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Chapter 9- Chicken Sandwiches, Chocolate Sponge Cake, Honey Tea, and Hermione Granger

Harry was released from the Hospital Wing the very next day just before breakfast. He was escorted out by Draco, Blaise, Theo, and the Knightly four who shot down all of Harry's protest.

"You've been attacked once. Who says it won't happen again?" Theo asked without even looking at Harry who they heard sigh in frustration.

"This time, we won't be taking any chances." Blaise informed Harry he wore back his mask as they entered the Great Hall.

All eyes turned to watch him make his way towards the Slytherin table were the rest of his friends and members of The Tribunal were waiting. The whole Slytherin house stood up and greeted Harry for being released from the Hospital Wing.

They sat down when Harry did and they began to eat their first meal of the day.

"How are you feeling today, Prime Minister?" asked the Head Boy which made everyone turn to look at him. Harry had to contain his sigh and turned to everyone.

"I am fine now, thank you very much. I know that I have made everyone worried because of what happened to me a few days ago. Rest assured that I do not suffer any side effects nor do I feel any pain. Now, I suggest everyone to continue their meals since most of you have classes after breakfast." He told them with a smile which made everyone smile as well.

Dumbledore was smiling the whole while Harry addressed the student population. He could already see an army of loyal students at his command when Voldemort returned. He knew that it was going to keep him smiling for the next few days.

However, several people had noticed Dumbledore's happy expression. Most of them were from the Staff table and they had to restrain themselves from sneering at the man they call 'boss'.

When breakfast was over, Harry was escorted by his knights once again to his first lesson of the day: Potions. However, it made Draco, Blaise, and Theo growl when they remembered that they shared the class with Gryffindors.

Though they no longer hated the House of the lions, it didn't mean that they were now in good terms with them. The snakes keep a peaceful relationship with them in public for the Prime Minister who seem adamant that they keep their rivalry in classrooms and that they settle it with grades and Quidditch.

When they got to the dungeons, the knights bowed and left the snakes to head to their own classes.

"So, the great and mighty Prime Minister has returned from the Hospital Wing." Ron sneered hotly as Harry entered the classroom with Draco, Blaise, and Theo. The other Gryffindors however glared at Ron but the redhead didn't pay them much mind.

"Carefully Mr. Weasley. Your words might indicate that you had something to do with the attack in the library." Harry said with a cold tone which made Ron glare at him.

"And why would I bother—"

"If you were going to say that why would you bother plan an attack against me, may I remind you that you did once before. And let me tell you now that the Head Boy, Head Girl, the prefects, and the representatives of The Tribunal know about it. And the information didn't even come from me. " Harry told him as he sat down.

Ron's eyes widen and he paled.

"So, if you do not want to be subjected to an hour of questioning under the mercies of the Head Boy and Head Girl, I suggest you remain quiet and stop digging your own grave." Harry said one last time, just in time for Snape to enter the room with his robes bellowing behind him.

The class began and Snape immediately made them brew a potion to cure boils. He didn't have much plans for the first lesson since he was worried most of the time for Harry who was in the Infirmary than walking the halls and beating down Weasley in classes.

The day went by faster than the students thought.

Harry was inside The Tribunal meeting room, having afternoon tea with the rest of the members of the group. The elves brought them chicken sandwiches upon Harry's request.

"A castle divided against itself cannot stand," Harry said as he took a sip of his honey tea.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and listened.

"How is the questioning going so far?" he asked.

"The prefects and the representatives have managed to go through one-fourth of each house since yesterday. You gave the order yesterday and so far, none of the ones they have questioned said that they were in the library." Said Ade.

"However, those that were in the library the same time you were, didn't see anyone else nor did they notice you being there at all." Nicol added which made the prefects and the representatives nod.

"I already have a few suspects in mind. But until the whole student body has been questions, my suspicions will remain within my person." Harry told them and they nodded.

"I want you all to remember that if the attack could have done what he did to me, who says he won't do it to the others?" he reminded them and they paled.

"Is there anyone in particular you want us to watch closely, Prime Minister?" Blade asked.

They all turned to look at Blade then Harry who placed down his cup and saucer on the table.

"Weasley and Granger of Gryffindor house."

Percy stiffened.

"He has planned harm upon me thrice already. That's as much mercy as I can grant him. First two were meant to be kept quiet but then his been vocal about his dislike towards me from the beginning. Granger, because I know that along with Ronald, they both work for Dumbledore." He explained then turned to Percy.

"I know this will be hard for you Percy. That you have to keep an eye on him and Dumbledore. However, if they can do this within the castle, who knows what harm they can bring upon the Ministry and the rest of the wizarding world."

Percy frowned. He had been wanting to work for the Minister of Magic since he was a first year. That was the reason he kept his grades on top of his year and no bad records unlike his brothers. Even Bill and Charlie had marks but Percy alone had a clean record since his family attended Hogwarts. He then shook his head.

"I understand completely, Prime Minister. If they can harm you, a political prodigy in Hogwarts, what's to keep them from harming the Minister of Magic when they leave?" Harry nodded and so did the rest of the members.

