Oh my gosh you guys, you have no idea how much of a joy it was to finally finish writing this. This is my first, truly novel-length (50k words) piece I've written, and I probably would've lost motivation if not for all the wonderful people reading.

A big thanks to all the amazing readers who've left a review. An especially big shout-out to gkmoberg1 for your very detailed commentary. I loved all of your comments, and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Your reviews mean ALOT to me, especially since this character is one of the less popular ones in THG and doesn't get as many views as the others.

I might be continuing this rendition of Foxface in other oneshots (yes, I've fallen in love with her while writing this).

So, if you guys have any comments/questions/anything at all, feel free to leave a review or drop me a PM :)