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Chapter 5 - Training With... Who?!


"Director Komui is ready to see you now."

Allen nodded and followed the blonde haired man into Director Komui's office. He had just been pulled out of his theory session with the excuse that Komui had wanted to have a private meeting with him. Needless to say, Allen was quite worried. This worry grew when he spied the long ebony hair of Yuu Kanda in his peripherals. A private meeting with the Director, of which the current company lead was also present, this couldn't be good.

Komui nodded to Allen's escort, "thanks for that Reever." The man, now known as 'Reever', shrugged once before walking through a side door and out of the room, voicing a 'no problem' as he did so.

With Reever gone, Komui turned back to face Kanda and Allen. "Now, as I am sure you are both aware, the role of Thumbelina is currently vacant due to the unfortunate injury of the girl who was cast in that role. This bodes quite a problem for us as the production is less then six weeks away. It was quite difficult to come up with a replacement for her who could match (or exceed) her level of skill, while maintaining the subtle delicacy and poise the role of Thumbelina needs."

"Just spit it out Komui! Say who you've picked already so I can start making their life a living hell as soon as possible."

Allen gulped; he really pitied the poor soul who was going to be co-starring with Kanda. That's when he had a horrible thought...

"U-um Director Komui? If I may be so bold as to ask... Why am I here as well?"

"See, that's the best part Allen! I have analysed the skill level, potential and physical structure of each person (high level or otherwise) within the Black Order Company, and I have decided that you will be our Thumbelina!"

Oh yes, it seemed that that horrible thought... Had just become Allen's reality.


Klaud Nine handed Allen one of the reasonably thick A5 script books and subsequently began to explain just what the role of Thumbelina would entail.

It involved using many different aero techniques and equipment, including the tight ropes, free ribbon and flying trapeze. Throughout almost the entire performance, Allen would be sharing the stage with at least one other person, this meant that the routines would have to be performed perfectly otherwise there would be a nasty collision and the whole structure could come crashing down. All this was quite daunting to poor Allen as he only had six weeks (or less) to learn a three-four hour production that everyone else had three months to perfect!

But what really set Allen's stomachs in knots was what Klaud said next:

"In addition to the many group sections, there will be three 'partner sections', with the second section being performed on ice. During these sections you will be expected to work closely with your co-star Yuu Kanda. I hope you are okay with close contact to other men, because the love scenes are quite intense and must be performed perfectly."

Oh no... Very (very) close contact love scenes... With Yuu Kanda... It wasn't the fact that he would be having close contact scenes with a man that bothered him. Those he could brush off in his mind as being necessary acting. No, the main thought swirling around in his head at the moment was more about the fact that Kanda was an experienced professional who had been the company lead for two years in a row. He worried that his skills would look like those of an inexperienced toddler next to the flowing movement of Kanda.

It was then that the object of Allen's frustrations decided to appear. Klaud turned to face the new arrival, "Kanda, nice of you to join us. I've just finished explaining to Allen just what he would have to do in order to pull this off."

Kanda flipped his hair to the side, letting out a gruff 'che' as he did so. "Just as long as he doesn't jeopardize the whole show with his amateur clumsiness."

Allen frowned, even though he himself had been thinking along those lines moments before, something about Kanda saying the same thing made his blood boil. How dare he shoot him down so suddenly? He didn't even know what he could do yet! Those few audition routines that he or may not have seen was not enough to develop a proper opinion of someone. He hadn't even attempted the role yet and Kanda was already making negative assumptions about his abilities. Well, Allen wasn't one for being put down so lightly. He'd prove to Kanda that he could do this, even if it killed him!

Allen stepped over so he was directly in front of Kanda, "when do we rehearse?"

Kanda looked him over with an unfazed eye, "every day, from eight till nine with only short breaks in between for meals and water breaks. And you better not be late to a single one, moyashi. Each production brings in money for the company, which we need, it can not afford to be cancelled because an amateur moyashi thought he could do the lead role."

The 'Moyashi' thing was starting to get to Allen, and while his reply probably wasn't the smartest move, it was the only thing he could think of at that time. "The name's Allen, BAKAnda. All-en. And don't worry your pretty little head, I'll do this even better than the original cast member and then we'll see who has underestimated the other." With that, Allen walked out of the room, Script book in hand. He would worry about the blatant disrespect he showed towards Kanda later (and consequently, his imminent doom), for now he would just try and learn his part as quickly as possible.


