'James' turned to him and smiled,

"Will you tell me more now?" he asked. Harry smiled and nodded as he picked up his wand from his pocket and whispered,

"Finite Incantatum". A spark left his wand and the glamour slowly disappeared, leaving a smirking Harry James Potter. Blaze was in shock that he had not realized that the other had moved and was standing in front of him. Harry smiled,

"My full name is Harry James Potter, first year of Slytherin. And thank you for the company." He said and gave Blaze a chaste kiss on his cheek just like he did to Blaine. Then he went down to the dungeons, to the Slytherin Dormitory, leaving a stunned Gryffindor.

Two down, two more to go.

His friends were surprised and grateful that Harry took the time to bring them something from Hogsmeade. Harry had shared the cake with the other first years and the second years who were so impressed. They asked the house elves for tea which shocked the third through seventh years that returned. How in Salazar's name did their Lord visit Hogsmeade without them noticing him. He simply smiled and they sighed.

"You are very frightening, my lord. If wanted cake, you could have asked us to buy them for you." Said Victorious Lockwood, 3rd year and one of the representatives.

"I know, but I didn't want you all to waste your weekend. It is yours to do whatever you pleased. Besides, I managed didn't I?" he said cheekily which made everyone chuckle in amusement.

The seventh years called the house elves to buy more of the cake their lord had bought and the next moment, everyone was having cake and tea. Severus came in and was relieved to see that Harry had returned safely. He was giving cake by Harry and tea by Draco. He took it and had a chat with the seventh years who were planning to be potion masters as well.

When dinner rolled by, he was told by people that Blaze and Blaine were looking at him and he just smiled at them. Good thing that none of them knew about his encounter with the other. Though it made Harry wonder why they had not shared it with their brothers. He didn't want to think further so he simply talked to Draco and Blaise as he ate dinner.

When Monday rolled by, he was in the Greenhouse alone because Professor Sprout had to head to the Infirmary because Neville had an accident with the screaming mandrakes. He was happily tending to the singing daisies when he felt a presence enter the greenhouse.

"Professor Sprout? Professor Sprout! Are you here?" called out a voice that seemed familiar. Harry turned to see who it was. If it weren't for the Hufflepuff uniform, Harry would have wondered if it was Blaine or Blaze. The one inform of him was Blake Knightly.

"I'm sorry, the Professor isn't here at the moment. She had to take Neville Longbottom to the Infirmary after he fainted due to the Mandrake." Harry said cheerfully and went back to tending the daisies.

The giggling petunias started to giggle when Blake approached.

"I see. Well, it couldn't be helped. Nasty little blighters those mandrakes are. You're Prime Minister Harry Potter, first year of Slytherin. I'm Blake Knightly, sixth year of Hufflepuff. Call me Blake." He said as he extended his hand charmingly. Harry knew Blake had started his charm game and didn't plan to back out. Harry giggled shyly,

"I'd shake your hand but it's dirty right now. Nice to meet you. Please, just call me Harry." He said as he watered the petunias that giggled as the water touched their petals.

"Well, Harry it is then. You seem to have skills with plants. Oh what do muggles say… Uhhh, a green thumb right?" he said still trying to be charming. Harry smiled back, putting more charm,

"I am impressed you know the term. Yes, muggles call it a green thumb when one has skills with plants." He said as he turned back to look at the flowers lovingly.

Blake roamed the greenhouse, watching Harry work with the plants. He had noticed how lovingly he looked at the plants and how gentle he tended to their needs. He suddenly wondered what it was like to be cared for by the boy. Then he shook the thought out of his head, mentally cursing himself for even thinking of it.

"The boy is a first blood year! He is WAY TOO YOUNG!" he yelled at himself.

"Are you alright, Blake? You seem lost in thought." Harry asked which made the older boy look at him. Harry remembered the look since he had seen it on Blaine and Blaze already. He wondered if Blade was going to be just like the first two or a little more of a challenge?

"Yes, I fine. Thank you, Harry. I was merely lost in my musing. These plants are lovely. They seem happier now. They weren't like this last year." He said, trying to say that it was because Harry was taking care of them that they looked better. Harry took the compliment well and blushed for effort.

"I don't know about that. I'm sure Professor Sprout took care of them better than I do." He said as he stopped next to the shy yellow bell flowers. The hanging orchids needed watering. Well not really. Harry thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get Blake to help and be close to him. Good thing that the stool that was present was short. Harry took the self-refilling sprinkler and climbed the two step stool. He tried to tip toe to reach the orchid but was still too short to reach it. He leaned a little bit further and was about to tip the sprinkler when the stool buckled.

