Neo-Queen Serenity stood on the hill looking dejectedly down at the battlefield below her, her arms hung limply and her once silvery blonde was now a dirty, bloody, matted mess. She stood gazing at the mass destruction the dead bodies of the people from the Crystal Palace, her friends and their families were dead, her husband and daughter, innocent people who had been so happy to work for the Royal Family.
The palace innocents: servants, guards and families of the senshi, including Mamoru and Chibi-Usa, were killed first it was obvious from the gory instant the battle had started they wouldn't stand a chance. Hotaru's death, the first, proved that the enemy knew that they were doing, only seconds after transforming a dark purple ball of nothing tore straight through her stomach leaving no visible wound, but Hotaru fell over dead instantly. Haruka's screams of anger over the death of her adoptive daughter were short lived as she pulled out her Space Sword, only to have it wrenched out of her hands and send speeding back at her sticking in straight in her heart.
With blood trickling out of her mouth Haruka apologized for her inability to protect Serenity and then she whispered an 'I love you' to Michiru. Ami searching for a weakness in the unseen reflexes didn't kick in fast enough for her to dodge the crystal icicles that pierced through her stomach sinking slowly to her knees she touched her stomach raised her blood stained hand into her view slumped forward. Makoto's death befell next calling upon the powers of Jupiter the antennae appeared out of her visor poor before a spark of electricity appeared lightening appeared from all ends of the room, and shaking violently Makoto fell to the floor.
Setsuna through the whole battle called upon everything she knew as the Keeper of Time to defeat the evil or even identify it fell when white orbs, from in front and behind, crashed into her body. The remaining senshi knew nothing of how the attack killed Setsuna until they looked down on the old woman who's white hair and wrinkled face barely resembled Setsuna anymore. With the realization dawning more brightly on four remaining senshi that they would die by their own powers they grew more fearful, they knew how to fight a powerful enemy but never an enemy who knew them so well they could use their attacks against them.
Minako's death caused Michiru, Rei and Serenity to look away for the first time, a black version of Minako's Love Me Chain went snaking it's way towards Minako and plunging into her chest it pulled back ripping Minako's heart out with it. Only seconds later Rei and Serenity found themselves pounding against an invisible barrier holding water and Michiru, Rei and Serenity while trying to beat down the barrier found themselves forced to watch their friend drown.
Rei described the five minutes that occurred before her death as the calm before a storm and true to Rei's words when everything went deadly silent arrows came flying out of nowhere hitting Rei in the back, chest, stomach, legs, arms, everywhere. Serenity hurried to her best friend's side begging her not to leave her alone, that if Rei died there was nothing left for Serenity and that she wouldn't be able to defeat this enemy alone. Despite Serenity's pleading Rei died, leaving her best friend with only the words that Rei believed in her and that she knew Serenity could defeat whoever killed the rest of the senshi.
When Rei dropped Serenity's hand the room became emirsed in sobs over the deaths of all her friend until she fell silent at the sound of a woman's high heeled footsteps. The woman appeared just as a breeze picked up blowing around her long black hair. She wore black pants a black bra and a long sleeved lace jacket over it with a pair of black boots.
Serenity took a deep breath and swallowed btu without asking who the woman was or why she killed everyone Serenity immediatley called on the power of the Moon and using her crystal sent a strong beam of energy at the woman. And the woman died simply only uttering three words, "I'm not gone."
Neo-Queen Serenity saw everything as if it was just happening, tears streaming down her face she sank to her knees and glancing at the sky she pleaded for death, she pleaded for her crystal to take her life like the rest of her friend's powers' took theirs. And with the flash of bright white lights she believed that her wish had come true.