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AN: My first Yu-gi-oh GX story. I've been a fan of this series for years and finally decided to write my own story for it. Like most, if not all, of the stories on here, it'll be a rewrite of the canon story because, in my opinion anyway, why fix what's not broken? Jaden is the main character in this story, obviously, but he isn't exactly the same Jaden that we all know from Season 1 of the show. He's like a mix of his Season 1 and 4 counterparts, but he uses his Evil Heroes in the story. How he got them will be touched upon at different points in the story starting with this first chapter. He also has a twin in this story named Jason 'Jace' Yuki, who plays a big part in Jaden's development in the story. He won't hog the limelight too much, only during his duels. He's also one of my most unique characters. You'll see when you first see him in this chapter. All I can say is get ready for 'Protective Older Brother!Jaden'.

I can also say that sadly Jaden won't have Winged Kuriboh in this story. He'll have his Heroes and Yubel instead.

Anyways, I hope you like my first chapter. I'm so excited!

I want to give a shoutout to 'BlueInfernoX', 'YugiohFreak54', and 'The Duelist of Dawn' whose awesome writing inspired me to write this.


Chapter 1-


An alarm clock blazed to life, filling the bedroom it was in with loud noises that caused one of the two occupants to fall off his bed and onto the floor. He had dark brown hair that met down to the base of his neck. The hair on his left side was tucked neatly behind his ear with the hair on his right side kept down, covering his bandage covered face. His one visible brown eye was shut halfway, showing that he was in a bunch of pain after falling painfully down from the top bunk of the bed down to the carpeted floor that was in the room he shared with his brother. Yet, despite being in pain, not a single sound escaped his mouth. Not even a wince. He rubbed the base of his white T-shirt as he halted himself up from the ground, almost falling back down when his bare feet kept the bottom of his blue pajama pants planted to the ground.

He slammed his palm on the top of the alarm clock and turned back to the other occupant of the room. He wore a white T-shirt too, but his pants were red instead of blue. He laid spread eagle on the bed, his mouth releasing snores and acting like if the sound of the loud alarm clock didn't register in his mind. It probably didn't seeing as he turned onto his side and kept snoring. His hair was the same shade of dark brown as the other boy's, only he had a spot of orange at the top of his head. The other distinctive difference between them was that this boy had both eyes visible and didn't have as long hair as the other boy did.

The awake boy made a sighing motion, but no sigh came out his mouth. He shrugged his shoulders after going something over in his head and pulled the sleeping boy off the bottom bunk, causing him to finally jump to life as the sudden movement of his body caused him and the other boy to be pulled down to the floor.

The boy who finally woke up glared on down to the grinning boy beneath him as he stood up, "That was not cool, Jace. Not cool at all." The boy named Jace made some motions with his hand that caused the other boy to harden his glare. "I don't care if Yubel told you to do it or not! You could've just shaken me to get me up, not pull me down to the ground. How many times do I have to tell you to be careful?" Jace lowered his head, seemingly feeling ashamed at his actions. The second boy sighed and was about to explain himself before a third voice called out.

"He knows what he's doing, Jaden." The boy known as Jaden turned his head to the source of the voice. Standing, actually the correct term being hovering, was a demonic-like looking creature. She had sickly-pink skin, large black wings on her back, and heterochromic eyes and a third vertically placed eye on her forehead. She wore a black suit that covered one of her breasts with gray clothing over the covered torso. Her arms were folded at her chest as she glanced towards Jaden. "Jason knows what he's doing with his injury. He's been living with it for years now. He knows what to and what not to do when it comes with it." The creature explained.

Jaden sighed, "I know, Yubel; but still... it doesn't stop me from worrying about my little brother. He's all I have besides you guys." Jaden explained, looking to his twin brother with a caring expression. The Yuki twins were orphaned after a major accident that changed their lives forever. Jason was injured greatly, which caused Jaden to explode into a fit of rage like no one has ever seen. His usually brown eyes had taken on a honey-like color and chaos ensued, resulting in the deaths of many people when his powers of the Supreme King awakened at seeing his brother gravely injured, including his parents. No orphanage wanted the Yuki twins after they refused over and over to hand over the inheritance they had from their successful high-working parents after their deaths. No matter; they supported one another with money collected from Duel Monster tournaments and small jobs, although they had a rough start when Jason was comatose and Jaden was in a depressed state over what he had done. Yubel had no choice but to explain it to him then that he was the reincarnation of the Supreme King, ruler over an alternate dimension many centuries ago. Yubel stated the king to be vicious and evil, but Jaden didn't want to be evil; so after Jason recovered from his accident, Jaden and Yubel started working to train his powers of the king so he can use them for good. An added bonus was that every time Yubel felt he advanced far enough, she granted him a new card from a one of a kind series known as Evil Heroes, cards that the king had used. Jaden wanted to change them and make them used for good, despite their namesake.

