First Date

By: Wolfa Moon

S: A little more to tell, but there may not be more

D: No Own


Abby hung up another postcard from her adventurous boys. It was good to read them so happy. Gibbs came storming.

"Those incompetent fools."

"What happened this time?"

"They screwed up the evidence. Sent the test to the wrong people." He glares at the postcard then to the picture of both of them smiling and free at the seaside. It aggravated him that they left him. But then he saw how much Tony was covering for them. Taking his wraith out on his senior agent when he should have been growling at the other two. Yet it still angered him that they left. "Where are they now?"

"Ducky took him to his universities. They are gonna take a steam train to Ducky's uncle's house." She said dreamily. Her support evident with the wall of Tony and Ducky. Also the postcards only sent to her.

"Have they called you?" Gibbs had to admit he has jealousy that they hide this from him. That Abby was the only one still part of their world.

"We face chatted. The water is cold over there."

"I bet." Gibbs looks at the faces, feeling lonely. Trying to recall seeing Tony smile so freely.


Brighton was cold this time of year. But it is still beautiful. The atmosphere was something else. The company superb. Donald glowed under the affections of Tony. Tony beamed with having somebody care solely for him. Thriving on what Donald gave him.

Ducky loves the way the lights hit Tony's eyes. The smile on his face. Taking a stroll along the deserted beach. Well there were a few people out walking. Seeming that they are the only ones left on Earth. Then Tony takes the plunge. The water is cold in the winter just as it is on the east coast of America. Ducky had never laughed so hard. Then receiving a bear hug from the polar bear.

"It's cold."

"We had our first date," Tony reminds him.

"Let's get you warmed up."

"That is the idea." Ducky gives him a look.


Entering back into the hotel they get strange looks from some of the patrons. Yet when they are in their room no one is looking. Tony begins to unbutton his shirt.

"No, allow me." Ducky wraps a towel around the young man. His doctor hands moving to unbutton Tony's soaked shirt. Tony just watches as the nimble hands unbutton the shirt. Gently unwrapping what lay under the clothes.

Tony smiles at Donald. The man unwrapping him. Helping him take the sleeves off his arms. Donald's hands move to the fuzzy chest. Relishing in the warm hands to the cooled body. Their eyes meet. Tony smiles while looking down. His pants are just as soaked as his shirt. Smiling Donald pulls them to the bed for him to sit and get a fabulous view of what lays under. Letting Ducky examine what is under. Tony didn't know if it was the chill from the ocean or the anticipation of something more.

"Are you all right Anthony?"

"I'm fine, Duckā€¦ Donald." Donald looks up at him. It was hard to break years of training.

"Maybe we should lay down."

"I told you I was fine."

"My dear, it is not about being fine. It is about warming you up." How could he argue with such great logic.


Ducky woke to Tony resting on his chest. After last nights rut session and examination they lay content. Donald had never felt such a thing as he did last night. Sure he had spent his time with women and the occasional man. Yet with Tony it was all new. This is what it meant to be in love. To be loved in such a way. To feel truly connected.

Running his hands through his lover's thick hair he smiles. All the things they can show one another. This is just the first stop.


Around noon they left the room to get some food both having megawatt smiles. Then Ducky discussed where they would be heading next. His mother's brother has a horse farm in Northumberland. Calling ahead to tell him that they would be dropping by. Also for them to have his horses ready for some exercise.

Yet this was the time that he would introduce Tony to his family. Finally come out of the closet and be forward with them. His mother was old school yet she had her suspicion. Especially when young Anthony came calling several times or more.

So they booked passage after brunch.

His family is going to love Anthony as much as he does.


Tony silently loves trains. Ever since his maternal grandfather had gotten him a train set when he was 3. Donald watches him stare out the window with fascination with the detail that he gave crime scenes. Also the look up every once and a while watching the steam go over above them.

Grinning Ducky doesn't notice when Anthony has turned his attention on him. Tilting his head in question.

"What is it?"

"We have this private little compartment." Ducky nods following his young man as he kneels before him. "I always wanted to have sex on a train."

"Here? Now?" Ducky looks around the little room. The windows to the hall, which Tony had pulled the blinds down on their entrance, are still down.

"Live a little."

"I intend to live a lot." They smile at one another. Tony moves in kissing Ducky on the lips, trailing down. "You'll be the death of me."

"And what a way to go."


"What is this?" Gibbs looks up at his female agent. He throws the report at her. "Do you even know how to write in English?" His stress meter had gone into over drive. Reading over McGee's it read like a novel with the facts somewhere in there. Then there were hers with some facts and nothing concrete. "Where is the evidence you sent to the lab?" She looks over to McGee. "Well?"

"It isn't back yet," she states.

"Well then get it done." Damn it, if DiNozzo was here the reports would be done and evidence filed. Did these people do anything? He really wishes he knew why he left. Sure he was angry that he left him high and dry but he never knew how much he did and took for granted.

Fed up he went to see the director.

"You let him go why?" The director looks up at him from his phone call.

"I'll call you right back." he hangs up. "What can I help you with?"

"Why did you let Tony go?"

"I let agent DiNozzo go because of all the evidence that was presented to me."


"Doctor Mallard had a folder of all the injuries that he has healed on agent DiNozzo. Had a record of all the extra unpaid overtime that he has worked under your reign. Also we looked over his computer we found multiple reports for the same case. Reports there that were suppose to be done by those other two agents of yours. And on top of that we have eyewitnesses of your agents not playing nice and not following your senior agent's instructions. You need to control your team." Gibbs remained ramrod straight and slapped in the face. "The reason I gather agent DiNozzo left, is you."


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