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Chapter 7- Dreams and Blackness

Blaze about to close his eyes, being part of Harry's chess game was fun but tiring. He and his brother were the Knights. In a normal chess board, there are only two Knights per player. But this wasn't normal chess. It was a real life chess game and Harry was playing against Dumbledore. Harry was winning already. And it was only a matter of time when everything was revealed and Dumbledore dealt with.

He was smiling as he closed his eyes, thinking that sleep finally came to him. But he heard someone enter the room. Though Blaze wondered who it was, he didn't have the energy to peak. Then he felt his curtains being pulled open, closed, then privacy charms being placed. It was only when he felt someone climb on top of him that he opened his eyes.

"Harry?" he asked. The boy smirked,

"Who else? Expecting someone else?" the boy asked him with an amused tone. With a flick of Harry's wand, Blaze found himself tied to his bed, his arms held by his discarded necktie. Harry leaned closer to him,

"You know, I didn't place a strong silencing charm so if you make any noise, your year mates will definitely wake up. And I'm sure you don't want that, right?" Harry teased him.

Blaze finally snapped out from his musing,

"Harry? How did you get here?" he asked. Harry smirked as he began to unbutton Blaze's pajama,

"I'm the Prime Minister. I know all the passwords to the houses and where to find them. And looking for you wasn't that hard since there is a sign outside that says this was the sixth year dorm room." Blaze's chest was open for Harry to see. And the lion couldn't help but widen his eyes when he saw the lust in Harry's emerald eyes. He watched as the young snake began to trail kisses from his jaw down to his neck then to his chest.

"For a lion, you aren't putting much of a fight… Could it be that you want this too?" Harry straddled Blaze and slowly rocked himself on top of Blaze.

It had to be said, Blaze amazingly kept his voice in his throat. But it didn't keep his cock from hardening and growing. Blake saw Harry smirk wider,

"Hmmmm… It seems that's something is not willing to rest just yet." One of Harry's hands began to rub Blaze cock over his clothes. The older boy couldn't help but arch his back a little. The mere fact that Harry was touching him there was just too much.

"H-Harry… Please… Don't tease me…" he begged which was a first. And though he wondered if Harry was just teasing him, he felt his pajama bottoms being pushed down. He saw his own cock standing up proudly which just made Blaze stifle his moan when Harry took his hard cock in his hands and began stroking it.

Blaze was losing his mind. Harry's hands knew what they were doing.

"You know, being eleven doesn't mean I know nothing. It just so happens that we are taught about sex at an early age. Though on my part, I was more curious and studied further about the subject. Techniques, positions, and the toys that could be used." He explained. It answered Blaze's unspoken question. And before he could react, he saw Harry taking his cock into his mouth. Oh Merlin! Blaze bit his lip to stop himself from crying out loud. Was Harry serious? Did he really place weak silencing charms on the curtains? Well he didn't want to find out so he kept himself exceptionally quiet.

Then he felt Harry move and he watch in shock as Harry carefully positioned his ass over Blaze's cock. He swore he heard Harry whisper a lubricating charm before lowering himself. Was Harry seriously going to fuck himself on Blaze's cock?

"Harry! Wait! Untie me please!" he hissed as he felt himself enter Harry. It took all over Blaze's years of practice to scream in silence when Harry had taken all of him. Then his hands were released as Harry began to move. Blaze placed his hands on Harry's waist as Harry's hands were on Blaze's chest for support. Harry looked so delicious as he moved up and down on his cock. Blaze couldn't help but bit Harry's hardening nipples.

Blaze grabbed his wand from the bedside table and cast a strong silencing and locking charm on his curtains.

"Now, you can scream as much as you want." Blaze said as he nipped Harry's neck. Harry cried with pleasure which made Blaze move faster and deeper. The sounds coming from Harry was just too powerful.

"Fuck… Your ass is so tight around my cock." Blaze before he flipped Harry on the bed and thrust faster which made the younger call out his name,

"BLAZE!" Harry's legs wrapped around his waist and his arms around his neck. He bent down and kissed the sinful boy.

"You are… going to be… the death of me." He said as he moved faster.

"B-blaze… I'm going to… I want to…" Harry couldn't even finished his sentence? Was he feeling that good under Blaze? The older moved faster, harder, deeper into Harry who was obviously about to climax.

