Ch. 26 - Every Second (pt. 2)

I ran through the crisp fall air, dodging rushing bodies and lacrosse sticks. Most of the guys under 50 brought lacrosse gear to these events. It didn't matter if the gear was home-made and hand me down or brand new and top of the line. It was all about having fun, even if playing with normal humans meant slowing down. We'd separated into two teams, and mine was up by two points.

Further down the beach, I could see the bonfires being lit one by one- probably by Paul, the friggin' pyro. Just past that, I could spot Leah and Ness's figures walking along the shoreline. They'd disappeared shortly after the blessings, claiming they needed girl time to catch up. I suspected Leah was in need of a drinking partner and she knew I'd cut Ness off after just a few swigs of Old Man Quil's moonshine. My suspicions were confirmed when I spotted the red solo cup in my girl's hand.

I narrowly missed being body checked by some Makah kid. I sidestepped him, mostly because I didn't know how I'd explain his injuries if we collided. I caught Jared's eye and knew exactly what he had in mind. Seth grinned, cluing in to our thought process. After so many years in each other's heads, we didn't even need words most of the time. With a quick nod, Jared launched the ball just ahead of me. Maneuvering around the kid to my left, I caught the ball easily and cradled it towards the left boundary. At human speed, it took a few seconds longer than usual for Seth to make it to the crease, but as soon as his feet were planted, I rocketed the little white ball in his direction. It hit the pocket for a nano second before he whipped it towards his shooting strings. The ball sailed into the net just as his new honey blew the whistle signaling the end of the game.

La Push retained bragging rights, at least until the next game. Hoots and hollers sounded, along with some ribbing and trash talk as we all descended upon the glowing fires, and the food and alcohol we'd stockpiled. I moved right past the festivities and headed to the shore. Ness and Leah were deep in conversation at the water's edge, so they didn't seem to notice me climbing over one of the large boulders that populate the beach. The alcohol might have had something to do with their lack of awareness. I was about to interrupt them when Leah's wry sarcasm caught my attention.

"Just get naked and he'll take care of the rest."

Ness sniggered. "You make it sound so simple."

"Because it is. As imprints, it's normal for you to want each other."

"Constantly?" Ness questioned with such disbelief, I had to stifle a laugh. "Because I think about it a lot. Like, probably too much."

Leah took a sip from her cup before shaking her head. "Girl, please. I've been in his head enough to know that he probably thinks about it more."

I wanted to yell at Leah to shut her big mouth, but then I remembered that I was eavesdropping and my curiosity outweighed my embarrassment.

"He can't ignore his instincts. Even if it weren't for the imprint, Jake's a guy. He wants you and he's going to give in sooner or later. You just gotta help him along if you want it to be sooner." Leah shrugged as if this was foolproof advice. She added quickly, "Just be ready for a little pain."

"How bad?"

Leah hummed for a moment. "Were you aware that the particular male organ in question is mostly muscle?"

Ness nodded, her head a little weighted by the alcohol. "I may have read that somewhere."

She was too cute, trying her hardest to seem coy even as she was discussing ways to get into my pants.

"Well, Jake has really large muscles all over. It's going to hurt, but it'll be worth it."

Nessie's eyes widened, and I could see the heat rising in her cheeks. She took a long pull from her cup and recovered after a moment.

"I can't believe you've seen my boyfriend naked more times than I have."

"Work hazard, but don't worry, I've got my own guy with pretty impressive muscles."

Ness shook her head. "Thanks for the overshare. How is that imprint of yours, by the way?"

"Being tortured, it seems." Leah looked up at the bonfire where a large portion of the pack had gathered around Liam. "I'm gonna rescue him from the drinking games. He's not going to be any fun if he's passed out. Jake, you can stop lurking now!" she yelled suddenly.

I jumped down at the exact same moment Ness jumped up in surprise.

She nudged me as she passed. "You can thank me later." She cackled as she walked away, clearly satisfied with herself.

