Notes: Apologies if this title has already been used! I based it off a song, If You Love Her, by To Be Frank. Some of the lyrics have been included in the first chapter. But yes! I'm back. I will eventually write out a second chapter for my other, more smutty fic, but for now this has priority because reasons.

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Chapter 1 - Watch Me Weep

A sigh filled a certain brunet's room late on a Sunday evening. Makoto to be exact. He was perched on the edge of his bed, head propped up with his left arm and his gorgeous green eyes fixated on the ceiling. Thoughts of his friends swam around his mind, some appearing clearer than others, though Haru was the one to dominate, popping up frequently, each time causing Makoto's lips to twitch into a slight smile.

Just as the male's lids began to feel heavy and droop, his phone buzzed on the desk. It shook him out of his light doze.

"Mmnngh..? Why would someone..." Makoto didn't bother finishing the question, assuming it was either Haru possibly freaking out about the current heatwave causing water levels to be low, taps not always working. Either that, or Nagisa. The brunet's stomach dropped at the thought. Whatever idea that blond had, Makoto was sure he would end up regretting it.

However, as the swimmer flipped up his phone and read the message, even though it was from Nagisa it was... different. It contained the name of an English song. Nothing else, just a song name and artist. Makoto's English wasn't exactly perfect, but he could grasp the general idea of the words to get the rough meaning.

After a long, drawn out yawn, Makoto looked up the song on his computer and, making sure the volume was on low, pulled up a lyric video and listened.

Minutes later, and Makoto's mouth was hanging open. The lyrics. He couldn't understand fully, and the song was clearly about a woman, but they spoke to him.

I've been trying to tell you how I feel, for quite some time.

The brunet swallowed the lump in his throat.

Trying to work out if this is real, for quite some time.

He had to tell Haru.

Why don't you just lay down next to me?

Makoto jumped up off his chair with newly found determination. The feelings had been there for years – as far back as the male could remember – but Haru had always seemed to be uninterested. That, or was just too oblivious to even notice Makoto's subtle hints.

Why don't you just lay down next to me, while I speak...

After mumbling a quick "going to check on Haru" to his slightly confused parents, Makoto bolted out of the house, his lips curving into a wide smile. The swimmer's hard, loud footsteps echoed throughout the small district as he ran up the steps, two at a time. His heart was racing, pounding in his chest as it threatened to burst out. His breathing had started to turn rough and uneven.

Listen to the birds and the sea, washing over you and me.

Within what felt like an eternity but was in reality only a few minutes, Makoto was outside Haruka's place, panting from the sprinting. If anyone had seen him, they would have probably thought he was some crazy pedophile with the grin plastered on his face. But nothing mattered. After years of hiding away his feelings and secretly 'letting go' at night when he knew no one would hear, Makoto was going to confess. He was going to spill out all his feelings, and Haru was going to accept them. There were muffled noises emanating from the building but right now, Makoto couldn't care less. He was psyching himself up, readying his mind for what he was about to do.


"Ngh... More"

Makoto's chest tightened. Was that... Haru? He heard it again. No, Makoto. Stay brave, he might just be... Dreaming. Yeah, he's dreaming. With the happiness still managing to stay above all the negative feelings threatening to push their way up, Makoto slowly opened the door.

Washing over you and me... while I weep.

Makoto felt his world begin to crumble away as his eyes were glued to the scene playing out in front of him. Haru was... being pinned up against the wall.

Sharp, desperate gasps were escaping the parted lips of the blue-eyed swimmer as another male nipped at his exposed neck, leaving a clear, pink mark.

"Ha..." Makoto couldn't get the name off his tongue. The raven swimmer didn't hear him. The taller male yet to be recognized due to the brunet's sole focus on Haru, bit down on his neck again, earning a loud groan filled with pleasure and need.

"... Ru..." The unknown male looked up, and Makoto's heart seemed to stop as he realised who Haru was with.


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