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Chapter Three

Thranduil sat in the hallway, feeling as if time itself had stopped. He could not get Legolas's white face out of his mind and soon began to pace to relive some of his tension.

When all this will be over, he and the prince will going to have a very serious talk about hiding wounds. Thranduil never wanted to see this happen again, never. The king thoughts turned to despair as an hour passed with no word from the healers. Finally he could take it no longer and was just about to go bursting in, healer's orders or not, when it opened, revealing the first healer.

"My son…?" Thranduil whispered. Now that he was faced with the knowledge, he feared to hear the truth.

"Prince Legolas will live, your highness," the healer said, wiping his hands on the towel. Thranduil lent back against the wall, his eyes closed and a sigh of utter relief escaped his lips. His son would live!

"When can I see him?" he asked a split second after the knowledge sunk in.

"You may see him now." the healer said. The king instantly rushed forward but the other elf caught his arm. "I would have you know that the prince is very weak. He still has a long way before being completely well." With that the first healer stepped back, allowing his king to pass.

Thranduil strode through the door, walking swiftly to the room that was reserved for royalty. Pushing the door open, the elf discovered that nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.

Legolas lay against the pillows, eyes tightly closed. The white blankets and sheets matched the color of his skin, expect for the bright red spots indicating a high fever. Thranduil could just see the white bandages disappearing underneath the blankets, causing his heart to constrict.

"Do you wish me to stay, your highness?" A voice suddenly asked, startling the elf. A young healer, an apprentice, was sitting beside his son. Rising to greet his king, the younger elf looked slightly nervous, twisting the wet cooling cloth in his hands.

"No, I want to be alone with Legolas." Thranduil said, dismissing the elf with a wave of his hand. The elf hurriedly left the room, looking relived.

Sinking down to sit on the chair, the king gently took his son's hand which was resting atop the blankets. The skin was hot to the touch and the elf frowned. Picking up the cloth that the healer hadabandoned he swiped it gently across Legolas's face, trying to stop the fever induced heat.

The next few hours were long ones, with healers constantly in and out, giving orders and disrupting whatever Thranduil was doing.

The day was just dawning when Legolas stirred. It was just a small movement but Thranduil instantly caught it. Sitting up straighter in his chair, the king tried to control his excitement that his son was waking.

"Legolas! Ion-nin," he called, placing a hand against the prince's cheek. Legolas moved his head, moaning weakly as the pain that filled his body caught up with his mind.

"Wake up, Greenleaf," Thranduil called again. This time he was rewarded when his son's eyelids fluttered.

"Ada?" the prince croaked his eyes now half-lidded.

"Yes, Legolas, it is I." the king soothed, squeezing his hand, gently. He allowed Legolas to squeeze his hand back when the pain began to be too much.

"Hurts…" Legolas mumbled, his breath short.

"Iston, just relax and it will diminish."/I know/ Thranduil tried to comfort, noting how tenses the prince was. Picking up a mug of tea that rested on the bed side table, the king carefully supported Legolas's head, helping him to drink it. Releasing his son, the older elf began to hum softy while brushing a hand through the golden locks.

Legolas slowly relaxed and reaching forward wrapped his hand around his fathers'. He was feeling very much unlike himself and hated it; the only thing that was helping him was his father. Not soon enough for Legolas, the tea put him back into a healing sleep.

Thranduil sighed heavily leaning back in the chair and rubbing at his face with one hand. He felt incredibly weary and sad. His actions jostled his son's hand and it fell back against the bed. Picking up the limp hand, the king examined it.

The hands were not as small as they use to be.

Measuring Legolas's hand against his own, the elf was slightly surprised to find they were almost the same size. His son was practically a full grown elf. And he was intensely proud of him, proud of all that he had become. Yet, in his heart, the king almost wished that his son was still a small efling, one that was so innocent and never knew the horrors of war.

Thranduil sat there for a long while, watching his little boy sleep. A small smile played on his lips as he remembered happier times with his both his son and wife.


The next time that Legolas fought his way to wakefulness, his father was asleep in the chair next to him. The elf caught his breath as a sharp jab of pain reminded him of his wound.

Though the pain was still there it had diminished to a dull ache and for this, Legolas was immensely grateful. Looking closer at his slumbering father, the elf prince was surprised to see how tired and worn he looked.

"Ada," he croaked reaching out to touch his father's hand which was resting on top of his other hand. Thranduil instantly jerked awake, his fingers instinctively tightening around his son's hand.

"Legolas!" the king said in excitement, his eyes focusing. "How are you feeling?"

"Better." The young archer mumbled, slightly disturbed by how late in the morning it was. "What time is it?" Thranduil glanced out at the sun, telling the time before answering.

"A little after noon," he replied, placing the back of his hand against Legolas's forehead and testing him for a temperature. "…two days after the last time you were awake."

"What!" Legolas exclaimed in surprise, trying to sit up. A hiss escaped his lips and his hand flew to his side, clutching at his wound.

