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**Also, I just wanted to clarify something really quick. Shield and the Avengers didn't originally have a name for Jack (due to his inability to give them one); so when Thor called him Jokul Frosti (and Jack didn't deny it) everyone just started calling him that. I am still going to refer to him as Jack Frost through out the writing, except for when someone from the group addresses him out right. That is when they will address him as Jokul Frosti. **

As in for the confusion I have been receiving about Jack vs. Jokul in the story…I can't really explain it with out ruining the entire thing. I will however tell you that everything will be reviled in time. All will make sense I promise.

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Chapter 11: What's happening where

"This is the last time I am going to say this, No!" Jack shouted, stomping his foot on the ground angrily. He desperately wanted to run out of this tiny-and extremely dull-white walled changing room. There was nothing in there to aid in his escape except for one tiny table, a small bench, and oh yeah…Steve.

It had taken them approximately two hours to get that gunk off of him-not that his desire to turn the event into a game helped them much-and now that he was finally free of it, they wanted him to change into cleaner clothes. Ha! As if he was going to let them touch his beloved sweater!

"Jokul, we've been through this already. This is only temporary until we can get your clothes clean." Steve assured the angry spirit.

Jack looked down at his stained clothes with a pout. "These look plenty clean enough, I don't see a reason to change them."

"Really? Is that so?" Steve mumbled sarcastically, "Your sweater looks like it's covered in polka-dots and you smell like gravy."

"Maybe I like the smell of gravy." Jack challenged with a smirk stubbornly, his arms crossed with childish indignation.

Steve rolled his eyes at Jack's mulishness. He completely understood that the kid preferred his own clothes; (especially because the extra clothes the S.H.E. provided were itchy as all heck,) however this was just gross. Jack was being unreasonable, honestly to be willing to stay filthy instead of putting up with S.H.E.I.L.D. clothes for a couple of hours? That was just a touch extreme.

Now, normally Steve didn't kept quiet about what a person chose to wear; because who was he to tell someone how to dress. However there was the one thing that Steve wouldn't ignore, and that was cleanliness. Though he didn't show it, it really bothered him when people didn't take care of their own personal hygiene.

Steve knew that Jack wasn't a dirty person-though being constantly frozen probably made it hard to wash-, he was just being unreasonably stubborn for whatever reason and Steve wanted to know why.

For a moment neither one of them budged; then, just like he had heard a great joke, Steve chuckled and his stance loosened. Jack tilted his head questioningly but Steve just crossed his arms and leaned against the door, "Alright fine, don't change."

Jack's left eye twitched, the solider was up to something, he just knew it. "You're letting me keep these on?" He said gesturing to his hoodie and pants.

"Sure," Steve shrugged nonchalantly, "It's not like I can really force you to wear what you don't want to." Steve hid his smirk as he watched the suspicion grow on Frosts face.

Even after 300 + years Jack couldn't claim he was the best at reading people, but he almost positive that Rogers was planning something here. Not in an evil sort of way, Jack didn't really think that Steve was capable of true evil; besides, Jack saw the man out of time as a friend. So he knew he could trust him, but that still didn't stop him from being wary.

'There's no way he's as tricky as Stark but that doesn't mean he's completely innocent either.' Jack hummed to himself, frowning a little as he studied his friend.

When he caught sight of the smirk creeping along the corner of Steve's lips, Jack lost it. "Okay, what's the catch?"

"What?" Steve questioned–his baby blues looking extra wide at the moment, "I said I wouldn't force you to change, so I won't." Steve continued casually.

Jack scoffed, "Yeah I'm not buying it."

"I'm being serious." Steve smiled innocently, if anything it made Jack even more suspicious.

"Alright, let's get going then." Jack said as if there was nothing else to it. Truly he was beyond skeptic.

Slowly, Frost made his way to the only exit in the room. Sadly, the lone door also just so happened to be the door that Rogers was leaning on. Upon crossing the room and reaching the door, he was not at all surprised the larger man didn't move – really, he'd kind of expected it.

It was an agonizingly long moment of silence that filled the room as neither of them showed signs of moving. Finally, it was Steve who took it upon himself to go speak first. "Yes?"