Blake moved so fast that Harry only saw a blur,

"Harry watch out!" he called as he caught the falling boy into his arms. Harry dropped the sprinkler on the ground and was against Blake's body. The things he had to do just to get what he needed. He mentally sighed. Harry could feel strong arms arm him. He looked up and was a few inches from Blake's face. He blushed as he noticed how exceptionally good looking the Knightly Four seems to be. Blake blushed then pulled away and looked him over,

"Are you alright?! What were you thinking?! That was very dangerous! What do you think people will say when they find out that their Prime Minister got hurt because a sixth year didn't try to help? You could have asked me to water the orchids for you." He said as he sighed in relief. There didn't seem to be any injury (which was because the stool wasn't that high).

He moved away from Harry, picked up the sprinkler and watered the orchids (which he should have remembered that they didn't need that much water). He poured a little and went down.

"You really should be more careful, Harry." He reprimanded and Harry knew how to use the moment perfectly. He flopped down on the ground and tears began to fall from his eyes.

"I… I'm s-sorry, Blake. I w-won't d-do it a-again." He said in between sobs. Blake turned and the scene before him was heart breaking. Harry was crying and he looked so hurt that it made Blake reach out and pull him into a hug.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I was just worried. You could have hurt yourself. You could have asked me to water them, why didn't you?" he asked as he stroked Harry's head.

"I t-thought I could re-reach them on my own. I didn't wa-want to ask you because I thought I could do it." He said as he kept sobbing.

Harry knew Draco and the other were going to enjoy seeing the memories later when he got back. He was going to show them all three and he knew that they were going to be having a blast.

He suddenly felt Blake hold him tighter.

"It's fine. Please… Just stop crying." He said as pulled away to wipe Harry's tears away.

"That face of yours isn't meant to shed tears." He said and smiled. He couldn't resist but kiss Harry's forehead. Harry's eyes widen in shock at the same time as Blake when he realized what he had done. They stared at each other's eyes for quite some time until they heard Professor Sprout calling Harry. Both quickly stood up and Blake cleaning them both with scourgify. There were no tear tracks yet Harry's eyes were a bit red from crying. Harry turned his back on Blake, pretending to attend to the singing daisies once again as Professor Sprout entered. He had to use a huge amount of energy to stop himself from laughing.

"Mr. Knightly, lovely to see you again. What can I do for you?" she asked as she smiled at Blake. She saw that Harry was tending the daisies so she didn't call on him yet.

"Well I came by to see if you needed an extra pair of hands to tend the flowers." He began and smiled.

"But imagine my surprise when I came and find the Prime Minister here. And the flowers look better too." He said. The lady beamed,

"I know what you mean, child. Mr. Potter has perfect gentle hands. The flowers love him, even the moody tulips. And yes, they look more beautiful this year. Mr. Potter has been helping me for the last two weeks now. You should have seen the pumpkins we have grown with Hagrid for this Friday's Halloween feast." She said.

Harry froze. Halloween was the day that his parents were murdered. Halloween was the day that Dumbledore's plans hand began to move. So far, Harry knew that Sprout, Pomfrey, Flitwick, and Severus had nothing to do with Dumbledore. So they were kept safe. It was then that Blake noticed Harry.

"Harry, are you alright?" Blake asked. Then the Herbology professor gasped, remembering what Halloween was for Harry.

"Oh Mr. Potter. I am so sorry! I didn't mean to—" she began but Harry snapped out of his frozen state, turned to them, and shook his head, trying to calm down. He gave her a weak smile,

"It's f-fine professor. No worries. Since you're back, I'll head back to do my homework. I shall come again next week. Good day, Professor." He said as he gathered his things. Blake wondered why Harry looked nervous, scared, and angry at the same time.

After Harry exited, he bid the professor goodbye as well and ran to catch up to Harry. He caught up and pulled Harry to stop.

"Harry, stop! What's wrong?" he asked worriedly. How did this boy of eleven make Blake feel so worried and concern for him? He had no idea. He didn't really care at the moment.

"I'm f-fine… I just ne-need to get back." Harry tried to shake him off. But Blake's grip wouldn't let him go.

