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-Prologue; This will be in third person, all other chapters will be in first.

Stanwood, Washington. A small quiet town where everybody knows everyone and their mother. Rumors spread faster than wildfire and nothing is a secret. It was well known when Clennan McKinley disappeared, no matter how hard Seraphina had tried to hide it. She had tried going about her life like it was normal, like she was a seventeen year old girl whose father just up and vanished without taking a thing. His car, his clothes, his wallet, everything most people would take when they left was still where it ought to be. She tried her hardest to avoid the pity filled stares and not so quiet whispers of the people she passed everyday. But now, a little over a month had passed since Clennan had left. Seraphina had gotten herself into a regular routine, she did her school work online, seeing as she was home schooled, and went to her shift at the diner when she was finished. What little money she made was split between a savings fund and groceries, her landlord was kind enough to let her live rent free until her father came back, if he came back, and paid the rest of the bills herself.

It was a Friday night when everything changed, for the worse or the better, Seraphina couldnt quite figure out. She's found herself at home, doing the few dishes that were in the sink when the front door busted open. Instinctively she reached for the sharp knife she's just placed into the dish rack to dry. Her soapy hand slipped on the handle a few times in her rush to grab it while she looked over her shoulder towards the living room where the front door was. As soon as she had a good grasp on it her father walked through the doorway, a grin on his face.

"Daddy," She squeaked out before hurling her 5'3 frame at him, the knife left in the dish rack. "Where have you been?" Her face was buried in his chest, arms wrapped tightly around Clemman. A chuckle escaped his throat, he blinked and his eyes became pure black, not that she could see that. Clemman's fingers wound themselves tightly into her long black hair. He yanked her head back roughly, an evil sneer on his face.

"Not your daddy sweet cheeks. He's in here though, he says hello." The voice that escaped his lips was not her father's. It was darker, malicious. Seraphina let out a harsh scream, a mix between fear from seeing her father's usual warm brown eyes taken over by the thick inky black that they were now, and the pain she felt from her head being yanked so hard.

"I'm going to have fun with you, and dear old daddy gets to watch the whole time. He blames you for your mother's death you know. He blames you for everything, he wishes he never even left Scotland." Tears streamed down Seraphina's face now, pitiful cries of denial tearing out of her throat. She punched and kicked, trying to fight her way out of his grip, but it was no use. Whatever it was that was in her father's body was dragging her to the dining room when a gun shot rang throughout the house. The grip on her hair was released as her father spun around to face the direction the shot came from, a snarl plastered to his face. At the sudden release of her hair Seraphina lost her balance and fell to the floor, her temple smacking hardly against a chair on the way down. Before she sank into unconsciousness she saw a man with a shot gun pointed at her father, his deep voice saying something in a language she didn't understand. Her eyes fluttered closed right as a black plume of smoke erupted from her fathers body, and darkness consumed her.

When Seraphina awoke she found herself on her couch with a pounding headache and something being pressed to her temple. Confusion washed over her for a moment, but it was short lived and everything came rushing back to her. Her father attacking her, his inky black eyes, the man with the gun yelling in some strange language she didn't understand. Her bright green eyes blinked open, a blurry figure was crouched next to her.

"Wha-what's going on? Who are you? Where's my dad?" The questions flew out of her mouth like rapid fire. Her vision went back to normal rather quickly and the blur in front of her became a man. A handsome one at that. His short brown hair was messy, his brown eyes will filled with such a deep sadness and strength at the same time, and he had a scruffy graying beard.

"My name's John Winchester," he said, his voice was deep, slightly gravely, "I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a hunter of the supernatural. Vampire, werewolves, demons, all those things that go bump in the night, they're real. I hunt them down and kill them. You're dad, he was possess by a demon, I've been following his trail for a few weeks now. I guess I got here just in time." Tears began pouring down Seraphina's face again.

"Is he okay?!" Her voice came out broken and urgent. Her father was all she had.

"I'm sorry...that demon, it brought your father down with him, he's dead." John's voice got softer as he spoke those last words. A rare thing for the hunter, he was a rough man, he didn't coddle anyone, not even his own boys. "Do you have any other family?"

"No! He can't be dead! He's...he's all I have!" Seraphina had somehow managed to choke out those few sentences, she was a hysterical sobbing mess. She's lost her mother when she was young and had never met any family on that side, her father wasn't even from America, she had no clue if she had family on his side.

"I have a friend, Bobby, out in South Dakota, I can take you to him, if you want. He's a lonely old man, though he'd never admit it." All she could muster was a nod and slowly got up from the couch, brushing past John on her way to her room.

"I'll...I'll just go pack."

What seemed like an eternity later they'd arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Seraphina sat in Bobby's cluttered living room on the couch, her knees hugged to her, with silent tears running down her cheeks as she grieved the loss of her father. In the kitchen John silently explained to Bobby what had happened and Seraphina vowed to herself at that moment she would learn the ways of a hunter and kill every evil son of a bitch she could.