Title: Confessions From the Heart

Summary: Elizabeth chose to be with AJ despite her feelings for Nikolas. Will she finally admit her love for him before she gets in too deep with AJ?

Everything that happened after Niz's kiss and their goodbye to each other didn't happen as I will be making up my own version. This is a Niz love story that was requested from one of my loyal readers (Reina13) who reads my other stories and she wanted a Niz happy ending unlike what's happening on the show. The storyline/summary was my idea, but her idea was a Niz story. Thank you all for reading and I hope you will leave feedback so I know how I'm doing on this story. I am taking requests on certain couples, the ones I'm more familiar with, if you'd like me to do a story on them. Please keep in mind that 1) It may take me awhile to do one as I have other stories I'm currently writing, 2) I prefer to only write stories for the following couples (Liason, Quiz, Patrina, Niz, and maybe GeJo). As for GeJo, I've never written for them before and haven't read any other stories on this site regarding them, so please be kind. And 3) If I feel the storyline you want me to write is too difficult, I will either respectfully decline or change the story idea a little bit so it's easier to write. If you don't like my way, then I'm sorry you feel that way so my suggestion would be to write it how you want to. Any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in a review or PM me. Please keep in mind that I work full time so it may take me a day or two to reply back, but I assure you I will respond. Thank you. The couples I mentioned above that I'm willing to write stories for…I've already written stories for them, with the exception of GeJo, as you'll see on my profile page if you're interested. I hope you will consider leaving feedback as I enjoy hearing everyone's thoughts. I have a different writing method than others as you will notice in the first chapter. If you are confused by anything, feel free to let me know. I will not change how I write as I write this way for all my stories. If you don't like how I write, then please don't read my story. I write my stories for my enjoyment as well as for others so I hope you will keep that in mind. Thank you for your time and happy reading. Due to the fact that I've only got four chapters done so far, I will post one chapter a week until I'm further along. I'm not trying to string you along, but I don't want to post all my completed chapters at once and then you have nothing more to read for awhile. I don't own GH, but do own the story.

***My History of Niz/Quiz regarding what's written on the show***

(This story takes place around the time after Elizabeth chose to give AJ another chance despite the fact that her heart belongs to Nikolas. Everyone has been telling her that AJ will mess up again with this relationship, but she tries to ignore them, insisting that their relationship will work out because everyone deserves a second chance. She even told Nikolas there could never be anything more than friendship between them even though Nikolas confessed his love to her and that she was the only woman for him. She tried to convince him that she cared for AJ, but Nikolas argued back at who she's trying to convince: him or herself? When she tried to convince him there was no 'them', he warned her he wouldn't always be waiting for her. She told him she didn't expect him to and that he's free to move on. Nikolas could tell in her voice that she was mostly trying to convince herself and tearfully brushed his lips across hers one more time before telling her goodbye, because in his heart, he knew she was making a mistake. But there was nothing he could do as it had to be her choice in the end. As much as he wanted her to choose him, he knew she wasn't brave enough to say the words he's been longing to hear for many years: I choose you)

Chapter 1

(Elizabeth is at the park with Cameron and Aiden. The boys begged her to take them even though she warned them it wouldn't be for very long as it was getting cold out. But they didn't care and even offered to dress up warmer, which shocked their mother. But she just shook her head when she realized they didn't care on how warm they needed to be, they just wanted to go to the park. As Cameron is going off the slides and Aiden is going on the toddler playground equipment, Elizabeth crosses her arms and admires her two boys as they happily play)

Guy: "Didn't think I'd see you here considering it's getting cold out."

(Elizabeth turns her head to see who's talking to her, revealing Nikolas. She smiles briefly and notices Spencer right behind his father. She says hi and waves at Spencer, who waves back)

Liz: "The boys insisted on coming here. I told them it was cold out and they even offered to bundle up even more." (chuckles softly)

Nikolas: (smiles) "Sounds like they were determined no matter what the cost was."

Liz: (snorts) "Yeah, even if it means their mother freezing to death."

Spencer: "Dad will warm you up, Aunt Elizabeth. He made sure to dress warm…" (rolls his eyes) "…and of course me, as well."

Liz: (chuckles) "Well, he just wanted to make sure you were nice and warm. You look nice and toasty there, Spencer. Your daddy did well."

Spencer: (laughs) "Yeah, I guess so." (to Nikolas) "Dad, is it okay if I go play with Cam and Aiden?"

Nikolas: (nodding) "Yeah, go ahead buddy. Just stay where I can see you, okay?"

Spencer: (smiles) "Sure!"

(Spencer runs to where Cameron and Aiden are at. The boys all say their hello's and then all play together. Nicholas looks at Elizabeth and can tell she's a little cold, He walks towards her)

Nikolas: "Are you cold? I'd be happy to give you my coat so you're warm enough."