"Could you move?" Jack asked politely.

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I in your way?" Steve responded just as politely –even smiled at him! - But he still didn't move away from the door.

Jack looked into the soldier's eyes and saw the all too familiar mischievous wheels turning. Jack sighed a resigned grin pulling at his lips, "You're not going to move until I change are you?"

Steve leaned his head back against the door and gave Jack a dismissive wave, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Jack shook his head and pointed a finger at Steve, "See, I knew there was a catch!" he exclaimed.

Steve gave the spirit a long look before staring pointedly at the bundle of untouched clothes on the distant table. When Jack frowned at the clothes Steve sighed, "I don't see what the big deal is. Those clothes are just something to get you by until yours are cleaned." Steve said a bit puzzled, "It'll only be an hour or two and then you'll be back in your clothes and you won't ever have to see the spare set again."

Jack pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, striding purposefully over to table; because really how does one explain the many wrongs that were the clothes before him? Snatching the deep purple fabric from the table he shook it wildly in the Captains direction.

"First off, it's purple." Jack said obstinately

Steve raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong with purple?"

Dropping the cloth back on the table, Jack gave the good 'ole Captain a faux shocked look, "Seriously? I'm a winter spirit, blues and browns are my thing. Purple is like, spring or something." Jack said waving around a careless hand.

Steve snorted, "So it's about fashion, is it?" Pushing of the door Steve made his way over to the table and picked up the fabric from the messy pile Jack had left it in.

It shocked him how light and silky smooth the cloth was, not to mention the quality of its color and make. Why did Jack get such high quality stuff? Pulling uncomfortably on the collar of his shirt- incidentally a S.H.E.I.L.D. issued one- Steve appraised the beautiful fabric in his hand. Come to think of it, he did remember Thor mentioning something about acquiring clothes.

Giving it a once over, he looked back at the boy with a smirk, "Well would you look at that, blue."

"Accents and patterns in blue don't count." Jack huffed.

"There's a blue-white cloak that comes with it." Steve replied simply, picking up another piece of fabric from the table.

"If I could get a blue cloak, then why couldn't I get a blue shirt?" Jack grumbled.

"Oh, so it's not that you don't want to change at all; it's just that the color is all wrong?" Steve inquired. Was that really what this was all about?

"Yes...wait, what? No! It's not just about the color! It's about the length and the texture and-and the weight!" Jack rambled on about everything he could think of that could possibly be wrong with the items before him.

Steve couldn't help but sigh; this wasn't going anything like how he'd wanted it to go. He frowned at Jack and crossed his arms across his muscled chest, "First it's, the color, then it's the shape and now it's the weight. You know I have to wear an itchy skin tight suit colored to look the like the American Flag? Compared to my outfit these clothes are about as high quality as you can get."

"Yeah, but I don't see you wearing your outfit now." Jack argued.

Steve looked down at himself and silently cursed, he knew he should have kept his outfit on. "I'm not wearing it right now because I don't need to. You, on the other hand, do."

Jack floated up onto the near by, bench and dropped his head into his hands. "You aren't going to let me out of this are you?" Jack mumbled in defeat.

"Nope." Steve couldn't help but smile. Finally, the winter spirit had accepted his fate!

"Fine, I'll wear them. But as soon as mine are clean these are coming straight off." Jack announced with a sulky voice, much to Steve's relief.

"You say that now, but you might find that you like these clothes." Steve chuckled lightly.

"Oh and why is that?" Jack asked sarcastically as he began to pull off his hoodie.

"Thor went to a lot of trouble to get those for you. He boasted about how he had them sent here all the way from Asgard. Apparently Odin was so thrilled to hear of your presence that he had them specifically tailored for you. "Steve explained as he turned away to give Jack some privacy.

Tossing his hoodie at Rogers, Jack looked at the new garments again and his brow furrowed as he thought. He didn't notice that his stinky sweater had landed on Steve's head, nor the disapproving look that the super soldier was throwing him.

"But...why would they do that?" Jack asked; his voice quiet and contemplative.

Steve shrugged as he dropped Jack's sweater onto the bench, "Maybe it's because you're their god?"