"No, you're not fine. And I won't let you go back like this. I don't know why I am so concerned with you but I mean it. I'm not letting you leave me like this." He said as he made Harry face him. Harry turned to him with tears in his eyes again,

"You want to know?! Halloween is the night my parents died! It's the night that the Dark Lord came and killed them! It was the night that one of their friends betrayed them! It was the night that I was orphaned! Happy now?!" he said and managed to get his arm back and run back to the castle.

Blake was left to stare at the running boy. How could Blake have forgotten? Blaine had told them about Harry Potter, who his parents are, what they were, which house they were from, who came to kill them, who had betrayed them, and when it all happened. He had caused Harry to remember those awful memories once again. He needed to apologize before Halloween or he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. He felt sick and ashamed. He slowly made his way to his dormitory to rest. He didn't want to tell his brothers what he had just then. He knew they were going to get mad and yell at him. He might tell them after he apologize and when Harry forgives him. Whenever that may be. He sighed heavily.

Harry burst into the common room, crying and shaking. It was Madison who saw him and quickly ran to him.

"My lord? Are you alright?" she asked as she held the crying boy in her arms. She turned to see Victorious enter the common room,

"Victor, call Draco, Blaise, Theo, Vince, and Greg. Tell them that our lord is not well. Hurry!" she ordered. The boy and three of his year mates nodded and left the dorm to look for the first year boys.

"Someone call for Marcus Flint and Professor Snape!" she ordered and her best friend Brianna nodded and pulled Alexander Woodward, another fourth year with her. Three fifth year girls approached them,

"Maddy what happened?" asked Heather, a fifth year.

"Our lord burst in crying. Something happened but he wouldn't tell me." She answered.

"Oh dear. Helen, do you have any calming draught left?" Heather asked her friend.

"I think I have some left. Let me go get it." Helen said.

"I'll get him a glass of pumpkin juice to drown the taste." Said Cirilli, the other fifth year.

When Helen came back down, Cirilli had given Heather the goblet of juice.

"My lord, please sit up first and take this. It will calm you down and relax. Please." She pleaded. Harry turned to her, tears still running down his face. The girls watching were fisting their hands to control their anger. Whoever made their lord cry was going to be in serious pain soon. After taking the draught, Draco and the others came running into the common room, looking frantic.

"Harry?! Harry! What's wrong?" the blond said in a panic tone. The girls smiled a little, seeing how their Lord's friend worry so much.

"Let the calm draught settle down for a moment, Draco. Then we can ask our lord what had happened." Madison said as she kept stroking Harry's head.

Harry felt calmer and he was sobbing less. He felt Madison stand to be replaced by a bigger person. He looked up and saw Severus Snape. He sighed and knew that he was bound to tell them what had happened. "Harry, will you tell us what happened?" the man asked gently. Harry fisted Severus robes,

"C-can't I just show you? I don't want to talk about it." He whimpered. Severus nodded and turned to Draco,

"Go and retrieve my pensive. It's on the bottom of my desk. Just say Emerald and the drawer will open." The Blond nodded and brought Vince and Greg with him just in case it was heavy.

It was a bit of a coincidence that there were neither seventh years nor sixth years but nearly all first to fifth years were there.

A few minutes later, Draco returned with the pensive that Vince and Greg were carefully carrying. Harry had asked Severus to extra the memory and placed the silver strange on the pensive. He tapped the pensive and it projected the memory for everyone to see.

They saw Harry tending flowers yet the voice from the memory was clearly from Professor Sprout.

"Mr. Knightly, lovely to see you again. What can I do for you?" she asked.

"Well I came by to see if you needed an extra pair of hands to tend the flowers." Knightly answered. The snakes wondered which Knightly it was since there were four of them.

"But imagine my surprise when I came and find the Prime Minister here. And the flowers look better too." He added.

"I know what you mean, child. Mr. Potter has perfect gentle hands. The flowers love him, even the moody tulips. And yes, they look more beautiful this year. Mr. Potter has been helping me for the last two weeks now. You should have seen the pumpkins we have grown with Hagrid for this Friday's Halloween feast." She said.

Harry froze. There was a moment that no one had spoken.

"Harry, are you alright?" Knightly asked. They heard the Herbology professor gasped.

"Oh Mr. Potter. I am so sorry! I didn't mean to—" she began but Harry snapped out of his frozen state, turned to face them and shook his head, trying to calm down. He gave her a weak smile,

"It's f-fine professor. No worries. Since you're back, I'll head back to do my homework. I shall come again next week. Good day, Professor." The Knightly in the memory was wearing Hufflepuff colors, Blake Knightly. Harry had ran out and headed to the castle.

