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At Night


"Ruby, are you finished?" Weiss asked, while she massaged the back of the younger girl. Neither of them had moved an inch since the abrupt ending. But as the minutes dragged on and the waterworks continued to soak through the fabric of her dress, it was starting to concern her. Someone with so many tears is bound to be dehydrated soon, she mused.

When she got no response, her eyebrows knotted in concern. "...Hello?" she asked Ruby's prone form. The dark-haired girl mumbled something incoherent. She sighed. "That's not the answer I want." she jabbed a thumb into Ruby's side.

The reaction came instantly. The dark-haired girl rolled out of her lap with a loud squeal, nearly shocking Weiss to jump a foot. "I'm almost over it!" Ruby weeped, brushing the last of her tears from her eyes as she picked herself up. "You didn't have to get so touch-feely."

"That was nothing!" Weiss defended, feeling her cheeks flare up. The comment seemed innocent, but it was what the younger girl was implying. Touchy-feely. The phrase stuck to her mind like molasses.


"W-what?" she forced on a frown, shaking her head, still feeling the heat on her face. "I can't believe you would assume I'd—"

"What is THAT?" Someone exclaimed, and the squabbling girls turned.

Yang and Blake were on the computer, borrowing the previous pair's headsets, with the former manning the keyboard, and Blake using the mouse while propping one of her elbows.

The amber-eyed girl exchanged a glance with Weiss, wiggling her eyebrows twice, and she just knew what part Yang was up to.

"What the—WHAT?" Expectantly, Yang's expression twisted into terror, and she began slamming the keys in rapid succession. "I'm not going to die, after we came so far!" the blonde screeched between gritted teeth.

Turning back to Ruby, Weiss, smoothed the wrinkles of her dress before standing up. "Ruby, I'm sorry that I introduced you to Amnesia, but it was from your own judgment."

Ruby nodded immediately, looking relieved. "I didn't expect it to be that intense."

"Ah..." Weiss raised an eyebrow. "If you think that, maybe I can introduce you to Penumbra, The Last of Us, that sequel Blake was referring to, Dead Space..." she ticked them off her finger, "what else do I have?"

"D-dead Space?" Ruby stuttered. "I couldn't handle that."

"And...and S—"

The scythe-wielder slapped a hand to her open mouth, effectively silencing her. Weiss' eyes narrowed, and she quickly brushed away Ruby's arm. "Don't do that." she snapped, barely hiding her flushed cheeks. Hypocrite.

"Yeah, but what you're about to say is really scary! You know, at night!" the girl's voice quavered, quickly glancing over her shoulder, as if the source of her dread would make a cameo.

The two stiffened when they heard a crinkling noise. Slowly, they turned back to the computer.

Their two teammates seemed to be doing well, with a healthy amount of clicking and pressing keys. In Blake's hands were a bag of chocolate-caramel bites. "Look what I got." she said quietly, her mouth barely moving as she chewed the sweets. Everything just felt well.

Then the blonde leapt from her seat, screaming at the top of her lungs. "Oh, sh—"

She would've punched a hole into the screen if it weren't for Weiss. In one bound, she grabbed her teammate's arm, gently forcing it down. "Yang, one favor."

"You can bet I'm not playing this again!" Yang shot back, easing out of the chair and taking a caramel bite from Blake. Weiss quirked an eyebrow, unimpressed, and the violet-eyed girl tried to explain. "Right now, I mean! The environment and the creepy music is enough to make me quit."

"Quit in rage?" Blake pointed out. "I've never seen someone react that violently to Amnesia."

The blonde whipped around to face her friend with an indignant humph. "Well, if you played it the first time..."

Blake crossed her arms. "Are you asking me to try?" she said, her amber eyes burning with rarely seen ambition. Weiss took a step forward, ready to end the forming challenge. She knew how compelling Amnesia was, but no, she didn't want an all-night gaming session. They had one more weekend, and she didn't want to spend it with two sleep-deprived individuals. No rest, and they became grumps.

