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Tony's Girl

Chapter 18

At Tony's apartment

Tony entered his apartment with a sleeping Destiny in his arms. After he mailed the adoption papers to the court, he took Destiny to a nearby play-park and bought her the promised ice-cream. The poor girl had tired herself out. She managed to convince Tony to run around with her too.


"Tony!" Destiny ran over to him from the swings. Tony looked up from talking to a mother who was sat next to him.

"Excuse me." He said politely to the woman, and bent down opening his arms, ready for the little girl to crash into him. It had taken a while for him to convince her to go play, but when she did eventually go, he found out he had a fast pair of legs on her when she wants. She crashed into him with a force that made him rock on his heels and falling to his butt with a grunt.

"Hey, sweetie. What's the matter?" he asked.

"Can you come and play too?" she asked smiling, her eyes dancing. Tony couldn't say no to the kid. He nodded, standing up and carefully lifting her onto his shoulders. He spun around slowly, smiling when he heard her laugh. It was such a pure laugh that could light up any room.

"You okay up there?" he asked, holding onto her ankles a little tighter.

"Yeah." She replied, giggling when Tony lifted her off his shoulders, holding her high in front of her and spinning a little faster before he put her down. She took a step, and clutched onto Tony's pant leg when she saw the world spinning. Tony put his hand on her head.

"You okay?" he asked softly. She nodded when the ground righted itself. After playing tag with some other children, hide and seek with Tony, and playing catch with the other kids, Destiny had crashed out hard on Tony's lap. Tony phoned Gibbs to tell him he was just going to take her home for the rest of the day.

*End of flashback*

Tony smiled at how much fun Destiny had had. But now he was thinking on how to bring up the rape that Gibbs had told him about. He really didn't want to talk about it, knowing that Destiny would end up in tears because of him. He glanced into the living room from his spot in the kitchen, seeing Destiny still sleeping on the couch. He decided to call Gibbs, see what he thought he should do. He picked up his cell, and dialled Gibbs' cell number from memory.

"Yeah, Gibbs." The Marine answered. Tony ran his hand through his hair, wondering if this was a good idea.

"Hey, boss." He said.

"DiNozzo. What do you want?" Gibbs said, harsher then he meant it to sound.

"Erm…never mind. You're obviously busy, I shouldn't have called-" Tony was cut off from his rambling.

"Tony…" Gibbs felt bad that he caused Tony to change his mind. "What's wrong?" Tony let out a shaky breath and whispered,

"How do I ask her about the rape without upsetting her, Boss? When I asked her about the beatings, she cried for hours." Gibbs ran a hand over his face, leaning back in his desk chair, not sure on how to answer the question, when an idea came to mind.

"Take her to Ducky. Get him to do a check up on her, discreetly looking for any signs of rape. And get him to take a blood sample to test of any STDs." Gibbs heard Tony sniff. Gibbs had a feeling Tony was crying.

"O-okay, boss. Can…can you make sure he has no guests by the time we get there?" he asked quietly, rubbing the tears from his eyes. DiNozzo's don't cry.

"Sure Tony. Come see me when you get here first though." Gibbs replied softly before hanging up. Tony slowly closed his cell, before head-slapping himself. Get a grip, Anthony. He thought to himself. He went through to the living room to see Destiny awake, rubbing her eyes.

"Hey, Baby." Tony said picking her up and hugging her tight. "You know how Ducky is a doctor?" he said slowly. Destiny nodded against is chest, still not fully awake. "Is it okay if he gives you a check-op?" Tony noticed that Destiny hesitated, but nodded after a few moments. "Good girl." Tony whispered, kissing her head and making their way to the car.


Gibbs looked up when the elevator dinged, seeing Tony and Destiny entering the squad room. As they made their way over, Gibbs took in the features of his SFA. Tony looked like he could breakdown any moment. He smiled when Destiny wriggled out of Tony's hold and ran to Ziva, hugging her legs, and climbing onto her lap, talking like Abby about her time at the park. Tony walked over to Gibbs, staring at the floor when he stopped in front of his superior's desk. Gibbs noticed how his hands shook a little. Gibbs stood up and walked round to Tony, tapping his chin with his finger.

"You okay?" he asked softly. Tony shrugged a shoulder, not trusting himself to speak. Gibbs placed a gentle hand on Tony's back. "Let's get this over with." He sighed, gently pushing Tony in the direction of the elevator. Gibbs motioned to Ziva with his head for her to come too. Ziva picked up Destiny, placing her on her hip and followed the two men to Autopsy.


When they entered Autopsy, Destiny stopped talking to Ziva, but tightened her grip around Ziva's neck.

"Hey, Duck." Gibbs announced. Duck smiled at them.

"Hello everybody." He said cheerily, trying to lightening the mood. Destiny waved shyly at him, still latched to Ziva, not wanting to let go. Ducky noticed this, and asked Ziva if she wanted to stay. Gibbs had told her what was happening when Tony called. Ziva looked at Tony who nodded.

