Ch. 7

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November 1, 11:05 [P.M]


The roof was a calm place. The most tolerable location in the tower. The sunlight always painted the surface, the wind would sweep away most of the dirt and dust, and it would look glossy whenever it rained.

But this time around, there was no shine, no wind, and no rain.

All was still, all was peaceful, and all was empty. Everything was dry, cold, and dark. Mostly everyone was asleep or driving to their respectful homes. And some were on giant rooftops, peering over the night filled with colorful lights.

One in particular observed the city life with no reason at all. She simply stared out with her knees up to her chest and arms lazily looped over her legs. But there was a certain topic channeling through her head, creating a dazed tint in her eyes. But other than that, there was no problem, no misfortune, or no sickly causes.

All was well and all was calm.

And that was curtailed by the noise of a shutting door in the distance. Her musings were also halted by the sound. She inwardly swore and cursed at the swine that dared to infiltrate her alone time. But of course, it depended on who it was.

The girl turned her head to the side and saw the very object of her thoughts through her peripheral vision— and empathic vision. It was a mysterious aura, for her to put it with least exaggeration. There was a darkness, a devious, and murky mental aroma encompassing him. Yet, there was an all sweetness about him too.

It was the type of taste she liked: bittersweet. She liked it in her tea and in her men, she could say. It was a silly comparison, but she was feeling quite airy at the time. It was unlike any other day, for her to be honest.

The man was soon sauntering in his footsteps.

She turned back to the lights and secured her grip on her legs. It was now that the wind was present, chilling her up and down. She shivered and felt flames run down her skin.

The clouds were now clear from sight, as if by magic, and now the moon was the only thing present in the sky. And it was supposed to be the only thing present where she was sitting. But of course, there had to be some things not going her way that night.

So she grumpily welcomed the man to her space by not moving or making a sound. She knew that he would not mind. She knew by experience that he would just sit there without her permission or say so and talk to her. And while she never minded their conversations, at times they could be pointless and idle.

Those were the two things she hated most. But he somehow managed to slip in a hidden meaning into every conversation, occasionally tempting her to respond with either anger or bewilderment.

The man finally sat down next to her and grunted within his throat. She looked to him and saw that he was not looking at her. Rather he was peering at the lights as well. There was no talking, no touching, no movement. It was all completely silent and comfortable. It surprised her to an extent, but he had always had the capability to shock her.

Like the time when she had learned that he was as capable with his fingers just as he is with his fighting techniques. Or when she had learned that he was a very skilled artist when it came to still art. There were ample of things that she had missed out on, and still is. But that is what she will do for the remainder of their relationship. It was seek and learn. For this man was the most enigmatic, abstruse, and exotic person that she had ever met.

And growing up in an alternate dimension, she had had her fair share of odd people.

A chuckle slipped through his lips as he heard her thoughts.

She turned to him and glared. It absolutely pulverized her patience and made her create steam whenever he read her mind. And he knew it too, which is why he chose to do so. She turned back away and made sure that her mental barriers were up and sturdy. She did not want anymore mishaps with him.

So she shifted her angry gaze from him to the moon, letting it light her face and relax her. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. She could sense that he was looking her way, but did not think of it. He always stared at her when given the chance. She was not prideful of it, rather she was a bit aggravated by it. It made her feel like he was criticizing her— even if she knew that that was definitely not the case.

"That's right."

Her eyebrows scrunched together but her head remained tilted up.

"You know better than to think that I'd criticize you," he spoke gently.

She sat in silence.

"Okay, I get it. You don't want to talk."

She sighed and loosened her grip on her legs. "It's not that I don't want to talk to you. I was just … looking forward to some peace and quiet."

"And me being here won't let that happen?"

"You know very well that that is exactly the truth," she said.

He grumbled and scowled. "Yeah, but you're not as quiet as you let on. Isn't that right, sweet-cheeks?"

A blush of red powder bloomed on her face but she refused to look at him. "I'm not going to answer to that."

"Because you know it's true."

" … you're unbelievable. First you interrupt my alone time, then you read my thoughts, and now you're making fun of me? Do you want a girlfriend or not?"

He smiled and scoot closer to her form, cording an arm around her shoulders. "Only if it's you."

"I swear, Richard, one more cheesy line and I'll–"

"Ah, just accept the compliment, Raven," he said.

She glared at him with all of her pretend anger. "Shut up. I did not ask for a compliment."

"I didn't ask for our mental connection but we still benefited from that," he countered with a poke to her arm.

