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He could feel that his eyes were wet, just as he spluttered apologies, and just as he could see their ghosts in front of him; but he could feel it in him already. They'd just started rising, and he could suddenly feel a blankness. It was like a mist welling up inside, white and tricky, like that time when he was eight and a silvery mist - just like what he could feel, hovered around the Manor for days; and he'd fallen asleep with everyone else. His mother had been hovering over him when he'd opened his crusted eyes, three days she'd said, all of them three days until Phoebe and his Grandpa; fed up of the line going dead when they called came over and realized it wasn't right. But he'd woken up, still sleepy, half slumped on the couch where his grandpa had laid him down; and Leo had been there seeing to Wyatt, and his mom had hovered over him.

He remembered her looking just as tired as he felt, and she'd tapped his cheek three times before he resigned to the fact she wouldn't let the crust seal his eyes again; whispering "Stay awake for me Peanut, we've all had enough sleep."

The mist had still been hovering, like his mom was, over the floor looking much more diluted than it was before - but still there, or Chris thought it was. It had whispered to him to drift off and fold back into the soft cushions and sleep, sleep my sweet sleep. you're happy in your sleep...and he thought his mom could hear the whispers too.

She kept blinking blearily in and out, trying to keep him and herself awake at the same time.

There was something about three days, asleep for three days and dream trapper and spells but Chris had never known what that meant. And as he thought, never actually knew what had actually happened when he was eight.

Just his mom's face, and that he was sleepy, and the low murmurs of voices somewhere else in the room - talking to Wyatt, talking to his aunts, his grandpa. He didn't know but there was something about "It's still here, take them to yours 'till we can figure this out...It's still around...Piper looks dead on her feet."

And she had been because grandpa was suddenly guiding her up, and Aunt Paige's arms somehow appeared around him before they were orbing. Chris really wasn't sure how long he slept after that.

The mist when he was eight just drifted in and out, and like the transparent mist; his memories were translucent - see through as well, and now Chris's own body felt like it.

He was still spluttering; a watery film over his eyes as he stared at his aunts and wondered in that moment if it would have felt like this if this genie fiasco, this wish hadn't happened; but if he still hadn't managed to get his mom and dad back together in time anyway.

Was this what it felt like when one was ceasing to exist?

Suddenly, his aunts stopped drifting upwards and then, then he felt solid once more.

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