"Prefects and representatives of Gryffindor, I want eyes and ears on Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger twenty-four seven. When the week is up, I want to hear any report about their movements and their meetings with the Headmaster." He instructed coldly then turned to his knights.

"You four have a different task and it probably is more riskier than tailing Weasley and Granger." Harry said with a tone that meant that whatever he was going to say was really bad.

"We'll move as carefully as we possibly can." Blake said.

"I want you to coordinate with the Weasley twins. They seem to know the castle differently than everyone else. I want eyes and ears on Professor Quirell." The whole room froze.

"Why him?" asked Nicol.

"Because that man has no allegiance yet he has secrets. I want to know what they are and I want you to be very careful in dealing with him. He may not look like it but I have felt that there is more to him that what he shows." Harry said seriously and the four nodded.

The next afternoon, Ron and Hermione were inside an used classroom.

"Seriously Ronald. You can get us both exposed if you don't shut that mouth of yours whenever Harry is around." Hermione said.

"Well, what do you want me to do? Roll over and play dead like the rest of the school?" Ron argued.

"You can pretend to not notice him. That temper of yours will cause us more than just a few detentions and hexes." She reminded him.

"I just don't understand how that guy got sorted into Slytherin! He was supposed to be in Gryffindor! Dumbledore said so. On the train, he looked like he was getting along well with us." Ron said as he crossed his arms.

"Well, let me remind you that the Sorting Hat sorts the students, not Dumbledore. Maybe the hat saw something and placed him there. Besides, he became distant since you verbally attacked him after he got sorted into Slytherin."

Ron turned red as he recalled telling Harry that he was nothing more than a slimy Slytherin. It was worse recalling it now since Hermione had to remind him of it.

"If you keep attacking him either in private or in public, he will take action sooner or later. Yesterday's attack made the rest of our house hate you more than ever. Dumbledore might stop backing you up if it gets worse. He won't side with you if the whole house sides with Harry. Dumbledore will not put his reputation on the line to fix the mistakes of a first year screw up." She told him coldly which made him pale.

"But Dumbledore would never leave—"

"He will if you keep angering Harry Potter, the Prime Minster of The Tribunal! He will not risk being on his bad side since he has access to the Board of Governors as well. Now that I think about it, if Harry reports about your verbal attacks against him, they will do something about it. I have read that The Tribunal's Prime Minister has a special seat amongst the Board. They will not take this act as a childish school rivalry. It is against a member of their Board and they will do something." She notified the paler red head.

Ron finally understood.

One last false move and he might get punished not by the teachers but The Board of Governors directly.

Hermione shook her head and moved to leave Ron. He needed to think about his future actions.

"Things aren't as simple as we thought it would be, Ron." She said and opened the door.

She had not noticed four pairs of eyes watching her leave the room and go down the stairs. The four who had listened nodded to each other and left.

Hermione left the castle and went into the forest to read a book. She couldn't use the library since Harry had been attacked there and there had been whispers that Ron was behind it. She didn't want to risk her own skin if Ron did attack Harry.

She sat by the edge of the lake, pulling out a small checkered blanket, a small plate, and the chocolate sponge cake she had asked from the kitchens. Hermione knew she needed the break from all the craziness and Ron. Especially Ron.

Have way through her cake and her book, she felt someone sat beside her.

"I highly suggest you return to the castle, Ms. Granger. We still have no idea who attacked me in the library a few days ago. He or she might run into you and harm you out here where no one can hear you." Harry informed her as he turned from the Lake to look at her, smiling.

"I was just reading and having cake. I planned to return after I finish my cake." She informed him, trying to keep her nerves in line.

"Well, I can't leave a lady like you alone here, now can I? I shall accompany you until you finish you cake and head back to the castle." He said and turned to the three that was a few feet away from them.

"Wait for me at the courtyard. I shall accompany Ms. Granger to make sure she is kept safe." He said and the three nodded.

Though they didn't want to, they left Harry alone with the mudblood Gryffindor, glaring at her before leaving them completely.

"I apologize for them. They have been very protective since the attack." He told her and went back to looking at the lake's surface.

Hermione didn't know what to do. She had never thought that she would have Harry alone away from the castle. She quickly shook her head when her mind caught up on what Harry had said.

"It's alright. I understand. I would have done the same they did but since we are neither friends nor am I a member of The Tribunal, I have little to no power to be your guard." She told him as she offered him her cake, which Harry declined with a smile.

"Ms. Granger, I have no qualms against us being friends. However, if you are also in good terms with Ronald Weasley, he might not like the idea of you being with me. He has already expressed his… aversion towards me from the moment I was sorted into my house. Do you have any idea why this has come to pass?" he asked her softly, innocently as he could.

The Gryffindor lioness sighed and closed her book.

"What I got from him after the sorting, when we were inside our House, Ron had been told by Dumbledore that you would be attending Hogwarts this year like him. He told us that he found out that his parents were friends with yours back then and wished that he was friends with you just like how it was before. But when you got sorted into Slytherin, all his hopes of being friends with you went out the window. His parents and your parents were in Gryffindor. He thought that it wouldn't be the same if you weren't in Gryffindor like you parents." She lied to him calmly.

