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Summary: The NCIS team is out on a case about a murdered Petty Officer who is a single mother, and Tony finds himself getting attached to the little girl who now has no family left.

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Tony's Girl

Tony DiNozzo exited the elevator, smiling and whistling the Magnum, P.I theme tune. "Morning, Tony." McGee said as he watched Tony walk to his desk. "Probie." He replied cheerfully. Ziva stared at him suspiciously. "Why are you so happy Tony? It is 0700, on a Monday morning. You usually complaining about it being to early." Tony just smiled his 1000 megawatt grin at her. "The weekend was good, Zee-vah." He said, stretching out her name. "Someone got lucky then!" McGee said. Tony was about to reply when Gibbs stalked into the bull-pen. "Not our dead Petty Officer, McGee. Grab your gear!" he demanded.

"Where we going, Boss?" Tony asked, following his leader to the elevator. "Lincoln Park. Our only witness is a 5 year old girl who watched her mother getting murdered." Gibbs said, as he ran a hand down his face. He always hated cases that involved kids. Don't get him wrong though, he loved kids, but if a case involved a kid, it usually meant that kid had nightmares for years to come.


At the crime scene, Gibbs yelled out his team's orders. "Ziva, bag and tag, McGee, sketch, DiNozzo, shoot." With his orders made clear he stalked towards the ambulance that had a little girl sitting where the doors would close, swinging her legs, thumb in mouth and gripping a tedding bear with dear life.

Back at the scene, the others were collecting evidence. "This is well and truly disgusting." McGee stated, not talking to anyone in particular. Their victim, Petty Officer Liz Henry, had had her stomach turned inside out, her intestines tied around her neck like a noose. Ziva nodded in agreement. "I can't imagine what the girl saw." She glanced over at where Gibbs was trying to talk to the girl, but was being unsuccessful. She quickly turned away as she saw him make his way back to them with an exasperated look on his face.

Gibbs glared at the EMT's to get them to leave, as he knelt down to be eye to eye with the girl. She glanced at him, but quickly looked back down at her bear. "Hi, there." Gibbs said softly. "I'm Gibbs, what's your name?" he asked. The girl was ignoring him. "No name, huh? What about the bear? He's gotta have a name." No answer. He sighed, and gave being subtle. "You going to talk to me or not?" The girl shook her head as a negative and continued staring at her bear. Gibbs sighed again and got up, and started walking back to his team, he saw Ziva staring, but she quickly turned back to the job assigned. "DiNozzo!" he yelled. Tony's head snapped round quickly. "Yeah, Boss?" he asked, thinking what he could be doing wrong. Gibbs head jerked towards the girl. "Get her to talk. Now." He said. Tony's mouth opened and shut like he was a fish. "Oh. Boss, no." he said when he finally found words. "I'm no good with kids. They all hate me. If anything, I would make her more messed up then she probably is right now." He rambled. Gibbs glared at him and said sharply. "One, she is not messed up, DiNozzo. Get that in your thick skull now. She is a kid who saw her mother being killed. And two, it wasn't up for discussion. Now go." Tony nodded. "Gotcha, Boss." He said softly, and made his way slowly to her.

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