"How long were you hiding up there?" Ness took a step forward and nearly tripped over her own bare feet.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I caught her around the waist. I snagged her cup with my free hand and sniffed. Yup, moonshine. I shook it gently, the alcohol sloshing loudly enough to make my point. "How many of these have you had?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," she smirked back, adding a quick peck on my lips.

"You're cut off," I declared. She pouted, but it didn't phase me. I gulped the contents of her cup. She huffed and twisted out of my grasp, zigzagging toward the water.

"Whatcha gonna do about it?" I teased.

She narrowed her eyes and crouched at the water's edge. I returned her challenging stare, trying my hardest to seem intimidating. Apparently it had no effect, because a split second later, she splashed cold sea water at me, then ran away in peels of laughter.

I blinked a few times before chasing after her. She wound her way around the many fires, kicking up sand and turning heads in her wake. She ended up sitting on a blanket just across from Seth and his girl, Amaya.

"Nice try," I whispered, kneeling to drop a kiss on her forehead.

I opened my mouth to say something else, but the scent that assaulted me caused every system in my body to shut down except, of course, for my dick. I couldn't seem to control the thing when Ness did something as benign as smile, but now, with the gentle breeze and her recent dip in the water, her scent was everywhere. I was practically salivating because of it.

I looked around the bonfire. Things were starting to wind down. Quil waved himself out, a sleeping Claire hugged to his chest. Leah had not only rescued her imprint, but also dragged him off somewhere for god only knows what. Kim sat on Jared's lap, inflicting what should have been serious damage to his neck. He kept rubbing her leg, moving higher up her skirt with every pass, while the rest of the pack pretended not to notice. This was pretty tame for them, anyhow.

I turned my attention to Ness. She gazed into the fire intently, as if it might share some secret with her if she concentrated hard enough. Someone had pulled their truck out to the edge of the rocky beach and opened their trunk to pump music. It was low and mellow.

"Dance with me?" I offered suddenly. I wasn't sure if it was a request or a command, but she stood anyhow. I spun her, wrapping her arms and mine around her waist. I had no clue what was playing, but I certainly felt the beat Nessie rocked against me.

I inhaled deeply, letting her scent intoxicate me completely. I exhaled slowly, wanting to savor her very essence. "Do you have any idea how sexy you are?"

Ness blushed even though I knew no one was really paying attention to us.

My nose skimmed her neck of its own accord. "Let's go back to the house."

"But, the party's still going."

"Not really. We can hang out with them tomorrow, Ness." I ran my tongue over the rim of her ear, hoping she'd get the point. 'Course, she couldn't really miss it with the way I was grinding into her ass. Her perfectly soft, tempting ass. I swallowed a groan. "I really want to take you home. Alone."

Her eyes widened a little, but a soft, shy smile quickly spread over her face. "Okay," she whispered, taking my hand and turning in the direction of the house.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel the urge to throw her over my shoulder and run at top speed. When we arrived at the door, we both reached for the knob, prompting Ness to giggle and cast her eyes down. This, of course, resulted in my dick hardening even further, which clearly meant it was time to dry hump her like we weren't still on the front porch. I remedied that, shuffling us inside and picking her up so she could wrap her legs around me.

I'm not even sure how we made it up the stairs, but we were in my room in seconds. She arched into me as I sucked at her neck while my thumb found the puckered flesh beneath the lace of her bra. She clenched the fabric over each of my shoulders, her hips rolling against min as she tried to provide some type of relief for herself.

"I need to feel more of you. Please, Jacob." Not that I'd ever say no, but it was impossible to deny the breathy pleas released into my ear. She pulled her shirt off while I unhooked her bra. She raised the bottom half of my shirt, and we parted just enough to throw the offending fabric across the room. We shared a current— an undeniable electricity that pulsed between us. Just knowing that she was mine and I would never want another woman again made me light-headed.

I returned to her mouth then, kissing her hard like she was the only thing grounding me to earth. I pushed the denim over her hips and to the floor. Immediately, I placed my leg between her own and braced us as we fell onto the mattress diagonally. The fabric of my cargo shorts was irritating my hard on, so I was glad to feel Ness tug at the zipper. My dick jumped in anticipation. We both groaned at the feel, her slightly cooler skin reacting to mine by warming immediately.