"Don't hold back… Just cum." Blaze said as he kept thrusting.

"BLAZE!" Harry same and Blaze did inside him, seeing as Harry wouldn't let him go.

"BLAZE!" Blaze blotted up when someone screamed his name from the other side of the curtain.

"I'm up!" he called back.

"Finally! I've been trying to wake you up for the last ten minutes! Get dress or we'll miss breakfast!" said Cory, his roommate. Blaze fell back down on his bed and sighed in frustration. He took a mental note that he was still in his clothes yet there was a sticky mess inside his pants.

"I can't believe this." He said to himself as he grabbed his wand from the table and vanished the mess. He grabbed his bathing supplies and made his way to the showers. His morning was definitely strange but he hoped that he wouldn't run into Harry as he went to breakfast. He didn't think he could handle seeing the boy without fidgeting. And this time, there was no chance of him telling his brothers about his dream.

After breakfast, Blake headed to the greenhouse to help Professor Sprout prepare for the Halloween decorations. He had told her that if she wasn't there, she'd be at Hagrid's hut, picking the best pumpkins to use. When he got there, Professor Sprout wasn't around so he went to tending to the flowers like he always did back during his first year. Professor Sprout had left him alone to help Hagrid with the pumpkins. He was thinking about Harry and how amazing the boy was.

"You know, for a sixth year, you are careless and relaxed than all the seventh year Hufflepuffs put together." Harry said as he smirked, leaning on the door. Blake turned and saw the Slytherin smirking. He chuckled,

"Well seeing these beautiful flowers, anyone who loves them loses themselves. Surely you understand." He went back to tending his flowers. Harry entered and Blake felt multiple privacy spells being cast on the door. It seemed that Harry wanted to have a serious conversation with him.

"I had a feeling you'd be here. I wanted to see you and ask you about a few things actually." He asked without turning to face him.

"And what would that be?" Harry asked.

"I wanted to know from you directly if what you did to me and my brothers were just to gain our alliance." Harry sighed and a serious look showed.

"I shall be honest then, yes. I wanted to gain you and your brother's alliance." Blake took a sharp inhale when Harry smiled.

"However, I came to you myself because I did like you four. You intrigue me the way others spoke of you as if you were sins in human form. I must admit that I was flattered when I was told that you were watching me more closely than normal. But that was probably the reason why I moved too early. Because you and your brother's gave me the thing I needed to make my move."

"And what is that?" Harry smirked.

"Your undivided attention." He banished the gloves Blake was wearing and proceeded to walk towards Blake.

"If only you didn't watch me so close, I wouldn't have gone after you myself so soon. I would have asked others first." Harry added as he stopped in front of Blake. The smirk on Harry's face was not innocent but disturbingly evil yet lustful.

"I know that for some reason, your body reacts when I touch you. I remember the last time we were here. Even the others were the same." He told Blake as he caressed Blake's cheek and smiled charmingly yet his green eyes were filled with lust.

#If parseltongue worked on Blaine, it would most likely work on you as well.# Harry hissed in Blake's ear that made the older boy's eyes widen.

"However, I do not want to use the same thing I use on Blaine with you. You may be brothers but you are all different from each other." With that, vines came out of nowhere and grabbed Blake's wrists and arms, making him dangle a few inches from the floor. Another set of vines wrapped themselves around his chest, waist, legs, and ankles. A sadistic smile sneaked into Harry face, making him lick his lips in anticipation.

"I know I am a first year, eleven at that. But that doesn't mean I do not know what sex is and what it entails. I know many things because I enjoy learning and this is simply a sex education and a private one at that." He said as he traced a finger up Blake's thigh.

"I see the way you look at me. And I saw how you looked at me the first time we met here. You hesitated because I was a first year and that would make it wrong in all levels of morality if you laid a finger on me… However it would not be that bad if I started anything." He said as he took a step back and a vine came out from the ground and snaked its way up to the bulge that was forming inside Blake's pants. Blake's breathing became shallow and his face was blushing. Harry looked up and saw that he was biting his lower lip to stop himself from making any noise.

This amused him,

"Where did all that charm you possess go, Blake? I was told that you could charm anyone you wanted." He said with a mocking tone.