Jason frowned lightly at being called 'little brother', so he made some signs with his hand that caused Jaden to jab a finger in his direction. "I told you to stop it with the 'your majesty' stuff already. It gets annoying," Jason smirked and made some more signs with his hand. Jaden pouted when he realized what Jason was trying to say. "Outwitted by my mute brother. Not everyone can say that."

Jason Yuki was born without a voice, not making one sound all his life so far. This earned him ridicule and teasing from the other kids of course, but Jaden was always there to beat down the bullies who made fun of his brother during their early youth. The teasing eventually stopped, only to reawaken after Jason's accident that forced him to wear bandages around his face. Jaden had made the bold, and stupid, decision to take them both away from their school after the teasing proved to be too much to handle after one kid ripped Jason's bandages off his face, causing Jaden to almost used his Supreme King powers to kill him like that day he awakened them. One more outburst like that can get them in a lot of trouble, so Jaden decided to use dueling tournaments and small jobs as their other source of income since their inheritance wasn't accessible until they were both eighteen.

Yubel cleared her throat. "Do you remember what today is, Jaden?" The older Yuki twin by five minutes blinked his eyes before they bugged out and widened.

"THE EXAMS!" Jaden brushed past the grinning Jason before he threw his brother a blue cap, two duel boxes, a blue T-shirt, and some jeans. "Hurry up! We're late!" Jason rolled his eyes with Yubel before the monster spirit faded out, leaving a squirming Jaden and an amused Jason behind to get ready for the day. As Jaden wrestled with getting his pants on, he turned back to his brother. "Which deck are you gonna use?" Jason was more calm as he got his clothes on, making some sign language signs to Jaden that had the older Yuki twin smiling. "Using the deck your big brother help make for you? That's nice, but I would like to see how the school handles The Coopers." Jason made some more signs that made Jaden laugh. "I can understand that..." He finally got his pants on. "Enough chit-chat, bro. Time to get ready to duel!"


"Phew... Barely made it..." Jaden breathed out heavily as he and Jason stumbled into the testing arena out of breath from all the running they had to do to make up for lost time. "Next time, we're waking up three hours before." Jason turned to his twin brother with a raised eyebrow that caused Jaden to chuckle. "I know what you're thinking and yeah, I don't know why I said that. Forget I said anything." Jason gave his older brother a thumbs up. Jaden clapped his hands together. "Now let's get dueling!"

After the Yuki twins finished their written exams a few days ago, both barely scrubbing by due to Jaden not being that good of a test taker and Jason having a hard time studying and working due to his accident; they both were now waiting for their turn to take their exam duel that'll determine whether or not they made it to Duel Academy. Jaden can hear the whispering on why his brother was wearing bandages on his face and went into one of his many protective older brother stances and glares that had the whisperers backing off and going back to what they were doing before. Jason gave an appreciative smile to his older brother, causing Jaden to smile back and clapping him on the back affectionately. They turned back to catch the ending of one of the duels that was going on.

"Alright new guy, you got two monsters staring you down. Do you A) Throw in the towel, B) Beg for mercy, or C) Run home to Mama?" The proctor taunted to the boy on the opposite side of the field with a Vorse Raider and a facedown card.

"I'll go with D) None of the above!" the boy retaliated and activated his facedown card: Ring of Destruction. Jaden and Jason were impressed as the applicant sacrificed his own monster to win the duel, bringing the proctor's points down to zero.

"Clever move, applicant," the proctor praised. "Welcome to the academy."

The boy bowed in respect. "Thank you."

Jaden and Jason nodded in approval of this duelist as the holograms disappeared off the field. "Sweetness! I gotta duel that guy!" Jaden exclaimed loudly and excitedly, causing many by-goers to turn and stare at him. Jason shook his head towards them, albeit a little shyly, making them all shrug before they turned away.

