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Chapter 10 - Love

"You want... me? But why? Didn't Ri-" Makoto's words were cut off a kiss, a tongue soon pressing against his lips and forcing entrance. He felt a moan building up in his throat and couldn't hold it back, hands sliding down from Haru's shoulders to his hips, gripping onto them almost bruisingly. He was stupid. The way Haru was kissing him, with such passion and emotion that he had never seen the raven-haired male have in their whole friendship. It said everything. Haru wanted him, it was never about Rin.

Makoto was brought out of his blissful thoughts as his shirt was tugged on, and then ripped open. He opened his eyes, not remembering ever closing them, and noticed the irritated expression on Haru's face. He turned his face away as Makoto laughed, nose wrinkling a little.

"Couldn't undo the rest," Haru mumbled and Makoto laughed even harder, almost causing the pair to topple off the couch, effectively ruining the mood with his silly giggles. For him, at least. Haru, however, was very much still in the mood and was soon tugging at the waistband of Makoto's school trousers. It earned an odd mix of a groan and a chuckle, a noise Makoto never thought he would be able to manage. His hips bucked shyly again, his cock craving for more friction that Haru was unwilling to give for now.

"Makoto," his friend said, the name rolling off his tongue in a rather seductive manner. "Makoto." Makoto gulped when he looked into Haru's lust-filled gaze. It made the brunet groan in anticipation of what was to come. He wanted it, he didn't care what Haru did to him, he wanted it so badly.

Lips pressed lightly onto his neck, parting to let a tongue snake out to lick at the skin. It tickled a little, but as Haru began to nip and suck to create a mark, the feathery tickle gave way to something much more pleasurable and he shivered. The once affectionate kisses turned more passionate, the meaning behind them changing. He could almost hear it.


"Mine." Makoto's eyes flew open.

"H-Haru, did yo-"

"Mine." Another, harder nip on the already pink patch of skin on his neck and Makoto hissed a 'yes,' head falling back against the arm of the couch. But it was getting uncomfortable. The couch wasn't big enough. Nowhere near large enough to accommodate two teenage boys.

With a grunt from Haru and a following whine from Makoto at the lack of attention, the pair parted and the shorter male climbed off him. Makoto was about to protest when his wrists were taken hold of and yanked, forcing his body up and colliding with Haru's. Their chests and groins pressed together as their lips met for another kiss. Tongues met and battled for dominance, but hearing a disapproving sound emanate from Haru's throat, Makoto gave in and let his friend-turned-lover take the lead.

They stepped on each other's feet as they clambered up the stairs, almost falling various times as they lost balance. Finally they made it to the bedroom and mouths parted for barely a second for them both to discard their shirts, before they met again. Makoto felt Haru's arms wrap around his waist, but noticed he wasn't being tugged or pushed towards the bed. Yet. Those skilful hands, however, were gradually making their way to the v of Makoto's hips, undoing his belt at a painstakingly slow pace. The brunet couldn't help the jerk of his hips as Haru teased him purposefully.

"Haruu!" he whined, voice going up in pitch at the end as he felt fingers brush against his erection, the hard member twitching in response. He could already feel the small patch of wetness against his boxers, so ridiculously close yet so far.

"Makoto," Haru repeated, breath hot against the brunet's neck and the slightly sore, pink skin. He shivered again, hands not knowing where to go as Haru continued to tease. The tip of a finger lightly pressed against the tip of Makoto's clothed erection while the other hand pulled his trousers down.

Finally, Makoto could feel Haru pressing against him, pushing him towards the bed that he longed to lie down on and let Haru have his way. Surprisingly, Haru was gentle as he placed his hands on Makoto's chest and gave a push. The tall male fell back onto the bed with a soft thump and a sigh, and Haru crawled between his legs.

"Haru?!" Makoto looked down to see Haru lick his lips and he swore he could have come then and there. The glint in Haru's dark eyes, pupils blown, was incredibly arousing and Makoto was beginning to struggle to contain himself. A finger slipped under the waistband of Makoto's boxers and they were quickly pulled down, much to his relief. What he didn't expect was for a pair of wet lips to press against the tip of his cock as the foreskin was slowly pulled down. A choked sort of moan left the brunet's throat, hips twitching as they itched to thrust up into Haru's mouth.

Not yet, he told himself.

Haru had barely done anything and Makoto's breathing was already erratic, words trying to leave his mouth but coming out as breathy whines and groans. Slowly, Haru closed his lips over the head of Makoto's cock and gave a suck. Makoto's voice heightened in pitch again as Haru began to bob his head, slender fingers wrapping around the base of his hard member, not being able to take the whole thing into his mouth.

"Haru, Haru." The name spilled from Makoto's mouth like a chant, breathless as he rapidly approached the climax he didn't want yet. "Sto- I- I'm"

And Haru stopped. Green met blue as the pair shared a stare, a silent conversation held as the silence around them was only broken by Makoto's short, sharp pants. Then Haru crawled up so he was over Makoto, held up by his arms either side of the brunet's head. Makoto couldn't help but wonder if this was how it went with Rin. Did Haru take control, or did Rin? Or did they fight over who was to be the dominant one like they usually ended up doing?

"Stop thinking," Haru muttered as he leaned down and kissed Makoto's lips for the fifth or sixth time that day, Makoto had lost count. Their mouths instantly opened to each other but no tongues were included. Just slow, lazy kisses, giving their heated bodies a chance to calm.

"How long." Makoto blinked, pulling away from the kiss and staring into azure that quickly darted away.

"Haru? How lo-" The brunet cut himself off, reading Haru's expression and he felt a wide smile spread across his lips. Haru's eyes returned to meet his own, seemingly waiting for an answer he knew was coming.