Then they saw Blake holding their lord,

"Harry, stop! What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm f-fine… I just ne-need to get back." Harry tried to shake him off. But Blake's grip wouldn't let him go.

"No, you're not fine. And I won't let you go back like this. I don't know why I am so concerned with you but I mean it. I'm not letting you leave me like this." He said as he made Harry face him. Harry turned to him with tears in his eyes again,

"You want to know?! Halloween is the night my parents died! It's the night that the Dark Lord came and killed them! It was the night that one of their friends betrayed them! It was the night that I was orphaned! Happy now?!" he said and managed to get his arm back and run back to the castle.

The memory ended and everyone gasped.

They all had forgotten about it. Harry had always been so cheerful and kind that they forget about the night that his parents had died. Some girls cried while the boys looked so sad.

"Oh Harry… I am so sorry that you had to remember that. I am so sorry." He said as he cradled the boy closer to his chest. Harry had calmed down but he was still aching. Recalling the night his parents died was not something he was able to overcome. Not that soon. Harry turned weakly to everyone,

"Please… Do not hate Blake. I am sure he didn't know. I know that he will apologize and we will gain his favor." He told them which made them all just nod. It was going to be hard but if it was what their lord wanted, they were going to comply.

Harry sat down properly and sighed,

"I'm fine now. Thank you everyone. For taking care of me." He said and smiled at them.

"Of course we'd take care of you, my lord." Said Madison.

"Yes, it's not debatable." Added Victorious. Everyone seemed to agree so he just smiled at them.

"Very well, to thank you, I shall show you a memory worth putting smile back into your faces. However, no one must mention this to the sixth and seventh years." He told them and they agreed. Severus took another strand of memory from Harry and did a repeat of what he did earlier.

It was the memory when he faced Blaine and what he had done to the Ravenclaw boy. The girls were blushing when they saw their lord being not so innocent with Blaine. Draco and Blaise blushed as well as a few other boys. Severus simply sighed in frustration. He did not think Harry would have gone that far. Then they all laughed 'til they were crying when they saw the memory with Blaze. It took them a while to stop laughing after the show was over.

"So that was how you managed to walk around Hogsmeade, my lord." Said Heather who was smirking as everyone else.

"Sneaky. Very sneaky." Said Draco who was teasing.

"Sneaky is a trait we all have." Harry said with his chin up.

"But your level of sneakiness exceeds all ours." Blaise finished the teasing. Harry blushed and everyone laughed again.

When dinner had come, Harry was escorted to the Great Hall and seemed to have been smiling once again. The Slytherin prefects had told the other prefects and the representatives to be careful upon mentioning about Halloween when Harry was around. Some understood immediately while some asked why. They were told why and instantly nodded. They knew that if they were in Harry's place, they wouldn't be as brave as he. They would break down every chance they could get. When Harry sat down, an elf appeared and placed a box in front of him then disappeared. Harry wondered what was inside and from who it was. He saw a card and read it himself.


I know that I was insensitive earlier.

I hope you can forgive me.

I didn't mean to be an arse.

~Blake K. of Hufflepuff

Harry was surprised that Blake had done such a thing just for him to be forgiven. But then again, though it wasn't part of the plan, it seemed to have worked well enough. Harry opened the box and butterflies flew out the box. Beautiful and colorful butterflies came out which made everyone turn to see and admired in awe. Harry couldn't help but smile when a yellow and black colored butter fly flew and settled on his forefinger. The apology and the gift were indeed fair.

Blake watched as Harry opened his gift and he saw the smile that returned to Harry's face. He had a good feeling that everything was going to be alright. Dinner proceeded and everyone wondered who had given Harry the box of butterflies. Blaze and Blaine were thinking who it was and how dare that someone send their Harry such a simple gift. Harry deserved something more beautiful.

Only the first to fifth years knew who had sent it without having to ask their lord. And since their lord was smiling once again, they decided to forgive the Hufflepuff and not harm him.

When dinner was over, everyone headed back to their dorm rooms. Blake had bid his siblings goodnight and left but was grabbed by someone into an empty classroom. He turned to see Harry smiling at him gently.

"Harry, I—" he began. Harry moved and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"You're forgiven Blake. And thank you. Good night." Harry said and left quickly. His friends were waiting for him by the stairs down to their dorm. Blake touched his cheek and a smile slowly spread across his face. He was forgiven by Harry. And that was all that mattered.

