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Chapter One: An End

It was raining. And it washed away most of the blood. But the blood caked on her fingertips wouldn't leave, wouldn't wash off.

Her eyes hurt.

Sango coughed, the light already fading from her eyes. Miroku staggered, the wind tunnel ripping itself open. The last thing he would ever see was Sango's body, impaled on an arrow, fly into his hand before he, too, joined her moments later.

Inuyasha wielded his blade, turning to her. His eyes were crimson and she saw the angry, purple stripe on each cheek that indicated he had given into his demonic side at the danger of his life.

"K-Kagome." He swung his sword at her, but with her newly acquired eyes, his movements were easy to read. Not that they weren't before, but things were happening in slow motion to her. He had always been predictable.

She ended his life quickly, sword and body painted crimson.

They had turned on her.

Naraku had manipulated them with false promises. Promises of bringing their dead loved one back to life and sparing so and so... if they killed her.

Maybe they were just tired and wanted everything to end. Or the glimmer of hope was just too tempting but whatever it was, it hurt. It hurt so much to see their eyes looking hopefully at her. They wanted her dead. Because love could do that to a person. It could warp their ambitions and goals, completely turn about a person.

She shot Sango and nipped Miroku's wind tunnel just enough to cave in on itself.

And she cried, knowing what she was doing.

It was what Naraku wanted. He laughed as they killed each other; even applauded her improved aim as she shot Sango with such accuracy she had no time to react and slashed Miroku's beads off to cut his wind tunnel.

The anger and hurt drove her, the loss and sadness filled her; knowing she had ended the lives of her family, took away her most precious people.

Her eyes began to bleed red and afterward, killing Inuyasha was just too easy that it sickened her.

The obsidian tomoes blended in her eyes, morphing into something else entirely.

Behind her, Souta lay unconscious and bloodied. She had been fortunate enough to follow Inuyasha when he supposedly went off to see Kikyo. A bad idea in itself but it had saved her brother's life. But not her mother's or her grandfather's. Their screams died off as she ran into the house, where Inuyasha had been poised to kill her little brother as he shook and yelled at him in pained anger. Standing over the body of his mother, blood began to seep everywhere.

"SIT!" She had screamed over and over as she grabbed her brother and dragged him into the well house. The shock of having his family killed in front of him was too much, he was a blank slate.

Inwardly, she begged the well to allow her brother through and it did.

There, they had waited for her. But she wasn't the weak girl she'd been before. Sesshomaru's training had saved her life and her brother's.

She had put him to sleep with her priestess powers and he slumped to the ground. Afterward, she put up a barrier and stood in front of him. The rain did not reach him. It merely pelted the barrier before running downwards and onto the floor.

Shippo wasn't there. He hadn't been for a while now. He'd been off training with the other foxes, leveling up in his tricks and such. And he was safe, because Rin oftened visited him with Sesshomaru, had his protection. She did too but he wasn't likely to show up.

"This is better than I had imagined."

"Naraku..." She snarled, looking up from Inuyasha's fallen form.

"You've come a long way from the scandalously clad girl-child." He murmured, eyes raking over her form.

She yelled, lifting her sword and charging at him. She hit no barrier as she imbued her powers into her sword. And relished in the surprised, pained gasp as her sword cut deep into him, blood spattering on the floor.

"Vile bitch!"

Her hate, her anger, welled up and all she could think about was Naraku getting a taste of his own medicine. To know that the pain he caused others would come unto him.

Her eye pulsed.

It just kinda called to me you, you know? Tenseiga pulsed and it seemed right to use it.

'Is this what Inuyasha and Sesshomaru meant?'

"Tsukiyomi." She murmured, knowing that this is what it called as her eye spun, taking on a glowing purple shade.

The world morphed into an inverted tint with black clouds, purple skies, and a silver moon as everything else turned into grayscale. Before her stood Naraku. Or more precisely, Onigumo.

He was burning and screaming in agony in the genjustu she had cast. The next time, he was having the demons eat his flesh.

The screams didn't affect her. She had killed already.

She was numb.

It continued on for hours.

"The curse of hatred is what activates the Sharingan. Once you have strong feelings for someone, like hate, a special type of chakra affects the eye. It eventually activates the Sharingan. As you gain more power, a tomoe is added on. And can be used in a number of ways."

Was run over with a car. Froze to death. Stabbed repeatedly.

"It is called, 'The eye of insight' and 'The eye of hypnotism.'"

He begged and groveled for the torture to end but she continued on, projecting the repeating illusion.

"The Sharingan allows its user to see chakra, predict an opponent's attack, or dodge an opponent's attack. It also allows one to see if another is under genjutsu, for their chakra flow will be irregular."

It wasn't enough.

"It is translated literally to 'The copy wheel eye' because of its unique ability to mimic movements. Hand signs, lip movement, fighting stances and so on."

It would never be enough.

Her friends would never come back. She was wasting her time.

The illusion dropped.

Naraku fell to the floor. A million deaths would never be enough. She killed him swiftly; the trauma had left him incapacitated.

And she was left empty, either way.

The jewel merged back together and she could only stare listlessly at it, tears trailing slowly down her cheeks.

"If only you'd never come into existence."

She pocketed the jewel and turned to her brother. This was probably karma's way of saying she had to pay for what she had done. And he was also going to have to face the hell she had built for herself.

The barrier dropped.

As she neared, she took in the rise and fall of his chest. Kagome fell to her knees beside him uncaring of the scrapes she just gave herself. She didn't care. Didn't feel the pain.

All she could see and hear was her little brother. His breathing, the sight of his unharmed sleeping body, was enough to make her start crying all over again. But she wanted to see his eyes; eyes that fluttered open and blinked. Eyes that weren't glazed over like the dead people behind her, eyes that proved he was still alive. And so, she stopped feeding him the power keeping him asleep.

The minutes waiting for him to wake were grueling, lasting forever in her mind. She held her breath when he shifted, eyes slowly blinking open before they landed on her.

"Kagome..." He murmured, weakly reaching out to her. She quickly responded, taking ahold of his hand. He struggled to talk, swallowing the lump in his throat. "Mom... Grandpa... They're - Inuyasha.." By then, the tears came pouring out and she tightened her hold on him, "I couldn't save them."

"Souta... It's not your fault."

"Mom... She tried to reason with h-him but he... And you weren't there, so I thought-" A choked sound caught in his throat and he clenched his eyes shut, fisting his hands into her shirt and burying his face into her neck.

"I'm here Souta. I'm alive." She breathed out, shuddering as she recalled the blood and the carnage. The look on her mom's face as she looked emptily at the wall and grandpa's shredded sutras burned themselves into her memory.

Souta began to wail, the rain mixing with his own tears. Kagome could only watch. Watch her little brother suffer because of a force he could not stop. He could only cry for his lost family.

"I-I want to go home."

She stilled.

"Mom and grandpa deserve a proper grave... A-and maybe we can get Buyo..." He sniffled, hiccupping every once and a while. She glanced at her fallen companions, and then her brother. Shakily, she released a breath and nodded.

Her brother was alive. They were not.

"Don't look." She warned, picking him up. He clung to her, like a child, but then again, he still was a child in many ways. Barely even a teen. He didn't fight it, merely closed his eyes and took the comfort her arms provided.

The only sounds made were her footsteps in the water, her brother's unsteady breathing, and the rain.