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She could hear Chris crying in his room and she smacked Leonard, "Your turn."

"Again?" He muttered, "Wasn't it just my turn?"

"I'm going planet side today so it's your turn." She shoved him towards the end of the bed.

"Right, I forgot." Leonard wiped the sleep from his eyes and made his way to Chris' room. Eve slightly heard in the background as her husband moved from the bedroom to the kitchen grabbing a bottle for their son. A work schedule for both of them as well as an eight month old with attachment issues was exhausting. Feeling a weight on the bed next to her she moved her head to see the pair sitting up, her baby looking around while sucking on his bottle. Chris reached his hand out to her and she gave a tired smile as she reached her hand out to him, the boy taking her finger and holding on to it. Leonard rubbed her back as she remained laying, "I don't know how you do it."

"Do what?" She looked at him.

"Take care of Chris while still doing all your duties." Leonard let go of the bottle, Chris being able to hold onto it himself now, "The few times I have him while in the medbay when you're groundside it's like I'm being stretched in five different directions but you have officer meetings, the bridge, and your training to keep up with, as well as making sure he's getting everything he needs. I'm beginning to think you're a super-mom or something."

"Maybe because I am." She smiled sitting up as her son put the bottle down signifying he was done with it and she kissed him on the cheek before play nibbling at his neck making him laugh, "And because I combine things don't I? We love tummy time in meetings don't we?"

Chris laughed even more and Leonard couldn't help but smile at the sight of the two of them together. He sat his son in between them and the boy started trying to crawl his way up to Eve's arms, quite wobbly still but he was getting the hang of it. She opened her arms to him as he used his arms to the best of his ability to get up to her. When he finally made it she hugged him, "When am I going to get to hear you say 'mama', huh?"

"They say that dada is easier for kids to say first because it's a simple mouth movement." Leonard smiled wrapping his arm around Eve.

"I'll fight you if he says dada first." She looked up at her husband with a smirk in her eye and he laughed.

"We'll just have to see." He gave her a quick kiss and she sighed.

"I should probably shower before the mission." She looked down at her son, "But I don't want to put you down."

"What about me?" Leonard asked with amused offence in his voice.

"I'm used to leaving you." She smirked up at him, "Plus you understand why I'm gone, he doesn't quite get it yet."

"Oh I may understand it, that doesn't mean I get it." He kissed her again and she laughed.

"Take your son." She handed Chris to him and Leonard took the boy.

"No complaint from me." He smiled at the little person and got a goofy grin back now complete with a few teeth.

She made her way to the transport room with Leonard carrying Chris and she met with Jay, Spock, and Chekov. She smiled at Chekov, "Hikaru still feeling a little under the weather?"

"Yes ma'am and we decided zat with zhe different atmosphere it would be better for hiz breazing if I went instead." Chekov explained.

"Good choice, what are we looking at Jay?" Eve went over to Jim.

"Interesting world filled with bioluminescence and the atmosphere is better not to be inhaled so keep this on at all times." Jim handed her an oxygen mask.

She took it from him and turned to Leonard and Chris. She gave each of them a kiss, "You boys be good while I'm gone. Remember today's bath day just in case we find something."

"I will." Leonard smiled at her, "Just try to be back by dinner, you know how he can get."

"Oh I do." She laughed before heading to the platform. Slipping the mask over her nose and mouth she looked over to Jim, "Any idea if there's life on this planet?"

"We do not know if there is a way anything could survive with the amount of magnesium in the air but it is still possible if evolution occurred in the correct way." Spock answered her.

"Just another interesting day past the nebula." Jim smiled and watched as Eve waved goodbye to her son before they appeared on the surface of the planet.

They looked around at what appeared to be a lush desert, it was white and they couldn't tell where the sky ended and the ground started on the horizon. There were faint glowing pink plants all around them in the pale white dirt and Jim looked to Spock, "I think I understand what you were talking about now with the evolution thing."

"Yeah it's a…not much of a sight." Eve looked around, "These plants are amazing though."

"We should take some soil and plant samples back with us for the botany department." Spock stated.

The other three agreed and Jim gave orders, "Split up but keep within eyesight of each other. Princess you take one end, I'll take the other. Try and get as many plant samples as you can. Keep your coms open just in case."

"Yessir." They all answered back and went to their positions.

They walked taking little bits of different plants they could and could only see the silhouette of each other from the distances they were at. As she walked Eve's foot hit an uneven spot in the ground and she tumbled down into a pit. Jim heard this over her com, "You alright Princess?"

"Yeah, I didn't see a crater next to me with all the dust." Eve answered back but saw vine like plants weaving all over the ground. They were almost see through other than the white light glowing inside of them. "Found something I hadn't yet though."

