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Harry perspective

"That does sound mentally scarring... But when I was visiting Mount Snowdon, this gothic male came up to me and asked if I knew Professor Kirkland. I said yes and he said he wished the odds to be forever in my favour, he also said not to trust Alfred..." Hermione explained. "Lets get to History of Magic then!"

England perspective

"Okay, Griffindors and Slytherins, I would recommend NOT talking to Francis. He's on his man-period." Arthur said as 'everyone' sat down for their lesson. "Something that he should just GET OVER and accept happened. And you never paid for my window FROG!"

Francis threw a rose at the Brit.
"Shut up... 'Ow would you like eet if I made out with Peter or Jenna? On YOUR bed, in YOUR 'ouse, in front of YOU!"

"You're taking this WAY too seriously, all they did was make out! So, yeah, STFU Francey Pants." Cornwall countered.

The class seemed sorta confused, apart from the Nations, Sealand and Harry.

That was when the door burst open.

"DUDE! Sorry I'm late! I was having a dream about this hot Brit, just begging to be screwed!"

"Too Much Informa- ALFRED WHAT THE BLOODY FRUKING HELL?!" England practically yelled upon looking at the now-tall nation in front of him.

"What's wrong Igs? My Florida too much for yo- HOLY CRAP! I'm hot again! TAKE THAT YOU OTHER GUYS! Now I'm taller than Germany!" Alfred fist-pumped after checking himself out in a hand mirror Arthur handed him. "Wait... Is Francey still angsting 'bout Prussia and Canada? I seriously thought Matt told you!"

Gilbert sank into his chair, trying to avoid the glare his 'friend' was sending him.

"Get over it already Francis! Matthew isn't a colony anymore! Jou can't keep treating him like a baby! Vhy don't jou just forget about it!" Prussia finally stood up for himself. "Ja, I feel in love with Matt! So Vhat?! He loves me back und ve plan to spend ze rest of our lives together! Even zough I'm probably not going to be here much longer... I have no purpose in life. I'm just zat guy vho lives in vest's basement... Zat guy vho fell in love vith his Best Friend's son... Zat guy everyone hates, because he should have taken his life vhen he had ze chance."

"V-Vhat!? Jou tried to... Kill jourself?! Vhen vas zis!?" Ludwig stuttered.

"Oh like jou care! Don't think I don't know how much of a nuisance I am to Jou! How I am a vaste of space und time! How I can't take care of meinself, und how jou vonder how I vas ever ze Great Prussian Empire I vas before jou came along!"


"In a minute Petey dude! I think this is a good-a-time as any to ask Iggy a 'question'!" America winked slyly, making England suspicious.

"Alfred what the bloody hell are yo-" Arthur was caught off when Alfred knelt in front of him. Like he was going to...

"Arthur Kirkland, we've known each other for a real long time, and I don't mean long as in decades, I mean long as in centuries! You taught me to walk, talk, read, write, to hold my own in battle. You've been there for me through thick and thin, never trying to hurt me on purpose.

Even during THAT war, when we were on opposite sides, you still refused to shoot me. I was wrong that day, you were the greatest you had ever been. I was a fool back then, but I'm making up for all that now. I realise that I feel in love with you that first day we met, and I never really loved anyone else.

So... Arthur Igirusu Kirkland, will you marry me?" To say England was shocked was an understatement, he was shocked, pleased and all other emotions in between.

"The bloody hell... YES!" Arthur practically threw himself onto Alfred. "Yesyesyesyesyes! As if I would ever say no! You have no idea how long I have been waiting! I love you Ameri- Alfred!"

"Hellz yeah! I got myself a Britain! And Matt said you'd reject me!" America pulled out a box from his bomber jacket pocket, and opened it to reveal a ring. It was a simple ring, silver with a single emerald, but it was enough.

Alfred was just about to slip it onto Arthur's finger when-

"ENGLAND SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THE ITALY BROTHERS!" Canada burst through the door, red faced from running across the school. "A-Alfred?! Eh?"

Germany perspective

"Vhat happened?! Is Italy alright?!" Germany asked the Canadian.

"Mien Gott Vest! Can your brain only vorry about one person? Vhat about Lovi und Tonio? Plus no one is looking after Seborga! Vhat if he vas affected too?!" Prussia voiced. "Birdie, lead ze vay!"

"Oh non! I am not letting you go anywhere with Mon petit Matthieu!"

"Oh shut your trap, you son of a gaul." England hissed.

"You call zat un insult? Typical from ze 'black sheep of Europe."

"I'm going to ignore you, because I can't be asked to tear you limb from bloody limb, then drive a stake through your heart, before finishing off by blowing up the Eiffel Tower." Britain hissed under his breath. "Seeing as Ludwig is the most trust-worthy of you lot, he shall go with Matthew, and Gilbert, you go too... For moral support."

"Wait! Did you just say you trust Ludwig more than me?! Dude! Is this because I left you in the middle of New York because Obama wanted to see me?" Alfred announced. "Do you know how hard it is being me?! Its much harder than being you!"

"I hardly think going out for that garbage you call McDonalds with your president, more important than the Allied Powers meeting!"

Ludwig and Gilbert decided that was the right moment to follow Matthew to wherever the Italians and Spaniard were.

Spain perspective

Antonio, to put it simply, was freaking out. His Lovi and Feli had randomly passed out in the middle of Herbology, whilst he was chatting to Profesora Sprout about the best way to cook Tomatoes.

"Tonio! Ze awesome me has come to make sure you're not freakin' out!" Prussia burst through the door of the Hospital Wing. "Looks like I spoke too soon,"

"Dummkopf, how are zey? Germany asked.

"Hola! Feli seems to be fine, but Lovi... Not so much..." Spain muttered. "And I have no idea why!"

"It's simple really, it's ze day zat Ancient Rome dissappeared isn't it?" Gilbert stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh... Hehe... I should have remembered, es stupide Espagne!"

Feliciano started to open his eyes, yawning like he'd just taken a nap again.

"Hey Luddy, zis would be ze perfect time." Prussia winked at Germany, confusing Spain.

"Perfect time for what?" Antonio questioned. "What's going on? What are you two not telling me?"

"Kesesesese~ Luddy has a cruuush~!"

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