"I highly doubt I'm a god Steve, I mean does this look godly to you?" Frost responded gesturing down to his pale, thin body.

Steve stifled a laugh, "Well no, but there is nothing to say that they don't see you that way."

Jack didn't reply, but Steve couldn't help but notice the soft smile tugging at the young man's lips. Quickly, Jack grabbed the rest of the clothes and spread them out across the table.

"Well, I'll be outside when you're done. Just leave the rest of your dirty clothes here." Steve said and gestured to where he'd left Jack's sweater, "Someone will come by and take them to get cleaned."

"Alright, I'll be out in a few." Frost responded absently as he held his shirt out in front of him. As Steve shut the door behind him, he couldn't help but laugh loudly when he heard Jacks angry voice shouting about the complexity of his new shirt.

```````````````````````````````````````On the main deck``````````````

Fury paced back and forth in front along the walkway at the main deck. He had just finished 'grounding' Tony and putting the ship back in order after the genius' latest prank attempt on the winter child. For reasons beyond Fury's comprehension, Tony had seen fit to rig a multitude of trip wires and pales full of water around the halls. It was a simple prank, however when you factor in Tony's near complete access to all the technology on the Helicarrier, it was a nightmare. After being caught in the trap the first time Fury was angry, by the third time he was furious.

Stark was doing god knows what at the table in the farthest corner of the room- he was insistent that it wasn't his fault innocent people kept getting pulled into his little prank war.

"You would think that an organization of secret agents would be a little bit more aware of their surroundings." He commented idly as he tapped furiously on his tablet.

Stark was right, of course, but Nick couldn't get himself to agree with him at the moment. Fury stopped his pacing and turned to the engineer, a severe look on his face, "Be that as it may, I have more important things to worry about your other than your childish pranks Stark." Having said his part, the director turned to leave.

Stark paused in work to study a particularly complex schematic, "Important things like looking for the location of the Aurora's light source? I found that an hour ago."

Fury froze in mid step and spun around to glare frigidly at Stark, "Excuse me?"

Tony waved him off flippantly and went back to going over designs on his tablet, "Oh, your excused."

"Tell me I didn't just hear what I think I did. Do you mean to tell me that you found the location we have been searching for, over an hour ago?" Fury said dangerously as he stalked across the room, to loom in front of the unfazed billionaire.

"You know you're having problems hearing you should probably get that checked. Wouldn't want our director to be less than his best, hm?" Tony joked.

"Stark." Fury warned, but the Stark continued to ignore him.

"What? It would be a train wreck if you couldn't hear – what with you already being down one eye and all." Fury growled lowly but Stark just kept on talking. "I wonder, if you retired would they make Agent Hill the new director?" Tony pondered, tapping his stylus against his cheek.

"Stark!" Fury barked.

"Alright, alright; keep your eye patch on!" Tony laughed.

As Fury continued to glare a hole into his head, Tony's laughter faded away and the engineer sighed. Pulling his phone out of his pocket Tony tapped a specific pattern onto the screen and made to go around the –err furious Fury.

"Just where do you think you are going?" Fury spoke lowly, clearly not willing to put up with Tony's antics any longer.

"I'm going to suit up." Tony replied not breaking stride. Nick watched the man that both impressed yet infuriated him leave before turning his attention to the small flashing tablet that Tony had left behind. Reaching out, he pulled it closer to find out just what it was that Stark wanted him to see.

On the bright, white screen was a small, 3D image of earth. A series of numbers and letters -most likely the code and algorithm- flashed along the margins of the screen. What stood out most however, was the small red dot at the top of the globes image. It pulsed lightly with a single sentence written above it: TRACE COMPLETE, SIGNATURE LOCATED.

Fury tapped the dot on the screen and the image zoomed in, going into more detail; more information,-such as latitude and longitude, what the terrain was like, the weather conditions, and human activity splayed out across the screen.

"These coordinates are for the North Pole." Fury muttered.

"You only got that after reading the coordinates? I thought the flashing light on Top of the globe was a big hint." Tony sassed from the doorway where he stood with the briefcase suit.

Fury looked ready to throttle the man; however he reined himself in and instead turned to his right hand, "Agent Hill."

"Sir?" The agent replied, walking briskly to his side.

"Assemble the rest of the team and tell them to suit up, I'm sending them out on another mission." Fury ordered.

Hill nodded and turned to act out his orders, but was stopped when Fury continued, "That includes our guest."

"Yes sir."