"But then again, I wouldn't have minded if he wasn't in Slytherin. As you can probably tell, I have friends from the other houses as well." Harry told her.

"I know. However, for some odd reason, Ron probably wasn't raised to see pass the house of a particular person. He kept telling us that wizards go dark in Slytherin house. I see differently. You aren't dark. You even managed to unify all houses within the first few weeks of the first term. I concluded that Ron is narrow minded and has an emotional range of a teaspoon which is why he tends to 'speak out loud' whenever he 'feels' anything." She explained further.

Harry sighed.

"You know we can still be friends. But then, I can't absolutely ask you to leave Ronald just so we can be friends. It wouldn't be fair for him. Even if he had never been fair towards me from the beginning." Harry remarked with a saddened face. He knew well how to play with his voice and facial expressions. He and Dudley used to confuse their friends if they were being sincere or now.

Hermione on the other hand, believed that Harry really wanted to be friends with her. She seemed hesitant for a little bit which he noticed instantly.

"Are you alright, Hermione?" he asked softly yet with a tone of concern.

"I… Harry… Can we be friends? I don't care what Ron will say. You're a better friend that him anyway. He doesn't listen to me when I warn him that his big mouth will get him in trouble one of these days…" she said as she turned to look at him, almost like pleading.

"Hermione… I want to be friends with you. But I don't want someone hating you more. I won't be able to protect you if Ronald plans to harm you like he did to me." Harry told her.

She shook her head.

"I don't care. I can take care of myself, Prime Minister. Ron will not be able to harm me." She told him with a confident smile.

Harry looked at her and smiled but was mentally laughing.

Did she really believe him? Did she really think that he didn't know her change course of action will make her more trusted by Dumbledore? Of course not. She seems very convinced that she's the one playing Harry for the fool.

"Alright. But I want you to be very careful when you're with him. Who knows what he'll do to you?" Harry warned her.

She nodded and finished her cake. Harry helped her fold the cloth they were sitting on and offered her his arm as they headed back to the castle.

Draco, Blaise, and Theo were staring in wide eye shock when they saw Harry return with the mudblood beside him, holding on to him.

"Thank you, Harry. I'll see you around." She said as she turned and left the Slytherin boys, probably going to talk to Dumbledore.

Harry looked up and saw the Weasley twins with Blake and Blaine. They nodded and left the window, probably to see if Granger was really going to see Dumbledore.

Harry turned back to his dorm mates and smiled.

"Shall we head back to the dorm room? I think we have a very interesting topic to talk about." He told them and they nodded.

Harry walked beside Draco with Blaise in front and Theo behind them.

Once inside the safety of their dorm room, Draco had placed a silencing and locking spell on the door.

"Alright, explain why that mudblood was touching you, Harry." Draco said with disgust while Harry chuckle.

"You see, I have just watched her save her own skin from my wrath. She was willing to have the Weasley spawn 'hate' her for befriending me. I, of course, warned her that I wouldn't be able to watch and protect her all the time. She still agreed and said that he wouldn't be a problem. Right now, we just have to wait for a confirmation from Blake, Blaine, Fred, and George if she did head to see Dumbledore after leaving us in the courtyard." Harry explained and they laughed.

"Trust a mudblood like her to find ways to be near you. She'll be sorry sooner or later." Blaise commented which earned nods from Draco and Theo.

Harry then began to explain to them to curb their hate towards her when she was around.

"She has her uses. In the right moment, she will spill the secrets she has with Dumbledore. And I already know how." Harry said with a smirk that would have made Lucius, Severus, and Narcissa proud of him.

"Will you tell us?" asked Theo.

"No, I won't. I shall make it a surprise when I do reveal it." Harry answered.

Draco chuckled as he clapped his hands.

"I love surprises." He said which made the others laugh.

Half an hour later, a knock on the door made Draco instantly take down the spells he had placed on the door as Theo opened the door to reveal Kierron Firestone standing outside.

"Prime Minister, the Head Boy and Girl, along with the Prefects, the representatives, and the knights have assembled in the meeting room and requests your presence. We have something very important to tell you." He informed Harry who nodded and stood up, the three boys following suit.

When they got to the meeting room, the Weasley twins were looking at a piece of parchment before turning to Harry.

"Prime Minister, you would just love to see this." Fred said as George laid the parchment in front of Harry's seat.

A dot with the name 'Hermione Granger' and 'Albus Dumbledore' were inside Dumbledore's office.

"How long has she been there? " Harry said as he eyed the parchment.

"And what is that thing?" asked Nicol, seeing her name inside the box that said The Tribunal Meeting Room.

"It's called the Marauder's Map. We got it front Filch's office first year and have been using it since then." Fred explained to Nicol and the rest what the map was.

"And she has been in there since she left you, Draco, Blaise, and Theo in the courtyard." George said with a smirk.

"Perfect." Harry said as she smirked.

Yes, Hermione Jean Granger was falling into his nice little trap very nicely. It was only a matter of time when he makes her tell him everything he wanted to know about Dumbledore and his plans.

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