She began stroking me, light and tentative at first, then progressively harder. My groan bolstered her resolve and her grip tightened and her strokes lengthened. My hips moved on their own accord, driving my dick into the junction of her leg and the promise land. Thank god she still had panties on. I was barely keeping my sanity as it was.

And then she tried to break me. She tugged one side of her underwear down a few centimeters. I grabbed her hand when she moved to the second side.

"Take them off, Jacob. Please," she whined when I took a second too long to contemplate the request. I finally acquiesced, helping her shimmy the fabric from under her.

"I'm not gonna fuck you, Ness." The words came out a little rougher than intended, but it only made her moan against my neck. I placed her hands over her head in one of mine, skimming my nose up her neck. She smelled so good when she was all worked up and now, so close to her unmitigated scent, my will power was hanging by a thread. "At least not yet," I amended, because I honestly had no clue how much longer I could endure this torture.

I tried focusing on Ness instead, dragging my fingertips down her body and watching every minute reaction. Her neck and chest was flushed. Her nipples tightened further, begging to be suckled and nipped, which I obliged. Her stomach contracted as my hands slid over her abs, her sweet, heady scent making it hard to concentrate. Her breathing was quick and shallow as she bit her lip, anticipating my next move. She huffed when I skimmed over her right hipbone and innocently dragged my fingertips over the top of her thighs. She squirmed as I drummed across her skin until I reached her knee and pulled it up into a bend. I repositioned myself and followed suit on the left side, pushing her knees together.

"Jake, don't tease," she whimpered at the open kiss on her right thigh, so close to the one area begging for relief.

I finally settled in to taste her with long broad strokes with the flat of my tongue, working her gently. I couldn't see Ness' face, but I could tell by her moans that she was enjoying herself. That and the way her hips wiggled slightly, although she didn't have much range of motion in the position. That's when I focused on her clit. The little pink pearl was trapped between her lips, leaving it exposed and at my mercy. Within in a minute, the short, quick pushed her over the edge, her legs shaking against my arm as one of her hands wound in my hair. Her moans crescendoed and her legs stiffened, then went limp above me. I continued teasing her, licking up everything she had to offer and blowing air against her clit.

Her free hand reached blindly for me until our fingers interlocked.

Please. It's too much Jacob.

She was still panting as I kissed my way back up her body. She locked her legs around my waist immediately. I was in heaven- well, not quite. If I slid just a few centimeters south…

"Not yet. Really," I reminded myself. Even as I spoke, my body moved on it's own accord, my hips bucking against her for any sense of relief. I groaned at the sensation. Ness gasped at first, before moaning as she got used to the pace I set. I knew I was playing with fire, but I'd never felt anything so amazing in my life. She was so warm and slick. If it felt this good just sliding against her, what would it be like to be inside her?

Ness was still moaning nonsense, although every few syllables I'd hear my name, as if she were panting some ancient prayer. Her hands twitched against my biceps and I knew she was ready again. I doubted if she'd get there this way, though, so I slowly pushed two fingers in. She whimpered, her head rolling to the side as I picked up my pace just a little.

"I'm so hard just thinking of being in you. Do you feel me, baby?" She hummed her acknowledgement and I felt the spastic tightening and release begin in earnest. I slowly pushed one more finger into her. "You're so tight, Ness. Can you imagine how good it'll feel- you cumming all over my dick?"

That was all it took to set her off. I let her ride out the rhythmic tightening and release of her orgasm. I gave her a few seconds to come down before I moved.

"I'll be right back, baby." Her thighs tightened, keeping me near.

"I'm gonna bust," I whispered through clenched teeth. The things I'd told her moments earlier were the tamer thoughts running through my head.

"I want to watch you cum, Jacob. Please, baby. I want to feel it," she whispered in my neck, cupping my balls in case I still had any doubt she meant what she said. She bit my shoulder, not breaking the skin, but causing me to nearly black out as I shot my load onto her stomach.