"I don't know. Always, I think." Makoto barely got a chance to complete his words before he was forced into a tight embrace. The fact that they were both half naked was entirely forgotten about, and slowly, he rose his arms to gently place his hands on Haru's back.

But, of course, that didn't last for long. Soon the distracting heat in the bit of Makoto's stomach returned, and he squirmed under Haru's weight. The raven-haired male stirred, apparently enjoying the loving embrace, but he rose to his knees anyway and stared down at Makoto's bare body. The brunet went to cover himself up but was stopped by a hand on each of his wrists. He looked up to see darkened blue eyes and a hint of a smirk on those soft lips. Haru lifted Makoto's wrists until they were above his head, and just about managed to hold them there with one hand. The other began to trace patterns down Makoto's chest, revelling in how the muscles tensed under the touch.

Eventually, slender fingers wrapped around Makoto's weeping erection and he jerked, letting out a surprised gasp.

"Spread," Haru muttered against the skin of Makoto's neck, earning a confused "eh?!" He sighed, and nipped the skin. "Your legs. Spread them."

Makoto gulped but obeyed, slowly spreading his legs out to give Haru easier access to his entrance; by now, he knew they were going all the way. There was no way Haru would be satisfied by a simple blowjob or something. When Haru let go of Makoto's wrists, his hands flew to cover up his burning face, knowing it would be bright red. Especially as Haru's fingers let go of his cock and slipped lower, index finger teasing the skin around the entrance. Then, the touch disappeared. The weight on the bed shifted and Makoto kept his eyes closed as he heard a cap flipping open. He opened his eyes a tiny bit to see Haru pouring lube onto his fingers and rubbing them together to warm it up. Haru noticed Makoto looking and shrugged, before leaning down and with an index finger he pressed inside, and Makoto squirmed. It hurt, but it was also incredibly uncomfortable and went to close his legs. Haru stopped him with his free hand on Makoto's thigh, kneading the flesh in an attempt to get him to relax. When it worked, the finger inside Makoto began to move. Slowly and not all too deep to start, but soon begin to pump in and out, and the brunet found himself wanting more.

Gasping as tears formed in the corners of his eyes, Makoto made even more effort to hide his face, but his hands slipped away as he felt soft lips press against his forehead. "Relax." He did, but he tensed again as a second finger joined the first. The uncomfortable feeling never left him and neither did the sting of pain, but as Haru's middle finger curled and brushed against something inside him, a jolt of pleasure surged through his body and he let out a broken moan.

Haru made a noise of approval, soon slipping in a third and scissoring as Makoto could tell he was getting more desperate. But it also seemed that Haru wanted Makoto to be a moaning, begging mess underneath him and with each thrust of his fingers, brushed against the brunet's prostate and earning another loud cry. But it wasn't enough. Makoto wanted Haru inside him.

"H-Haru... please," he panted and the raven-haired male understood immediately. Makoto whimpered when the fingers were slowly pulled out, and gasped as Haru's cock replaced them. Slowly, he felt Haru push in, and the burn of pain was never forgotten. Once fully inside, Haru paused to take Makoto's softened erection in his hand and began to lazily pump.

"Relax," Haru muttered, leaning down and placing butterfly kisses all over Makoto's chest. "You're so... tight."

Makoto forced his breathing to calm, and it felt like forever before he gave Haru a nod; he was as ready he would ever be. With a grunt, Haru pulled out barely halfway before thrusting in and Makoto yelped, but not completely from pain.

Each thrust brought more pleasure, and they gradually became erratic, soft noises coming from Haru. When his prostate was brushed against Makoto moaned loudly, lifting his hips and wrapping his legs around Haru's waist. It seemed to drive the other on, Haru slamming into him each time, the bed rocking slightly to the rhythm of their bodies.

"H-Haru, I-" Makoto was cut off by his own moans, words no longer being able to form as his head lolled back, mouth open as he panted and gasped for air.

"M-me too," came the reply, and Makoto was surprised by the stutter but never got the chance to comment on it. All he could manage was a breathy laugh as hie hands scrambled for purchase on the bed sheets.

The sounds from Makoto grew louder as he felt the familiar tightening in the pit of his stomach and quickly reached down to wrap his fingers around his leaking cock. But his hand was swatted away and Haru did it instead, matching his hand pumps with his thrusts.

Makoto came first, with a shout of Haru's name, spilling his hot seed all over his friend's hand and his own stomach. It caused a sort of domino effect on Haru, Makoto's walls clenching around him too much as he climaxed with a broken groan.

The two remained like that for a while, panting and red-faced. Eventually Haru pulled out, Makoto wincing in response, and collapsed next to the brunet. Makoto's limbs felt heavy but he knew there was some cleaning up to do.

"Later," Haru mumbled beside him, and Makoto couldn't help but chuckle, covering his mouth with a hand. He felt sticky from sweat and the cum on his stomach, and it was a bit weird to feel Haru's seed slowly dribbling out of his entrance along with the lube.

"Bath?" Haru jumped up and Makoto laughed harder. He knew that would get Makoto moving.

There was a moment of silence, neither moving from their spots; Haru was stood by the bed and Makoto was sprawled out on it.

"Hey, Haru?" Taking the blink from the other male as a good enough response, Makoto continued. ".. Love you."

His face flushed again. He had wanted to say it ever since Nagisa sent him that song. Now that he had actually said it... Makoto didn't know if he wanted to know the answer, no matter how blindingly obvious it was.

"...Mm." Another pause, and Haru turned away. "Me too."

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