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Chapter 1 – Inside the Black Order


Allen sighed in absolute joy, he finally did it! He finally made it to the most renowned gymnastics/dance company in the world: The Black Order. Despite its 'doomsday-like' name, the Black Order is a place people from all around the world travel to see, every gymnast and dancer dreams of being good enough to audition and hopefully become a part of the company. It puts on a different performance once a week, they range from the classic, Snow White to the more unusual, Tales of the Arabian Nights. Of course, every dancer/gymnast who is a part of the company has exceptional talent and skill, they are the best of the best of the best after all.

Just like every other aspiring performer, Allen dreamed of the day when he would be good enough to audition and maybe, just maybe, have a chance at being accepted. And now, here he was, standing smack bang in the middle of London, in front of the massive glass doors that opened into the foyer of The Black Order.

Allen took a deep breath to calm his nerves, in... and out. Then, without any further hesitation, he pushed open the doors and stepped in. His breath was immediately taken away by the modernity, he knew that The Black Order was only an 8 year old establishment, but it was in London and most of the buildings in London were centuries old. Royal blue, gold and silver seemed to be the colour pallet, gold lined cushions rested on royal blue couches and chairs, curled neatly around a silver table. Three gold chairs rested against the wall and a large plasma screen T.V. was mounted on the wall, it seemed to be playing a Japanese game show and Allen silently chuckled to himself, he sometimes couldn't resist watching them either... They were too funny and too bizarre.

He did a quick mental check to make sure he had everything he needed and walked up to the blue and grey marbled reception desk. "Um, excuse me." He started tentatively.

They receptionist looked up with big brown eyes and brushed a piece of wavy brown hair back behind her ear, "y-yes? Welcome to The Black Order, my name i-is Miranda. How may I help you?"

"Hello Miranda, my name is Allen Walker. I've come for the auditions today?"

"Oh Mr Walker! Yes, what session were you booked into?"

"The 10:00 session."

Miranda rummaged through a few black folders on her desk, knocking a couple off in the process, and eventually managed to come up with a white profile form which she glanced over quickly.

"I'm sorry to say this but... Are you sure the letter said 10:00am?"

Allen frowned and presented her with the letter he received which had informed him of the session he was scheduled in for, "I'm positive, here, you can check it yourself." Like with the profile paper, Miranda's eyes scanned it briefly before looking up at Allen again with slight dismay.

"It seems the times got mixed up when the forms were sent out, your actual session time was at 9:30 and should finish soon. I'm very sorry but if you miss your session time, no matter the reason, you will be dismissed from auditions and will have to wait until next year in order to audition again."

Allen looked at her with wide eyes, he was so close, he could feel it and yet... Fate chose to betray him. His eyes snapped up to the gigantic blue and silver clock that hung over the reception desk: 9:45. If he was lucky he may make it to the very end part of the session. The rules said that if he missed his session he would be dismissed, but they didn't say anything about being late, albeit very late, but still late. With renewed hope, Allen looked for the room number on the form with the correct time: Rm3•5. Now he just needed to run and find the room in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes should be plenty of time to find a room, after all, how hard could it be to find the fifth room on the third floor?


Obviously very hard, the sad part was, he even had a map! Not that it did him much good. After 6 minutes of racing around like a headless chicken, trying to find Rm3•5, Allen was ready to give up. He found the elevator easy enough, and from there going to floor three was simply the press of a button, but what he didn't expect was what he'd find when he actually got to floor three. He expected a bunch of reasonably sized studios with each door clearly labelled along a long corridor, instead he was met with a series of medium-sized dressing rooms that probably doubled as warm-up rooms for the cast of whatever performance was going on. Allen supposed that the lead performer's dressing/warm-up room was on a different floor and probably reasonably bigger. But that wasn't the problem at the moment, the problem was that there were quite a few identical blue doors... And none of them were labelled.


Allen decided that pressing his ear to each door and listening for the one with noise coming out of it would be the best choice of action in this situation. Deciding to start with the first door, Allen walked up and attempted to hear if anything was going on inside of it. Not hearing anything he moved onto the next door. And the next. And the next. And finally, when he got to the fifth door in the row (he mentally hit himself for not checking the fifth door straight away), Allen heard voices and the clack of clip folders and he gentle scrape of pen and pencil on paper. Excited with having found the correct room in 13 minutes, Allen bounded into the room, without much thought as to what would happen next.

"I'm so sorry I'm late! I received the wrong time in the mail and was hoping you would make an exception for me 'cos even thought I'm really late there isn't a rule that says if you're late you can't still be accepted so I'm sorry I'm so late and I hope you'll still see my audition!" Allen finished his rushed monologue with a deep bow, he wasn't Japanese but knew that the lead performer for the Black Order was from Japan and the manager/principle was Chinese so he thought the bow to be appropriate.

"Che, if you're late that means you missed the audition, so get lost."

