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Mistress Slytherin

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Chapter 6

Harry sighed as he curled into Severus' warmth feeling calm and sleepy.

"There is no name for what he is then?" Severus said mildly as he set down the parchment and glanced at Draco. It had been two weeks since Severus had come back to them, two weeks of mending bridges and becoming stronger as a whole. It was obvious now that whatever doubts Severus might have had were gone now, he was determined to make them work and it showed. He was no longer reserved with them, no longer pulling away when he wanted to touch or be touched, no longer silent when he wanted something from them; it was wonderful, Harry slowly grew more at ease around him.

"There were some that referred to his kind as Empaths, but since there is very little difference from a normal human and they are so secretive, it seems no one really ever bothered with his kind. They are tight knit families, they form bonds that last their entire lives, from what I can tell Harry should be far more developed than he is right now, something has stunted his growth so to speak." Draco said toying with Severus' hair idly as he read over his shoulder.

"Draco that is a cold thing to say." Severus chided softly.

"How else was I to put it Severus? He's been hurt there is no point in trying to pretend that it didn't happen, he was hurt so badly and for so long that he is having a very hard time maturing. That is why his body is still more like a child then a man still. No amount of nutrition potions and growth serums will help." Draco said softly. Harry frowned and curled more tightly against Severus who frowned deeply and pulled him into his arms cradling him close in a way that made Harry feel safe and comforted.

"Instead of reminding him of his pain perhaps you should come up with a way to help him." Severus said testily. Draco scowled his gray eyes darkening and his power snapping out for a moment but Severus met his gaze head on, not backing down and eventually Draco nodded sharply and the tension between them broke. Harry watched all this with wide eyes. It was odd, being able to feel their fear for him, to feel their deep adoration of him. It had started in brief flashes, every so often he would have a phantom feeling that wasn't his own but he'd always brushed it off before. He couldn't do that any more though, he felt everything now. The safer he felt, the more comfortable with their relationship- all the little things added up and made that part of him open and unfurl like a flower he hadn't known he was clutching so tightly to him. But they worried for him, constantly, and as touching as it was, Harry could see that it was wearing on both of their tempers.

"The Dursley's." Harry said speaking for the first time that day. "When I was little I could feel how much they hated me, how afraid and disgusted they were by my existence- how much they would rather I had died with my parents." He admitted.

"A child…" Severus said quietly. "To feel that so strongly as a child, naturally you would have wanted to close it all away and your abilities as a creature allowed you to do that. I noticed when I searched your mind that there were great holes, simple voids that are usually attributed to mild memory loss- the memories that we deem unimportant are faded by time. But really it was your true ability to hide."

"No Occlumency?" Draco said with a frown.

"Empaths are not meant to hide Draco, they are open completely and made vulnerable to the thoughts and feelings of others. I always accused him of wearing his heart on his sleeve; I didn't know how right I was. Harry created a natural barrier, to block out the emotions however the barrier has stunted his own emotional growth and the growth of his abilities to feel other people's emotions. Now, as he begins to open up he is entirely vulnerable and in need of us constantly. We are the emotional crutches-" Severus halted his expression twisting and Harry smiled sadly as the sharp tang of regret could be felt.

"He needs peace." Draco said grimly his arms settling around Severus in comfort as his chin settled on Severus' head. "Both of you do." He said his voice booking no argument. Severus frowned and Harry could feel the deep well of emotions that darkened and twisted Severus.

"Harry!" Severus said alarmed. Harry blinked and realized that he was weeping. He wrapped his arms more tightly around Severus.

"I never noticed before how very sad you are." Harry whispered. "You are just as wounded as I am but you try to comfort me anyway." He whispered nuzzling Severus' shoulder in comfort.

"This is maddening you know." Draco said his hands sliding around both of them possessively. "This war has taken too much from all of us and I can't stand the thought of what it will do to us in the future." He said his voice full of fire. Harry felt Severus relax and watched as he lifted his head and nuzzled Draco's cheek.

"Albus will lead himself into destruction, he becomes more and more like the dark lord with every passing day." He said tiredly.

"I know I heard your conversation with him." Draco said with a grim nod. Severus tensed and tightened his grip around Harry.

"All of it?" He breathed. Harry glanced curiously between them.

"Yes." Draco said his voice oddly hard and cold. "I knew what you were going to do; I wanted to be there in case things went sour." He said pressing his lips to Severus' cheek.

"And?" Severus said softly.

"I would like to take both of you away, to hide you away and help you heal somewhere safe." Draco said his voice aching with longing.

"But?" Severus said breathlessly.

"I can't leave things as they are." He said shaking his head. "If the dark lord wins we stand to lose, if the headmaster becomes a dark lord then I shudder to think what this world will become."

"What would you do Draco? Start a new side to this war with just the three of us fighting it?" Severus said with a tired snort. He really didn't feel up to fighting any more thank-you very much.

