Yawning, Alfred gets out of bed. Looking at the alarm clock, he sees the time. "Ugh, today's the day..", Alfred thinks grudgingly as he gets out of bed. Today was the day he had to get a check-up at the doctor's. Alfred always dreaded trips to the doctor's. The freezing cold rooms combined with the scent of rubbing alcohol never worked for him. He never was fond of his doctor either, but today he was getting a new one. "I wonder what he's gonna be like" Alfred thinks as he stretches and puts on his glasses.

Driving to the office and checking in, Alfred waits in the lobby. "Mr. Alfred Jones, I'm ready for you" calls a male voice. "So he is a guy" Alfred thinks. As he approached the hall, he sees his new doctor. Messy punk hair and emerald green eyes stare into his face. He has unusually bushy eyebrows. His attire includes a long, white lab coat and a stethoscope. Excitement glimmers in his eyes as Alfred approaches closer. "Hello Mr. Jones, I am Doctor Arthur Kirkland. Pleasure to meet you. Please go to the last room down the hall", Arthur exclaims. "Hmmm, I think I ve seen you before, Doctor, America says incredulously. "Never seen you before" Arthur says, struggling to hide his smile.

Obedient to what the doctor says, he heads down the hall to the very last room. Entering the capacity, which was surprisingly warm and smelled of citric, he sits on one of the dusty chairs. Arthur enters right behind him. "Thank you, Mr. Jones" Arthur says with a smile while locking the door. "First, we must start with your testicular exams" Arthur says passionately. Alfred blushes when he hears those words. "Please disrobe right now", Arthur says accentuating each syllable with a lustrous look on his face. Hopefully the growing bulge wasn't showing through his uniform

"Oh damn, not this part! Why do we have to do this first?", Alfred thinks in exasperation. Taking off his shirt, he unbuckles his belt, unzips his pants, and throws his garments to the chair. Steadily stripping off his American flag boxers, his cock bulges out in prominence. Arthur gazes at his patient's member, a grin beginning to form. "It's massive..." Arthur contemplates in awe.

"Now please sit on the patients bed and spread you legs out as much as you can" Arthur says, pleased with his patient's compliance. Alfred, already bewildered and embarrassed as to what was happening, was flaming all over. He must have been as red as a tomato. When Arthur stroked his cock, Alfred inadvertently went hard. "Oh God no, he'll notice" Alfred thought. Heart beating rapidly, he looked up. Oh my, you're already hard? And I was just getting started" Arthur whispered seductively.

Arthur grips Alfreds cock, licking the tip and stroking it. Instantly, Alfred's cock grew harder. already craving for more. Arthur enlarges his mouth, allowing more in. Sucking vigorously, Alfred's moans grew louder. "I'm going to stick my fingers up your insides and you will moan in pleasure, okay?" Arthur says with an alluring look on his face while he licks his fingertips, the saliva dripping down his uniform. Leisurely inserting the first one, he swirls in circular motion. "No not this part", Alfred says trying to shut his legs. "Shhh" Arthur says sympathetically.

Beaming at his patients reaction so far, Arthur starts to unbutton his uniform. Flinging his apparel across the room, Arthur proudly revealed his hard member. Looking into the American's topaz-blue eyes, Arthur managed to manifest a smile. Heavily breathing, he thrusts it in. Realizing what was going on, Alfred screeches in overjoyed delight. "Hush my love, this is only beginning", Arthur says with a coquettish grin. Thrusting back and forth, Alfred moans.