(Elizabeth looks at him weirdly and tilts her head)

Liz: "How are you going to stay warm if you give me your coat?"

Nikolas: (smiles a little) "Trust me, I'll be fine. You know I don't get cold easily."

Liz: (raises her eyebrows) "Oh yes, I know that. Kinda hard not to remember that." (sighs) "Are you sure you'll be okay?"

(Nikolas leans his head back a little as he takes off his coat and helps Elizabeth put it on. She sees he still has a heavy sweatshirt on that was underneath his coat. She looks at him nervously, trying not to look at him in the eyes. He helps her further by buttoning up the coat. He knows he shouldn't feel turned on by doing this, but the way she looks in that moment, especially in his winter coat, he can't help but be enchanted by her. After he finishes, he taps the front of the coat slightly before smiling)

Nikolas: "There. Are you getting warm yet?"

(Elizabeth nods briefly and can't help but smile at him)

Liz: "Yes, thank you."

Nikolas: (shakes his head) "No problem. It bugs me when I see you in discomfort, like you were just now, for example."

Liz: (rolls her eyes playfully) "I would've been fine, you know."

(Nikolas tilts his head and smiles at her)

Nikolas: "Maybe, but I was raised to make sure the woman or lady is comfortable and felt safe and loved."

(Elizabeth nods her head and smiles and then shakes her head)

Liz: "That was one of the things I loved about you. You always knew how to treat a woman right."

(Elizabeth briefly looks down before meeting Nikolas's eyes)

Liz: "Your mother raised you well."

Nikolas: (chuckles) "Well, thank you."

(Nikolas looks at Elizabeth tenderly, wanting to take her hand in his, but he fights the urge)

Nikolas: (clears his throat) "I, uh, I hope we didn't impose on you guys…Spencer and me, I mean."

(Elizabeth quickly shakes her head and smiles)

Liz: "No, you're fine. I know the boys love Spencer so they have fun."

Nikolas: (chuckles) "Yeah, Spencer enjoys their company, as well."

(Nikolas looks down and nervously kicks some snow that's around his feet away. He doesn't really want to ask the next thought that comes into his mind, but he knows it's bound to come up sooner or later in the conversation, so he decides to get it over with)

Nikolas: "I'm, uh, I'm surprised AJ isn't here with you guys. I thought he would be."

(Elizabeth blinks and nervously looks around where Nikolas is. She knew AJ's name would come up, but she wasn't sure when. She knew she shouldn't let the fact that Nikolas makes her nervous, in a good way of course. He makes her feel alive in some ways that AJ doesn't. She's never admitted it to anyone. She was too afraid to even admit it to herself because it was like if she did admit it, she'd have to face reality: that she was and always will be in love with Nikolas Cassadine. But she knew the reasons why she couldn't go there...Lucky Spencer. She let her affair with Nikolas tear apart her relationship with Lucky. Even though Lucky is somewhere else and Laura told her in her own words that she can see the love between the two, meaning Nicholas and Elizabeth. Laura didn't see much love between Lucky and Elizabeth for awhile when they were last together. Laura told Elizabeth she knew Elizabeth didn't intentionally fall in love with Nikolas, but she warned the petite brunette that sooner or later, she would have to admit her true feelings for her son because AJ would eventually see it. Elizabeth knew her former mother-in-law was right. She didn't want to believe it. But there was one thing that was different between AJ and Nikolas that Laura pointed out to the young woman. AJ cheated on Elizabeth with Carly when he slept with her. Versus Nikolas, he never cheated on Elizabeth with anyone, even when they were trying to figure things out. That was one thing Elizabeth always loved and respected about him: that he was always faithful. He loved with his whole heart and cherished the woman he was with)

(Even when they were sleeping with each other with an unsuspecting Lucky around them, Nikolas loved Elizabeth and treated her the way a woman should always be treated. Even though he knew it was wrong to love his brother's wife and at the time fiancé, he simply couldn't help it. He would die for the woman in front of him. He knew he shouldn't feel that way considering she was with another guy and he didn't think that highly of him because of what he did with Carly. But this woman, the one standing in front of him, made him do things he wouldn't normally do or say things he wouldn't normally say. He wanted so badly to tell her he loved her and that he would treasure her in ways AJ wouldn't even think of, but in the end, he knew it had to be Elizabeth's choice. But he also knew one thing: as much as he loved her, he couldn't wait around forever waiting for her to make up her mind, to realize she made the wrong choice in choosing AJ)

(Elizabeth looked at Nikolas and tried not to show her nervousness, but she knew she wasn't hiding it very well)

Liz: "He's at ELQ right now in a meeting or else he said he would have been here with me and the boys. I had today off or the boys would be with a sitter."

Nikolas: "You know, if you ever need someone to watch the boys, I'd be more than happy to." (smiles a little) "I don't mind."

(Elizabeth can't help but laugh and shakes her head, causing him to look at her weirdly, chuckling)

Nikolas: "What? What'd I say?"