I felt guilty, but she did say she wanted it. I held myself over her for a minute, not really kissing, but allowing our lips to brush against each other. We whispered our love for one another and promises of eternity. At some point, my hair had fallen out of it's hold and it created a curtain around us, trapping her scent and our pheromones and I felt myself reacting again. Knowing that there was no way she'd survive the night as a virgin if we went another round, I kissed her one more time and pulled away.

"Let me clean you up, sweetheart."

I returned with two washcloths and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked a little dazed as I ran the first over her stomach. She blushed when I brought the second between her legs.

"Really, you're gonna blush after you let me jizz on you?"

"Shut up," she retorted halfheartedly. She also swatted at my hand, but I just caught it and kissed her knuckles as I continued. I threw both washcloths down with my t-shirt, vowing to clean up tomorrow, no matter how cruddy the thought of jizz rags may be. I was exhausted.

Rolling into bed beside her, I rubbed her thigh. We stared at each other for a while, content with that bit of contact. At some point though, she leaned in and kissed me.

Before I realized, I pulled her leg over my own, allowing me to gently trace the lines of each lip, circling her clit before grazing the inner folds.

She shuddered.

"Should I stop," I whispered.

"You better not." She placed her hand on my arm to keep me in place just in case.

I chuckled. "I'm that good, huh?"

"Sure, sure." She tried to sound unimpressed, which would have worked if she hadn't moaned when I added a second finger. She sighed after a moment, but I could tell she was trying to keep herself under control. "You, uh, three?" she finally managed to question me.

I nodded against her forehead. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No. You would have known." She was right, but I couldn't help but worry. She surprised me though when she purred, "Again."

Unsure if she really meant it, I slid my index finger right to the moisture and wiggled it slightly. Her breath caught instantly and I could tell she was bracing herself as it made its appearance- or, rather, disappearance into her tight body.

Her hand slid into my hair. "Oh god. Jacob. My Jacob." She flexed her hips slightly, providing the perfect angle. She continued flexing her hips while I brushed over that spot again and again. There were no moans or whimpers this time, just one word as I slowly lead her to her third orgasm.

"Mine. Mine. Mine." I swallowed the word, happy to hear it.

"All yours," I replied, and I hope she knew I meant it with every fiber of my being. Crossing to the dresser, I grabbed a pair of boxers, then a pair of light purple boyshorts. Okay, they were lilac, but my masculinity denies knowing that. I tossed them at the bed.

"Really, Jacob? Can't we leave them off, just for the night?"

I paused with only one leg in. She hadn't even moved to get dressed. "Only if you can promise to behave this time."

"This time? Are you implying I started what just happened?" I looked at her accusingly although we both knew I was the one that couldn't keep my hands off her. She crawled across the bed to be near me, the sheets falling and revealing her slim waist and the top of her ass. "Fine. I'll be an angel." She smiled, widening her eyes and propping herself up to put her hands in prayer position. Right in front of my dick.

I groaned and turned back to the dresser to grab a Seattle mariners t-shirt. "You better put this on, too. Maybe I'll remember we're not supposed to have sex if I have to remove more than one article of clothing."

She pouted, but humored me. I lay down behind her, spooning her in my large frame. She giggled, and I knew why immediately.

"Are you really going to sleep like that." She wiggled her hips into my semi.

I placed a hand on her hips, but it took me a few seconds to remember that I wasn't supposed to grind against her. "I'm gonna try. Now behave."

She stopped and I stopped as well. Ugh, what a pair we were.

"I love you, today, tomorrow and every second in between." I pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

I want a garden. Not right now, she clarified the random comment, but eventually, when we find our own house. I want to plant all the fruits and veggies, or whatever the climate will allow. And that way I can cook everything from scratch.

"I like that idea. Okay, a garden." I agreed, rubbing her stomach absently. "What else?"

We began dreaming aloud, and eventually, just dreaming in each other's arms.

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