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Anyway, this whole chapter is in Dani's point of view, but it moves a little slowly, so I apologize in advance, i wanted to make sure that since i hadn't done a chapter with her POV in it very much I wanted everyone to know her reaction to certain things, my favorite, however, happens to be the little medicine bit, because I know that ever child dreads the nasty medicine they get when they are sick ;) I know i did and I still do.


Here is Chapter 19 ;)

Things will be moving faster from here on out i hope! Instead of describing EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of one day, like I had been doing for the past chapters, (Which was only because a bunch of stuff happened in this one day, please tell me that you understand what i am trying to get at D: ) and the story will hit the important parts, cute parts, UBER FLUFFY parts and so on and so forth, so watch out for LONGER chapters and more TIME passing by ;)

Also look out for entrances made by some important characters in the later chapter.!


Danielle POV

My vision faltered a moment as I jumped off of Danny's lap to follow Sam, thus causing me to lose my balance and basically collapse to the ground. Well, I would have gone completely down had Danny not caught me. He made sure that I stood up alright and smiled gently at me.

"Careful Danielle." He said to me in a quiet tone.

I gave him a careful nod. Danny was so nice to me. He always took care of me and made sure that I was okay. Just like a…a…dad? I haven't had much good experiences with my so called 'father' so I don't really know the true meaning. All I know is that Danny was way more fatherly to me that that fruitloop was in every way.

I turned and started to follow Sam, but paused a moment and whispered lightly under my breath.

"Thanks Daddy." I whispered, hoping that I had said it quiet enough, I…didn't want him to freak out and turn me away…I don't even know why I really said it, it just kind of came out of my mouth. I hurried after Sam as she walked into the kitchen.

I finished off my cereal and handed the bowl to Sam, who was waiting for me to finish, and she carried it to the sink, placing it in there gently.

Danny had walked in not long after she had put the dish in the sink; he was carrying a small orange bottle with a label that I couldn't read due to some majorly fuzzy vision.

He walked over to me and then sat down on the chair next to mine. He gave me a smile. "So." He began. "You're going to need to take some medicine to help with that fever of yours, alright?"

"Anything to make the throbbing in my head and the heat stop." I said, knowing that Danny wouldn't give me anything that would hurt me…well…at least not on purpose, one time he handed me the specter deflector and I got a pretty bad shock, apparently it was on a low setting and he didn't feel it. He also didn't realize what he was holding. I shook my head to clear the memory out of my thoughts.

I refocused back to what Danny was up to. He was measuring out the correct amount of medicine into a small cup. The orange liquid slowly made its way into the cup, raising the level slowly.

I then looked around the kitchen and saw that Sam had wandered out of the room and I heard water running on one of the upper floors, I'm pretty sure that the water being run was for me after I took the medicine. I probably smelled like a garbage can.

"Okay." Danny said after a moment. I turned to look at him and he handed me the cup that he had previously been filling. I took it from him and examined it a bit before looking at him.

"So I just drink it?" I asked.

I suddenly felt very dumb for asking such a silly question. Danielle, you are an idiot. I thought to myself. Of course I was supposed to drink it.

Danny nodded. "Yeah, it doesn't have the best flavor, but it will definitely help take care of that fever for you." He said.

I looked back at the small vial of liquid and then decided to get it over with.

Within the next five seconds the medicine was gone and I thought that the taste itself was going to make me hurl it all back up. Suffice to say I was glad I managed to get it down and keep it there.

After I had done that, Danny had gotten up and scooped me into his arms. I protested a bit, telling him to put me down, but he refused and I gave up, knowing very well how stubborn he could be.

He carried me up the stairs and we ended up in the room that I had run to him before. Sam was leaning against the doorway. She had an expression on her face that I was unable to decipher at the time.

I looked up at Danny. He placed me down on the linoleum floor and then stood up straight. "I'm guessing that this is the part where I need to leave, right?" He asked, looking straight at Sam.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Sam said sarcastically and had an amused smile on her face.

Danny rolled his eyes and then walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him as he left, leaving me and Sam alone.

I looked over at Sam. "I can take a bath on my own you know." I said. I was more than capable of doing that on my own, but when she sighed and then walked me over to the mirror I decided to take back my previous comment.

In the mirror was a very dirty me. My hair was matted at the ends and there were dirt smudges on my face. I am pretty sure that the stuff holding my hair together was tree sap from the tree that I had slept in the night before.

"Okay, never mind, tree sap isn't the easiest to get out of one's hair alone…" I said, caving.

Sam raised an eyebrow at that. "Tree sap? Is that what all that gunk is?"

"Uh…yeah…" I said, hushing my voice. "I kinda fell asleep in a tree the other night."

Sam sighed. "Alright, well, get undressed and hop in the bathtub, I'll get my hairbrush so that we can brush through and try to get your hair untangled." She said and then turned to go and grab the brush.

I took this chance to quickly phase myself out of my clothing and got in the tub before she could see the large, pale scar that crossed my chest and stomach. That would be left for another day. But right now was not the time.

The water was a pleasant temperature, it wasn't too hot, nor was it too cold and I found myself becoming more and more relaxed as I let it soak in.

Sam made her way back over with the brush and pulled out the ponytail band and let my hair go loose. She brushed through my hair as gently as she could, but it was hard not to have my hair be pulled when tree sap was acting as an instant styling gel at the moment.

Eventually she managed to get all the tangles out and I then proceeded to dunk my head under the water to get my hair wet so that I could wash it completely.

Sam helped me with the tree sap in my hair, managing to get it all out within 5 minutes like she was a pro at it, which she explained to me that she liked climbing trees and lying herself down on the branches and she had always managed to get sap in her hair, so she was good at removing it.

After that I was left to finish on my own.

I reemerged from the bathroom about 30 minutes later after wrapping myself in one of those plush towels that was hanging on the rack next to the tub. The cool air nipped at my nose and the exposed skin. However, I was soon very warm and comfortable as I had been given a pair of sweats that were too big for me and one of Danny's old shirts.

After I had gotten dressed I crawled into the nearest bed, which just so happened to be the one I had been sleeping on earlier and promptly covered myself in the cozy blankets. Sam had fallen asleep a little before I had gotten out of the bath, so Danny had been left with the task of getting me something to wear. Sam was sleeping on the bed next to me, I had noticed. And after I had climbed into the bed, Danny himself did the same and had immediately fallen asleep on the opposite side of myself.

For once in my life I knew that I was going to be safe, as long as Danny was around, I knew that he would keep me safe.

With that happy thought in my mind, I fell into a pleasant sleep, with no dreams.