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Background: Obviously, I've moved the Harry Potter timeline up to the Sherlock timeline. Harry Potter takes place after second year so it is the summer of Harry's third year, let's pretend that Mr. Weasley won the grand prize at the Ministry way before Ron's phone call to Harry, he just hasn't had a chance to tell Harry about it yet, and Sirius has already escaped by then. For Sherlock, like all my other Harry Potter and Sherlock crossovers, takes place between 'The Blind Banker' and 'The Great Game.'

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Chapter 1

Harry wiped the sweat from his brow as he worked on his aunt's garden. His uncle had left to go to work, Dudley was out with his mates and his aunt was upstairs having a lie down as the heat was starting to get to her. Harry wondered what she thought the heat was doing to him though another part of him wondered if she realized that it was hotter yesterday and they were having a cool down today. Harry was of the opinion that his aunt just wanted to sleep though he didn't dare say it, especially after yesterday's telephone call from Ron.

Saying it was disastrous is like saying a flood was just a minor trickle of water that got out of hand, which is a gross understatement.

He sighed as he went back to work, pulling the weeds out that had started to grow. It was that experience last night that made Harry wish that Ron had signed up for the Muggle Studies course at the end of last year though Ron's letter last night was a good apology as he realized he had gotten Harry in trouble and Harry had forgiven him, he was just a little disgruntled about the extra chores that phone call had earned him today.

It was at that moment Harry heard the soft panting of a dog, the same large, black dog that had been coming by for the past week when Harry was alone. Harry took out the two slices of bread and slice of cheese he had managed to sneak past the Dursleys and gave them to the dog, who he assumed was a stray, judging by it's looks. The dog ate the offered food rather quickly and went to lay in one of the bushes, watching Harry while he worked.

While initially wary of the dog, Harry had warmed up to him rather quickly when he heard the story Dudley told to his parents the night of his own first meeting of the dog; about how a large, black dog decided to pick on him by tripping him in the street, stealing his things and chasing him as he rode his bike. That last one made him laugh when he was alone in his room and wish he was there to see it, especially since Dudley didn't like exercise of any kind.

Harry continued to work for the next twenty minutes reminiscing and thinking about what he was going to do that night on his summer homework. He had just liberated his school books the past week and finished doing the reading and he was about to start on the essays.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of a throat being cleared which made Harry look up from the yard work he was doing. He wondered how someone could have snuck up on him. He didn't think he was that engrossed in his thoughts, it was just school work after all, not a life or death situation that required all of his attention. There was a man standing in front of him and he had a gun pointed at his head.

Sadly, Harry's first thought, instead of moving away from the gun pointed at him or something else that could be considered sensible in a situation such as this, was to wonder when did Voldemort sink so low, by Voldemort's own standards, as to have a Muggle try to kill him especially since Harry got the feeling that Voldemort wanted him to die by his hands, if his experience at Hogwarts was anything to go by so far.

The man's words, however, helped dispel that thought immediately.

"Moriarty sends his regards, Harry Potter," said the man, and Harry, while confused as to who or what the bloody hell Moriarty was, was terrified as he saw the man's finger, with no hesitation, start to pull the trigger.

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