She groaned. "I just hate it when you turn into a smart-ass."

He stayed silent, not having anything to answer that with. Instead, he changed the topic.

"So, what are you doing up here at … eleven at night? Couldn't sleep?"

"No. I just came up here because I like to. It helps me think."

"About what?" He questioned.

She did not answer his question— not right away. She just stared out to the city lights, them reflecting off her eyes.

Robin turned to her and awaited any kind of response from her. She seemed like she was trapped within her musings— like always. And whatever it was, it sure bothered her if it distracted her and made her go up to the rooftop and think. Especially at eleven in the night.

It was probably several minutes ahead before she actually replied.

"Richard. Can we go back to that aquarium you showed me on our first … date?" She asked.

Robin arched both of his eyebrows. He had not expected for her to ask that. And for the place of her desires to be the aquarium was an utter surprise. If anything, he had expected her to be mentally consumed by a library or night lounge in town. It seemed like her style.

Even so, she had presented a liking to the glass fish tanks back at the aquarium. And the place did have some qualities that suited her. It was quiet, dimly lit, and always empty. It could have been acknowledged as an abandoned tourist attraction— which probably was the quality that called her attention.

So when her question on him taking her back there sank in completely, his shock marginally passed. And instead, he delivered a lopsided smile and nodded.

"Yeah. Yeah, of course we can go back. So, you–you like that place?"

Raven nodded. "I now understand why you liked it there when you were a child. It's very relaxing and had many beautiful animals."

"Yeah," he sighed, "but I haven't gone there to think in a while. Now I'm usually on the rooftop for that."

"It's quite calm here on top," she conceded.

"But why do you like it there?" He asked.

"Well," she thought it over while speaking, "I kind of find it soothing. It makes me think like I'm in an underwater room. The lights are off and the water is the only thing giving off light. It's a very nice scenery."

He nodded. "Yeah, I suppose so. But I liked it because, for some reason, looking at the sea creatures helped me think. Just by looking into their eyes started up my thoughts. Weird, huh?"

"No. Not at all. I have had even more bizarre inspirations," she said.

"Am I one of them?"

She scoffed. "Oh please, you make us train at seven in the morning, have unhealthily obsessed over invisible villains, and became or dressed up as a criminal more than once without the team's knowledge. You're not really the role model type."

He scowled and turned his head from her. "Sometimes being nostalgic isn't such a good thing."

"It is when needed."

Another uncoordinated draft of cold air passed and shivers went trailing down her skin. She looked up at the moon again and began to wonder what time it was. It was obviously late into the night since most clubs were shaking and rattling with music. And if she went to sleep late, morning training would be of her collapsing on the mat in fatigue.

So with her new resolve, Raven stood up and clutched her arms tighter for warmth.

Robin looked up at her in wonder and noticed that she had the intentions of leaving. But he did not want that. He knew that she was going to go to sleep, but he did not want that. He wanted to be with her for a little while longer. Not long enough to miss training but enough to let them rest well.

He stood up as well as soon as she began to take first steps towards the door. She had not even nodded him a goodbye.

That just did not do, was what he thought.

Maybe a bit of a jump-start would get her feeling energetic and thaw her out. Robin jogged until he was in sync with her stepping. He waited until the door was barely a foot away before roughly twisting her around and pushing her against the wall. He heard her shocked yelp and concealed it with his lips.

Her eyes were broad, on his mask that never seemed to close, until they fluttered shut. She molded her lips into his and felt a heated chill pervade from her mouth, to her arms, to her upper chest. And that was all that was needed for her to warm up from the cold air.

Robin tracked his lips down her neck until he reached the neck of her leotard that acted like a barricade. With a movement slick and swift, and making sure not to unfasten her cloak as to keep her warm, he had her whole neck exposed and presented for him. So he took advantage of the small space of her sensitive skin and tried to make her sound out.

A groan, a moan, and whisper would have satiated him for his need of her lustful voice.

But she had not made any noise yet. And he knew that she would not unless the level of intensity was increased. So he took it up a notch by pressing his waist to her mid section, abrading against her in a provocative manner.

A breathy whimper reverberated in her throat in response to his erotic action.

He inwardly grinned at his accomplishment and decided that this was as far as he would take. So he gave her several more seconds of his lips before pulling away. Her eyes followed his movements. And they were purple with an intense sting to them. It was a frightening stare, to say with the least of exaggeration.


Raven grabbed him and hugged his form close to hers, as if wearing him instead of her cloak. She repeated his previous actions, grinding against him, with a desire strong but with thoughts hesitant.