"Yup." Yang answered, crashing Weiss' train of thought. "I triple-dog dare you!"

...I was too late!

With every passing moment, as Blake brought herself down each hall, Ruby's grip on Weiss' arm became tighter, until it'd felt like a pincher. It was like she was losing circulation into her limb. "Ruby, please." she whispered, as one by one, she plucked off the younger girl's fingers.

"Sorry!" Ruby replied, loosening her grip on the older girl considerably. Weiss only huffed in reply. "Weiss, blowing on the back of my neck won't make me get off."

The leader of Team RWBY was perched on her lap, much to her reluctance, as the three girls watched Blake handle the mouse with a critical eye. "Ah, I barely remember this part." the black-haired girl said, turning to Weiss. "Wasn't there a Brute here?"

"Right where I died." Yang grumbled before the heiress could open her mouth.

"Thank you for you input." Blake said, her eyes never leaving the screen as she flipped open the cabinets. With a few clicks, she gained a few bottles of Tinderboxes and Laudanum, adding the former to a nearby torch.

"Weiss, do you want to take the reins?" Yang asked the heiress, and immediately, Weiss complied. She looked almost eager as she stood up from her seat, taking Blake's place as the black-haired girl paused the game.

Weiss sent the character off into a sprint, exiting the storage room and into the corridor. "W-Weiss?" Ruby squirmed uneasily behind her. "Are you trying to get Daniel killed?"

"No. This is the faster way." At the sound of an inhumane roar, Weiss put out the lantern.

"Are you trying to make us afraid?" Yang's voice was barely level.

Weiss merely shook her head, driven to her task as she swept through the dark maze, picking up supplies or lighting torches along the way. This was a path she'd never taken before. As the steps winded up, she wondered if she was leading herself into an ambush. The monsters of Amnesia: Brutes and Grunts...they were either nuisances or terror machines.

She was reaching the conclusion she was lost, until she rounded a corner.

Weiss barely flinched as a Brute appeared, its ugly appearance coupled with its ragged shriek. Unfortunately, her teammates weren't as calm.


"I am so done!" Two chairs went timber as the pair jumped from their chairs.

The heiress could hear Ruby and Yang blast out the door, screaming at a volume that rivaled the monsters. The consequences of the sisters going falsetto sent Weiss leaping from her chair. "Do they know what time it is?" she hissed, rounding on Blake, the remaining one in the room.

"We need to go after them." The two shifted from their seats, with Weiss pulling on her jacket and Blake patting her bow for comfort.

Weiss didn't have time to ask why the amber-eyed girl found solace in an item that never left her, when they heard two loud whipping noises stacatto down the hall. We're too late. Both girls could hear where this was going.

"Miss Rose and Miss Long, I propose you...explain?" Blake and Weiss held their breaths, peeking from their spots from the door. The scene before them left their mouths hanging. "Ladies. What have you been doing at this hour?"

Team RWBY was in disarray. Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long were reduced to shaken trauma on the floor. Blake Belladonna just stepped out into the corridor, mouth slightly parted in surprise. And Ms. Goodwitch looked terribly out of order, kneeling down to inspect the pulse of the team leader while going over her scroll. To the infirmary. Weiss thought with a pang.

"There's been a misunderstanding." Weiss cut through the stunned silence. She could sense doors open as several people peeped to watch the confrontation. This was supposed to be a secret pasttime...all because of that dolt. The heiress thought gingerly, but she knew she couldn't place any blames. This started from her.

Slowly, she cleared her throat, collecting her thoughts before she opened her mouth. "Ms. Goodwitch, I would like to start from the beginning..."

This was made after I had a conversation with GreyKeys, and a little suggestion made this last chapter pop up. Basically, this is the aftermath of Team RWBY playing an unnerving horror game. It was fun wondering how the remaining two would react to Amnesia, so I threw this in.

Has this been amusing? I'm glad I got this out of my system.