Author's Note: long has it been since I wrote a ChalkZone fanfic? 5, 6 years? I don't even remember anymore. I recently started rewatching some ChalkZone and I was listening to the song Minus Machine from 10 Years. One of my favorite songs, it inspired a new CZ story in my head. I don't know how often this story wil be updated. I'll try to update it fairly frequently, maybe once a week.


" can't be..." A woman whispered under her breath, her eyes fixated.

She sat in her chair, thinking. She tried to make sense of what she saw. She rubbed her chin, contemplating all the possibilities through her mind. Some logical explanation would make itself known. Soon, any time now..., nothing could explain this. Nothing that was within her field of understanding. The 40-year old woman looked at the photograph time and time again. No amount of eye rubbing and shakes of the head could erase what she saw. It challenged everything she knew about logic and rules of physics. Had this been a CGI picture, she'd buy it. But no, this was a photograph, and none like she had ever seen before.

In the photograph was a 15 year old boy. Brown hair, wearing a dull green shirt and brown pants. He looked like he needed to see the dentist as he had buck teeth sticking out of his mouth. With him was a girl looking to be around the same age. She appeared to be hispanic, had a pair of glasses on, dirty yellow shirt with a plaid skirt, and her hair was also brown, though taking more of a reddish color.

They were standing near the chalkboard, appearing to be erasing it. Nothing unusual there. But there was more to it than that. If it had just been that, she would have given the person who gave her the photo a good slap on the wrist for wasting her time. No, what was of interest wasn't the teenagers specifically, but what was in the photo with them.

She had to look really closely, but she saw something appearing to almost...glow behind the geography map covering part of the chalkboard. It was subtle, but it was enough to send an alarm bell ringing in the woman's mind. There would not have been any light source to produce that. It was clear where the light source was coming from. She could see the outline of a hole.

And that wasn't the only thing she noticed...

Something blue was visible in the hole. It was really hard to tell. There wasn't much of the hole revealed. But she could have sworn she could see a blue-colored face staring at the children.

In her mind, the woman had to wonder if there was a room hidden behind the chalkboard. It would explain everything, the glowing light and the mysterious figure. He could be a friend or acquaintance wanting to scare the two teenagers. Even at that age, they can still be a little immature, so she'd expect such behavior from them.

Yet something didn't add up. She had been to this school before. She had seen enough of its architecture to know a hidden room just wasn't possible. And what teacher could use a hidden room anyway? And how did that blue boy get in this supposed room? There would have been no place, unless he crawled in. But what kind of room only has a circular opening? What's the purpose?

Something else seemed off about this blue boy. Something she didn't notice until she brought out a magnifying glass and peered closer. Something was off about his body. There appeared to be a sort of outline...Outline? But people don't have outlines... Why did this boy have it? And why did it look porous, almost like a...chalk drawing?

The woman stared, mouth open, as she fell back against her chair. Could it really be possible? All the sanity in her told her it was impossible. Yet here was the evidence before her. The photograph wasn't altered. She had been given the camera by the guy she hired and got the pictures developed. This was the real deal.

She tried to keep her heart from racing and rubbed her head, fighting off the ache that was starting to take her. This started out as such a simple project. They were documenting student misconduct, photographing students that had broken school rules. Granted they were supposed to get permission from the students to be photographed, but the man she sent out to take the photos didn't care about that.

And now she wasn't sure if she was happy or deeply disturbed. Never once, in this routine 'find a story for the paper' had she expected something like this. Could she really send this to the newspaper? What if the...the thing she saw was a chalk drawing come to life?

As absurd as that sounded, she didn't want to take the chance this get out to public. A riot was the last thing she wanted. But...she couldn't just keep this to herself, could she? No, this was too...incredible to just keep to herself. Who could she tell? Who would believe her?

She almost jerked in surprise when a large hand rested on her shoulder.

"What is the matter, Ms. Saffron?"

She looked up, staring into familiar eyes. Where had he come from? How long had he watched her before doing anything?

"Mr. Cosmo, I..."

Without asking permission, he grabbed the photograph from her hands and examined it. From the expression on his face, it was clear he had noticed the same thing she did. But instead of being horrified like she expected, or outright question it, a smile, almost eerie, crept across his face.

He murmured in a near inaudible voice, "So...there's another..." He looked over at her. "Prepare for long nights, Ms. Saffron. We are going to be busy, you and I."

She scooted out of her seat. "Sir, what are you planning?"

His foosteps ceased. He gave her a sideways glance. "You will see..."