"Of course not, however there is a way we could make this work."

"The ministry." Harry said his eyes widening. Draco nodded.

"Fudge might have been a fool but Scrimgeor…"

"That's desperate talk Draco!" Severus said with a slight sneer. "The ministry won't stand against the dark lord! They are half way destroyed already." He said shaking his head.

"Not quite." Draco said with a smirk. "My father left piles of notes in his death Severus, notes that detail the running of the ministry up until he was arrested as well as predictions about which way the wind would blow. I've tested those predictions and for the most part they are true." Draco said pulling away and moving around the couch pouring himself some tea with a flick of his wand.

"Lucius was...always very clever when it came to political maneuvers." Severus said slowly. Harry tracked Draco's motions as Draco grasped a bowl of cut fruits and slid onto the couch beside him.

"Come Harry." He said patting his lap idly. Harry pressed a kiss to Severus' cheek before slipping across Draco's lap shivering with the raw feeling of security and adoration that rippled through him.

"Scrimgeor isn't a fool Draco he'll see your movements for what they are." Severus said grimly. Draco picked a strawberry from the pile and slipped it into Harry's mouth his gaze darkening as Harry nipped and sucked at his fingers in return.

"Exactly Severus, he will see us as a potential ally who has taken the ministry's side because the ministry has the best offer by far. He will take it because he knows that I have enough tricks up my sleeve to end this bloody war if I really wanted to." Draco said swooping down to kiss Harry soundly.

"You can?" Severus said undeterred. Draco glanced up and released Harry's mouth reluctantly before leaning back and plucking a blueberry from the pile pressing it past Harry's dazed mouth.

"The ministry is full of secrets Severus, had my father lived the dark lord would have placed him in charge of taking down the ministry simply because the Malfoy family can. We have debts on every name in the ministry some going back decades, we have information about the ministry that has been forgotten, the Malfoy family has sat behind ministers and kings alike putting into power those we want and destroying those he dislike for centuries. Scrimgeor might not be our man yet but he could be." He said smirking.

"Yes I suppose he could." Severus said narrowing his eyes. "If you use Harry the way I think you want to." He said tensely. Harry blinked up at them his eyes shifting from one to the other. Use him? What good would he do? He was just a boy, Draco's mate, Severus' mate and a broken mate at that. He wasn't the Gryffindor hero any more he- but then he considered it. For the first time he considered his options past this room. Draco- he was incredibly strong and clever and Severus too was brilliant and dangerous in his own way. Between the two of them Harry would always be safe and cared for.

"I trust you." Harry breathed abruptly. He could feel the shock rolling from both of his mates as they turned to him. "I can feel what you feel, I can tell your intents, I know that Draco would never harm me and that you wouldn't let him harm me Severus." He said frowning. "I want this war to end; I don't want to fear losing either of you." Harry said shaking his head. "I want you to promise me that if I do as you ask, whatever you ask, that you will take me and we will leave this world for somewhere safer, that is my price." He said his throat tightening. Draco stared down at him in wonder and Severus' breath caught his heart aching so loudly that Harry could feel it.

"I would take you to the ends of the world to keep you safe." Draco swore.

"That's that then." Severus said tiredly. "I will help you in any way that I can Draco." He agreed. Harry felt his heart hammer in his chest at the swell of emotion that surged through Draco as gray eyes looked at both of them and a small purr of satisfaction rose in Draco's chest. Harry smiled when Draco swooped forward and dragged Severus into a deep kiss a small growl pushing past his lips.

What ever might have happened in the past, whatever hurts he any of them had suffered, they were here now, and Harry knew they could make this work. Somehow they would make this world a better place.

"Well pet." Draco said parting only a breath away from Severus' still parted lips. Gray eyes glinted at him. "Are you just going to watch?" Draco said silkily. Harry swallowed thickly.

He smiled slowly as his hands moved down to the buckle of Draco's already tight trousers.

Just watch- ha!

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Harry Potter became the face of the ministry during his sixth year; the wizarding world knew him to be the reason so many of them survived those last terrifying months of war. Beside the new Malfoy lord, a not so silent contributor to the war effort, Harry Potter and Rufus Scrimgeor worked together to make the streets safe. Every able bodied man and woman was called to take up arms and for once, in the face of terror they did not hide in their homes. Harry Potter became the leader they needed, the icon of the dimming light that Albus Dumbledore was leaving behind. The people were trained, organized and within three months of his rise to the face of the ministry Harry Potter and his army defended the muggle world for the first time from a raid. Their success decimated the dark lord's army and would be the first of many victories.