"That guy is pretty good don't you think, Chazz?" Jason and Jaden turned their attention to a group of three boys in blue coats sitting just a little bit away from them. They guessed they were already enrolled in the academy since they had their blazers.

"Guess the rumor about him being some kind of whiz kid was true, huh Chazz huh? the second boy spoke to a dark haired boy that was leaning back in his chair with his arms stretched out behind his head.

"He's a punk," the one the Yuki boys assumed to be Chazz spat. "We went to Duel prep school for the past three years. We're ready for the Academy. These kids don't know what they're getting into. But they'll learn… the hard way, the Chazz Princeton way." He finished with a smirk that all but spelled out trouble. The Yuki twins thought it be best to avoid him.

"Man that last guy really tore it up down there," Jaden ignored everything Chazz said and smiled to his brother as his excitement at seeing that last duel took him back over again.

"That's Bastion Misawa," the Yuki twins almost jumped at the new voice. Next to them was a short boy with spiked blue hair and glasses that was staring at dueling field. "It's said that he got the highest exam score out of all us applicants."

Jaden whistled in amazement while Jason's eye widened. "Wow, me and my brother here just barely passed."

"Yeah me too. My name's Syrus Truesdale by the way, nice to meet you two." Jaden was surprised when Syrus didn't question Jason's bandages or try to take them off. Syrus didn't even seem like that kind of guy. He seemed too nice to try and bully his twin brother. He was barely half his height. Jaden had to learn to stop seeing every person as a threat to him and his brother, but he couldn't help it after everything they've been through in their lives. "I have this thing when I get test anxiety," Syrus continued, his head lowered in what Jaden thought to be shame. "I don't know how I won my match..."

"So you're in," Jaden clapped Syrus on the back, the sudden motion causing the short blue-haired boy to tumble forward and almost fall over the railing. "Congrats. Me and my brother are dueling next and we'll be joining you as soon as we win our duels." Jaden said with confidence in his and his brother's skills, his excitement as his duel opponent that he'll be facing in just a few minutes starting to leak on through.

Syrus turned to Jason, "You don't talk much, do you?" Jaden stopped with his excitement to turn to Syrus to tell him to leave him alone. Jason, surprisingly, pointed to his throat and shook his head to the short blue haired boy whose eyes were widening slowly as he came to the realization. "You can't!?" he said a little too loudly for Jaden's liking. Luckily no one was paying them any mind, the Yuki twins having already caused a scene a few times since they arrived. Syrus seemed to notice how loud he was and changed his tone. "Sorry. You can't?"

Jaden answered for him, "He was born mute. He's really sensitive about it, so if he let you figure it out so soon; he must see you as a potential friend." He turned to his smiling brother. "I'm right aren't I?" Jason gave a small nod, making some signs with his hand to his older brother. "He says that you seem like a nice guy and that he would like to be friends. He also says it's getting boring just hanging with me... Wait..." Jaden realized what his brother said and turned back to see him smirking with Syrus laughing at Jaden's misfortune. He glared lightly at his brother. "That's not cool, Jace." Jason shrugged. Before Jaden could say something else to him, he turned to see Bastion taking a seat in a row of seats just below them. "Hey Bastion! Sweet duel done there!"

"Thank you," Bastion replied politely.

"By the look of things, you might be the third best duelist here after me and my brother." Jaden gestured to him and his mute brother, who was listening to what Syrus was telling him about his duel with his proctor. Bastion raised his eyebrows, about to ask Jaden what he meant before a voice over the loudspeaker called out.

"Will Jaden Yuki please report to Dueling Field 4. Jaden Yuki to Field 4."

"Well that's my cue," Jaden placed his deck into his duel disk. He turned to Syrus, "Can you keep my brother company while I'm kicking butt?" Syrus nodded his head. "Thanks." Jaden turned to his brother. "I'm gonna make this quick so don't miss me too much. Plus, you get to hang out with someone who's not me." Jaden smirked at Jason's face before he took off to the dueling field that he was assigned.

Bastion watched him go, "Let's see if he's as good as he says..."


At the bottom of the arena sat a bunch of Duel Academy's upper chairmen and teachers. "Looks like we've got a pretty good crop this year." One of them said.

"Yes, indeed." Another teacher agreed.