"This isn't fair." Blake managed to say but went back to biting his lip again. The vine had gone down and entered his pants. The vine itself was smooth and soft which just made Blake more aroused that normal. And the fact that Harry was manipulating the vine made the arousal worse. Two more vines came and were undoing the pants' button and zipper, bringing them down with the boxers Blake was wearing. Then proceeded to crawl into Blake's shirt and tease his budding nipples. He was softly mewing which made Harry smirk so evil that it sent a shiver down Blake's spine.

"It seems like you are enjoying it. Would you like me to touch you myself? I may be a virgin but my mind is no longer one. I know a few things that would probably make you dream of me in the next few days."

"Don't g-get so cocky, Prime Minister." Blake said in between breaths. Harry laughed and commanded the vine on the lower part to begin stroking the stiff shaft Blake was sporting.

"A-a-a-agh…" was all the sound that came out from Blake's mouth.

"Such a lewd expression on that handsome face, my Hufflepuff Knight. It makes me wish that I was older to take you on myself." Harry told him as the vine that was stroking the shaft vanished to me replaced by Harry's hands.

"Hmmm… It is indeed big. You should be proud." He complimented but Blake was blushing the whole while, biting his tongue to suppress any sound that could possibly come out from his mouth.

"I do wonder how you taste though…" Harry said with a curious tone and look Blake into his mouth, making Blake regret not taking down silencing and locking charms on the greenhouse.

"S-stop… H-Harry… Y-you can't d-do that…" Blake said as he was gasping for air. The sensation of feeling Harry's tongue on him was too much for him. Then he felt the vines bringing him down but instead of releasing him, they held his hands together and his legs were spread apart. Harry had somehow lost his pants and straddled Blake who looked like he was going to faint in shock.

"Don't dare faint on me now, my Hufflepuff Knight." Harry said as he whispered a lubricating charm and slowly lowered himself on Blake's long and hard shaft. Blake did his best not to make any sound. Harry was going to fuck himself while Blake was tied. If only he were so shock out of his mind, he'd be stirred crazy on the fact that he was having sex with Harry.

When Harry had him fully inside, Blake couldn't help but mew in pleasure. Harry's as was so hot and so tight that it was gripping his cock. Harry began to bounce up and down which jump made Blake pant. He watched as the boy in front of him, move up and down, moaning in pleasure. Merlin's beard! They were having sex in the middle of the day inside the greenhouse!

"This… feels… so good." Harry said as he kept moving. He had wrapped his arms around Blake's neck for support. The next moment, the vines vanished and Blake's arms wrapped around Harry waist to support him.

"Fuck!" he cried as Harry went faster. He didn't know what the boy was thinking but losing his virginity at a young age was something Blake didn't expect from him.

He brought Harry down on the ground, and positioned himself on top of Harry, thrusting himself faster and harder into the young snake. Harry was mewing in pleasure beneath Blake which fueled his ego immensely.

"Faster… More… Harder…" Harry cried beneath him. Who was he to deny the plea? Besides, Harry started it anyway. There was no turning back or stopping. Blake thrust harder, faster, and deeper into Harry.

"I'm… I'm going to… cum! More! Please! More!" Harry cried again. Blake was all too happy to make him cum. After a few more thrust Harry was about to cum and Blake was about to pull out but Harry locked in with his legs which made Blake cum inside Harry who cried

"BLAKE!" as he came as well.

Then he woke up.

Blake looked around. He was still inside the greenhouse, alone. When had he fallen asleep? He looked down and felt a mess inside his pants. He groaned in annoyance. He cleaned himself and got off the stool and decided to return to the castle. That was the most disturbing dream he ever had. And to think that in his dream, it was Harry who was dominating him, tying him up.

"Damn!" he hissed as he pulled his cloak closer around him and walked back to the castle. He couldn't wait for Professor Sprout any longer because if Harry volunteered there, he couldn't face the boy just a few minutes after he woke up from his dream.

After lunch, in the deep corner of the library, Blaine was gathering pieces of information from different books for his Transfiguration assignment. He was at the same hidden area he used the last time he was there. He finished writing and critically looked over his homework before declaring that he was finished. He rolled up his parchment, pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. He was finally done.