Liz: "Don't you work as well? So how can you watch the boys and work at the same time?"

(Nikolas moves his head in circles ad rolls his eyes as he laughs)

Nikolas: "Okay, okay, I see your point. But I do also work from home as well sometimes so it's really no trouble."

Liz: (raises her eyebrows) "And you can handle not one, not two, but three screaming young boys when they're not in school?"

Nikolas: (tilts his head) "I have no problems with them and I also know they love their grandmother as well as Spencer's nanny when I'm at the hospital during board meetings so you don't have to worry about a babysitter."

Liz (hesitantly) "I-I don't know."

Nikolas: "You can think about it." (waves his hand) "No rush."

(Nikolas looks at the boys, who are still playing, and then turns back to Elizabeth)

Nikolas: "I love spending time with my nephews so I really don't mind. Think about it and let me know."

(All of a sudden, Aiden, Cameron, and Spencer run to the adults, catching them by surprise)

Spencer: "Hey! Miss us?"

Cameron: "Yeah! Did you?"

Aiden: "Cam and Spencer went on the slides with me!"

Liz: (laughs) "They did, huh?"

Nikolas: (laughs) "Sounds like you all had fun!"

Spencer: (to Nikolas) "Can Cam and Aiden come over sometime to play? Please?"

(Cameron and Aiden excitedly look at their mother)

Cameron: "Please?"

Aiden: "Spencer told us about all of his cool toys. His trucks and his big toy cars. Can I ride on one, mommy?"

(Elizabeth sighs as she looks at her two boys' excitefulness. She glances at Nicholas who tells her it's her call)

Liz: (chuckles a little) "Okay."

(The boys all cheer in repliance)

Liz: "I have this weekend off so sometime then we'll go to Nicholas' place."

Nikolas: "If you have plans with AJ, I'd be more than happy to watch the boys. I don't want to ruin your plans."

(Elizabeth looks at Nikolas and can tell he means well, but she also knows what he secretly wants and if she were honest with herself, she wanted it too. She shakes her head quickly and smiles)

Liz: 'We'll work something out so the boys can go to your place."

(Elizabeth then almost doesn't ask the question she's thinking of because she knows Nikolas will not be happy about it. But she doesn't want to leave AJ out in case he wanted to hang out with the boys as well)

Liz: "Maybe all of us could go to Nikolas' place this weekend: you two, me, and AJ."

(Nikolas doesn't look as happy as he was a minute ago. He wants to tell her no, he just wants her and the boys, but he knows that's not fair of him to say. He puts on a happy face and nods)

Nikolas: "If AJ wants to come, he's welcome to." (raises his eyebrows) "Are you sure he'll want to, considering how he feels about me?"

(Elizabeth looks at him and knows he's right but she just shrugs)

Liz: "I'll talk to him and see what he says. I'll let you know before the weekend comes what's going on. That okay?"

Nikolas: (nods) "That's fine." (to Spencer) "Come on buddy. Let's head back and I'll make you supper."

Spencer: (nods) "Okay, dad."

(As Nikolas and Spencer start walking, Elizabeth remembers the coat she's still wearing and calls out his name)

Liz: "Nikolas, your coat!"

(Nikolas turns around and looks at his body and realizes he forgot his coat and smiles)

Nikolas: "See? I told you I didn't need it."

(Elizabeth walks to Nikolas and takes off his coat and gives it to him. When she gives him his coat, their hands touch, causing them to look at each other nervously)

Liz: (softy) "Here you go."

Nikolas: (nodding & whispers) "Thank you." (smiles) "I would rather you be warm than cold."

Liz: (chuckles) "Even if you're cold yourself?"

Nikolas: (shrugs) "I can handle the cool air." (tenderly) "I'm more worried about you."

(Elizabeth can't help but smile at Nikolas and briefly looks down)

Liz: "You've always been sweet, you know that?" (shakes her head) "Even when I don't deserve it."

Nikolas: "Hey."

(Nikolas lifts Elizabeth's chin so she's looking at him)

Nikolas: "No matter where we are in life, I will always care about you. You know how I really feel about you."

(Elizabeth stares into his eye and sees the love and passion in them and quietly nods)

Liz: (whispers) "I know. But I'm with AJ. You and I can never be together."

Nikolas: (deeply sighs) "Even though we both know who your heart is really with?"

(Elizabeth stares at Nicholas. She wants to argue with what he just said, but she can't because she knows it's the truth. She just briefly smiles and she asks the boys if they're ready, which they say yes to. The boys say their goodbyes and Elizabeth and Nikolas look at each other. They both know what they want to say, but can't. Elizabeth does care for AJ deeply and she knows he cares for her. But can she really keep ignoring or fighting what her heart wants? A life with Nikolas Cassadine? Nikolas and Elizabeth go their separate ways with their kids but can't help but steal a private glance at the other)

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