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Hetalia perspective

"Attention!" England shouted over the ruckus of the meeting. "I said attention!" Germany banged his fist on the table.
"Quiet down!" The tall blonde nation ordered, the room was silent.
"Thank you Germany." England nodded. "Now as I was saying, Harry Potter is going to be starting his third year at Hogwarts. And Professor Dumbledore has-"

"Dude, who would name someone Dumbwhore?" America laughed.
"You git! It's DUMBLEDORE!" England raged, he calmed down and continued. "Has requested me to teach history of magic while keeping an eye on young Harry. He also said I could bring some fellow nations along, so I was wondering... If any of you would by any chance... Wanted to come?"

The room, once again, burst into noise.

"Ve~ Germany! Can we go?"

"Maybe Italy..."

"This warthog place sounds kickass! Right Canadia?"

"It's Canada."

"Totally knew that bro!"

England face palmed and left a sheet of paper on the table.
"'As anyone noticed zat Britain 'as left?" France pointed out.
"Ohmygosh! We have to find him!" America exclaimed.
"Actuarry the meeting ended an hour ago." Japan pointed out.

"Quiet Japan!"


When England returned he saw the sheet of paper he had left on the table was filled with names of countries.
"I guess these are the countries who want to go." He muttered, reading through the list. "America, Canada, Italy, Romano, Germany, Poland, Prussia, Lithuania and Sealand... SEALAND?!" Sealand popped his head around the corner.

"Yeah jerk England?" He asked.
"Who said you could come to Hogwarts?" England questioned angrily.
"Umm... America did!" Sealand skipped off.

~the next week, in London!~

England had gathered all the nations who were going to Hogwarts at his house. He had used a de-ageing spell on them, except Sealand, so they looked thirteen. He was now giving the 'do not use our country names' lecture for the dozenth time that day.

"Dude we get it already! Don't use country names." America grinned. "No lets go to this diagonal ally place!" Britain slapped him.
"It's Diagon Ally! Not diagonal!" America rubbed his now red cheek. "Is everyvone ready?" Germany asked. The other nations nodded and England handed them all some floo powder.

"Now, when using floo powder you have to say where you want to go VERY clearly. Sealand, you go first." England instructed as Sealand stuck his tongue out at Britain. England handed him a handful of glittering powder.

Sealand stepped up to the fireplace and threw the powder into the flames. With a roar, the fire turned emerald green. Sealand stepped into the fire and shouted 'Leaky Cauldron!'. When all the other nations had repeated the action, England copied.

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