Kanda seethed as he watched the slender back of the moyashi disappear out the room. He knew he probably shouldn't have said what he did, but his useless emotions got in the way. He didn't know why, but that short, little, obnoxious beansprout really got on his nerves. Well, actually that wasn't quite true. He did know why the Moyashi got on his nerves; he just didn't like to dwell on thoughts of that nature, from back then. He also knew he should be working on his routine, but he couldn't bring himself to actually walk to the elevators that would take him down to the training rooms. The fact that he didn't want to practice surprised him a little bit, he always wanted to practice, if he wasn't sleeping, eating or in the bathroom, he was in the training hall. What the hell was wrong with him... and all because of the appearance of one, stupid, naive newbie... Ugh! He really needed to train.

That was when another of his 'headache sources' decided of appear, "Hey Yuu! What's up?"


"Go find someone else to annoy with your irritating voice, baka usagi."

And like all the other times, Lavi remained oblivious to the imminent threat looming in Kanda's voice and posture. Or maybe, he was aware and decided to stupidly ignore it...

"Aw! C'mon, don't be like that! Sooo, I hear Allen-kun will be replacing that injured girl as your co-star!"

"What of it?"

"Oh nothin'... Just the fact that he is adorable, very skilled and sharing a (heavily) romantic role with you! ((^-^))."

It was then that Kanda did what he should have done before the Rabbit had even opened his mouth, he socked him in the face, turned on his heel and began to swiftly walk out of the room. He really, really needed to train...

Lenalee held a clean cloth up to Lavi's bleeding nose, scolding him softly, "you really shouldn't have provoked him like that, you know how he gets."

Lavi pouted a bit before taking the cloth from Lenalee, "I know, I just get so frustrated when I see him get all agitated over a little thing like being curious about someone. And it doesn't even seem like he realises Allen still interests him!"

Lenalee nodded in understanding, "I know, it annoys me too. But at the moment we just have to let sleeping wolves sleep. Allen's feelings towards Kanda may only be admiration filled now, but I have a feeling that will change," Then she giggled and got this creepy look on her face that made her boyfriend cringe. Lenalee giggled again, "They'll make the cutest couple! I could totally write a doujinshi about them! I'm going to have to go buy a few more SD cards for my camera. Hehehe, even their names fit perfectly together. Yullen, hehehe…"

Lavi was officially terrified. That girl's obsession towards the possible future relationship between those two was something he would never understand, but then he shrugged. It would do them both some good to have someone truly special in each other's lives once more. He knew all to well of both Kanda's and Allen's losses. After all this time, they really did deserve some happiness.


The next morning at 8:00...


Allen stood inside the training room, looking up at the ginormous structure that he would be doing his first pas de deux on. What looked like eight, giant, metal telephone line towers (but weren't of course) stood at irregular intervals, with a single flying trapeze attached to each one. The script he had studied the night before had informed him that this scene involved fast, and frequent, trapeze changes.

It was where Thumbelina meets the fairy prince for the first time (of course she doesn't know he is a prince yet) and is scared of him, so she keeps trying to hide by darting all over the place from one tree and bush and shrub to the next. The prince chases her and eventually catches up with her, then she realises he isn't actually as scary as she thought and is in fact very (very) handsome. This scene isn't the first one Allen would appear in, but it was the one that would kick off the growing relationship between Thumbelina and the Prince. And thus, was very important.

"Well, well, the beansprout actually decided to turn up. I don't know why you bothered, by the time we're finished here, you won't be coming back."

Allen shook off the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach and rose to Kanda's challenge, "we'll just have to see about that. Let's begin."

They started by just practicing swinging from one trapeze to the next as fast as possible; the trapezes were all hooked up to a timer. When the 'activate' button was pressed (which was operated by one of the backstage personnel), the timer for each trapeze would start. When the timer was up, the catch was released and the trapeze would fly free. This mechanism would ensure all the trapezes were swinging in the right directions at the right times. Without this handy bit of machinery, performing this routine with only two people would be impossible.