Three down. Just one more left.

When they arrived at the dorm room, Harry changed into his pajamas and told his friends that he was going to the common room to read for a bit. His friends offered to accompany him but he refused.

"You guys need your sleep. You Draco are cranky when you lack sleep. Blaise, you lose your language barrier when you lack sleep which will make it difficult for us in the morning. Theo, I know you. Don't even bother. Vince, Greg. You guys need to rest. You both fall asleep easily in classes after lunch." He told them and they all blushed. He smiled at them and bid them good night before closing the door. He had the Occlumency book with him and made his way to the common room.

He sat on his favorite couch that was facing the fireplace and asked for a small pot of honey tea from the elves. They were all too happy to give him tea and a plate of assorted biscuits. The common room was quiet and it was calming him down. He began reading his book and became so engrossed that he had not noticed that someone had sat on the armchair and watched him reading. The other guest had whispered for chamomile tea and had asked the elves to not pop in to not startle Harry.

An hour had gone by and Blade couldn't help but chuckle. Harry sat up and looked around like he was being attacked. This just made the other boy laugh harder. Harry turned to him and pouted. Even if it was Blade Knightly, the very last one, he didn't like being surprised that way.

"Hmph! How rude. Laughing at someone who could have had a heart attack." He said as he crossed his arms. Blade collected himself and smiled at Harry,

"My apologies, my lord. But it was too good to pass up. Have you noticed that it had been an hour since I sat here watching you read your book and getting lost in its contents. It was adorable and breath taking yet worrisome." He said. Harry raised a brow,

"How so?" he asked.

"Well, someone could have attacked you and you wouldn't even get to react." He pointed out cheekily.

Harry pouted further which made Blade chuckle this time.

"I am sorry that I startled you. I am Blade Knightly, sixth year. Call me Blade, my lord." He introduced himself. Blade had taken him to calling him 'my' lord' since the other Slytherins were doing so. It just stuck to him. Harry sighed and shook his head,

"Pleasure to meet you then. I am—"

"Harry James Potter, first year and Prime Minister. No need to introduce yourself, my lord." Blade injected. Harry huffed,

"I was being polite since you introduced yourself. Call me Harry." He said and poured himself a cup of tea.

"Why are you not in bed, Blade?" Harry asked after taking a sip of his drink.

"I should ask you the same thing, Harry. But I must confessed that sleep has not visited me still. And yourself?" Blade returned the question.

"I was not feeling tired so I came down to read a book." Harry answered cordially.

"I see…" blade said as he stood up and move to seat on the couch as well. He lifted to see the title of the book,

"Legilimency and Occlumency for beginners… Why would you need to learn such advanced magic?" he asked curiously yet with a light tone.

"Well, I have a madman after me. Keeping my mind protected will help." Harry said directly and took another sip. Blade had heard that Harry's speech on the night after he had been confronted by their Head of House for being friendly with Longbottom and the other houses.

"Surely you are not talking about the Dark Lord." He said which made Harry snap to look at him.

"Of course not. The Dark Lord was no madman. He was manipulated by a man more disturbed being that claims that everything he does is 'for the greater good'. I'm sure you heard me during the first night that though the Dark Lord's ways are not wise, his goals and ideals are what matters. Ways to achieve the goals can change with… proper suggestion." He said cautiously.

Blade agreed. His family was neutral since the first war yet they leaned more towards the dark. His father agreed with the goals and ideal yet disliked the means. Harry reminded Blade of his father which made him smile.

"I heard, I was there when you gave your speech. And I must say that you have a point. If the means to achieve the goals were somewhat… changed, I guarantee that my father would follow you to the end. I would since you seem to know what you are doing." He said with a knowing smile. Harry didn't know that he would be dealing with two Knightlys' on the same day. He sighed,

"Well your father seems like someone I would like to have an intelligent conversation with. If he agrees with me then he knows that the idea is worth pushing through." Harry told Blade. Blade smirked,

"Am I not suited to be an intelligent conversation partner?" he jested.

Harry raised a brow, this was going to take a while.

"Well, I know nothing of you and you know little of me. We only know each other's name and year but nothing else. I at least require that my conversation partner be someone I know a little more than just the name. I know well that you know more about me than you show. I know for one thing that you know that I grew up in the muggle world because my parents are dead. I know you know when and how they died and who killed them. I know that you and the rest of the school think that I am an abused child." Harry told him. Blade listened carefully. He agreed that what Harry was saying was true. He knew those things. But he raised a brow. Think that he is abused? Is he not? He was going to have to find out the truth.