The end of the great war was almost unsatisfying and quiet, the darkest and most terrifying lord of the century died swiftly and silently in his room. The monster whose name no one dared to speak was gone and it was several days before anyone realized it. Many would speculate as to just who it was that poisoned him that night, but it wouldn't be until several months after the last of the death eaters was captured that Harry Potter would announce Severus Snape as his primary spy and the defeater of the dark lord. Severus Snape, Harry Potter and Lord Draco Malfoy stood proudly as they were awarded Order of Merlin's and written into history as the world was declared safe once more…

Severus stared around his quarters. Empty walls and floors bore the marks of where the last twenty odd years of his life had been spent. For so long this room had been home, the only refuge he had from the world. Slim arms slipped around his middle and he felt a smile spread across his lips reflexively. Harry had been the true hero of this war, his abilities, once they'd come fully into fruition had allowed him to sway an entire army of people bolstering their courage and giving them the push they needed to succeed. Of course Harry had always had the ability to sway people one way or another. Severus had never thought that his anger and bitterness for the boy might have been egged on by Harry's mirroring emotions but he could believe it now though it didn't allow him to forgive himself for the way he'd treated his younger mate.

"You're stewing." Harry muttered pushing his cheek into Severus' robes and holding him tighter. Harry was the light of his life and Draco his courage, between them Severus had found himself to be the luckiest and happiest man on earth.

"Hush now and let me stew." Severus said lightly. Harry smiled against his back probably feeling the wave of affection Severus had felt at his concern.

"Yes sir!" Harry said happily. Severus couldn't help but sigh, with Harry around he couldn't even brood properly!

"Where is Draco then my little minx?" Severus said turning and dragging Harry into his arms. Harry's smile fell slightly.

"He said he would be taking care of Dumbledore." Harry said a shadow crossing his eyes that Severus decided that he didn't like one bit.

"Did he take the minister with him?" Severus asked curiously. Harry pouted slightly.

"Yes, he sent me away without telling me why, he had a whole team of people with him." Harry said sinking into Severus' carding fingers. Severus smiled thinly. Draco's first move had been to alert Scrimgeor to Albus' plans and then to help seal Albus' soul inside of his body so that he couldn't create a horcrux. Now that the war was over and Voldemort's Horcruxes destroyed save the one in Harry's scar it was time for Dumbledore to face his many crimes including the ones against Harry. Draco of course wasn't about to bring any more stress into Harry's life if he could help it though so Harry had no clue of the trial that would occur.

"Very well, I have instructions from our lord and master to take you to our new home and break in our new bed, tell me Harry, should I disobey?" He said smirking to see the immediate heat that flared in Harry's eyes.

"Oh no…or I might be the one to punish you." He said his lips quirking as Severus growled and tugged him up into a kiss.

"I aught to teach you your place." Severus hissed softly. Harry shivered.

"Oh I know my place sir." He whispered. "I just need to be reminded of it from time to time- I am quite the rule breaker you know." Harry said his eyes glittering with lust and amusement. Severus dragged him to the fireplace and slipped a handful of powder into Harry's fist.

"Then I will be sure to spank your impertinent little arse hmmm?" Severus whispered causing Harry to shiver.

"Yes master." Harry agreed softly.

Severus' eyes flashed.

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Draco quirked an eyebrow as he stepped into the foyer. Clothes were strewn down the hallway and he doubted that his lovers had actually made it to bed- the first time at least. He smirked and shook his head snapping his fingers for the elves. A majority of them were probably busy getting all of Severus' things unpacked in the lab but still a few came immediately and began cleaning the mess. Draco's eyes caught sight of Harry's underwear and he snatched them up before the elf could take them. Perhaps it was time to get Harry some new undergarments; heaven knows Harry would never ask for them himself. Draco shook his head and inhaled the pungent scent of his mate before tossing the underwear to the elf and striding towards their rooms. Draco smiled smugly a feeling of contentment settling in him as he stepped into the room and saw both of his mates snuggled deeply in bed fast asleep. His mates had everything they could want or need, they were content and safe and that made a primal part of him so very smug that he could almost choke on it. He slid his cloak shoes and socks off, tossed his shirt and trousers to the side and slipped into bed beside Harry loving the way Harry turned to curl into him despite that he was fast asleep. Severus cracked one heavy lid open and grunted slightly in greeting before closing it again and falling fast asleep again.

This was his family.

Draco smiled and a little bit of awe crept through him. They had worked so hard to get here; Harry and Severus had seen so much hurt and both of them had come out stronger for it. They had conquered their fears and even stepped out of their comfort zones when he beckoned them to trusting him even when the world was falling down around their ears.

It was all over now though, Draco decided. Dumbledore was dead, dispatched by the ministry and left to be found in the morning as though he'd simply died by the curse in his arm. The dark lord was gone as well, and as of that very same morning Draco's contract with the ministry was completed, he was free to take his mates wherever he wanted. He smiled as he gazed down at them his mind filled with ideas of a warm sun and sandy beaches, or historical palaces and lavish dinners- of late nights and early mornings made for lovemaking. His eyes grew heavy as he imagined all that he and his mates would do and slowly he drifted off to sleep one ironic cliché flittering through the images of his mind.

And they lived happily ever after…

And they did.