Also right next to them, another teacher sat there silent not paying attention to the other teachers' talk. He's male, but could easily be mistaken as a woman if you didn't know who he was due to all the makeup that he wore for some bizarre reason. He wore a blue blazer similar to Chazz but had some gold shoulder plates and trimmings along with a ruffled pink collar. He also had his blonde hair in a ponytail. This was Dr. Vellian Crowler, headmaster of the Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm and an elitist snob. He was about to get up and leave when he saw someone coming.

"I'm sorry to interrupt." A man in a black business suit appeared stopping Crowler from leaving, much to his chagrin. "But two last applicants have arrived to take their exam, Mr. Crowler."

"Excuse me? Did you just call me, 'mister'?" Crowler scowled.

"I'm sorry. I'm new here Miss…"

"I have a PHD in dueling to earn the title 'Doctor' thank you!" Crowler snapped a bit with some pride in his voice at his PHD. He then looked away. "Now tell the truants that they'll have to come back next year." The other teachers looked at him like he lost his mind, not that he really had it to begin with if one really knew Crowler for awhile.

"Come on, Dr. Crowler, we have time for two more."

"Yes, let's give these duelist their shots."

"They were just a bit late, that's all."

"LATE IS RUDE!" Crowler finally snapped. He slammed his hands down, freaking out the other people around him immensly. "I HAVE NO TIME FOR SLACKERS!" Just then his cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and answered it "WHAT!?"

"It's Sheppard."

"Oh, Chancellor Sheppard." Crowler said, suddenly changing his angry tone to a pleasant one, making everyone watching him sweatdrop.

"Just calling to make sure everything is running smoothly, Crowler." Chancellor Sheppard said. "We wouldn't want a repeat of what happened last year." That made Crowler bug out a bit, his eyes widening."When you cut a third of our student applicants for some ridiculous reason. Calling you 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.'? Whatever, just make sure everyone gets a fair shot!"

"Yes, of course, sir." Crowler said as he hung up scowling. 'Furry–chinned windbag; doesn't he realize that there are enough talentless flunkies at this Academy? But he's the boss, and if he wants to give these slackers a duel…fine.' He then got up from his seat. "Pardon me, gentlemen, I'll be right back." He said then starting walking away.

"But sir, who will be the boys' dueling proctor? And which exam deck should we use?"

Crowler just huffed and walked away. "Leave that to me." He pulled out a deck from inside his blazer, grinning evilly as a plan formed in his head.


Jaden rode up in a platform to his dueling arena, seeing someone already standing on the other side waiting for him with a modified duel disk on his vest. Jaden was a bit weirded out at the appearance of his opponent, but didn't allow it to show.

"Is that a cross-dresser," Yubel appeared next to Jaden, confused at the appearance of her friend's dueling opponent. Jaden snickered at Yubel's question, starting to really think about it himself. "Don't lose."

Jaden smirked, "Jason is the only one who can beat me. This won't take too much effort." Yubel laughed before she disappeared, Jaden giving his dueling opponent his attention.

"Alright! Test time!"

"Is your brother really as good as he says?" Syrus asked Jason back up in the stands, who was writing in a small notepad that he carried on a chain that was attached to his pants. Jason nodded his head before he showed Syrus what he had written on the notepad, causing the boy's eyes to widen behind his glasses.

"He's better."

Back at the dueling arena, Jaden and Crowler were turning their duel disks on. "So, son, what's your name?"

"Jaden. Jaden Yuki."

"Well 'Jaden Yuki', I'm Doctor Vellian Crowler, head of the Obelisks Boys Dorm and the Department Chair of Techniques here at Duel Academy."

"Wow, a department chair? From the way you were dressed I thought you were some kind of academy mascot." Jaden rubbed his head sheepishly, causing Crowler to go red with anger and Yubel and his brother to shake their heads at his comment, although they were laughing on the inside about it, thinking it was true.

"Now that he mentions it..." The boy wearing glasses next to Chazz said as he took in Jaden's comment on the Doctor.

"This guy's got some lip, huh Chazz?" The other said.

Chazz looked on with a smirk, "I think I'm gonna enjoy watching Crowler mop the floor with our mouthy little friend down there. I only wish he treated all the other second rate duelists that applied to this school the same way."

"Duel Vest On!" Crowler snapped activating it and drew his five cards. Jaden was amazed by the machinery as was his brother.

"Hey, that's pretty sweet, teach. How do I get one of those stunning cool duel blazers?" Jaden asked excitedly.

