Chapter 3

"So dinner tonight then Usagi-Chan?" Seiya asks over the phone.

There is a short pause and then, "keep the change." And then Usagi's voice becomes more clear over her cell phone, "sorry what were you saying Seiya-kun?"

"I was asking if you were going to meet me for dinner." Seiya responds signing the contract that his secretary had brought in for him.

"I wish I could Seiya-kun. But I have class until 6 tonight and then I have that fund-raiser for the hospital." Usagi's tone is apologetic.

"Don't worry about it Usagi-Chan, we will make plans for dinner another night." Seiya responds.

"Before you leave for New York, I promise." Usagi swears. "I want to see you before you go."

"Usagi-Chan I'm only going to be gone for a week, and then I will be back." Seiya assures carefully over the phone, picking up immediately on his girlfriend's anxiousness about him leaving.

"I know Seiya-kun, I'm just going to miss you that's all." Usagi responds. "Anyway sweetie, I've got to get to class, one more class before exams and I don't want to miss a thing."

"You'll do great and I will talk to you later." Seiya promises.

"I love you."

"Love you too." Seiya responds before hanging up the phone.

"Usagi-Chan, darling come over here please." Sakura motions for Usagi to make her way through the ballroom in a light blue taffeta dress that wraps around and ties at the waist with small roses and a dipping v-neck. The ballroom was filled with doctors and the wealthy benefactors that had showed up for the annual hospital ball.

Usagi finally arrives in front of the elderly woman who is standing with a young looking woman with her blue hair clipped elegantly back. "Usagi-Chan I would like you to meet Tokyo General Hospital's top pediatrics surgeon Mizuno Ami."

Usagi smiles brightly at the woman who appears to be about her age, "it's really wonderful to meet you Mizuno-San every time I go to visit the pediatrics ward the kids just rave about you."

The young woman blushes lightly, but she smiles, "thank you. And I must say you really do have an impact on their moods. They really adore you."

"Thanks, I really enjoy volunteering there." Usagi nods.

"The nurses have been going on and on about the Christmas party you and single handedly planning, about how you have most of the details covered."

Usagi nods, "all but the actually catering part, everyone one is so busy catering for Christmas that they have no time to do a charity event over Christmas."

"Usagi-Chan, darling, I've told you that if money is your only problem then I can pay for the caterer, you've put so much into this."

Usagi shakes her head firmly, "I'm determined to find someone who will cater this along with going along with the special diets that all of the children have."

"That really is a lot to ask of someone for charity, why don't you just let me hire someone?" Sakura questions.

Usagi shakes her head again, "I am going to find someone who will do this in the Christmas spirit."

Sakura and Ami both smile warmly at Usagi and Ami responds, "I have someone who might be able to help you, a friend of mine, would you like me to have her call you?"

"I would really appreciate it," Usagi smiles brightly, "thank you so much." Usagi produces a card and hands it to Ami, "you can reach me on any of those numbers."

"I'll have her call you within the next week." Ami promises.

"Thank you again so much." Usagi responds and she continues to talk to Sakura and Ami for a little longer and she is called away by someone else.

Walking over to the head nurse Usagi's cell phone rings the tune that was only for Seiya, "hey!" Usagi greets cheerfully.

"Hey, how's the charity ball?" Seiya asks.

"It's all right, I miss you I wish you didn't have the dumb meeting, are you on a dinner break or something?" Usagi asks.

"Nope," Seiya's voice sounds over the phone and right behind Usagi.

Usagi spins around, "Seiya! What are you doing here? How'd you get in?"

"I got out of the meeting early and I found the ticket you left for me." Seiya responds as Usagi wraps her arms around Seiya.

"Oh good," Sakura smiles and comments as her attention is drawn to Usagi. "Seiya finally showed up."

"That's her boyfriend?" Ami asks.

Sakura nods, "he's a very nice man. He makes Usagi very happy, he's part owner of Three Lights Advertising."

Ami nods, "he did the drug free ads for the hospital."

Sakura nods , "yes, actually that's how they met."

"So would you like to dance?" Seiya asks when Usagi finally pulls away.

Usagi grins, "of course."

Usagi wraps her arms around Seiya's neck and moves close to him as his arms wrap tightly around her waist. "I'm going to miss you."

"How about a bring you a present back?" Seiya suggests.

Usagi grins up at him, "like what?"

"What about one of those bears where you build them yourselves, like the one you made when you came to New York with me?"

"You're going to make me one?" Usagi giggles.

"Sure." Seiya laughs, "if that's what you want."

"It's what I want." Usagi replies quickly.

"Any requests?"

"Surprise me!"