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Homosexual relationship








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Mistress Slytherin

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Chapter 1

Harry sighed as he tucked the gallons into his pocket. Sales were up in Hogwarts it seemed, muggle pills that would help keep the Ravenclaws awake to study, anti depressants for the Hufflepuffs, steroids for the Gryffindors. Oddly enough Slytherin refrained from buying though he figured it was probably because they had their own brand of drugs. Harry leaned back against the wall and hesitantly lifted his fingers to his eye. The half-assed glamour fell away with a stinging sensation and he prodded gently at the blackened flesh. Harry had been out of it for the first part of his summer, Sirius, the ministry, the Dursley's, it had all become too much. He had started selling for Vernon; the man wanted pocket change and started sending Harry out every night to get it. The streets were dangerous though and more often than not Harry was pulled into some back ally and…

But he didn't like to think about that.

"That's a pretty bruise you have there Potter." Harry jumped and turned sharply cursing as he threw up a glamour. Of all the people-

"None of your business Malfoy." Harry said softly his trembling hands slipping into his pocket.

"Now see, it wouldn't be any of my business…" The blond said his grey eyes narrowed. "-except that you have rope burns around your wrists and some pretty fingerprints around your neck too." The other boy said. "Marks that I didn't put there." Harry felt the blood rush form his face and he felt his eyes drop a blush staining his cheeks. He couldn't let this get out, any of it, Ron and Hermione, they couldn't take much more of his issues cropping up, they were already pulling away from him, he couldn't lose them!

"I have it under control." Harry said looking away- surely Malfoy would get bored and leave him alone? Malfoy snorted.

"I'm a Slytherin Potter; I know blackmail when I see it just like I know torture that's willing and torture that's not." He said darkly. Harry felt his head snap up and he turned his gaze away not able to hold it for long.

"What does it matter to you? I thought you'd be glad at the thought of me being bloodied up, besides in a month or two…" He trailed off his eyes dim. "It won't matter any more anyway." He said softly. He flinched when Malfoy took a step closer. Where had his fight gone? His will to stand up for himself? But with Malfoy standing there watching him Harry couldn't help but notice that the boy was a good few inches taller than him and while slim Harry could tell that the boy could easily overpower him.

"Let me make this clear to you Potter, you will talk, you will tell me who and where and what happened to you." The other boy said softly but without room for argument. Harry shrank back against the wall but it was useless he knew there was no way out of this.

"There is a drug ring in muggle London; my uncle owed them some money." Harry said softly.

"He sold you as collateral." Draco said with a deep frown. Harry's breath caught in his throat but he nodded, he'd grown used to being property by now.

"The leader bought me; they call him the Sphinx because of his…habits."

"He's a sexual deviant." Draco said frowning. Harry nodded.

"He'll kill me if I tell you anything else." Harry breathed.

"He'll kill you anyway won't he?" The boy said with narrowed eyes.

"He- I can't!" Harry hissed dropping his chin. He was trembling and he knew it, the man had destroyed him showed him his place and there was no turning back. Harry shivered at just the thought of losing all the privileges he'd worked hard for. Even returning to Hogwarts was a privilege he'd had to work for.

"No Potter you can and you will because you and I both know that this muggle will kill you, that's what he's notorious for. He takes pets in and breaks them slowly until their either mad or dead." Malfoy said with a hint of fury in his voice. Harry looked up at him with wide eyes.

"You- oh god you're one of his people-!" Harry sank to his knees. "Please don't tell him, he'll take me out of Hogwarts! I've been good! I did everything he asked me to please-" Malfoy's hand wound around his throat, there was no pressure, just a warning and Harry was silenced by it immediately. He could still remember how close he'd come to not waking up the last time Sphinx had wrapped his hands around his neck. He swallowed lightly and before he could help it a whimper escaped him.

"Tell me Potter, if I get you out of this mess what would you do for me?" Harry hardly dared to believe it but he was so tired of the pain, some of the things that his 'master' did hurt so much. It was a lost cause and he knew it, he could either rely on Malfoy or die a long and pain filled death.