"Oh, a lot of hard work and extremely high marks ." Crowler answered. 'Of course, you have to be accepted first. Which I will make sure you don't.'

"Extremely high marks?" Jaden asked disappointingly before he shrugged it away. "Oh well, guess I won't be getting that." His carefree attitude and dismissal over the duel blazer reinforced Crowler's thought of him being a slacker. "But enough chit-chat, let's duel!"

Up in the stands were three people watching the duel that was about to take place. All three were Obelisks from the color of their outfits. There was one guy and two girls. The one guy had dark blue hair and grey colored eyes and wore the white variation of the boy's blazer while the girls wore the female version. A blue and white blazer with a blue-mini skirt and blue heels. One had long golden blonde hair and brown eyes while the other girl had shoulder-length pink hair. The blonde girl also had blue fingerless dueling gloves.

"This kid really must've pissed Crowler off if he's the one dueling him." The pink-haired girl said.

"Or maybe he's really good," the blonde haired girl mumbled as she started to observe the dueling field. "What do you think, Zane?"

"I think Asami might be right, Alexis." Zane kept his arms folded at his chest. "He must've made Crowler mad if he's wasting his time dueling a runt like him."

"Guess we'll find out..." Alexis trailed off as the duel officially started.

Crowler: 4000

Jaden: 4000

"I'll go first," Crowler's duel coat shot out his sixth card. 'Of course since I'm using my own personal deck rather than those test ones, I'll be sending this slacker home in no time.' Crowler held up a spell card. "I first play Spell Ecomonics. Thanks to this card, I don't have to play points to activate spell cards. Then I activate Confiscation. By paying 1000 life points I get to automatically destroy one card in your hand." Holograms of Jaden's cards appeared in front of him. "Ah yes, I remember some of these from back when I was a naive rookie." His comment caused Jason to shake his head, knowing that Jaden could win on his first turn if he had the right cards. Based on his brother's face that showed a small sign of disappointment over losing a card, he probably had the cards he needed. "Monster Reborn to the graveyard!" Jaden didn't seem the least bit upset over losing that card, reinstating Jason's thought of him being able to do his OTK.

"Next I'll place two cards facedown." Two cards appeared facedown in front of Crowler. "And then I'll play Heavy Storm!" A strong gust of wind blew over the field, destroying Crowler's two facedown cards. "And since the cards destroyed were Statue of the Wicked, I can summon out two tokens." Two hideous serpent-like tokens appeared on the field.

"A card that strong can't be in one of the test decks. Crowler must be using his own." The boy with glasses next to the smirking Chazz said.

"Then this duel is over. No one can beat the deck of an expert like Dr. Crowler." The other boy said while leaning in his seat with anticipation at seeing Crowler's real deck.

"What an elitist snob." Alexis said with a scoff, "Bullying some kid with his very best cards."

"You're too soft, Alexis." Zane spoke up, causing her to look over to him. "I just hope we get to see that legendary rare card Crowler had stashed in that deck of his."

"It's said to be really powerful," Asami noted.

"And now I'll sacrifice them," they disappeared just as fast as they came. "To bring forth the Ancient Gear Golem!" The two tokens disappeared in a flash of bright light, a giant man made out of old rusted metals and gears appearing colored a rusted brown color with giant clawed hands and a single red eye shinning towards the still Jaden. (ATK: 3000 DEF: 3000)

Alexis gasped, "There it is! The legendary rare monster!"

"And now my turn comes to an end." Crowler ended with a smirk on his face as Jaden drew his next card. "So Mr. Yuki, what do you say about my powerful monster. I bet you're frantically trying to come up with some kind of p-"

"I won..." his simple sentence caused the entire stadium, sans Jason, to gasp.

"Impossible!" Crowler fumed. "There's no way a rookie like you can take down my powerful Golem!"

"Yes I can... Watch..." Jaden held up a spell card. "I play E-Emergency Call. Thanks to this card, I can take an Elemental Hero from my deck and add it to my hand." Jaden fished out his Avian. "Now I play Dark Fusion." A spell card showing two heroes being taken over by a dark energy was shown. When he played it, the dark energy from the card came to life.

"Dark Fusion? What's that?" Syrus asked, turning to Jason; who was writing his answer down for the boy and Bastion, who was looking back to them, to see.

