Danny Fenton was full of surprises. That was what Mr. Lancer thought as he sat in his house after a long and exciting day at school. Danny is almost always late for his class and he either has a wild story or a weird entrance. Today However, happened to be one of his best entrances ever.


As per usual, Mr. Fenton was late for class. Half an hour late to be exact. Mr. Lancer was trying to keep the class's attention on what was on the board but they were obviously not interested. They were interested by the sound of the door slamming shut. Danny Fenton had just entered but he looked awful. He was bruised in several places and had a wonderful black eye sprouting. The worst of it all was the blood. There was a lot of it. A huge gash on his side and on the side of his face. A thick stream was running down his jeans. He gasped loudly and slid down against the door onto the floor, clutching his side.

" To Kill a Mocking Bird Mr. Fenton, what happened?" Mr. Lancer whispered, shocked.

"I- I- got-jumped." He said breaking to take a deep wheezy breath.

Suddenly his head shot up and he jumped into the air, barely missing the volley of daggers that came through the window and impaled the door where he sat only moments before. He came crashing down to the floor and was deathly still for a long time. Just as everyone was beginning to fear the worst, her groaned and shakily got to his feet. He looked down at the puddle of blood he left.

"I'll clean that up later. I'm going to the nurse." He said. At that he turned around and limped slowly and painfully to the nurse's office.


Two hours later, he was at lunch and you could barely tell what had happened actually did happen. He was in a new change of clothes and was talking to his friends as if it was just another ordinary day. The most unsettling part was that he was completely healed. Not even the slightest of scars shown.

Mr. Lancer just shook his head as he sank deeper into his seat.

"Something is seriously wrong with that boy."

Dear fans,

Yay! My first DP one-shot! It's been on my chest for a while and I just wanted to type it so I could say I did. Hope you like it!