So this first few chapters will be focused on Regina, Snow, and Henry. But, I promise that we will see Emma and David in later chapters.

She could feel the sharp pain run through her body. Her hands burned like fire and her head throbbed with such an intense pain that she wasn't sure if she could go on. But she knew that she would.

How dare they! How dare they take her son! The anger boiled up inside of her daring to shoot out at any moment. She rounded the corner and saw him. They each had hold of him. He was so close, she would get there. They all stopped for a brief second.


They continued to run as Regina saw something be thrown in the water.

"They are opening a portal!"

No! They would not take him from her. She ran as fast as she could. The pain intensified but she pushed through it. Then, without realizing what she was doing, her feet left the ground and she fell. She fell through light and darkness. Magic was shooting through her, amplifying every sensation she felt. Then she hit the ground. She could feel magic all around her. She looked up and found herself in a jungle. She took a second to catch her breathe. She jumped up, ready to run, to find Henry. She was stopped by a hand on her ankle. Regina looked down and saw Snow.

The younger woman used Regina to help pull herself up. Then, looked around.

"He isn't here. Portals are tricky. The time gaps can be large, I don't know how far ahead of us they are."

Snow looked around frantically. "They didn't make it through!"

Regina looked around and saw that Snow was right. Emma and David had not made it through the portal. She watched as Snow started to cry. Of course she would. She had lived a privileged life; she always found a way to be with those she loved. Regina knew that she had to calm the woman down if they were going to find Henry, but she had no plans of being nice about it.

Regina grabbed Snow's shoulders and shook her a bit. "Pull yourself together! My son has been taken and I am going after him. Now you can either help me or sit here wallowing in self-pity." With that Regina walked off leave behind a silent Snow.

The jungle was dense and Regina moved much slower than she would have liked to. On top of the jungle working against them, every step Regina took caused a fire like pain to shoot through her. But none of that mattered. The only thing that she could think of was her son. He was always so strong, so brave, but this was too much for anyone. He had been through hell the past 10 months, and it was partially her fault. When she adopted Henry she promised herself that she wouldn't be like her mother, and for most of his life she wasn't. She showered Henry with love and affection. Making sure that everything he needed or wanted was given to him right away. Then, on his ninth birthday, she told him that he was adopted. He flipped out and started to push her away. She tried so hard to prove that just because he was adopted didn't mean that she didn't love him. Then he got that book and found Miss Swan. After that she started to turn into her mother. She hated herself for everything she did to her son, and now she was going to make it right. She was going to make sure that her son was safe.

"Regina!" Snow called.

Regina ran straight at the younger woman and put her hand over her mouth.

"Did you really inherit so few brain cells that you can't even figure out that you need to stay quite."

"I'm sorry, I was just trying to find you. He is my grandson, I want to find him just as much as you do!"

"No one wants to find him as much as I do. Now be quiet or I will go on without you."

Regina started back in the direction she had been going when Snow spoke again.

"Where are we going?"

Regina, not wanting to waste any time, rolled her eyes and kept walking.

"The beach is this way. Once I am in open space I can get a better idea of where we are to track Henry."

Snow was about to speak again but after looking at Regina's face decided it was best if she kept her thoughts to herself. They walked for about two hours without saying a word. Snow never questioned Regina, for she knew that the woman was not in the mood. She could see the tears in Regina's eyes, though the older woman never let them fall. Snow had to admit, she felt safe with Regina. It was strange; Regina had been trying to kill her for years. She thought that she would never be safe around the woman. But now, Snow found herself remembering when Regina was her step-mother. She was never happy, but she always had a smile for her step-daughter. Snow knew that it must have been forced. Nonetheless, it had made her feel great. Now, years later, Snow found herself putting all her trust into the woman again. Regina was her only hope.

They continued on, the silence was killing Snow. She didn't know what Regina's plan was and that scared her. All she knew was that she was in a strange world and that her grandson had been taken. On top of that she once again found herself separated from her husband and daughter.

Snow breathed in fresh, cool air. She looked at the scene in front of her. The view was beautiful; a bright blue sky over a lovely ocean. In different circumstances she would have stood in the same spot for an hour, taking in the beauty. The moment of serenity was ruined when she felt a sharp pain on her hand. She looked down and saw a knife being dragged across her palm by Regina.

"What are you doing? Where did you get that?" A million thoughts ran through her mind. She remembered when she let Regina go after stopping her execution. It took Regina only a few seconds to try and kill her. Snow could feel the fear run through her body.

Regina grabbed Snow's hand and forced her to make a fist. The blood dripped down onto a keychain that Regina pulled out of her pocket. Snow watched as Regina looked down at the keychain. It glowed for a second before going back to normal. Then she waved her hand over Snow's, healing the wound. Snow finally understood.

"You are tracking him?"

"Yes. Your blood makes the spell stronger." Regina turned towards the east and started to walk.

Regina walked in the direction of the rocks. The silence brought her a familiar feeling of loneliness. Loneliness. Most of Regina's life had been plagued by this horrid feeling. Now she welcomes it like an old friend. She deserves nothing else, she earned her loneliness.

Regina continues on in silence. She needs time to think. Neverland is a dangerous place and getting Henry back will be difficult.

Regina hears the sharp snap of a twig. She comes to a halt which causes Snow to run into her.


Snow follows the older woman's orders and stops moving. She heard some movement through the trees. Regina gave her a piercing look. Snow had seen that look enough times during her youth to know what it meant. Do as I say.

Regina tiptoed into the jungle, careful to watch where she stepped. She arrived near a small crevice. She hid behind a tree and looked down and listened to the voices.

"Now what?" Regina recognizes this as Owen, or Greg as he know calls himself.

"Does it matter. We made it! We can have time to rest, then tomorrow we can continue our mission. All that matters is that we did it!" Regina was sure that that was the voice of Tamara. They wanted to bring Henry here. They past few hours Regina thought that they ended up in Neverland by chance. Knowing that it was a mission only made it worse.

Regina felt the hot fire of anger boil up inside of her. Her son was no mission and she was going to make sure she that they knew that. They would pay for this.

"Are you sure about that? My mom's coming for me. Both of them!"

Regina and Snow both leaned forward as Henry spoke. Always the brave one.

Regina turned back towards. "You stay here. DO NOT MOVE! I will send Henry to you." Regina sternly said.

Snow watched as Regina disappeared in a cloud of smoke, reappearing down below.


Tamara and Greg turned around and found themselves face to face with someone no one wants as an enemy. The Evil Queen.

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