````````````````````````````At the Pole```````````````````````````

The Guardians had quickly decided it was too dangerous to head out and blindly look for Jack's captors and so they hunkered down and came up with a plan. Each one of them would send out a small group of their helpers as reconnaissance, to see what they could find out. They had to be small enough to remain inconspicuous and not raise an alarm; therefore the Guardians themselves were out.

In the end after much hair tearing and frustrated tears, the teams were decided. There would be five teams. Each team would consist of one elf, one tooth fairy, one mini-egg and on tiny sand golem. This ensured that each guardian was in constant contact with every team. It also ensured that they were prepared for anything they could run into.

"Alright girls, listen up!" Tooth called out to her mini-fairies. At the sound of her voice they all turned and gave her their full attention. "You all are the most experienced with battle strategy, so each of you will be the leader of the group you are in. Keep them all safe as you search for Jack. Any information you find -no matter how small- relay it to me instantly."

Each fairy chirped once indicating they understood. Baby tooth, who had volunteered to go, chirped the loudest. She was making it her personal duty to find and bring back Jack even if she had to fight off Pitch herself! Tooth found this both endearing and frightening.

As the meeting between Toothiana and her fairies wound down, Bunny felt it was his turn to address the little eggs at his feet.

"Alright my little Googies, it's time to show them they can't underestimate Easter Eggs. You're all the best at evasion and stealth, so each of you will help to conceal your group and evade possible detection and confrontations. If it looks like you're going to be caught, use the tunnels. These aren't children, there's no letting them win." Bunny said sternly.

All the eggs began to hop up and down excitedly, it was clear that they understood his request and accepted.

North beamed proudly at the conviction and skill set displayed by the other Guardians and their chosen; and now, it was time for him to give out his orders. However gazing down at his feet, it took all of North's self restraint to control the urge to face palm. Five little elves were beaming up at him with goofy grins on their impish faces, anticipation widened their eyes; clearly they were ready to hear what he had to say to them.

Shaking his head, North couldn't help but wonder if they were taking this seriously. 'I must have faith; maybe they will be surprise me.' North mentally reassured himself.
"Alright my pointy headed elves, listen closely this is very important mission." Each elf stood at attention, a serious look washing over their face as they gave their leader an affirmative nod. 'Well, it seems that seriousness was possible after all.' North inwardly chuckled.

Giving a nod of approval, North continued to speak, "If there is one thing you all are the best at, it is diversion. Stay close and do what the fairies tell you. If there is need for distraction do your best to draw their attention, make sure to draw all attention to yourselves and away from the others."

All fives elves saluted in unison and North couldn't help but beam with pride, his heart feeling warm inside his chest as he gazed steadily at his little helpers.

Sandy smiled at the happy Russian man before he twirled around to face his own dream sand creations. Each of the little golems seemed to be very simple in design. At first glance they looked to be nothing more than a tiny tornado of sand spinning on the spot. However, a second glance would reveal what looked to be a small lanky figure at its center. Each one being slightly larger than Tooth's fairies, though they were smaller than North's elves. By all accounts they were the perfect size for the group they would be traveling in. With a silent wave of his hand, his creations turned in his direction. With the mental connection he had with all of his dream sand, Sandman informed his golden creations why he chose to send them along with the others.

'My dear friend within the golden sand,' Sandy spoke telepathically, 'You all have been summoned to partake in a mission of great importance. With your skills in gathering Intel, I deem it best that you act as the scout for the group you are assigned to. Help them gather as much information as you can on the guardian known as Jack Frost and those that have captured him.'

The little vortexes seemed to rotate just a little faster, as if telling Sandman that they were ready to complete their mission. Determination gleamed in each grain of golden sand.

