Duck Across The Pond.

BY: Wolfa Moon

S: Tony/Ducky: Tony is tired of being every body's punching bag.

D: don't own.


Tony looks down at his broken hand. They hadn't listen to him again. They hadn't waited for him. They moved out without making sure he was with them. So he remained silent as Ducky took in the hand.

"My dear boy this has got to stop."

"And it is."

"So you're finally going to do it?" Ducky had bandaged Tony up for other small infractions of the other two agents. Keeping a record of each one. Ready to hand it to Gibbs. But then he had seen that Gibbs berated Tony for things he had not done and never let the poor boy explain.

"Yeah, I am." Ducky nods. Tony had once looked up to Gibbs but after everything. The hells he went through to prove himself. All the infractions that he had to deal with from the other two. Thinking they are smarter then him. He didn't need them. He needed Ducky.

Ducky had become his safety blanket. Had welcomed him into his home.

"So will you come over tonight?"

"Sure, I'll bring some momma Lana's specials."

"Ah, that woman can cook."

"She is single."

"I'm to old Tony."

"No your not."

"Thank you my dear boy." Tony grips Ducky's hands tight in his. Lifting them to his lips he kisses the healers hands. Ducky smiles sweetly at Tony. Living in a time when to love a man was something to hide and be ashamed off. To repent for the sin of wanting your own sex. Yet when he looks at Tony he felt young. The boy listening to him. Eating with him. Spending time with one another. It was comfortable. And if that was all he was ever allowed to have in a relationship. He would take it.

"Donald." this stops his breath for a moment. Looking up he sees Tony's eyes boring into his. Nothing has to be spoken. The silent agreement. If Tony is going to resign then he would too. Ducky promising to take Tony to places he only heard of in the doctor's stories. Wanting to see and experience them with him and be there. "You have the record."

"I do." The information and proof of what actual is going on in team Gibbs. Not the well oiled machine as it appears. It is a mess of people with their heads stuck up their butts and the leader who is blind to it.

"When we get back I'll walk them up to you."

"Will you leave with me?"

"I said I would."

"We can go traveling."

"I will take you on the grandest adventures."

"We can make some new ones." Ducky likes this idea. He could have retired a while ago but he had met Tony and had fallen for the young man. Pining away his love for handsome Italian. Then seeing all the pain he held in. The duties he took on to make team Gibbs be number one. Should be really team Tony. No one saw that. They saw the buffoon he wanted them to see. It hurts him to see his Tony like this.


Rising up in the elevator with the thick folder in hand he smiles at what the future will be. Tony and him seeing the world. Exploring the new with the old. Making new memories and stories to tell. Maybe he would finally write that memoir that Tony always encourages him to.

Walking past the bullpen he ignores the others stopping at Tony's desk. tony eye's the thick book/folder documenting what he went through silently.

"Is that it?"

"Yes it is," patting it.

"It's bigger than I thought."

"Everything is here."

"Ducky that for me?" Gibbs comes walking in behind them.

"No." He looks at his old friend. "If you don't mind I would like to borrow Tony for a while."

"Sure, take him. He can finish the paperwork when he gets back." No he won't, Ducky tells him mentally. Tony smiles at Ducky. "Hurry back Tony."

"Yeah boss." Getting up he grabs his bag. Anything of import to him is already inside. All his personal affects. Everything else was NCIS property or Gibbs' awards for best team leader. Nothing to show achievement for a well job to Tony. Time to go.

They enter the office together. Inside their boss looks at them.

"What can I help you gentlemen with?"

The conversation started with a bit of a wait. Then once Tony started to reveal the truth behind team Gibbs. Ducky backing him up with all the proof he held in his hands.

"I'm sorry it had to come to this. Are you sure I can't change your minds?"

"Sorry sir I've had enough of being used."

"So are you going to tell them?"

"No sir."

"Alright, so your two week notice is in."

"Actually," Ducky spoke. "We both have enough time from holidays, vacation and mandatory sick time to cover those two weeks. We will be leaving today."

"Doctor Mallard you need a replacement?"

"Then hire one."

"Is there something going on between you two that is adding to this?" Tony looks to Ducky.

"And if there is, it is none of your business." Tony takes Ducky's hand. Ducky warms at the strong hand taking his. Could there be something more.

"I see. Again I apologize for not doing something sooner. If you ever need a job or get bored, call me."

"We'll take that under advisement." The two leave. Exiting the room Ducky tries to pull his hand away. Tony squeezes it a little tighter.


"If you'll have me." The question left unsaid but answered. Ducky feels young. They share a smile. Squeezing one more time before letting go. "Let's get out of here."

The two walk down the stairs to pass the bullpen to the elevator. The group looks up at them.

"About time. Grab your gear, we got a case." Gibbs barked.

"Sorry boss, no can do."

"Care to run that by me one more time."

"I quit. Maybe you can get them to do their work and yours."

"Explain." Gibbs growled.

"You'll see." Tony begins to walk by him to the elevator, to leave and never look back. Gibbs grabs him. Squeezing tight to grind the bones. Tony winces.

"Let him go Jethro." Ducky barks back. Gibbs turns his gaze onto Ducky. Ducky who is grabbing tightly onto Tony's other arm.

"You knew about this?"

"Who do you think has been patching him up? I suggest you let him go or I will lawyer up and charge with harassment and physical abuse."

"Physical abuse." he scoffs.

"As well as mental. We are departing."

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out DiNozzo."

"Good luck getting any work done." Tony shots back. "Your gonna need it." He looks to his once fellow teammates. The ones he had been hurt over. The ones he had to fix their reports so Gibbs didn't scream at them. Mostly scream at him for their failures. Looking at the two who thought they were manna from heaven. Tony pulls himself forcefully from Gibbs' grip. It hurt in both ways but he had reached his limit of tolerance.

The two continued to the elevator. Getting into Tony's car they drove to Ducky's abode. His mother had passed recently so it was a quiet place. Letting the young man in like so many times before.

"Are you alright?" Ducky ask gingerly.

"Yeah, I'm great."

"Don't lie to me."

"I just feel lost."

"Come here my dear boy." Tony moves to Ducky. Ducky pulls Tony in for a much needed hug. Then their eyes meet. Tony bends in and kisses Ducky on the lips. Meeting no resistance he kissed more but then he feels Ducky tense.

"Oh god," he broke apart from him as if scalded. "I'm sorry. I just…" he had screwed up badly. The only person who is in his corner. "Ducky…"

"Donald." Ducky corrected him.


"If you are going to be kissing me I would hope you would use my name and not my nickname."

"Donald," Tony rolled the name on his tongue.

"So are you going to kiss me again?"

"We good?"

"We are more than good." Tony moves in to kiss the older man again. This time the older man lets his hands roam. Breaking the kiss they look at one another.

"So where do we go from here?" Tony asks.

"We can go to England see my old stomping grounds."

"I was thinking someplace closer." Donald raises an eyebrow at proposition.


"Just to sleep. I'm so tired and I could use a cuddle. Promise to take you on a date before we do something else." He pulls Ducky to him. Donald knows most of his conquest are just fabrication. People only seeing the mask. Donald felt pride that he knew the real Tony. And that he may also learn more about him.

"How about our first date being in Brighton?"