"Either way I die." Harry said softly. "Either way I suffer, what kind of choice is that?" He shook his head. "It doesn't even matter any more, either way I'm going to be someone's garbage." He felt the emptiness creep around him again, sinking him clawing at him with panicky hands. He could end it, he should end it. He caused nothing but trouble, he was nothing and he would never amount to anything. "Go on then, take what you want." He said softly. "Just like everyone else..." He whispered. Draco was staring at him a look on his face that Harry couldn't understand and didn't dare try to understand. Draco pulled away and eyed him for a moment in thought.

"From today on you're mine, you do as I say without argument do you understand?" He said firmly. Harry shrugged helplessly and nodded.

"Yes sir." He whispered.

"I'll take care of the mud blood; you will destroy whatever drugs you have here at Hogwarts. Ah, and you will not even think about killing yourself is that understood?" The boy said.

"Yes sir." He said dropping his gaze.

"You will refer to me as 'master'" Draco ordered. Harry nodded hopelessly.

"Yes Master." He said demurely.

"Tch, I don't believe that fire is gone from you Potter, I won't believe it, you're too strong to fall like this. Come with me." Harry wasn't sure whether to respond to that or not so he chose not to and followed the blond when he turned and began striding down the hall. It was only an hour before curfew so there weren't many people about but those that were watched them pass with curious looks on their faces before turning and whispering frantically. Draco didn't bother hiding the password to the Slytherin common room he strode forward as cocky as ever.

"Malfoy what the fuck?" One of the seventh year students said standing abruptly as Harry entered tensing at the obvious hatred in their eyes.

"None of your business." Draco said with a sneer before turning to Harry. "Kneel, stay and speak to no one I'll be right back." He said before slipping away. Harry ignored the others and fell to his knees feeling a sort of relief to return to this. He'd never minded this, the routine, if anything he relied on it, it was the beatings, the uncaring destruction and degradation that he couldn't stand.

"Potter what the fuck is going on?" Someone demanded.

"Is this some sort of prank?" Harry let his eyes slip closed. Draco had specified that he wasn't to speak to any of them. He could ignore them, he'd been tested this way before, if he responded he would be beaten, raped and left in his own mess. Harry found it easy to ignore them.

"Hex him see if he reacts maybe Draco has him under the imperious or something." Someone offered. Harry remained still.

"Good idea." Harry felt the other boy pull out his wand.

"Cast a curse at my property Jones and it will be the very last thing you do." Draco said calmly. Harry wanted to sigh in relief when the blond crossed the room and settled his hand on Harry's head carding his fingers through Harry's messy hair. "Good boy." Draco said lightly. "Come with me." He said a second later. Harry hesitated and grey blue eyes flashed towards him. Harry flinched.

"Crawling or walking master?" He said ducking his head and readying himself for a blow. Draco didn't hit him though instead his eyes sharpened and darkened further.

"Walking, it would take too long for you to crawl." He said turning sharply. Harry stood and followed him back out of the common room. Harry followed behind Malfoy silently his eyes on the floor his mind carefully blank. Draco turned sharply and Harry followed him into an empty classroom gasping when the other boy pulled out a muggle mobile and punched in a number. He shot a mild glare at Harry and Harry dropped to his knees cringing when Draco reached out, but the hand didn't hurt him instead it slid through his hair and toyed with it idly.

"Jake." Draco said causing Harry to twitch slightly as the sound broke the silence in the room. "I have a pet here that I dearly want, make an offer to Sphinx, as low as you can go, highest is three hundred. If he won't take the deal- kill him." Draco said before snapping the mobile shut. Harry glanced up at him careful to keep his head bent forward so that he couldn't be mistaken as challenging. "Come closer." Draco ordered. Harry scooted closer and the hand in his hair continued petting him casually. How long did he own you?" Draco said calmly. Harry frowned, Draco's hand felt comfortable and calming.

"Two weeks after summer started, I was supposed to only be on loan until my uncle could pay his debt- master." Harry was sure to add.

"What did Sphinx do to you Potter?" The boy said with a frown. Harry felt his head shrink down slightly but a sharp tug at his hair made him lift his head again.

"Beat me, raped me, starved me." Harry admitted reluctantly.

"And?" Draco prodded him. Harry glanced up meeting gray eyes.

"I don't know what else you want." He replied meekly. Draco frowned and suddenly leaned forward pressing his wand to the side of Harry's head.


And Harry knew no more.