Allen closed his eyes and pictured what the diagram in the script book looked like, along with the short blurb next to it explaining the tricks, exchanges, suggested facial expressions and mood:

Scene & Stunts:

The Prince and Thumbelina enter the trapeze maze from opposite sides. They then launch themselves off their respected trapezes, perform a quick double somersault, and catch the other's bar. After the initial bar exchange, Thumbelina will then start 'hopping' from one trapeze to the next, performing various different tricks while in the air. The Prince 'chases' after her, using the same patterning but different tricks. After both patterns (as displayed in the below diagram) are completed, Thumbelina jumps back to the trapeze she started on. The Prince also returns to his original position.

The Prince and Thumbelina swing towards each other, which gives the audience the illusion that the beginning stunt will be performed again. Instead, the Prince hooks his knees onto the bar and catches Thumbelina in mid air.

Exchanges/Facial Expressions/Mood:


- Looks nervous and scared – she is wary of the Prince and does not want him to hurt her like the evil Queen did.

- Intrigued and wide eyed – when the Prince catches her she looks at him properly for the first time and is paralyzed by how handsome and gentle he is. She is amazed and bewildered that he would want to talk to her of all people.

The Prince

- Curious and entranced by Thumbelina's poise, grace and looks – he desperately wants to talk to Thumbelina, so when she runs away he pursues her.

- His expression does not change much when he eventually catches Thumbelina, however he does hold a slightly superior smile as if saying: "huh! I finally caught up with you."


By the time Allen and Kanda had completed their twentieth run through of the patterning, on the fourth day of rehearsal, Allen was ready to take a (long) break. He knew keeping up with Kanda would be hard, but nothing could prepare him for the reality of the situation. Heck, they weren't even doing the tricks yet! Just practicing the timing of jumping from one trapeze to another in the right order!

Allen was also having trouble with the last stunt; it was the only big trick they had practiced so far. No matter how many times he had launched himself off the trapeze, he just couldn't seem to catch Kanda's hands the way he was supposed to. Thumbelina was graceful and, at this point in the story, starting to fall very much in love with the Fairy Prince. At the moment Allen resembled an awkward wombat trying to act in love with a peacock (Allen mentally flinched at his mental similes and their likeness to their respective gymnasts). He could only just manage to land safely, let alone gracefully and 'in love'.

Of course Kanda had realized Allen's clumsiness on the trapeze when it came to performing with other people and had jumped on it straight away (much to Allen's frustration and embarrassment). It became a new topic of the many arguments Allen and Kanda would find themselves in. Arguing, unfortunately, was another major fault that impeded with Allen and Kanda's ability to cooperate. They would argue everywhere and about everything, even while in the air, halfway between one trapeze bar and the next!

Unbeknownst to them, a certain bespectacled director had been watching them train over the last few days. Said director turned to the blonde haired man behind him, "what are we going to do with those two Reever? We can't afford to cancel this show."

"I know," Reever replied. The men fell into a thoughtful silence, just what would they do? They couldn't force them to like each other enough to pull this off… The both of them were just so different! Kanda was Japanese, ate only one dish and held an aloof and superior (while at the seem time threatening) aura. Allen, on the other hand, was British, had a large appetite (*cough* eats everything *cough*) and held a friendly, jovial atmosphere. Even their hair, height, weight and eye colour were different! That's when Komui got an idea.

"That's it!"

Reever sounded dubious, "What is? Please don't tell me you've come up with another way to potentially get us all killed, I'd lost faith in you ideas since the 'moving trampoline' incident."

Komui looked hurt, "That was an ingenious idea!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."


"Chief, just say what your idea is already."

"Oh, right, well… Allen and Kanda are really different, not only in their physical features but in their likes, dislikes and personalities. Their two very different personalities clash terribly and consequently they can't work with each other properly."

"Yeah, so? We can't change their personalities you know."

"Yes, yes I know that. I'm not talking about changing their personalities myself, I'm talking about getting them to change their personalities for us!"

"How exactly is that going to happen? They can't be in a room together for more than two seconds before they start fighting."

"That's the best part! We are going to make them do everything together! Other than the private things like showering, going to the bathroom etc., they will have to live together, eat together, sleep in the same room and, obviously, train together!"

"I don't know Chief, you sure this will work? They'll probably end up just wrecking the joint first."

"Don't worry! I've already sent a message out to the construction crew, they are re-enforcing Kanda's room as we speak. Allen will move in with him tomorrow morning!"

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