"Then it is settled, everyone knows the role they will play in the mission, da?" North's booming voice echoed throughout the workshop. All the helpers in the room and their Guardian leaders turned to face him and nodded.

North studied every face and smile in satisfaction as he spotted the resolve in their eyes.

"Good, then no more delays." North said.

"Right," Bunny agreed. Hopping over to the globe, he studied the map intently. "Chances are they aren't in Germany anymore, but it'd still be a good idea to send a group there anyway."

"Yes; perhaps they could find something that we might have missed?" Tooth agreed. Humming, the feathered woman tapped her lips ponderingly. "Well, that's one group. Where do you think we should send the other four?"

"We send all groups to Germany." North began earning him quite a few startled glances. "Listen, we send groups there as starting point. Then they shall spread out, search every nook and cranny. One group will stay in Germany and other four will pick a direction and start searching there until Jack is found!"

Tooth smiled brightly, "That's a great idea! If we use that location as a starting point, then one of the four groups is bound to be heading in the same direction as our target!"

"That's assuming that they are out in the open and easy to spot." Bunny reminded grimly.

"I do not think they would be hiding." North rebuked with confidence.

"What makes you so sure North?" Tooth asked curiously, hovering closer with in interest.

North tapped his hands on his belly, earning an eye roll from Bunny. "Oh great here we go with his gut again." Bunny muttered under his breath.

"It is a feeling in my belly, my dear Toothiana. I am sure that they will not be difficult to find." North smiled to his fluttering friend, but his smile held behind it a touch of uncertainty. Not for his prediction- there was no doubt that they would find their frosty friend- however it was what they would find when they got to him that made him worry.

As North, Bunny and Tooth spoke to one another; Sandy rose into the air and motioned for the search teams to follow his lead. Pushing the sands from around their tiny bodies to over their heads; the golems picked up the elves and floated into the air. Each fairy fluttered down and gathered a little white egg into their small arms and followed quickly behind the rest of their respective team.

When they were all in the air Sandy looked over each team with a appraising stare. When he was happy with what he had seen, the man made of sand nodded in approval. Waving at the Guardians to gain their attention, Sandy was taken aback to find that -for once- his fellow guardians noticed him instantly.

"Ah yes, Sandy. Guide them to the exact location you found arrow. We shall stay here and wait for your return." North called out.

Sandy rolled his eyes but nodded his head regardless. Turning to the window, he gestured for the organized teams to follow; before long the group was out of sight.

"I hope this works." Tooth whispered into the silence.

"It will Sheila." Bunny assured her, though his eyes never left the window that Sandy had parted from. "It has to."

```````````````````````````` In Germany`````````````````````

Sandy gazed down at light shining up from the town below him. It hadn't taken them long to get here, at the speed they were going it had been maybe 30 minutes at most. To him though, it felt like it had taken hours. His anxiety about getting started was starting to irritate him.

After staring down at the town for a brief moment, the Sandman turned to see the teams hovering at his side. Each of them was waiting patiently for him to give the order to start their mission. With a smile to each of them he closed his eyes and nodded. It was time.

Baby Tooth saw the nod and instantly took charge. Turning to her sisters she began chirping out rapid fire orders. Her group would head west towards the United States. The Group to her left would stay here and look for more clues as to Jacks whereabouts and who could be responsible for his abduction. The group closest to her right would head south and do the same. The team on her far left would take to the north, while the final group on her far right would head east.

The other fairies nodded their affirmation and took off in their assigned direction, speeding through the skies too fast for the naked eye to see. Sandy watched from afar and smile softly to himself. Baby Tooth was always good at taking charge of any situation and when Jack was involved, Baby tooth rose to the challenge like none other.

Turning now to her own group, she urged them to keep a sharp eye on their surroundings. She informed that she would keep her eyes focused on what was in front and above them. Looking to the egg in her hands she asked for it to keep an eye to the left and right of them. It shook slightly in her hands giving off a slight humming noise that she took as an affirmative. She couldn't really be sure, it was an egg after all, but she hoped!

Glancing back at the Golem she told him to keep an eye out for what was going on below them. The little man gave a soft nod of his head and began his task immediately.

When her eyes finally landed on the happy elf she sighed, she wasn't too sure she wanted him to do anything. She had worked with this elf before and he wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the workshop. Finally, she gave in and told him to keep a look out behind them. Clearly not bothered by her hesitation he turned happily in his seat and started to gaze behind them in determination. Baby Tooth only wondered how long that resolve would last.

Shaking her head, Baby Tooth stared ahead and narrowed her eyes. With orders given it was time to get to work. Picking up the pack she zoomed across the sky fast as her little wings would carry her. She was pleasantly surprised to see that the Golem could match her speed – it only made her that more determined to get to find Jack. Not having to wait for her team to catch up meant they could cover more ground in less time.

They were ready. It was time to find her Jack.