"Blaine? Are you alright?" he heard someone asked from behind. He turned to see Harry look at him with a concerned look on his face. Blaine instantly smiled,

"Of course I'm fine. I just finished my Transfiguration homework. I have never been more proud of myself than now." He told him. Harry then smiled,

"Why? What about your homework this time than the others?" he asked as he sat down on the seat next to Blaine.

"Well, for one thing, this homework was supposed to be five feet long. And the fact that it wasn't due until next week makes me proud to have finished it five days before it is due." He said proudly. The younger boy nodded in understanding,

"I see. No wonder you're happy. So no more homework?" Blaine shook his head. "For a Prime Minister, you don't seem so busy." Harry laughed happily.

"That is because the Head Boy, Head Girl, and the Prefects have been helping me. Add the representatives to the list, I have time to do my own homework and talk to students."

Blaine was proud that despite being so young, Harry was doing well with the role that was given to him.

"So, may I know why the Prime Minister has graced me with his presence aside from asking if I was alright?" Harry blushed a little and looked down at his hands.

"I… I came to say sorry actually." He said. This made the Ravenclaw raise a brow.

"Whatever on earth for, Harry?" he was concerned. What had Harry done to make him apologize? As far as Blaine knew the boy had done nothing to make him say sorry.

"I… Last time… Last time we spoke I did something to make you uncomfortable. I wanted to apologize for it." It took Blaine a few seconds to recall what Harry mentioned and his eyes widen in understanding.

"Oh that." "

Yes, that." Harry began to fidget in his seat which made Blaine smile.

"Harry, look at me." He said as he placed a finger on Harry's chin so that the boy would look at him. Harry did.

"There is no need for you to apologize. What happened then was because of my own thoughts and mine alone. You have done nothing wrong." He said sincerely.

"Really?" Harry asked with his eyes widening in surprise and innocence. Blaine nodded and smiled.

"Really. You have done nothing wrong." He told Harry and kissed his forehead.

"So no need for you to say sorry or look like you've killed someone." He added with a chuckle. Harry launched himself into Blaine's arms and hugged the older boy who was stunned yet happily wrapped his arms around Harry to support him.

When Harry looked up, their lips were about an inch apart. And without warning, Harry leaned closer and closed the gap between them. Thinking it was an innocent kiss, Blaine smiled and just allowed Harry to have his way. However, the next moment, he felt Harry's tongue demanding entrance. Without thinking, the fight for dominance began. Blaine's pride as the older one was placed on the line the moment Harry initiated the snogging session. Harry's arms moved and wrapped themselves around Blaine's neck and Blaine's own arms wrapped around Harry's waist just a little more tightly.

He didn't know where it was going but he knew he had to stop it before it went any further. Harry was still eleven and it wouldn't bode well for his person if word got out that he took the boy's virginity too early. He pulled away, watching the younger boy trying to catch his breath.

"Harry, this can't get any further than this. You're still too young. People would kill me if they find out-" he stopped when he saw Harry smirk.

"I knew you'd say something like that." Harry said as he moved and wandlessly and nonverbally cast a notice-me-not and silencing spells on the only entrance to the nearly hidden area. Books began to open and the letters took form of ropes and wrapped his wrists, waist and feet.

The table had moved on its own, giving Harry more space to move in front of Blaine.

"Sometimes I forget who is younger between us. I hope you didn't really think that what I did last time was out of innocence. I actually knew what I was doing. I knew well which bottoms to push and where to touch to make you moan my name." he said with a smirk on his face that erased any trace of innocence he knew the boy had.

"Harry? Y-you mean?" Blaine asked, still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that Harry had actually tried to seduce him last week and was doing it again. But he had a feeling that this time would be different.

Harry moved and straddled him, wrapping his arms around his neck. The boy began to move, slowly rubbing himself against Blaine's groin. Blaine stifles his moan which made Harry smirk wider.

"You don't have to stop yourself from moaning. No one will hear you aside from me, Blaine. And I would love nothing more than to hear what kind of noises you make." Harry whispered to his ear which made Blaine's eyes grow wider.

"Ha-Harry… P-please…" he begged. Blaine knew his cock was growing harder which he knew that Harry was going to feel it any moment.