"It's a special kind of fusion card. It allows Jaden to fuse two monsters to make a special kind of hero exclusive to him and him only called the Evil Heroes."

"Evil Heroes?" Bastion mumbled. "Hmmm... sounds interesting." He nodded.

"Now I fuse Avian and Burstinatrix together to form my Evil Hero Inferno Wing!" The two heroes appeared and started merging together, forming a woman with grey wings on her back. She wore a red robe with giant claws for hands. Her eyes were covered by some kind of goggles and her mouth was upturned into a smirk. (ATK: 2100. DEF: 1200)

Crowler started laughing. "All that talk for a monster weaker than my Golem? Now I truly see that you are a rookie."

"I'm not done," he said, causing Crowler to gasp. "I play Miracle Fusion. Thanks to this, I can fuse Elemental Heroes in my Graveyard to form another hero." Avian and Burstinatrix came back, only to swirl together again to form a hero that had a mixture of the two monster's colors with a dragon claw for a hand. "Meet the Elemental Hero Flame Wingman." (ATK: 2100. DEF: 1200) Flame Wingman and Inferno Wing turned to one another and glared heatedly before they turned back to the Golem, causing Jaden to shake his head at the brother and sister duo. He would have to sit the Evil and Elemental Heroes and talk things through about them being on the same side now.

"Again, another mistake. You summoned a monster with the same number of attack points! They still can't take down my Golem!"

"Not yet..." Jaden smirked. "At least until I play this," he showed one of his last two cards. "I play Skyscraper." He slid the card into the field spell card zone, causing the entire field to change into a large city with a bunch of tall buildings. Flame Wingman seemed to be laughing at Inferno Wing, who only responded with a glare to her brother.

Crowler observed the field spell with a sneer. "Okay, this is good. But this silly little field spell hasn't lowered my monster's points by even a little bit."

"Nope, but it raises my Flame Wingman's by 1000 if he battles a monster stronger then him. And, look at that, your Golem has 900 more then he does." Jaden grinned.

Alexis gasped, "He won!"

"On his first turn!" Syrus exclaimed.

"Now Flame Wingman, attack that Golem with Skydive Scorcher!" the monster jumped into the air and engulfed his body in flames before he dove and slammed into the Golem, smashing it to pieces; much to Crowler's horror. "And thanks to his special ability, you also take damage to your monster's attack points." Flame Wingman stood in front of Crowler and shot fire out towards the man.

Crowler: 900

Jaden: 4000

"And my Inferno Wing still hasn't attacked yet! Go! Attack with Inferno Blast!" Inferno Wing let off a scream of malice as a wave of blue flames rushed towards Crowler, who couldn't do anything to stop it as he was swept up by the fire.

Crowler: 0

Jaden: 4000 (Winner)

"And that's game," Jaden grinned. "I guess I'm in this school now, huh teach?" The holograms vanished. "Maybe now you'll learn to not underestimate your opponents." Jaden meant for it to be friendly advice, but Crowler was fuming.

'How dare he! Humiliate me and then trying to give me foolish advice! Well Slacker, I'll see to it that you're life at the Academy is unbearable!'

"Will a Jason Yuki please report to Dueling Field 3. Jason Yuki to Field 3."

"There's another one!" Crowler shrieked before he laughed and started running, a plan of revenge forming in his head.


"Way to play, Jay!" Syrus cheered as Jaden arrived back to the spot where he had left his brother.

"A One Turn Kill," Bastion nodded his head in praise. "Very interesting to say the least, and very interesting cards."

Jaden kept his grin from the duel on his face, "Oh, it was nothing." He noticed the absence of Jason. "Where'd my brother go?"

"Didn't you hear the announcement?" Syrus asked. "It's time for him to duel."

"And with your stunning victory over Crowler, everyone is excited to see how he fares." True to Bastion's word, the crowd was leaning in anticipation to where Jason was standing waiting for his dueling opponent, not looking up to the crowd as he focused on the empty space where his opponent will be when he arrives.

Jaden snickered, "Well they'll be glad to know that he's as good as me. Sure I'm just a little bit better, but he's no pushover." Jason head him and flipped him off, causing Syrus and Bastion to laugh.

"The brother of the guy who beat Crowler," Zane noted as Jason stood in the arena.

"Let's see if he's as good as his brother," Asami leaned forward with anticipation. Alexis was busy replaying Jaden's OTK in her head, nodding approvingly at his dueling and skills.