"Very well, as you probably know by now, I am one of the Knightly Four. I am the eldest since I came out first. Next is Blake of Hufflepuff. Blaine of Ravenclaw is the third and Blaze of Gryffindor is the youngest. I enjoy reading by the fire and sitting by the lake, savoring the cool air that passes by. I know how to cook which not many people now. I enjoy playing wizards chest and has been praised by the quidditch captain for my flying skills. I did not join the team just like Blaze simply because it would not end well for the both of us. The rivalry it will bring will not end peacefully and we wish not to have it due to our mother's death wish." He said. This time Harry listened. He wondered what will happen when the four find out that Harry had approached all of them already. He smiled behind his teacup.

"Fair enough. To be honest, I was never abused. My Uncle, Aunt, and cousin took me in and treated me like their own. I was never starved nor beaten like the world probably thinks. I am thin because my metabolism is fast and I do lots of garden work because I love it. My cousin is bigger than me because he tends to eat snacks when my aunt is away. Though I eat much like him, he isn't fat but rather lean and muscled. He does heavy lifting and the heavier chores than me." Harry said. It shocked Blade. Harry smirked,

"You're probably wondering why I never corrected it. I, along with a few others, keep the pretense up to make Dumbledore believe that everything was still going his way. He had hired actors to try to befriend me but the plan failed. I was warned beforehand." He said which made Blade snap back.

"The Light's leader is not as light as he shows then. Father knew it from the beginning but feared backlash if the Dark Lord didn't win. My father had supported the Dark Lord discreetly and the Lord had been gracious to keep him and our family safe. On the night the Dark Lord was defeated, our father sighed in both anger and relief. But then when you came, I wrote to him about what you had shared and he was pleased that you thought the same way as the Dark Lord. He even thinks that you are the Dark Lord's reincarnation." He said with a chuckle. Harry couldn't help but giggle as well. He knew the Dark Lord was alive. He could feel him for some reason. It was weak but it was a feeling all the same. And Harry had a feeling that the Dark Lord was going to be returning soon.

"Well, tell him that I am not the Dark Lord's reincarnation. It is too great an honor to be. However… You may tell him that the Dark Lord is not totally gone. I can feel him. He will return." Harry said seriously. Blade looked at him carefully,

"How can you be sure?" he asked.

"Something happened that night he came to kill me. The night he gave me this scar, he gave me more than just this. My accidental magic started at a very young age according to my relatives which made them protect me more. So I am sure that the Dark Lord will return. I do not know when. But I can feel he will come soon." Harry told him.

Silence engulfed them but it was not stiffening. The tea was gone as well as the biscuits. Harry's eyes began to close and he slowly slid on Blade's shoulder. The older boy's breathing was relaxing which made Harry close his eyes. Blade didn't react at first but after a few minutes, he turned to look at the sleeping boy on his shoulder. Harry looked like an angel from heaven. His raven hair fell pass his shoulders which made him look temptingly delicious. Blade's face heated up and he felt a strong feeling pass through his stomach that went down to his groin. He stifled his moan when he felt himself growing. Of all the times it had to happen, it just had to be now. He shook his head and decided that before he committed a grave crime of corrupting a minor, he had to wake him up and go to the bathroom first then to bed.

"Harry… Harry? Wake up. I think it's time for you to head to bed." He said softly. Harry stirred. The boy had too much tea. Blade shook his head and shrunk the book Harry had with him and placed it in his pocket. He then lifted Harry into his arms carefully and carried him to his room. Blade had trained in wandless magic so he was able to open the door easily. He saw that there was only one bed that had its curtains open and unoccupied, obviously Harry's. He carefully laid the sleeping boy down and pulled the sheets to his neck. He took out the book and placed it on the bedside table and stroked Harry's head once more before leaving.

"Goodnight, Harry." He thought as he slowly closed the door.

Blade went to the bathroom to relieve himself first. After cleaning up, he crawled into bed and had the first pleasant sleep since school started. He decided to tell his brothers about what he had found out and ask them if they would follow Harry. He knew that they would agree and follow him without a moment's hesitation.

The next day, Harry woke up from a very good sleep. He was smiling when Draco had gone over to wake him up.

