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Nyota furiously flung underwear, pants and uniform shirts into her bag, extremely agitated. Unorganised was not her style, and she hated it. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and she didn't want to hold up all of her fellow Cadets just so she could fold a few t-shirts.
"Gaila! Start packing!" She exclaimed panic-stricken, wondering how on earth her room-mate could be so calm when she was in such a massive rush.
Her green friend just sat on the edge of her bed, looking amused. Nyota uttered a string of profanities as she threw things into a disorganised mess, and after everything was in there, she stood up quickly, her swearing made worse by the whack suffered by her head as she jumped up and hit it on a beam.
"...Nyota?" Galia said innocently, trying hard to conceal the laughter bubbling up her throat. Gaila loved a good joke, and when she let out a girlish giggle, Nyota, finally suspecting something, whirled around, hands on her hips and one eyebrow raised.
"Yes?" She said, a sarcastic tone in her voice.
"I suppose now would be a bit late to remind you that it's Thursday. We leave tomorrow, you fail" Gaila reminder her room-mate.
"...Oh" Nyota said as she collapsed onto her bed, a grin widening on her face at her own stupidity.
"Why didn't you tell me before I made a mess of my stuff?" She complained, humour flashing in her dark coloured eyes.
"It's kinda more fun this way. I get to laugh at you," Gaila grinned. She know Nyota would forgive her. She looked fondly at her human friend, her face lit up with humour and affection. She didn't know what she would do without Nyota. Well... She knew exactly who she would do, but that was beside the point. Nyota tended to tame her 'wild' side; a side that she inherited from her Orion genes, one that every Orion had.
"We'll, now that we're both up" She said this with a little playful accusation in her voice, "We may as well go grab some breakfast".

Nyota quickly drew a brush through her tangled hair, smoothing the black tresses down, and wound it loosely in a messy bun on the back of her head. Usually, it was tied smartly back off her face, but today she really couldn't be bothered to be her usual pristine self. She thought about putting her usual make-up on, reached for her eyeliner, and then retracted her hand. She was only going to breakfast, and she was tired. She and her friend trekked down to the cafeteria, Nyota looking uncharacteristically bare-faced and messy.

She rolled her eyes as Gaila slid onto a seat next to McCoy, leaving open to Nyota the seat opposite her, which just so happened to be the one next to Kirk. She was preparing to blank the annoying Cadet, but as he began to talk to her, she softened her rigid posture. He wasn't actually being that bad this morning. They talked as a group of four for a few minutes, and when Gaila turned to talk quietly to McCoy, Kirk turned to Nyota, a mischievous grin on his face. The next sentence that passed through his smirking lips shattered her opinion of him for today.

"So, me or the robot, huh?"
As Gaila over heard this, she winced. Nyota still hadn't forgiven her for going on the other survival training field trip- the one located on a hot, dry planet quite near to Earth. The trip that they has both planned to go on beforehand was the cold weather one. When Gaila changed her mind last minute, she left Nyota partnerless. After fuming about this for an hour when Gaila told her, she then realised that it would mean choosing between one of two people.
A trip partner shared everything in the week away- a tent, food rations, maps, the lot. Before Gaila cancelled on her, Nyota was actually looking forward to the week away, to escape from the slightly boring atmosphere of the academy. But now her closest friend wasn't going to be with her, and all her other friends had already chosen partners, she was left with the choice of the two other unpartnered people on the trip. One, naturally being Kirk(although he had plenty of offers) and the other, naturally being everyone's favourite Vulcan, all together now: Spock!...
What a fun trip she had ahead of her, she thought glumly.