"Two slackers!?" Chazz exclaimed. "Bad enough the slacker who beat Crowler by a fluke is gonna be at Duel Academy, now we have to get his brother too?!"

"And what's with covering his eye like that?" Glasses said. "Is he trying to look like a mummy?" A dark aura was felt, making everyone turn to see Jaden glaring angrily at Chazz and his little group.

"Say that again... I DARE you!" Jaden warned before he turned away back to his brother, who's opponent was starting to come up in the platform.

Alexis saw the whole thing, "He's really protective over his brother..." she mumbled to herself. She smiled a little afterwards. "It's kinda cute."

Back at the arena, Jason watched his opponent come up in the elevator. Much to everyone's surprise and shock, it was Crowler!

"Time to duel, slacker!"

Crowler: 4000

Jason: 4000

Jaden scoffed, "I see his game. He's gonna try to beat my brother to get back at me for beating him..." the venom and malice in Jaden's voice caused Syrus to step down and sit with Bastion after Jaden's aura became too much for him to handle. Jaden was remembering something that caused him to grip the bar in anger, a lone tear falling from his eye. "You better win, Jace."

"You can go first, Slacker." Jason shrugged before he drew his card, placing a monster card on his field. It was a woman with an orange suit on. (ATK: 1300. DEF: 1000). "You know you have to speak when you make your moves." Jason pointed to his throat and shook his head, pulling out his notepad and writing something on it and held it up for Crowler to see.

"I'm mute," his revelation caused the stadium to look in surprise. "The monster is called Elemental Hero Lady Heat and during my End Phase, you take 200 points of damage for each hero I have on my field." Jason was a fast writer after doing this for years, able to write paragraphs in the time it took someone to write a sentence. Jason set two facedowns and ended his turn, causing Lady Heat to mold a ball of flames and toss it at Crowler, who blocked with his arm.

Crowler: 3800

Jason: 4000

"A mute duelist?" Alexis was interested to say the least. "Not everyday you see one of those."

Asami shrugged, "Mute or not, his skills is what matters."

Crowler drew a card. "I'm gonna tear you down piece by piece." Jaden growled from up-top. "I summon Ancient Gear Solider!" A soldier that was made of metal with a machine gun attached to it was summoned to the field (ATK: 1300. DEF: 1300). Jason frowned before activating one of his traps; Threatening Roar. "So I can't attack this turn. No biggie," he shrugged. "I'll just toss a facedown." A reverse card appeared.

Jason drew, seeing it was a spell and activated it. "Cold Wave?" Crowler smirked. "Now my card can't be activated until my next turn." He didn't sound impressed by Jason's move at all as snow flooded Crowler's field and froze his card in place. Jason placed another card on his field, a warrior in a orange and red battle armor appearing on the field and landing next to Lady Heat. (ATK: 1600. DEF: 1200) Jason went back to his pad. "This is Elemental Hero Heat. He gains 200 points for every Hero on my field." Heat was surronded by a red aura. (ATK: 2000) "I'll have him attack your Soldier." Heat rushed forward and punched the Soldier, destroying it into pixels.

Crowler: 3100

Jason: 4000

"Now Lady Heat attacks." Lady Heat gathered up another ball of flames and threw it to Crowler.

Crowler: 1800

Jason: 4000

Jason signaled the end of his turn, which caused Lady Heat to hold up two balls of flame and throw them to Crowler.

Crowler: 1400

Jason: 4000

"These Yuki's are making Crowler look like a joke," Zane muttered.

Chazz was angry. "These are just second rate duelists. How are they beating Crowler?" He growled, snapping his teeth shut so hard that one more pound of pressure and they would snap.

Crowler, angry at the thought of losing to another Yuki, drew his card. "You're going down! Cold Wave's effect wears off." The snow melted. "Now I activate my facedown card; Call of the Haunted, bringing Soldier back to the field." The soldier appeared. "Now I play Inferno Reckless Summon, summoning out two more soldiers." True to his word, two more appeared. Jason, knowing what the card does, summoned out two more Lady Heats to his field. Elemental Hero Heat gained more power. (ATK: 2400) "And now I sacrifice two of them," Jason rolled his eye, thinking Golem was coming out. "To summon the Ancient Gear Galjitron Dragon!" Jason's lone eye widened as two soldiers disappeared in a ray of light, a metal dragon with a threatening roar taking their place. (ATK: 3000. DEF: 3000)

The students all gasped, "Another rare monster!" Asami gasped.