```````````````````````````Back on Helicarrier```````````````````

Jack grumbled to himself as he was lead down the hall by two S.H.E.I.L.D agents he didn't know. He didn't know anyone here really, but after spending so much time here he was at least starting to get to know a few of them. These men however, were not one of those few.

At first he didn't care, but these men didn't so much as acknowledge his presence. For all Jack knew, these men didn't even know he was there. They could be thinking that this was some crazy exercise in following orders. Maybe they thought it was some twisted game of 'Simon says'? Something like: 'Go to the Captain, and tell him you need Jokul to follow you. When he tells you Jokul is following return to the main deck.'

"Sooo." Jack drawled trying to get their attention. "If I was to say, start walking off in a different direction. Would either one of you notice?"

Neither responded.

"Well then, here I go." Jack paused in his walking and watched them continue on. "Bye!" he called cheerily.

It was then that both men paused in their stride and looked down to their wrists simultaneously. Puzzled Jack crept closer, but halted when one of the agents began to speak.

"The temperature around us is rising." The younger looking agent stated.

The older agent hummed before turning to look in Jack's direction, "Mr. Frost. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't wander off. We are on a tight schedule and can't afford to go chasing after you."

"Wait a minute, so you CAN see me?" Jack was seriously confused.

The older agent looked at his watched again and when he noticed the temperature had stilled he cursed. Noting this, the younger agent now turned to winter spirit and tried his hand, "Look, I know you probably have somewhere else you want to be, but it would really help us out if you could come with us to the bridge. Director Fury can be...unreasonable at times." The young agent said nervously.

An inquisitive look painted itself across Jack's face and the frost spirit seemed to subconsciously float closer to the two men in front of him. The instant Jack was within five paces of them, a shrill beeping sound came from their watches.

Jack's ears perked at the sound and he knew he couldn't resist the curiosity pulling at him any longer. Hovering over the two S.H.E.I.L.D. agents, Jack finally got a good look at the weird technology they wore on their wrists. In all honesty he had expected to find watches, or something of the sort. What he hadn't been expecting to see was the brightly colored temperature gauge.

Reaching his hand a little closer to the gauge, Jack gasped in wonder as the numbers on the small screen began to plummet

"Thanks." The youngest agent whispered.

Jack couldn't believe it. Here he was, standing next to two people who clearly didn't believe in him and yet, they were talking to him and even acknowledging his presence like he was some kind of ghost! The irony of it all was that technically, Jack WAS a ghost.

"Wow, I really don't know how I should feel about this." Jack laughed aloud.

When the agents abruptly decided to continue on, Jack had his answer. The two men walked right through him and Jack shuddered at the cold, hollow sensation that coursed through his body.

Clutching painfully at the fabric over his chest, the winter spirit hissed. "I don't like it."

But regardless of what he felt, Jack put his feet back on the ground and grudgingly continued to follow them to the deck. Every once in a while when he saw a stranger approaching, he'd stop walking and just stand back to watch the comedy take place.

Every time Jack stopped, the alarm on the gauges would go off and the agents would turn around to confront Jack. At first, both men would ask politely for Jack to keep up, which then quickly turned into shouts of annoyance when he didn't comply. It only got worse for the two agents when another agent would walk by and pause to stare at them like they needed mental help. After all, to any third party it looked like the two were screaming at air.

