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Okay y'all so here is the deal. I have two other stories going on right now… but I have to say, I just couldn't help my self any longer. After reading every fan-fiction of this crossover I just had to take a crack at it myself. Mainly because I thought the concept was beyond cool. I couldn't decide which way to take this story so if any of y'all want it to turn out a certain way then drop me some idea's. I am always up for suggestions.

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Chapter 1: A new threat?

Dark rolling shadows rushed through out the streets of Frankfurt Germany. The hour was late and all who could be indoors were. For a summer night the air was unusually chilly; the town echoed with the eerie call of a hundred unseen stallions. Children shivered under their covers as their parents peered out their windows wearily.

No matter how hard they tried they could not locate the source of their distress. Most gave up the search and elected to block out the windows with thick blankets; the hope that if they could not be seen they would be safe. However, if they had believed in a certain spirit of winter they would see him flitting through the sky making sure they were just that.

Jack speed across the night sky at an impressive speed, his eyes combing the ground below for the telltale signs of Nightmares. It had been three days and three nights since he had started this mad hunt; and even after all this time he still had not gotten any closer to completely ridding this town of its terrors.

This all would have been so easily taken care of if it had been any other time of year. With it being summer the morning heat only hampered his progress giving the beasts the time they needed to regroup. By the time night had fallen again they had fanned out and started the process over. At this point Jack was wearing down and he would soon have to call in some back up; much to his displeasure.

Catching a sudden movement from the left Jack dove down to an alleyway where the lights had all been broken. Sand hooves pawed at the cobblestone road, a snort of frustration ringing out into the open.

"Where are you?" Jack whispered to the darkness, his staff poised and ready to strike.

When nothing happened he turned his back and made like he was leaving, that was all it took. Attempting to catch him off guard the Stallion bolted from the shadows at the boys retreating form.

Jack; expecting the attack, had spun around and blasted the mare with a bolt of frost. Like lightning the magic stuck out and hit the horse with enough force to make it explode. Sand and ice covered the alley like a confetti ball gone wrong.

Noticing a loss of one of their own the group of blackened beast emerged from all around. Each horse was evenly spaces so as to not leave an opening for the frost covered boy to escape. At least that is what they thought.

"So you want to play a game do you? All right, catch me if you can!" With a cocky laugh Jack shot into the air. With the help of the wind he soared across the azure sky away from the town.

The heard began to converge on him as he angled his descent towards the Black Forrest. With a whoop he plunged into the tall trees and out of sight, once out of sight he took to the bushes and hid. Not because he was scared, but because he was waiting. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Steve Rogers briskly walked down one of the many hallways of the helicarrier. His mind racing with the possibilities of what their new mission was going to be. It had to be something very important to have called all the Avengers back together.

True, they did all live together at Stark Tower thanks to Tony's renovations. However that was not the same as this was; there they relaxed and let loose while here it was serious.

"Rogers so glad you could finally join us." Fury's voice drifted to the Captain's ears. Bringing his head up he glanced around the room to spot the team at an oval table. Everyone, with the exception of Thor was present and accounted for.

"Where's Thor?" he asked to no one in particular.

"Taking care of business back on Asgard, he sent word that he will arrive as soon as he can. In the meantime you all will have to start the mission without him." Fury turned his attention back to the center of the group when a mock cough echoed out.

"Uh-um yes and what is this mission exactly? After all you are ready to send us in to a possible war zone with little to no information isn't that right?" Tony quipped.

"That is exactly what I am doing."

"Care to run that by me again?"

"Stark, as you know we have been monitoring the earth for any sign of potential hostile energy signatures after last year's incident with the Chitauri."

"You mean alien attack." Stark interjected.

Fury gave him an evil eye but then progressed with a sigh, "Yes, the alien attack."

"Monitoring? So what you have been using the same technological concepts for tracking the Tesseract to search out these new forms?"

"Hmm, well sort of, you see Dr. Banner we have been thinking. If gamma radiation was being giving off by the Tesseract, then what other forms of energy could we track if we alter the fields?"

"I'm assuming this idea was conceived after our battle." Romonaff stated matter of factually.

"Yes, some of our equipment picked up an energy field reading after Stark destroyed the Chitauri ship. The energy from the ship was the same used in their weapons; it is safe to bet there our other dangerous energies out there that we are still unaware of."

"So I'm guessing that means you've found something." Rogers more stated then questioned.

Furry turned from the group and approached a group of blank screens; with a slight nod to one of the operators various images flashed into existence. "It would seem that Frankfurt Germany has been experiencing some unusual activity. Scanners indicate that a strange energy spiked across the skies around 4:38a.m and expanding; this was Five days ago."

"Wait this has been happening for three days and are only now informing us of it?" Steve rushed over to the screens and began to scan it for information.

"We did not see at as relevant at the time."

"Why not, it says here that the people in the area have been having trouble with an 'invisible' invader. It's dated for five days ago!"

Fury pointed to the screen Roger was reading from, "Not 'invader' but 'invaders'." Moving his arm down to a new screen he pointed to a different article. "However, in this article from three days ago that is no longer the case."

This time it was Clint who had the question, "What's changed?"

"If our instruments are correct then I believe it has something to do with the appearance of this second energy signature." A thoughtful expression crossed across the man's face, "Ever since it made its appearance the original signature has slowly began to vanish. So the question remains, what is the cause behind these readings and should we be a concerned."

Natasha crossed her arms and leaned back into her chair, "So we scout the area until we locate said energies, then what?"

"Try to detain them, I want to know more about what we are dealing with."

Clint looked to Natasha and spoke what was on both of their minds, "and if they can't be detained?"

"Then we will take appropriate measure to deal with them. Now gather your gear, a plane is already prepped and awaiting you on the landing pad."

Fury turned his back to the group and shouted a few orders to the crew. Taking it as there was nothing left to say the team made their way out of the room.

"You know, I think this is just a ploy by Fury to see if we heal when he calls."

Steve rolled his eyes at the billionaire's remark, "Sure Tony. That explains all the articles and energy readings."

"Hey, he is the head of a secret organization that manages a band of superheroes. I think he can manage to embellish a few papers and convince a town that it needs help." Tony smirked at the idea even though he knew it was false.

"Fury may be known for doing a lot of things, but creating a false incident isn't one of them." Clint chuckled aloud.

"Yeah Tony, even if he did there I doubt he could make up those readings. There is something very peculiar about them."

Tony looked at Banner with a twinkle of mischief in his eye, "So you noticed it to?"

"Alright boys you can discuss it on the ship, for now let's just get suited up and go." Steve patted Stark on the back before brushing past them. Not bothering to hear what Tony yelled-which was most likely a childish crack at him being a motherly figure-he turned the corner and rushed to his room.

The other's may have been acting like this all wasn't serious, but he knew better. Everyone was on edge and they were dealing with it in their own quirky way. It was all because of this strange force they were about to go face. He didn't know what it was or why; but he got the feeling they their world was about to change. Again.

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Okay there you have it for chapter one. Feel free to R&R. I tried not to make anyone to ooc, if it starts to happen along the way don't kill me. I haven't delved into the marvel world before so I am still testing the waters. J See you in chapter 2 my little clouds!

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