"Oh, you're already awake." He said and yawned. Harry smiled at him and nodded,

"Yeah. Good morning, Dragon." Harry greeted him.

"Good morning, my lord." Draco greeted back with a smile. Blaise woke up next then Theo. It took two pails of cold water to wake Vince and Greg. Both fell out of bed which made the others laugh while they groan.

After getting ready, they waited for the other first years to come down to the common room so they would go together. Some second years were there as well as fourth years and seventh years. They greeted him and he greeted back.

"Why are you in such a good mood today, my lord?" Theo asked as he combed his hair.

The others wanted to know as well.

"Well, by today, the Jaded Citadel will have gained its Knights." He said with a smile. When they caught on the word 'Knights', their eyes widen in shock.

"Y-you mean…" Vince tried to say something but Harry just nodded. They're respect and admiration for their lord had gotten higher that morning.

They went to the Great Hall and Harry saw Blade talking to his brother a few minutes after breakfast began. They left together which Harry couldn't help but hold back his laughter. Draco and Blaise explained it to the Slytherins including the sixth and seventh years why and they couldn't help but laugh as well.

"Well, I am glad that I will not be regretting my decision to follow you to the end of the world, Master Potter." Reed Greenwood, a seventh year Slytherin, said with a bow. The sixth and seventh years agreed as well.

All they had to do now was wait.

Meanwhile, the brother had found an empty room on the third floor and cast multiple locking and silencing charms on the door.

"So, what did you want to tell us Blade that apparently couldn't wait until breakfast was over." Blaze said with a pout as he finished his sandwich when they got to the third floor. He was definitely heading to the kitchens after. Blade sighed and leaned on a desk,

"I spoke to the Prime Minister last night and found a few things that I thought you three ought to know." He said. Blaine, Blaze, and Blake froze. Did Harry tell Blade about what had happened?

"W-what did he tell you?" asked Blaine who had nearly hidden his nervousness perfectly. Luckily, Blade didn't comment on it.

"The Prime Minister was never abused. However, because of certain reasons, he has to keep the façade up in order to fool the Headmaster." He told them. The other three straight up,

"What do you mean?" they asked in unison.

Blade repeated what Harry had told him that night and to say that his brothers were angry wasn't enough. They were furious, hatred raging throughout their bodies.

"However, I must ask that you keep the information to yourself. You must not the Headmaster that you know something. It will not bode well for Harry." Blade added. The other three sighed and understood. Then Blaze smirked,

"So its Harry now, is it?" he joked. He was trying to lighten the conversation.

"Well, I found out that our Prime Minister has a sweet tooth. He enjoys cakes and honey tea." He said as he recalled their little 'date' at Hogsmeade. Blake turned to Blaze,

"How did you know?" Blaze smirked,

"That sneaky little snake managed to leave the castle somehow and had a glamour on. During the Hogsmeade weekend, I had run into him and he said he was 'James'. A series of… Unfortunate events—"

"Unfortunate events?" Blaine repeated. Blake sighed and took off his ring and tapped it with his wand. It became bigger and had turned into a pensive. Blaze knew what they wanted and sighed. He took out the memory and they watched Blade on a date with Harry.

They saw how their brother bumping into someone that they didn't recognize. Then they saw Blaze drop the guy on the ground again. They just had to laugh more when Blaze butt heads with the other boy. They heard what the boy said and the three couldn't have agreed more. Then, they saw the boy again leaning on the railing and heard their brother yelled for the boy to stop. They laughed again when the boy explained that he wasn't planning on dying which made Blaze blush harder, recalling the day. After a while, they watched their brother having a 'date' of sorts with 'James' and watched as they headed back to the castle. Then they saw Harry take off his glamour which shocked them as well. Then they saw Harry kissed Blaze before waving goodbye. The memory ended.

"Seriously Blaze? And you never bothered to tell us?" Blake complained.

Blaine narrowed his eyes at his brother Blake.

"Alright Blake, your turn. It's impossible that you don't have one." Blaine used the tone that meant 'give it now'. Blake pouted but then relinquished his own memory.

The other three saw Harry taking care of plants and them having a gentle moment. Until Harry nearly fell and Blake caught him. Blake blushed scarlet when his brothers watched the memory of him staring into Harry's eyes and then pulling away to reprimand the boy. The next thing Blade, Blaine, and Blaze saw what Harry crying. They growl at Blake who had made Harry crying. However, as the memory came to its ends as they watched Harry running back to the castle because of what Blake did, they yelled at Blake who had raised his arms in defense.

