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Naruto tapped his blunt nails nonchalantly on the desktop, his left hand balled into a tight fist, and upon it rested his left cheek. Kyuubi sat proudly beside his younger sibling, his long red hair tied tightly in a bun, while his brother on the other hand let his shaggy hair hang loose. Minato and Kushina sat boldly at the table with them, their eyes intently calculating the red haired teen. "We called you down for a reason, Kyuubi." Naruto groaned, eliciting both parents to give him side glares before returning their pleasant gaze back towards him. "...Naruto, you too." His mother snarled bluntly, refusing to acknowledge the blonde to her left. Naruto sighed languidly, rolling his eyes nonchalantly, not truly caring about his parents and their ignorant behavior. He was use to being neglected; use to being ignored; use to being the fucking outcast in this damn family! Everything in his life seemed to revolve around his older brother, Kyuubi Uzumaki-Namikaze. Naruto won first place in his talent show, but Kyuubi was congratulated for teaching him how to sing. Naruto got a B+ on his math exam that he'd studied weeks for, but his parents gave Kyuubi $100 for tutoring him. His parents would never find flaws when it came to Kyuubi, but it seemed like Naruto had numerous flaws that he didn't know about himself. Kyuubi got pregnant at the age of fifteen, and aborted the child when he found out eight weeks into his pregnancy. Kyuubi smoked weed! Kyuubi stole their car once and crashed it into a fucking wall! Naruto narrowed his eyes, glancing over to glare at those emerald eyes that pleaded to him. "Kyuubi... Your father and I, have decided that you should have your own car! Kyuubi, the car is out front and here's the keys!" Kushina exclaimed, handing over the metallic instruments to her son who gawked at his calloused palm, then averted his gaze towards his parents, a large smile plastered upon his face.

"Oh my-Thanks!...Finally!" He jumped up abruptly, pushing his chair away from the marble table, before scurrying outside to stare at his new charger in astonishment. Naruto watched his parents smile, each taking in Kyuubi's expression with a smile curling up their lips, but the gestures faltered, when Naruto's soft voice attacked their eardrums.

"So...what did you guys get me?" Minato narrowed his eyes at his son, and Kushina scoffed at the blonde, practically laughing at the repulsive inquire as if Naruto had just lost his damn mind.

"What you mean: 'what did you guys get me'-"

"-We didn't buy you anything. Seriously, you haven't done anything worth getting something-"

"-You always mess things up. Go to your room and study, Naruto. I'm getting a headache just talking to you." Kushina stated unnecessarily, rubbing her throbbing temples as said Naruto excused himself from the table and stalked up the staircase. He slowed down in his walk to a stalking pace once he passed the agape front door, gazing out at Kyuubi who laughed and shouted with excitement, which Naruto loathed. He rubbed his right forearm, averting his gaze up the flight of stairs, watching their German Shepard scurry down the steps towards his feet.

"Hey, Kurama." Naruto bluntly announced, stepping over the canine and continued his lonely journey to his safe haven. Being enclosed in his room, was Naruto's utopia. Azure glistening, body convulsing, Naruto clung to himself, collapsing onto the mattress before letting the tears trickle down his slightly rosy cheeks. The tantalizing sensation that he always received from crying, would rouse anger within him. He hated his parents, however he despised Kyuubi the most for being the "perfect child" in his parents eyes. He wanted them to acknowledge him, or to at least say for once that they truly were proud of the sixteen year old. Kyuubi was eighteen and a senior at their high school, while his younger brother was a sophomore. The Uzumaki-Namikazes lived what everyone claimed to be as the "ideal life" but this was practically hell for the young blonde. His father didn't claim him when in public, most of the time the blonde was referred to as: him, Naruto, stepchild, child, or son. Which son was rarely used in Minato's vocabulary at all. Kushina once told Naruto that all he'd ever be good at was laying on his back, which crushed his dignity into miniature pieces. How the two males attained wombs could never truly be discovered, but their mother claimed she took contaminated vitamins during their pregnancies, at which Kyuubi didn't seem that convinced. Naruto rolled over into the fetal position, sniffling while said Kyuubi opened the door cautiously and allowed himself in.

"...Naruto?" The blonde groaned in annoyance, hastily wiping away the glistening liquid pouring from his eyes, and glanced over his shoulder towards his brother. Kyuubi sat on the edge of Naruto's bed, caressing his arm at which Naruto snatched his limb away. "I'm going out with a few friends for ice cream... Wanna...wanna come?-"

"-Oh, now my feelings matter to you?!" Naruto retorted, pushing his brother away, and crawled under his bed sheets, subduing his entire body within the sheets. The red haired boy's solemn gaze analyzed his brother, eliciting him to brush a few loose strands of hair behind his right ear, however he knew Naruto's dilemma. Their parents practically worshiped him, and then there was Naruto, who they gave their ass to him to kiss. He rose from the bed and trotted to the entrance, coming a brief hiatus to glance over his shoulder one last time towards the motionless body. He forced a halfhearted smile, carding his nimble fingers through his hair as he twirled his car keys in the other.

Naruto sat next to his father at Kyuubi's basketball game, his azure eyes intently calculating the raven haired sophomore who managed to make it onto the varsity team. The back of his jersey said 'Uchiha', but there was also another player who's name was Uchiha as well. Both ravens had similar features, but the older looking Uchiha had more intellect and statics when he made abrupt decisions. The younger brother or cousin, a nimble spirit, had speed and could easily maneuver through the other players to get the orange ball. "Go Kyuubi!" Minato exclaimed, cupping his mouth while Naruto folded his arms firmly against his pectoral muscle and groaned inwardly. This gesture didn't go unrecognized. "Don't be rude, cheer for your brother, Naruto!-"

"-Why? You don't care. I'm surprised you even noticed that Im even here." Minato narrowed his eyes daringly, gritting his teeth with tenacity when his son glanced over at him just as daringly. "Kyuubi is all you ever care about. Did you know that Kyuubi got pregnant?! Did you know that he failed 10th grade, and went to summer school to make it up, when he told you and mom that he was off at Math camp?!" Minato glared at Naruto, clenching his fists while the blonde pursed his lips, averting his gaze towards the games.

"It's a shame that you would lie just to make me actually like you. That's the exact behavior that your mother and I are talking about! If you'd just take responsibility for your actions, then you'd get thin-"

"-Die in a fucking hole!-"

"-Go lay on your back!" Minato growled, eliciting two incredulous azure eyes to meet his enraged physiognomy. All at once, the loquacious Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze had been left speechless. Kyuubi limped over to the resting bench, his body glistening in sweat, but the little argument didn't go unnoticed by him.

"I...I hate you!" Naruto snapped, hastily grabbing his coat before storming out of the enormous gymnasium. Eyes glistening, he sniffled, pushing through the large double doors and clenched his jaw tight. He hated his parents!





Naruto wouldn't go home that night, he spent the night at Sakura's, thanking her for her hospitality like the conscientious person that he was. His estranged family were enigma to him, but of course Naruto didn't give two shits about them.

If they wanted him to lie on his back, then he'd do it, just to please them for once in his fucking life!

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