Jack felt a tad bit guilty about it, but it passed quickly. It wasn't his fault that no one here could see him. Besides, if they were going to treat him like a ghost then that was what how he would act. When Jack was FINALLY finished making the agents job a living nightmare, they actually made it to their destination fairly quickly.

When they arrived at the bridge, the first thing that Fury did was look over his shoulder at the recently arrived group and glance at the two red faced men with a raised eyebrow. Jack couldn't help but feel completely satisfied with himself and grinned smugly at the director.

"Do I even want to know what that was about?" Fury questioned the chuckling winter spirit resignedly.

"I didn't freeze anything if that's what you're asking. Though, I think that those two might need some time to –ah, cool off." Jack smirked.

Fury sighed heavily and before giving it up as a bad joke. Ignoring his frazzled agents for the moment, he gave his attention to the frost god once more. "It would seem that Stark has found the location of the light source." He stated seriously.

The smirk practically melted off Jack's face to be replaced with wide eyes and an elated smile, "The Aurora, he actually found the cause?"

Fury shook his head, "The cause? No. What Stark found is the source, that Is to say where it originated from. He and the rest of the Avengers are prepping to leave as we speak."

"Sweet, when do we leave?" Jack rushed over to stand next to Fury, his body radiated excitement.

Fury gave Jack a hard stare, "I think you misheard me. I said The Avengers are going. You, however, will be staying here."

"What?! Why?" Jack exclaimed, hurt and anger lacing his words.

Fury's eyes narrowed dangerously, "I considered letting you go; but when you cause trouble here, where we are supposed to be safe, there is no guarantee that you won't put the team in danger when you try to pull the same tricks out there."

Throwing his arms in the air, Jack couldn't help but huff in aggravation. "I'm smart enough to know when to joke around and when to be serious, Fury. I wouldn't even dream of putting them in danger."

"Neither would I, which is why you are staying here." Fury stated with finality.

Jack clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth together so hard that Fury could practically hear the spirits teeth chipping. A frustrated growl ripped itself from Jacks throat as his pale hands pulled harshly at his hair, "You know how much I want to go with them, Fury! How much I need to be there!" Jack argued angrily. His expression became desperate, "Why are you doing this?"

Fury pinned Jack with eyes of steel, before abruptly turning to look out the window in the distance, "It's for that very reason that I can't let you go."

Jack wretched his fingers from his hair and crossed his arms angrily as he moved swiftly to stand in the directors line of sight.

"So let me get this straight." Jack started his voice as cold as the ice he could create, "First you say I can't go because you think I'll goof off and put the team in danger. Now you're saying you won't let me go because I want to go. You're not making any sense, Director. Which is it?"

Fury continued to stare out at the sky as if he couldn't see Jack standing right in front of him. Time passed in a tense silence before finally; finally Fury looked Jack in the eye. "Both."

Jack met Fury's eyes with a blank stare, refusing to speak one word until Fury explained himself. As if reading his mind, the director continued to speak, "It's my experience that when a person gets too focused on one thing, they tend to lose sight of what is going on around them. They forget the bigger picture. Your desire to go to this location blinds you to the fact that no one-especially you- knows who or what will be waiting for us when we get there."

"I may not know who's waiting for us, but I feel like I'm supposed to be there. What do you think will happen when your team shows up and I don't?" Jack demanded.

Fury however, seemed to find this to be the perfect opening to put Jack in his place. "Alright then," Fury said conversationally, "Since you think it's such a great idea for me to let you go then tell me; what do you think would happen if you got there and found that you still couldn't remember a thing?"

" I would ask whomever it was that called me for information." Jack reasoned. "I'm sure that whoever they are would be more than willing to help." But Jack knew that he was grasping for straws.

"And that right there is exactly why you can't go." Fury replied with a shake of his head.

"Oh come on!" Jack dropped his head down, "What did I say this time?"

"Try looking at this from an objective point of view," Fury crossed his arms and stood just a little straighter, "Assuming that whoever 'called' you with these lights is an ally, than it would stand to reason that they're expecting you to show up."

"Well yeah-" Jack started but Fury held up a hand to stop him from interrupting.