Allen straightened from his bow very slowly, where he met the gaze of the most gorgeous man he had ever seen. His midnight blue/black hair was swept up into a high pony tail and wrapped using traditional Japanese hair wrappings, his skin was pale, porcelain smooth and did not contain a single blemish. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, showing off the almost delicate muscles (although Allen was sure that this exotic man could win even the toughest arm wrestle, he knew that dancers had too have more internal muscle and couldn't show much on the outside because they detracted from the overall beauty of the performer and dance). Onyx eyes, with a hint of sapphire, glared at him in plain annoyance, and that was when Allen was hurled back to Earth... And reality.

"Very well," Allen lowered his eye line in disappointment, well he'd waited twelve years to audition for The Black Order what's one more?

"Wait a second."

Allen looked up in surprise; the black and purple-tinged haired man walked over to him.

"What's your name young man?"

"Allen Walker sir."

"And how old are you Allen?"

"Seventeen, Eighteen at the end of the year."

"Well Allen, nice to meet you. My name is Komui Lee and I'm the director of the Black Order. What is your reason for arriving so late to your set audition session? You knew full well what would happen if you missed it?"

"Yes sir, I knew what would happen if I missed my session. When I arrived I was informed that the time I had been sent in the mail was incorrect and that the actual time was half an hour earlier, so I decided I would try and get here as quick as possible so I would not have to miss the whole thing. But then I got confused as to which room I was in and arrived 57 minutes late instead of 15 like I had originally planned."

"Hmm... Under ordinary circumstances I would have to send you on your way with a dismissal. But since the time mix-up was not your fault I will make an exception."

Allen's face lit up like a light bulb, "thank you so much sir!"

Komui smiled, "stay behind once everyone else has left the room and I will take you to the gym room for your audition."

"Yes sir!" The dark-haired Japanese man, surprisingly, didn't say anything other than a light 'che' before he flipped his hair and walked through the side door of the dressing room.


Allen silently followed Komui down to the gymnastics floor. The Black Order had a massive underground facility where they had most of their gymnastics equipment. Quite a few of the utilities, like the long tight ropes, the flying trapezes and the ginormous multi-layered trampolines, were to big to fit comfortably above ground. That was why they were kept below ground level, that way they could have equipment as big as they wanted and even have a separate room for each. Most of the dancing studios were in the building itself, so they weren't kept below ground. Only the gym equipment was underground.

Once they reached the mini 'sign in' desk, Komui turned to Allen, "for the audition you will have to perform a short sequence of moves, varying in difficulty, on each main type of equipment: trampoline, flying trapeze, tight rope, free rope/ribbon and the basic floor techniques. Then you will perform a dance routine in a style of your choice. Ok?"


"Okay, we will start with the tight ropes."


Allen looked up at the tight ropes, they were a loooooong way up. Sure, he'd practiced on reasonably high tight ropes before, but this was just ridiculous! The Japanese man entered the room, adjusting one of the straps on his singlet, Komui beckoned him over.

"Kanda, I would like you to demonstrate the beginner tight rope combination for Allen please. Allen, watch carefully and memorise Kanda's movements, ok?"

Allen nodded and watched, as Kanda (so that was his name, yep, definitely Japanese) scaled he flimsy rope ladder with ease and alighted in the small platform high above his head.

Allen looked dubiously at Komui, who seemed unaffected by the fact that Kanda wasn't wearing a protective harness and there weren't any safety nets underneath the ropes.

Kanda did a run and front sault off the platform, to land neatly on the first tight rope. The ropes were arranged almost like a spider web, criss crossing at different levels and over lapping in a few places. Kanda then did a quick front walk over and a small jump to land on a smaller rope below. A few back flips, a cartwheel, couple more rope changes and a full layout to finish back on the starting platform completed the routine. Allen watched in awe, he'd heard that the lead performer of The Black Order was so good it couldn't be real, but he didn't expect Kanda's moves to look so fluid and graceful and way-too-good-to-be-human. Even with an exercise as simple as the one he just performed, Allen was mesmerised. He could only imagine what it'd be like in a real performance.

Komui turned to him as Kanda came down from the platform, "okay Allen, show us what you can do."

Allen gulped and nodded, making his way over to the tiny ladder. He didn't have much trouble climbing it and resolved to not look down when he reached the top. Allen took a couple of deep breaths before beginning the exercise. Just as Kanda had done, Allen did a neat little front sault to land on the first rope. From there, he moved from one movement to the other until he performed the full layout and landed perfectly on the platform. Komui called up at him from below, "very good Allen, you can come down now and so you can see the next exercise."

Allen called back, "okay, thank you!"


This went on for a few hours. Kanda would demonstrate an exercise and Allen would repeat it.

They went through the trampoline (which Allen wasn't particularly fond of), the flying trapeze, the free rope/ribbon, the floor exercise and the dance routine (Allen performed a nice mix of hip-hop, jazz and contemporary).

By the end of it all Allen was quite exhausted but thankful he was able to audition. Komui thanked him for participating and said that he should receive the letter of acceptance or dismissal within the next month or so. Allen went back to his temporary, rented flat to continue practising what he could and eagerly await the letter.

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