"He must really want to destroy this kid." Zane guessed.

"Jeez," Alexis mumbled. "This is just wrong. Taking your anger out for a kid on his mute brother."

Chazz smirked. "Destroy him Crowler."

"Aw man," Syrus whined.

"Great Scott!" Bastion gasped.

Even Jaden was a little worried. 'You should've used The Coopers...'

"Now I'll equip Ancient Gear Soldier with the equip spell Ancient Gear Tank!" The soldier hopped into the tank. (ATK: 1900) "Now Soldier, attack one of his Lady Heat's!" Crowler looked to damn happy as the soldier ran over one of the Heats with the tank.

Crowler: 1400

Jason: 3400

"Now Galjitron Dragon, destroy a second one!" Jason couldn't activate his facedown card, which was Draining Shield, due to the Dragon's ability. The Dragon swooped down and slammed into the second Lady Heat. Heat lost attack points. (ATK: 2000)

Crowler: 1400

Jason: 1700

Jaden's grip on the bar was starting to whiten his knuckles. "I will make Crowler pay..." he growled, his eyes starting to shift into his honey color of the Supreme King.

"Make your last pathetic move, Slacker! I must say, you are worse than your brother and he's not exactly duelist material himself." Crowler shook his head. "You might as well quit now." Jason drew his card instead, revealing a spell card to Crowler. "Polymerization?" Jason revealed a monster in his hand, which was Elemental Hero Clayman and commanded him to fuse with Heat. The two heroes swirled together to form a new hero, one who was covered in a gray suit of armor as he stomped onto the field. (ATK: 2200. DEF: 2600) "Ha! He's too weak to beat my dragon!"

"Did he not learn anything against Jaden?" Syrus asked.

Jason wrote on his pad at a blinding speed, revealing it to Crowler. "This is Elemental Hero Gaia. It's special ability allows me to cut one of your monster's strengths in half and then add it to his own." The 'good' doctor's eyes widened. Gaia went up to the Dragon and grabbed it by the head, draining power from it as he added it to his own. (ATK: 1500) (ATK: 3700)

Jaden smiled, his eyes back to brown after that move. "Jace won. Good job, baby brother."

Jason sent for Gaia to attack the Dragon, winding his arm back as he delivered a strong punch to the dragon, it howling before it was destroyed; a piece of it's wing hitting Crowler in the face that knocked him on his back.

Crowler: 0

Jason: 1700 (Winner)

The mute boy bowed before he walked out of the arena and back up to his brother, where his older twin grabbed him into a hug. "You made me proud," he muttered before Jason hugged him back. Jason collected the cards before he handed them to Jaden. "So... you're gonna use your real deck now?" Jason nodded with a smile. The revelation that that wasn't his real deck caused the crowd to gasp.

"Way to pull a comeback, Jason!" Syrus cheered.

"Nice," Bastion smiled. "I can use some competition and I look forward to seeing your real deck." Jason nodded with a smile of his own. Jaden watched the interactions between his brother and the other two boys with one of his own. He was happy his brother wasn't being made fun of for being mute or for wearing the bandages. Bastion and Syrus looked like they were really nice guys and they seemed like good friend material. Maybe coming here was the right choice after all, Jaden mused. He could feel Yubel agreeing with him as he hugged his brother again.

Alexis was looking over to the two of them with a smile. "Those two are gonna make this year very interesting..." she said as Jason high-fived Syrus and shook Bastion's hand in congratulations.

"I think you may be right," Asami nodded.

Zane merely walked away, much to the girls' confusion.

Chazz was angrier than before. "Those two... Both lucky...!" he growled in hatred.

Jaden and Jason clapped hands one more time before they both thought the same thing.

'This is gonna be a good year.'

End of Chapter 1 of Supreme King Jaden

Or will it? ;)

Hope you guys like Jason. His real deck is one I made up myself and it will unveil next time.

Jaden pulling a OTK on Crowler... Interesting to say the least. He uses both Elemental and Evil Heroes here, so that's sure to spell fun and trouble.

Crowler got beat by BOTH Yuki's. He isn't gonna forget that AT ALL.

And this will eventually become JadenxAlexis for anyone who wanted to know.

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