A/N: This letter is from Piper to Paige and is set after 'Witch Way Now'. I just wanted to say that I won't updating this that regularly, just when I get inspiration. Please review; I put a lot of effort into this. Enjoy!

To Paige,

I just want to start off by saying that I love you. I don't think I've ever said that to you before, not in a way that I meant it. But I do mean it.

Ever since I first met you, before I properly knew who you were, I always knew there was something special about you.

You're a Halliwell and being a Halliwell means a lot of things. It means you are part of a fantastic, loving family that will always be there for you, it means that no matter how many harsh words are said by us, we never mean them and it means you are stubborn.

Sometimes, I see me in you Paige. When I look at you, when you say something, sometimes, there is a flicker of me. And I know what you're thinking "why would I want to be like bossy, moody Piper?" but believe it or not, I wasn't always like that.

Before Prue died, I was pathetic. If you ask Phoebe, she won't agree but I don't care what she says, I was pathetic.

Being a witch changed both of us, Paigey. You found out that you were part of a bigger family, you found us and I'm sorry that I was never particularly nice to you.

I could try and think of an excuse for that but what's the point? There isn't an excuse; I should never have treated you like I did. I was hard on you, cruel to you and never respected you. I've only known you for a year Paige and still, I ended up hurting you more than I ever hurt Prue or Phoebe. There is no excuse for that.

I may have taught you the basics of witchcraft but you taught me the basics of family. You taught me that family is more important than everything Paige and I love you for it.

Of course, I love you for more than just what you taught me. I love you for your creative spark, your stubborn side, your craziness and your happy-go-lucky attitude towards life.

You didn't let being a witch change who you were or change the way you lived.

Paige, I'm sorry, sorry for everything and I promise that from now on, no matter what, I'm going to love you like a big sister should.

I also wanted to say thank-you. When Prue died, this family fell apart; Phoebe spent all her time with Cole and trying to keep herself together and I just went crazy. I was angry and I was grieving and you brought this family together. And I wanted to thank you for that. You didn't have to do anything. You could have just laughed in our faces and got on with your life. But you didn't, you stayed with us and you picked up the pieces of this family and put them back together again.

You made us remember what it was like to be a witch, what it was like to save people every day so thank-you.

I love you Paige, don't ever forget that.

Lots of love,

Piper xx

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