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~ Korra ~

"Are you alright?"

Korra snapped her head up and blinked into the harsh sunlight overhead. Jinora was standing over her, concern evident in her brown eyes.

"You look dazed."

"I'm fine," Korra dismissed her, jumping to her feet and stretching her sore muscles. They had just finished another session of meditation – Tenzin, Ikki, and Meelo had already left the pavilion for lunch.

"It looks like you were doing more thinking than meditating," Jinora noted, running up to her side as Korra set a brisk course for the girls' dormitories. "Is there anything you'd like to talk about?"

"Not really."

"Does it have to do with my father?" Jinora asked worriedly. "He may be strict and impatient at times, but he really does care, Korra –"

"It's not that," Korra snapped. "Well, it's not entirely – I mean… I still don't see eye to eye with him, but he's not the reason that I…" Korra groaned and stopped walking as she rubbed her aching temples.

Jinora cautiously placed a hand on Korra's forearm. "Let's talk. I can help."

"I'm sorry Jinora, but I don't think a kid would really understand what I'm dealing with."

Jinora's mouth fell open in disbelief and Korra mentally cursed herself out. Idiot! She hates being called a –

"A kid?!" Jinora seethed, chasing after Korra when she tried to make a getaway. "You think I'm a kid? Have you seen the things I read? Some of them you wouldn't be able to understand!"

"Hey!" Korra snapped, crossing her arms and rounding on the girl.

"I'm just being honest!" Jinora bristled. "I've read some things from my mother's secret collection that she doesn't even know about."

Korra cringed. "I didn't need to know that."

"The point is," Jinora stated, getting them back on track, "I know a lot of things about a lot of different topics. So… let's talk."

Korra sighed and glanced to the left and right before yanking Jinora along with her. I'll only tell her a little bit, Korra thought as she pulled Jinora into her room and locked the door behind them.

"Spill," Jinora commanded, a glint in her young eyes. Is she enjoying this or something?!

"Okay," Korra breathed, her arms crossed tightly. "Last night I… sort of snuck into the city against your dad's orders…"

"I sort of figured you might do that," Jinora nodded eagerly. "And?"

Korra raised a brow. "… And nothing…? That's it," she lied. "I walked around a bit. Saw some sights. I didn't get to go to a probending match, though."

I was on my way to that, Korra thought bitterly, when he had to so rudely interrupt my plans.

"There's something else," Jinora accused her, pointing a finger. Korra frowned and pushed her hand away from her face.

"I met a guy," Korra sighed.

Jinora gasped, but before she could interject Korra had launched into a furious explanation.

"It was short lived, though – the guy turned out to be a total jerk who didn't actually want anything to do with me, so really I'm totally over it, I don't even care about the idiot anymore!"

Jinora blinked a few times and frowned, totally unconvinced. The older teenager looked pretty upset, however, and the young airbender thought it was best to leave this topic alone – which was a shame because she had read so many books about quarreling lovers who eventually mended themselves back together, and this was such a perfect real life example of –

"Jinora!" Korra snapped, and the young girl's eyes flew open. "Were you daydreaming or something?"

"Of course not," Jinora said instantly. "I was thinking… maybe we could go see a probending match together? There's a few day matches today, and the first one starts in an hour…"

Korra laughed. "How do you even know that?"

"I read the newspaper," Jinora shrugged. "How about it?"

"Your dad will be furious if he finds out."

"He won't," Jinora said instantly.

Korra thought for a moment before nodding slowly. "Yeah, okay. Let's do it! It'll help me get my mind off Ma – that man," she said hastily. Jinora cocked a brow but didn't say anything about her slip up. Instead she turned and threw open Korra's door.

"Great. I'll get my glider."

~ Korra ~

"There's an open window!" Jinora yelled from above, pointing. Korra, who was swimming in the bay below the young airbender, looked to where she was indicating. In the back of the looming golden arena she indeed saw an open window – a free way inside.

"Meet you up there!" Korra called back, and Jinora nodded before flying into the building with ease. Korra, taking a breath, ducked underwater and used her bending to propel herself upwards. She flew through the air and flipped through the window, barely avoiding a collision with the opposite wall.