"Lay back down." Thranduil chided, frowning. Legolas did as ordered, sinking down to rest against the silky softness of the pillows. "You had a sudden relapse and were burning with an intense fever until late last night or early this morning. It is no wonder you slept so late." The older elf explained, lightly tracing the back of his son's hand with his forefinger.

"I remember nothing of this." Legolas said eyes wide as he took it all in.

"Of course you don't." Thranduil snorted pulling the covers more firmly up around his son. "Now drink this or the healers will have my head." The king supported Legolas's head carefully while he drank, making sure that the younger elf was not in danger of chocking on the herb laced tea.

"Did you sit here the whole time?" Legolas asked once he was done, shifting his head deeper into the pillow.

"Yes" Thranduil said simply, not admitting to the fact that for a while he hadn't dared leave his son's side for fear that he would die while he was gone. It had been that close.

"Hannon le." Legolas said simply though sincerely. He slide is gaze to the blankets covering his legs preferring to concentrate on that instead of looking into his father's eyes. Tears were welling up in his own and the prince was too weak to stop them. Some of his companions had not lived through the night.

"They are not shameful, ion-nin." Thranduil said gently, taking the boy's chin and turning his face towards him. A single tear escaped and Legolas sniffed, wiping the back of his hand across his cheek, banishing the tear away. He had very nearly joined the other elves and it struck home what death really was.

"Every warrior out there has felt the same way you are. If they haven't, they are heartless." The king whispered softly. Moving carefully Thranduil lifted Legolas's head and pressed it against his chest and beginning to stroke the long blonde hair.

"Oh, ada," Legolas mumbled into the robes, trembling as tears streamed down his face. That was all that need to be said, and Thranduil just sat there comforting Legolas. He rocked him back and forth, while remembering how his own father had done much the same for him.

However, Legolas's body was still weak and soon he had cried himself asleep. Being careful not to awaken the slumbering prince, Thranduil lowered him to the bed, knowing that the healing process had only just began for the prince. Gently fixing the covers around him the king proceeded to brush the tears stains away. Glancing back at the young elf, the tired king moved to the window.

Someday…someday their children would not have to go to war. When this would happened, he would never now.


Legolas stirred slowly, letting a low sigh leave his lips when he realized that he was still in the healing rooms. He would very much prefer to be in his own rooms. Looking around he caught sight of his father standing in the doorway talking to a healer. His father looked better, his hair re-braided.

The dull ache in his side had began to grow the longer he was awake but he waited to go back to sleep until he had talked with his father. Finally his father turned around.

"Legolas, you are awake again!" Thranduil said, striding forward 'till he was standing over Legolas. "How are you feeling?"

"A lot better, ada." Legolas replied truthfully attempting to sit up, though he was still weak. The king reached over and helped him up; eyeing his son's peaked and pained completion.

"Well enough that I think you are up to a discussion with me." when Legolas made no reply to that Thranduil continued.

"What, in the name of the Valar, made you think you could hide that wound. You could have died, and might have if we had not found you ." Thranduil scolded, his voice harsher than it needed to be. Legolas flinched, concentrated on his lap.

"Ada, I wasn't thinking straight." He explained softly.

"That is very true. Hiding injuries is a very serious thing, ion-nin, you have to hear this. You are no healer, you do not know when a wound needs special help, or when it has been poisoned. One day you will hide something incredibly dangerous and only you can be blamed for your death.

Legolas nodded shamefully. "You are right, it was foolish." The prince admitted softly. "But there were others who needed more help." He insisted.

"Yes, but you tell someone, just so they make sure that you do get help before you bleed to death." Thranduil continued his lecture. Legolas sighed, making a face. His father's lectures could go on and on.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me, Legolas Thranduilion." The king barked.

"Yes, sir." Legolas said meekly. His eyes were beginning to drop and Thranduil's soften. Sinking down to sit on the bed, he made his face gentler.

"You cannot understand the pain of being a father." He muttered so low that his son barely caught it. Legolas choose to make no remark instead beginning to twist the blankets together with fumbling fingers.

Thranduil noticed this and gently took them in his own.

"You are tired, ion-nin, you need to rest. We will talk more when you awake." He insisted forcing the younger elf down against the pillows.

"No, I'm all right." Legolas protested, struggling lightly against the king.

"Legolas, sleep. The healers say you need rest and they know best" . His voice was gentle but commanding.. Legolas reluctantly sank further into the pillows, allowing his father to fix the blankets around him.

"Ada―" Legolas suddenly said, grabbing his fathers hands for just a second. "Hannon le…and …and I am sorry." Thranduil smiled gently, finishing with the blanket. By this time Legolas was almost asleep, his weak body demeaned rest.

"Ada," he mumbled again,

"Yes, my greenleaf?" Thranduil answered, thinking that Legolas was to out to care that he had called him by his enduring nickname.

"I really am fine." With that Thranduil let out a musical laugh, knowing that his son really would be. Soon the younger elf's breathing had evened out and his eyes almost all the way open, signifying that he was indeed getting better.

"When you next wake," he whispered, drinking in the sight of his son looking so peaceful. "I think I will make you promise never to hide something like this ever again."

However, for some reason or another, Thranduil never did get that promise.


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