"Finish the memory before you yell at me, will you?" he told them. They turned back to watch the memory and saw that Blaine prepared a box which he gave to an elf. Then when Harry opened the box, butterflies came out.

"That was you?!" Blaze screamed.

"And you had the never to yell at Blaze for keeping his 'date' with Harry a secret." Blade said with a serious tone.

Blaze turned to Blade,

"Well let's see yours then." He said angrily. Blade pulled out his memory and the three watched as their brother had a lengthy conversation with Harry. It was very deep and they saw Harry admitting about not being abused and why he was keeping it a secret.

"Well, now we understand him better." Blaine said with a smile. The other three nodded and turned to Blaine.

"What?" Blaine asked.

"You are not getting out of here until you show us your memory!" Blade said venomously. Blaine knew that they would hurt him to get the memory. He didn't fancy being in pain so he gave them the memory. As they watched, Blaine carefully moved further away from them.

Blade, Blake, and Blaze watched their brother listen to Harry talk to a snake which made then stiff their moan. The hissing was definitely hot. They what they saw next made them want to strangle their own brother. Harry had lost the innocent aura with him and was actually seducing him! When the memory ended, they turned to see that Blaine was behind the teacher's desk.

"He seduced you and you weren't going to tell us?!" Blaze said as he moved forward.

"You're the one to talk! You had a date with him!" Blake spat as he moved to capture Blaine as well.

"You can't talk since you made him cry!" Blade said as he managed to corner Blaine. The two others had cornered Blaine as well.

"Oh you're the one to talk? You who watched him for an hour? You who held him and carried him to bed?" Blaine argued.

The atmosphere was getting heavier and thicker.

"We can establish that all of us have had our moments with Harry." Blaine pointed out.

"And that all of us like him." Blade added.

"Add the fact that Harry kissed all of us," Blaze injected.

"And that he knows that there are four of us." Blake finished. They began to think for minutes.

"Could it be possible that Harry planned it all? Except for the mishap with Blake that is." Blaine said.

"I wonder if he really likes any of us." Asked Blaze as he sighed and sat on the floor. The other began to think the same thing.

"We can ask him." Blade suggested.

They turned to him,

"We can't just go up and ask him." Blake pointed out. Blade smirked,

"But he is a Slytherin. We would rather have you ask directly than just wonder." Blade explained which made Blaine agree. Blake and Blaze sighed,

"We'll ask him then." They said together.

They left the classroom and headed back to the Great Hall hoping that Harry was still there. However, they were stopped by Ade and Nicol.

"The Prime Minister requests your presence." Ade told them with a smirk. It made them wonder if they knew. They didn't ask and simply followed the Head Boy and Head Girl to the room next to the Transfiguration classroom, the Student System Room. The door open and the representatives turned to see who had arrived. They saw the Knightly Four and understood. They all left the classroom to wait outside. The four boys wondered but turned to Harry who was smiling at them.

"I will assume that you all four know." He said. They all nodded to an unspoken question.

"And?" Harry asked, still smiling. The brothers looked at each other and nodded before looking back at Harry. Then went down on one knee,

"We are yours to command, my lord." They said in unison which made Harry so happy.

"Yeah!" he said and clapped happily.

"Well I am glad then. You can stand up now. I know you have a question you want to ask. You all have the same one." He said which astounded them more. Not only was Harry cunning, brilliant, sneaky, charming, innocent, seductive, gently, and caring. He was observant as well. It was Blade who stepped forward,

"We wanted to ask if there is anyone of us that you particularly like the most." He said which made Harry smile sweetly which made them melt inside.

"Well, I am still eleven years old. Which means I have a lot to learn still." They nodded.

"However… At the moment, I seem to like all four of you." They looked at him.

"All four of us?" asked Blaze. Harry nodded,

"Yes, that is why I approached you all on my own and not have asked others to do it on my behalf." He told them. It made them feel a little special. Harry had sought them out himself. Wow. It was something they had not expected. Then they smiled,

"We shall wait until you are ready to choose between us then, my lord." Blake said and Harry nodded.

"Thank you. You shall be the Knights of the Jaded Citadel." Harry said with a smirk that made them smirk back.

Yup, Harry was building an army within Hogwarts. And it seemed that Hogwarts herself was helping him. The four knew that they would be expecting more surprises from their leader. And soon, everything will end.

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