Jinora watched, her hands folded behind her back, as Korra shook herself dry.

"Nice landing," she noted. Korra laughed.

"Let's get going before we get –"


Korra's jaw dropped and Jinora gasped. They both whirled around in panic. A boy with black hair and emerald eyes, dressed head to toe in a probending uniform, was grinning at them.

Jinora backed up quickly and Korra put up a protective arm as she glared at the boy, who began to laugh nervously.

"Relax," he said easily, walking up to Korra and extending a hand outward. "I'm not going to tell anyone that you guys snuck in." Korra and Jinora blinked, taken aback by the boy's carefree attitude as he continued on. "If I was in charge – well – I'd make tickets free. Everyone should be able to enjoy the sport, am I right?"

Suddenly he was behind both girls, a hand on each of their shoulders. "Follow me! I can get you two the best seats in the house."

Korra and Jinora exchanged glances before letting the boy lead them down the hallway. "You're… uh… really friendly."

The boy laughed. "Glad you think so!"

He opened up a door for them and the two girls walked inside, their eyes widening in the process.

It was one of the arena's locker rooms… and the view was amazing.

"Wow!" Jinora squealed, jumping forward and grasping the railing. She looked out into the huge, golden domed arena. The seats were packed, and the crowd was growing loud with anticipation over the next match.

Korra was beyond impressed, and finally allowed herself to breathe. Instead of running into an angry security guard, they instead met an overly-friendly probending boy who seemed to be eager to make some new friends. She glanced over at him, and something in the way he was smiling made her feel… odd. He looked almost familiar.

"So which team do you play for?" Korra asked the boy, nudging his shoulder and shaking off her confusing thoughts.

"Wow, great deduction skills! How'd you know that I'm a probender?"

Korra grinned and rolled her eyes. She could tell that she was going to get along with this guy.

"I play for the Fire Ferrets," he answered her. He beckoned to a broad man with tan skin and brown hair, and a petite girl with coal black hair who wore the same uniforms as him. They were seated near the lockers, no doubt psyching themselves up before the match. "That's Koyak and Tazami, my teammates."

Korra waved. "Nice to meet you both."

They waved back, smiled slightly, and then continued to sit in silence.

"They like to get really focused before a match," the boy said. "Talk to them after though, and they are both party animals, trust me!"

Korra laughed again as Jinora joined them near the back of the room.

"My name is Jinora," she said, sticking out a hand to the boy. He shook it. "Thanks for getting us in here."

"No problem!" He grinned, but his eyes flashed. "You're an airbender, right…? Are you… one of Councilmen Tenzin's children…?"

Jinora blushed lightly and turned away. "Yes…"

Bolin yelped in surprise. "I never thought I'd meet an actual airbender – especially Tenzin's daughter, wow!"

"He absolutely cannot know that we snuck out," Korra stated, and the boy turned to her quizzically. "We have to keep our attendance here… er… quiet."

"And who are you, exactly?" The boy asked. "You're a waterbender, right? Are you friends of the family?"

Korra bristled and Jinora held back a laugh. "Yeah, you could say that… My name's Korra."

"Pretty name," he grinned, and Korra mentally sighed. Was this seriously going over his head? "My name is –"

A warning bell suddenly sounded within the arena, signaling the two teams that it was time to enter the playing field.

"That's my cue!" The boy said excitedly, running up and joining his two other teammates. "Wish us luck, ladies!"

"But – hey! What's your name, hot shot?!" Korra yelled after him. He turned to face her just as the panel they were standing on started to move toward the center of the arena.

"Bolin!" He laughed, waving.

Korra's eyes widened and she stumbled backward a bit, her mind flashing back to the dim and quiet corner of the noodle shop from last night.

"What's his name?"


"Why don't you see him anymore?"

"It's… complicated."

"No way…" She muttered to herself, watching as Mako's estranged brother walked to the middle of the ring and raised his hands up in the air.

The crowd exploded.