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- Fushigi A-kugi dot Com - Hometext 9/15/02

Theme : Mits' Laptop

*scene flicks to Mitsukake, Chichiri, Tasuki, and Chiri sitting in a Pow-Wow in the livingroom*

Chiri: Okay. We all know that Mits has been a total ass to us ever since we left her computer at home, right?

Mitsukake, Tasuki, and Chichiri: Right (no da!)

Chiri: And we all know that in order to prevent furthermore violence, we gotta do something, is that right?

Mitsukake, Tasuki, and Chichiri: … right (no da)

Chiri: *takes in deep breath and looks like she's going to say something* ……… *lets out breath* Whatt're we gunna do?

Tasuki: I'll get the duct tape! *gets up, but gets tripped by Chichiri and does a face-plant into the rug* … @_@…

Chichiri: We'll get her something no da !

Chiri: *thinking hard* like what ? …

Mitsukake: *scoffs, rolls eyes* DUH! A *speaks in slow motion* laaaaapptooopppp

*suddenly there's stomping footsteps and moaning & groaning as Mits walks in the door, walks past the livingroom and heads for the stairs*

Mits: *bending over so low that her hands are dragging on the floor* Computer … gone forever … *pathetic moaning and groaning ensues*

Chichiri, Tasuki, Mitsukake, and Chiri: *turn back around and look at each other* … let's do it. *all four scramble outside, dive into the car (mwa ha ha … Chiri's driving …) and burn rubber as they peel out of the driveway*

Chichiri: *plastered to the front seat from the force of gravity* Where --- are --- we --- going --- no da?!

Chiri: To go get a freakin' laptop! *floors the accelerator; Tasuki, Mitsukake, and Chichiri scream bloody murder*

--less than a minute later

Chiri: *steps out of car* Wow! That was quicker than I thought! Took a 15 minute ride and made it 30 seconds! *Tasuki, Mitsukake, and Chichiri fall out of the car, their equilibrium lost*

Mitsukake: *tries to get up without wobbling* Gee … I wonder why …

Tasuki: Let's just get it and get out of here … *falls down* … duty calls! *passes out from dizziness*

*Chiri, Chichiri, and Mitsukake eye him, and stumble into the store*

--two minutes later

*Chichiri hurtles himself out of the store and at the car*

Chichiri: *opens up the backseat door, hauls Tasuki into the car, then gets into the drivers seat quickly* I'm going to MAKE sure I drive this time no da…

*Mitsukake and Chiri bust through the doors, Chiri holding the laptop under one arm*

Chichiri: *leans out window* o_O What's the rush no da?

Chiri: *jumps into passenger's seat and slams door* JUST GO! *Mitsukake dives into backseat and slams door, almost sitting on Tasuki*

Chichiri: Why no da??

Chiri: How do you think we can pay for a laptop?? *eyes him* Get the hell out of here damn it!!

Chichiri: O_O… *punches it and wheels around, heading back*

*Chichiri parks car and they run inside, Mitsukake being stuck with the responsibility of dragging in Tasuki's corpse*

Chiri: *slams door once Mitsukake came in* THAT was close …

Chichiri: *hands on hips* WHAT are you talking about no da ??

Mitsukake: *drops Tasuki on the couch in the livingroom and walks back out* Wellll…*coughs loudly*…umm…we had almost as much as the guy wanted for the laptop, so we paid him in cash … then we ran out of there before he could notice how much we gave him.

*crickets chirping*

Chichiri: … *staring at them*

Mitsukake: *busts out* The adrenaline!! AHH the rush of getting out of there in time … it was thrilling! *overdramatic, gets down on one knee* I would do anything to get Mits that laptop! *keeps blabbing on incoherently* Blahblahblahblahblah! Blahblah … blahblahblah …

*Chiri and Chichiri exchange worried glances*

Chiri: Umm … yyeahhh…let's get this to her … the sooner the better (@__@) *both go upstairs and find Mits in her room, curled in a fetal position moaning and groaning*

Chichiri: Oi, Mits no da … we got you something no da! *grabs laptop from Chiri and shoves it at her*

Mits: *stares at it dully* …… *it starts to register and her eyes get huge and watery* …… LLAPPPTOPPPPP *huge insane grin*

Chiri: O_O … yes … that's what it is…

Mits: *clicks* … But it's not the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!!!!!!! I NEED MY MEMORY THAT I HAVE ON MY COMPUTER AT HOME!!! *blabs on and on about her old computer*

Chiri: *gets pissed and shoves the laptop in her mouth as Chichiri poofs away*

Chichiri: *reappears in Mits' room and rips the computer tower out of the wall* This better be all right no da … *walks out of the room with the tower in the crook of his right arm and into the kitchen to teleport again* … *stops and stares at Mits' parents, sitting there eating dinner, who froze in their positions* … Umm … err … ahh … *points with his left hand* … ehhh … *poofs away quickly*

Mits' parents: *frozen* O_O;;;; … *after 10 minutes of being frozen, they resumed what they were doing as if they had never seen a blue haired guy walk out of Mits' room with the tower under his arm, and the wires trailing out of her room in a mess … that's TOTALLY normal*

Chichiri: *poofs back to Mits and puts the tower down in front of her with a 'thud'* There no da.

Mits: *big huge watery eyes and hugs it*

Chiri: *whispering* These two need time alone … *pushes Chichiri out and goes back downstairs to where Mitsukake was still blabbering to himself randomly reciting 'Romeo & Juliet' and acting out each individual part with his hands, and Tasuki was still unconscious on the couch*

Chiri: *turns to Chichiri with a huge evil grin* Soo … Chichiri …

Chichiri: … o.o

END! Mwa ha ha … well that was weird o_O

{in my story ("Fushigi A-kugi … Our Way") we get her the laptop for her birthday, but since her birthday is in four months, I made this … *blinks* *shrugs* we needed a new hometext after three years of the same old one v.v;;;}

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