"Please what Blaine?" the snake asked innocently.

"P-please… no more…" the raven pleaded. He didn't know how long he would have until he came.

"You say no yet your body is saying otherwise." Harry told him as he placed a hand on the bulge, rubbing it with the perfect amount of strength that made Blaine arch his back with pleasure. Blaine was still trying to make his brain function when Harry began to unbutton his pants and pulled it down along with his boxers. Blaine's manhood was standing proud for Harry to see. The Ravenclaw blushed Gryffindor red as he watched the boy stroking his cock and massaging his swollen balls. He began to moan and shiver as Harry kept stroking him. After a few more minutes, Harry took Blaine into his mouth and the action made Blaine's mind shatter into a million pieces.

"Hmmmm…." Was all the sound Harry made which made Blaine moan and cry Harry's name. He thought Harry was going to stop but he saw the boy standing up and somehow lost his pants. He heard Harry whisper lubricating charms which made Blaine freeze once more. Harry was going to fuck himself on Blaine? Harry slowly lowered himself on Blaine and mewed as he managed to take all of Blaine inside.

"Harry… too tight." Blaine gasped as he felt the inside of Harry's arse. It was hot and tight. Oh so tight. After what seemed like forever, Harry began to move and the letter rope that held Blaine disappeared. Immediately, his arms wrapped around Harry who was pleasuring himself.

"Merlin… Blaine… so good," Harry said in between his panting. Blaine's ego inflated by itself which made his carry the boy and placed him on the table without even detaching himself. He began thrusting harder inside Harry who looked like he had gone to heaven and back.

"Merlin! More! Faster! Harder!" Harry cried as he wrapped his legs around Blaine. The older boy gave what he was asked for. Blaine moved faster and harder which made Harry hold the edge of the tables to support himself.

"Yes… right there…" Harry cried as Blaine kept going.

Blaine felt that his balls were about to burst, he was going to cum soon and sooner the better.

"Blaine… please… inside me… need to cum… please… more." Harry pleaded with a seductive tone that Blaine lost himself once again. How was Harry doing it? Making him fall into pieces and just giving what the younger ask. He watched as Harry began to stroke himself to cum,

"Mmmm… So close… Ne-need to… I'm c-cumming… I'm cumming!" Harry cried out as Blaine moved faster. He was going to cum as well and he knew he was going to be going off the same time as Harry.

"Ugh… Harry! I'm going to… cum!" Blaine said as he came inside Harry.

"BLAINE!" Harry cried as he came as well. White semen was all over his chest.

"Blaine…" Harry said with a husky tone.

"Blaine… Blaine!" someone hissed as he was being shaken. Blaine sat up and the other nearly got knocked back.

"Blaine! Are you alright? You were shaking like you were having a bad dream." Arianna Walker asked. Blaine turned to her with wide eyes. He had fallen asleep? So it was all a dream? He shook his head.

"I'm fine. Just a dream. Thank you." He told her. She nodded and left him with concern still on her face. Blaine felt a sticky mess inside his pants which made him groan in annoyance. Stupid dream. He cleansed himself and gathered his things. He hoped that he wouldn't be able to run into Harry or he'd run the other way. He made his way back to the Ravenclaw tower to get some rest before dinner.

Two hours later, everyone was making their way to the Great Hall for dinner. Everyone was settling themselves when the Headmaster stood up, having everyone's attention on him.

"As everyone well knows, tomorrow we will be celebrating Allhallows's Eve or known to our muggleborns as Halloween. We will be having a grand feast tomorrow night as to celebrate the occasion. Now, everyone may enjoy their evening meal." He said as the food appeared.

Harry looked down at the food and sighed. He lost his appetite when the old codger talked about celebrating Halloween, the night his parents died; the same night that he was nearly killed and left orphaned. Though he loved his Uncle, Aunt, and cousin, he still wondered what it was like to have parents. The snakes turned to their lord and saw the pain in his eyes. They couldn't do anything to help him unless they'd be able to raise the dead and bring them back to life. The Ravenclaws also saw Harry and the sadness that was all over his face.

Everyone in the Slytherin table noticed that their lord was barely eating. But it was given since tomorrow marked the day that made Harry's life miserable. Dinner ended without a fanfare. Everyone went back to their houses after seeing their Prime Minister's look. The Head Boy and Girl looked torn. Was there nothing they could do to make the boy smile?