"Do you want me to stay?" she asked Destiny, who nodded. Ziva sat the two of them down on one of the metal slabs. Duck looked at Tony and Gibbs.

"Gentlemen, you might to leave for this." He warned. "She will be quiet safe with me and Ziva." Gibbs and Tony nodded. Tony walked over to Destiny and kissed her head.

"I'll be back soon." He nodded his thanks to Ziva and quickly made his way out of Autopsy. Gibbs and Ziva both frowned.

"Thanks Duck." Gibbs said, then leaving to find his agent.

(A/N: I'm going to focus on Tony/Gibbs, rather than the exam, because I would have no idea on what to write for the exam. This will be extremely OOC. )

Gibbs found Tony in the unused stairwell, curled into himself as much as his tall frame would allow, sobbing. Gibbs was sure he felt his heart break when he saw the man who he thought of as a son crying his heart out. He sat on the landing next to Tony, not caring when his knee protested, and wrapped his arms around the younger man, feeling all of the sobs that wracked his body. Gibbs started to mumble stuff into Tony's ear.

"Shh…it's okay…it's okay Tony…shh…what's the matter?" he whispered, rocking Tony gently when he felt him clutch desperately at Gibbs' shirt.

"The…the m-m-monsters r-raped my b-baby girl!" Tony gasped out in between sobs. Gibbs hugged him tighter when he realized that it was delayed shock.

"It's okay now. They can never get her again, okay? They can never hurt her again." Gibbs said gently, but firmly. Tony looked up at him. Gibbs had never seen Tony's eyes full with vulnerability and insecurity before, and it kind of scared him.

"Promise?" Tony whispered, tears still streaming down his face, but slowing down. Gibbs smiled softly and nodded, wiping the last of Tony's tears away with his thumb.

"Promise." Tony nodded slowly, moving into a sitting position, but laid his head on Gibbs' shoulder. Gibbs ran his hand through Tony's soft brown hair, and the sat in comfortable silence for about 10minutes before breathed deeply and stood up.

"Sorry boss. I didn't mean to go all 10year old-girl on you." Tony said, rubbing his nose and Gibbs stood up, knee popping. Tony rocked forward slightly when Gibbs' hand connected with the back of his head.

"Nothing to be sorry for, Tony." He stated, patting Tony's cheek. "Go get cleaned up, and meet me back in Autopsy." Tony nodded and left quickly.


When Tony entered Autopsy, he saw Ziva teaching Destiny a card game, and Gibbs talking quietly to Ducky. He decided to go over to Gibbs and Ducky first. The two older men noticed him approaching and turned to face him. Tony smiled shyly and looked at the ground, fiddling with his hands.

"How…how is she Ducky?" he asked shyly. Gibbs placed a comforting hand on his back, gently rubbing circles. Tony looked at him, and gave him a small smile, before looking at the ground again. Ducky pretended he saw nothing going on between Tony and Gibbs, and started telling Gibbs and Tony the extent of Destiny's injuries.

"Well, young Anthony, unfortunately, there is signs of rape." Ducky sighed. "But, however, there are no signs of tearing. I sent the blood work up to Abigail about 5minutes ago, but it should not be long until she has the results."

"So, she's fine, if the blood work comes up negative?" (A/N: I think if you're e.g. HIV negative, it means you don't have it, but I'm not sure.) Tony asked.

"Physically, yes. Mentally, I cannot be so sure my dear boy." Ducky said sadly. Tony nodded slowly.

"Thanks Duck." He then turned, shrugging of Gibbs' hand, and walked over to join Ziva and Destiny.


Tony's apartment, 4hours later

Tony and Ziva were sitting on Tony's couch, sipping wine. Ziva had come round a few moments earlier to check to see how Destiny – and Tony – were doing.

"We're fine, Ziva." Tony said as he answered the answered the door, ushering her to the couch. Ziva smiled at him when he handed her a glass of wine.

"I just wanted to make sure." She said. "Where is Destiny?" she asked, not seeing the little bundle of joy anywhere. Tony flopped down on the couch next to her with a contented sigh.

"In bed. She was pooped." He said grinning. Ziva smiled at him, and curled into his side as a breeze of cold wind brushed against her bare arms. Tony wrapped his arms around her, not fazed about the closeness between them. He looked down at her, looking into her eyes when she looked up at him. He slowly and gently pressed his lips against hers. He suddenly thought that was a stupid thing to do, and started to pull away, apologizing.

"Sorry, I don't kno—" he was interrupted by Ziva's finger pressing on his lips.

"Shut up and kiss me, my little hairy butt." She whispered, leaning into touch when he did. He led her up to his bedroom, both of them knowing they were not having sex tonight. Not while Destiny was in the next room. He handed her a t-shirt, and they both striped down, Ziva in his t-shirt and her underwear, and Tony in a t-shirt and boxers, and they both got into the bed, intertwining their bodies together under the sheets. Tony smiled to himself when he felt Ziva's breath even out on his neck. He sighed contentedly, smiling, and he closed his eyes.

He was starting a family. Life was good.


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