"Well bag and tag it and get yourself out of there so Chekov can see you." Jim said into his com and heard some scuffling noises for a few moments, "Did you fall again?"

There was no response. Spocks voice came over the com, "Chief McCoy, are you alright?"


"Chekov don't move so that we know where she was at." Jim started making his way down the line to where she was. As he and Spock made it to where Chekov was her voice came back into his ear.

"Sorry it recoiled the second I touched it. Had to try and get a hold of it but couldn't." Eve explained as she came back over the edge of the crater, her uniform covered in white dust. They met in the middle and Jim sighed.

"You could have explained that instead of being quiet." Jim looked around at the dust around them growing thicker, "Come on we should head back to the extraction point. It seems like there's a wind storming coming on."

"It does?" Eve looked around.

"I know it's been a while since we've been in Iowa but come on it's pretty obvious isn't it?" Jim laughed at her, "Princess I'm beginning to think you've gotten mom brain."

She smiled at him, "Maybe I have."

They made their way back and then back onto the ship. Per Jims orders they all went to the medbay to make sure that everything was fine after being exposed to the planet. Leonard came up to her with a smile, "Have fun?"

"Yes." She smiled back up at him.

"So much for that shower you took beforehand." He laughed looking at the dust covering her. Checking her throat he moved up and noticed her pupils were extremely dilated, that she was avoiding looking at the lights. He pulled out a pen light and flashed it into her eyes, her pupils responding despite her flinching away, "Are you feeling alright?"

"I guess I just have a headache." She tried to reassure him, "I'm fine."

He looked down to her hand on his arm and when their eyes met again he noticed they were focused on him solely on him. She pulled him down and pressed their lips together, her tongue moving over his lips. Leonard quickly pulled away, "Eve, we're on duty."

She looked around and saw a few of the others looking at him and gave him a smile, as well as an embarrassed laugh, "Sorry, I must have forgotten in my excitement to see you."

"It's alright…" He responded, slightly confused.

"I think I'm going to go take a shower now." She jumped down from the biobed, her body extremely close to his, "I'll see you back in the room."

"Don't you want to see Chris?" He asked as she had started to walk away.

"What?" She turned and Jim stepped forward.

"Damn Princess you must have taken a pretty bad fall for you to be out of it this much." Jim let out a laugh.

"I'm not out of it Captain." She assured him.

"You fell? How bad?" Leonard came back up to her, "Maybe I should do some scans to make sure that you don't have a concussion."

"That isn't necessary." She took a step back from Leonard, "And I'd love to see Chris, where is he?"

"My office, he should be waking up from his nap soon." Leonard answered and she smiled heading that direction.

Jim came up to Leonard, "Bones, when was the last time she called me Captain?"

"I think it's been since her dad died." Leonard answered trying to remember. He heard Chris start to cry and headed to his office to see the boy trying to wiggle out of Eves arms. Chris was reaching for Leonard the second he entered the room and Leonard took him from her and the boy calmed slightly, not looking at his mother.

"What's wrong with him?" She asked, hidden annoyance in her voice.

"I don't know, normally he loves it when you come back." He responded looked down at Chris, "What's wrong little man?"

The boy just sniffled and turned away from Eve, holding on to his father. She looked at the child, "Perhaps he's sick."

Leonard went to respond but she was already walking out of the room. He watched his wife go, severely confused now knowing that the second she thought something was wrong with her son she refused to leave his side. He walked back out into the Medbay next to Jim, "She wasn't with him long."

"She said maybe he's sick then walked out." Leonard told him.

"Why would she think he's sick?" Jim looked at the little boy who still had tears on his cheek, "Are you not feeling well?"

"He's been fine all day until she went in there." Leonard looked back to the door of the room, "It's like he didn't want her to hold him."

"Do you think he's mad at her for leaving?" Jim looked confused.

"No, he's normally elated to see her after she's been gone." Leonard ran his hand down the back of Chris' head, "She was acting really weird though."

"Maybe she's the one not feeling well?" Jim offered.

Leonard sighed, "She did say she had a headache."

"Looks like mommy and daddy are sleeping on opposite sides of the bed tonight." Jim smirked at him and Leonard rolled his eyes. He took Chris back into his office and put him in his play set. Sitting at his desk he thought about how she was acting, maybe she was getting sick? She and Sulu had been sparring a lot together and he was sick.

He picked up his PADD and looked up the doctors report on Sulus condition but it was just a typical sinus infection that shouldn't really be making her act like this or be contagious. He sighed, "I should have run tests on her just to be sure."