Inside the snake pit, everyone retreated back to their rooms immediately when Harry sat on the couch facing the fire. The aura he was emitting was enough instruction to them all to just leave him alone.

It was an hour before midnight; the common room was dead quiet. The sound of the fire cracking echoed throughout the room. Then he felt a hand touch his shoulder. Harry looked up and saw Blade. The older boy sat beside him and pulled him for a hug.

"Go ahead. Just cry it out. No one else will see you." He said in a whisper. That broke Harry and he cried in Blade's chest. It was heartbreaking. He could feel Harry's tears fall and there was nothing he or the rest of the school could do to make him feel better.

It was midnight when Harry had finished crying, his eyes red and tear tracks showed below them.

"I won't insult you by asking if you feel better. However, I will ask you if there is anything I or the rest can do for you?" he was concerned for his lord, his Minister, his Harry. Those emerald eyes weren't meant to shed tears, no matter the reason.

Harry shook his head.

"There is nothing you or anyone else can do for me. Not until you can turn back in time and stop the Dark Lord from taking my parents, I just have to accept the fact that I will never see them while I'm alive." He said as he was still in Blade's arms. He felt somewhat comforted.

"Thank you… For allowing me to cry on you." Harry said as he buried his face back in Blade's chest. Blade wrapped his arms around Harry tighter to convey how he felt. Since he couldn't do anything for the boy, holding him close and making him feel that he wasn't alone was all he could do for now.

Then Harry moved and leaned up to kiss Blade. The kiss was chaste which made Blade realize that he was still holding Harry.

"If there is nothing I can do to change your past, let me make you feel that you are not alone. Let me make you feel that you are loved and wanted." He said which Harry nodded. Though he was still young, Blade felt it was the only way. He began to kiss Harry who had responded well to him. He planned to just kiss Harry, nothing more less he wanted to be killed by the whole Slytherin House and the rest of the school as well. However, when Harry somehow flipped them over, Blade knew this wasn't going to be just snogging.

Harry hands were exploring his body while demanding entrance to Blade's mouth. Then Blade took a sharp intake of breath when Harry's hands found his growing problem. How in Salazar Slytherin's name did the boy manage to make him feel the way he was feeling in less than ten minutes? Blade suddenly felt velvet ropes wrapping around his wrists and legs. Then when Harry pulled back from the kiss, he was smirking down at Blade. Blade had his hands tied back and his feet tied down. He could barely move when Harry began to undo his pants and push them down with his boxers.

"Ha-Harry wait… You can't…" he moaned when Harry began to rub his cock.

"Oh, I can't? You know Blade, I live to defy the rules. And as you can see, I already am." Harry said confidently.

Blade knew Harry was right, there was nothing Blade could do but stop himself from making loud sounds. There was no way he could silence the whole room since the space was too huge for him. Harry seem to know that he had Blade in his control when his smirk grew wider. Everything went by so fast for Blade since the next thing he saw was Harry lowering himself down on his stiff cock. When did Harry lose his pants? And what was he doing that he didn't see it? Harry adjusted him when Blade was inside Harry.

"Fuck! So tight!" Blade managed to hiss out which made Harry chuckle and moan at the same time. Then Blade watched with lust in his eyes, Harry moving up and down. The boy was young yet he knew how to do this. It was rumored that Harry loved to learn. But did it mean that Harry even learned sex? If that was the case, what else did Harry know?

The whole time, Harry was in charge. He took control of the whole exercise, and leaving Blade froze to just watch and moan his name in pleasure.

"Ha-Harry… I'm not going to last long… Please…" Blade pleaded. Harry then began to move faster and went deeper. Blade could feel that he was going deeper into Harry's arse who looked so delicious on top of him. Damn the boy for being so innocent that Blade didn't think him capable of such things. Then he felt Harry tense up, the boy was going to cum. And Blade wasn't far behind. He was going to sum as well. And it seemed that Harry wasn't going to get off him. It only meant that he wanted Blade to climax inside him. It made Blade want to release even more.

After a few more minutes, Blade released himself inside of Harry who had his release as well crying out,

"BLADE!" the whole while.