It was now his turn to groan out at the pleasurable friction. His arousal was now aware to the both of them and she blushed.

She burrowed her head into his neck, letting her mouth position by his ear. He shivered as the humidity of her exhales sent goosebumps across the skin they touched. And right then did he realize that his little bit he had played out was not going to end there. He had teased and she wanted more. And her next set of words confirmed it all.

"You can't just tease me and get away with it, Richard," she whispered.

"What do you want me to do, Raven?" He asked lowly, hoping for the answer he wanted.

Raven softly pecked his ear. "Finish what you started."

Robin grinned and teased his fingers down to her thighs, then tugging them upwards to his waist. Her legs now corded around his mid section, he located his hands on her rear by his will and for support.

"Then will you take us to your room?"

Before her wrist could make the full rotation to conjure her magic, she paused. "Why not your room?"

"Let's not get into thinking. Can we just go? I'm not really in a good state to be stopping, if you catch my drift."

"Yeah, yeah," she blushed. "I get it. Let's go."

In the time length of a hair, the two were before her door, still in position. He looked around and confirmed that they were indeed outside her door.

He turned to her and frowned.

"You couldn't take us inside?"

More red streaks were apparent on her cheeks. "I wanted to– I wanted to try the wall. Plus, you distracted me."

He grinned. "Okay. A bit kinkier than I would have thought."

Her eyebrows slanted in pretend anger, but attempted to be aggravated.

Robin moved his feet and had them inside her dim room. He located and pressed her on the wall, like she had asked for. A different kind of smile stained his lips: a mischievous one that presented dominance as well.

She noticed and heard the door hissing as it closed, as if telling them to continue without worrying about the others. She looked up at him and corded her arms around his neck, stretching her fingers into his black hair. And the next thing her senses told her, his lips were in contact with hers, smothering her mouth. With fitful breathing she reciprocated his energetic touches.

His hands were slowly scanning her body as if tentative of their actions, but she knew that he was in touch with what he was doing.

Robin distracted her with one hand and felt for his belt with the other, disabling it. He then reached for her cloak pin and unclasped that as well, tossing it to the side. With hidden intentions he then continued his fingers to her southern region, pressing them into her skin.

Low, almost inaudible, whispers that sounded from her were turning provocative with one slide of his finger. He passed the barrier that was her leotard and undergarments and touched the sensitive skin behind. Her shift in breath encouraged him to apply pressure, to which he gladly did. He proceeded to roam his fingers around skin as she moaned and crooned for him.

It was what he wanted to hear. Her being pleasured under his touch and practically spearing her nails into his back. The pain was an unpleasant heat but hearing her whimper for him to continue made up for it all the way. So for the satisfaction of his boyish ways, he plugged his fingers into her repeatedly, listening to her automatic reactions.

Her sounds were now of his real name and encouragement for him to keep going without pause. And he was enjoying the fanfare she was making, even if she was attempting to conceal it as much as she could.

"Richard. Richard. Richard– I'm– mmmm," she whimpered with a stutter.

"Yes, Raven?"

He paused his actions, acting as if really interested in what she was saying, but really just wanted to tease her. And he received the reaction he was hoping for.

Raven now whimpered in displeasure instead of just pleasure. He smiled and she could not bring herself to glare because of the adrenaline in her.

"Why'd– … why did you stop?" She asked.

"You were saying something."

"No. No, just keep going," she said.

"I'd prefer–"

"Well I would prefer you just take me now," she said roughly, grabbing his shirt and forcing his lips on hers.

Robin shrugged and began to plunge his fingers back into her with more speed and extra movement. All the while she was enjoying it and thrusting her hips into his hand.

And as all the pleasure building blocks stacked up she cried out. Her hand was too late to conceal her sound, having been busy bruising his back and shoulder.

He removed his fingers and heard her satisfied exhale. With a smile and swift move of his arms, he had her across the floor and on her bed. Her back was against the mattress and she was secured under his grasp. He traced his fingers around his mask and peeled it off, tossing it off somewhere.

She trapped his cheeks in her hands and brought her lips up to his in a more gentle kiss. He responded all the same and rubbed his hands on her clothed breasts. A light moan slipped from their conjoined lips and he pulled away.

"So, if you want we can go to the aquarium tomorrow," he said softly.

"Sure," she whispered.

"Great. Then it's a date."

And with that he rid her body from the confines of her leotard, leaving everything and anything exposed.



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