"Given what little I know, they would probably be expecting to see some wise ass kid carrying a staff and wearing a blue hoodie. If finding you was indication of how you travel, then they would likely also expect you to show up alone. Now, what do you think their reaction would be if you show up wearing a completely different outfit, in the company of strangers, with absolutely no memory of who they were- let alone yourself?"

Jack opened his mouth to say something –Anything!- but ended up closing it with a snap. He hadn't thought of it like that. He had been so wrapped up in the idea of going to that far off place and getting back even a little bit of his memory that he hadn't thought of anything past arriving. What would happen if he showed up like that, would everyone really be in danger?

Fury nodded grimly as realization appeared upon the young man's face, "Do you understand now? It's too big a risk having you there, especially when we're essentially going in blind."

"Fine," Jack sighed in resignation.

Just as Jack had spoken, Thor strode into the room. It took him less than a second to spot Fury staring calmly- if a little coldly- down at a put out Jokul Frosti.

"What is going on here?" Thor asked.

"Nothing," Jack assured quietly as he looked away from the large Asgardian. That did nothing to convince Thor however.

Jack pulled up the hood of his new blue cloak and brushed past the Director, stopping just as he was almost out of ear shot.

Tilting his head slightly to look over his shoulder, "I'll stay. But if anything happens to them, it's on you."

Thor stared intently at Fury as Jack drifted past him and out the door, his footsteps as silent as the wind. Both Director and Thunder God looked sternly into the other's eyes. No words were said, but there was an unspoken understanding between the two. 'Don't do something you will regret.'

Thor turned and exited the room fully intent on searching the ship for his deity, what he didn't expect was for Jokul to be waiting for him just outside the door.

"Thor?" Jack asked, breaking the silence.

"Jokul, what troubles you?" Thor questioned, concern lacing his tone.

"I'm not going with all of you to the Aurora's source." Jack said his voice void of any previous emotion.

Nevertheless Thor could feel the depression surrounding Jokul like an oppressive cloud. "I see." Thor responded, "Was this your choice or-"

"An agreement," Jack said shortly.

Thor was silent as he studied the small deity before him, "So it was." He said finally. Sending a quick glance at the door to the bridge, Thor made a mental note to have another talk with the director.

"I know I don't really have the right to ask this of you, but could you do me a favor?" Jack asked hesitantly.

Thor was stunned at the request, but felt pride in knowing he could finally help the winter god. "But of course!" he beamed.

"Make sure that no one gets hurt when you go…where ever it is that you're going. Please?" Jack's voice sounded pained – as if he was straining to get the words out. It was like his emotions and mind were both working together and yet fighting each other.

Swallowing thickly, Jack stared deeply into Thor's eyes. The God of Thunder found that he could not look away, not when Jokul looked like that. Jacks clenched his fists tightly, "And I don't mean just the Avengers. I mean everyone. Can you do that for me?" Jack seemed to almost be pleading.

Bowing deeply, Thor spoke with the most conviction he could force into his voice, "On my honor, I swear that I will do all in my power to prevent anyone from getting injured."

Jack chuckled, his expression softening and his eyes becoming brighter as he looked at the serious look on his friends face, "Hey now," Jack smiled, "Don't go throwing your honor on the line. If anything, it should be the Director doing that." Jack muttered as his expression soured.

Thor straightened and placed a large hand on Jack's slim shoulder. "The Director means well, Jokul, he only does what he thinks is best for Earth and her people." Thor assured. "However it is because of this that he harbors a strong distrust for anything he does not understand; in most cases it makes confrontation unavoidable."

"That's what worries me." Jack grumbled. "I know that there's bound to be some tension when you get to where you are headed. I just don't want anyone to get hurt because of me." Jack said as his shoulders drooped, as if a great weight had been place upon them.

Thor nodded in understanding, his respect for the Winter God rising. "Worry not, Son of Kari. So long as it's within my power, I will not let harm to come any who are present."

Jack felt relief wash over him and he smiled gratefully up at Thor, "Thanks you."
The sincerity in Jokul face, in his voice, caused Thor's heart to clench almost painfully.

"No." Thor replied, a softy smile of his oven gracing his lips. "Thank you.

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