"Blade!" Marcus screamed in his ear which caused Blade to fall out of the couch and fall face first on the cold floor. Marcus and Miles laughed as Blade groaned. He looked and saw that he was wearing his pants again but he was alone. What the hell just happened? Was it all a dream? He could honestly feel that it was all real. He bumped his head on the floor again and groaned.

"Great. Just great." He thought to himself. Then he got up, feeling the mess in his pants, he made a face. Ugh. He pulled out his wand from his pocket and flicked the mess inside into oblivion.

"Thanks for the rude awakening." He told them with a glare.

Both boys smirked,

"Well, it wasn't our fault that you fell asleep on the couch. Harry woke us up last night to get you to bed but you wouldn't wake up. So we told him to let you just sleep there." Marcus explained.

"Yeah, you sleep like the dead. I told Marcus that if the whole room crashed down, you'd still be asleep." Miles taunted as he moved away before Blade could smack him.

"Well, you better shower and change. The Head Boy, Head, Girl, and the other Prefects called for a secret meeting concerning the Prime Minister." Marcus said with a serious tone. Miles lost his smile,

"We saw his red eyes last night. You saw him cry, didn't you?" Blade couldn't answer so he merely nodded. He now recalled what it was like to see Harry cry for the first time. And Blade never wanted to see it again. It was just too much.

He got up and showered, forgetting the dream over the devastating look Harry had. Blade swore he could still feel the hot tears on his chest even after showering and changing into his uniform. He went back down to the common room where Marcus and Miles were waiting and together left for the Great Hall for breakfast. They needed to attend that meeting to prepare for the feast later that night. Merlin knew that that all needed all the planning they could cram in eleven hours.

The Great Hall was filled with people but the Prefects, representatives, and the Head Boy and Girl didn't look too excited for tonight. Who would when they knew why tonight shouldn't happen at all? That it should not be celebrated with glee. Harry was nowhere to be seen. Draco, Blaise, Theo, Vince and Goyle weren't there as well. The first year girls didn't know where they were. Just then, the first year boys came minus Harry. Where was he?

"Draco, have you seen the Prime Minister?" Marcus asked. The representatives turned to look at the blond boy as well.

"No I have, Prefect Marcus." Draco answered.

"He wasn't in the dorm room when we woke up and his mess was a mess. He slept there but must has left before any of us got up." Greg pointed out. Those who didn't know Greg and Vince would automatically think that they were slow but actually they weren't.

Both boys were smart and cunning as any Slytherin. Though they had their slow moments, they usually think fast when it came to retaliation. The Head Boy and Girl came to them, wondering what the problem seemed to be.

"Prefect Marcus, what seems to be the trouble so early this morning?" asked Nicol. The Slytherins turned to her and the Head Boy.

"The Prime Minister is missing, Head Girl Ly." Miles answered for them.

"What?!" both Heads reacted.

"He wasn't in bed when we woke up but it was slept in." Blaise told them. Both Heads nodded and turned to the Great Hall.

"Prefects and representatives of all houses, report to the Student System room immediately." Ade said with all seriousness and the students began to stand up and leave.

Draco turned to his friends.

"We have to look for him." He said and they left immediately. They left the Great Hall, leaving the whole Staff Table with raised brows. What was happening?

Meanwhile, Harry was inside the library. He was buried in thoughts about a particular teacher: Professor Quirell. The man seemed harmless and was even scared of his own shadow. However Harry remembered well the time he had heard the man talking to someone about taking something. What did they want? And why did it seem so important that they had to hide? He was lost in thoughts when he felt someone nearby. The presence and the level of magic made Harry freeze in his seat. The magic was so strong that it was like choking him.

"We shall meet soon, my little snake. And when that time comes, I shall decide what to do with you." Hissed the unknown being. Then Harry was released and the magic vanished.

Harry gasped for air the moment he felt that he was released from the magical grip that had him. Who was it and what did it want from him? He knew that whoever it was spoke parseltongue which meant that whoever it was there came from Slytherin's line. The only question was: who? He shook his head, trying to shake away the feeling that something was going to happen and that Harry wasn't going to like it. Then when he stood up, he felt someone hit his head from behind. And everything went black.

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