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Sam: Don't worry about them, just start reading ~^-^~

You know, if Vlad realized that I have been going through his files he would probably melt me down into goo again, well, I wouldn't put it past him to try again even IF I was going through the files or not… but anyway, getting back to the reason that I am risking half of both my life and afterlife by being here…

I had always wondered why I was different from the other clones, and most of all, I wanted to know why exactly I was a girl, and not a boy like Danny. Plus I am like…9 years younger than him…physically I guess. Now don't get me wrong, I might look like I am a…normal halfa 8 year old, and sure I am definitely smarter, but I have only been alive for about three years now.

And being only 3 years old, I have…needs. And not only that but I want…no…I NEED to know why I haven't grown a single inch in the past three years. Maybe that's another reason why I am a idefective/i clone, as Vlad had called me.

Vlad hasn't shown his face anywhere for a while, but many times I still have nightmares about what had happened to me while I was…'travelling.'

And to those who are asking, no, I wasn't sightseeing; I was running for my half-life. Literally. Vlad followed me for so long as I tried and tried to evade him. He even managed to capture me a few times. And during those times I… Didn't know what was going to happen to me. At all. He ran so many tests on me, taking ectoplasm samples from me, hair samples, and even…he even took a look inside.

Don't ask about what I mean by that, I'm sure that you can figure it out on your own and I don't want to talk about it. And anyway, I finally found the file that I wanted. Now I need to get out of here as fast as I can go.

Danielle POV

I clutched the manila envelope I had scrounged up filled with the information I needed. How did I know it was the right one? Well that's because scrawled on the thick envelope was the only words that I could properly read. DANIELLE PHANTOM.

I looked around the cold lab that I was in, it was finally time to bid farewell to this horrid place once and for all.

I phased myself out of the crazy fruitloop's lab and mansion and started to fly towards my next, and maybe final destination if that was possible.

Amity Park.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to make it all in one night, but I was determined to get as far as I possibly could.

The manila envelope was what I had needed for so long, I wanted to know everything about myself, so that if something happened to me I could take care of it myself, maybe there was even more information on me that I previously thought! Too bad I couldn't read it on my own, and I can't just make a random stranger read it, if I did my identity would be null and more than likely faster than you would be able to say The fruitloop did it, the GIW would swoop in and take me in for, and I quote, "lots and lots of very painful experiments." And that was DEFINITELY not on my agenda.

So my only hope was meeting back up with Danny.

It was starting to become dark where I was. Dusk had fallen fast and hard and I was not too keen on continuing the flight while tired, and boy, when you haven't gotten a good night's rest in about a week, you do not want to be flying tired, I'll give you a hint. It hurts, especially if there isn't anything to cushion your fall.

I flew down and landed in a tree peppered area. I summoned up the bluish white rings and let them travel over my body, letting the cool sensation wash over me as I returned to my human form. I was wearing a black sweatshirt and light blue jeans. Sam and Danny had gotten me this pair of clothes so that I didn't have to wear my blue hoodie and the red shorts. It was nice having something that actually kept you warm at night. Sam had also stitched mine and Danny's 'DP' symbol on the right shoulder of the sweatshirt. Underneath I was wearing a Violet long-sleeve turtleneck shirt. It really came in handy for me, cause even though I didn't get warm, I was prone to getting chilly depending on where I was and what the conditions around me were.

Right now, though my priorities were set. I needed to find a place to sleep, and I didn't want to deal with anyone finding me, so I jumped up onto a tree branch and relaxed there.

It wasn't fun when a patrol officer found you sleeping on a park bench or something and then ask you, "Where are your parents young lady?"

Do you even know how that makes me feel?!

It makes my heart clench in my chest, knowing that I am not even a real person. I knew that I was just a useless clone and nothing else. And it hurts even more when someone asks you where the most important people in a child's life are for you and you know that they will never, ever exist for you. I knew that I wanted someone to love me, someone to take care of me and to help me when I have problems. But I don't have any of that, I don't think it would even be possible for me.

I leaned back against the tree as I sit on the thick branch and sighed, "It's no use thinking about something that is never going to happen for me, so why torture myself with thoughts like that even more that I already do." I sighed again. "I just need to get to sleep…"

I closed my eyes and relaxed as best I could have, being the one sleeping in a tree. I also couldn't put my finger on it, but I wasn't feeling too great, I felt like I was overheating…but even so, after what felt like an eternity, I finally managed to fall into a light, restless sleep.

I would hopefully get to my destination by tomorrow afternoon…